From the Vault Friday: Farm Women’s Union of Alberta Bulletin

Image: FWUA Bulletin, SPRA Fonds 055

Todays “From the Vault Friday” comes from the Farm Women’s Union of Alberta, Canuck Local 105 Fonds (Fonds 055).
This artifact is a Farm Women’s Union of Alberta bulletin from May 1969 by Mary Stimson. In the letter she asks if women are satisfied with how the world treats them and raises issue with the rising costs of living, costs of childcare (which was needed as the rising cost of living meant many women with families now had to work outside the home), and supporting further practical education for women to make it easier to pursue careers. She ends the publication with a quotation: “Indifference is the invincible giant of the world”

The Farm Women’s Union of Alberta was organized in 1949, a re-organization of United Farm Women of Alberta. The aim of the FWUA was a prosperous agriculture community, with the amenities of modern living for every member of the farm family. It’s objectives were to work as farm women, cooperating with the men and juniors to attain the objectives of the Farmers Union of Alberta; to obtain improved educational, health and welfare services for the farm family and the total rural community; to promote a continuing education program for farm women; to develop citizenship and leadership by supporting all branches of the FUA, especially youth activities and 4-H; and to strive for international peace through affiliation with the Associated Country Women of the World. The FWUA also involved itself with political action regarding changes to divorce laws and revision of the Estate Tax Act and Income Tax Act to benefit farm women.

The Canuck Local 105 was formed c. 1958, possibly from the base of the Bear Lake Women’s Community Club.

Learn more about the Farm Women’s Union of Alberta, Canuck Local 105 Fonds (Fonds 055).

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Swimming Shenanigans & Ladies Allowed in Pool Hall

Our intrepid researcher has come across some old newspaper articles, one will make you chuckle and the other highlights the restrictions that women lived with not too long ago.

The first article I think we can all relate to as it refers to a group of men trying to find an outdoor pool to cool off in. With Grande Prairie’s outdoor pool having been shut down this summer there are some residents that can relate. The solution the men came up with was not the best. Both news clippings are taken from the front page of the Grande Prairie Herald August 10, 1939.

The story describes a gang of young men who over a few beers decide they need to go for a swim. Under the advisement of a group member they head off to a new, as yet unknown location. After cooling themselves for some time they were to learn that it was not a swimming hole…


I don’t know which I liked more the story or the authors flowery writing!























The 2nd article is about Ladies being allowed into the new pool hall. I wonder what women would do today of they were told they were not allowed to enter a building, it was for men only?