Snow Rollers

I was interested in the mention of snow rollers in this account of a weird winter storm. In the late 1970s there was a storm like this here. The storm itself was a bit frightening, with the very high winds and drastic change in temperature and the power was out for several hours. I remember going out the next day and seeing all the snowballs rolled up in the yard around town. (The picture is of the Anderson house in Wembley, which was an airport house, and now belongs to the Wembley Arts, Culture and History Society).

Written and researched by Kathryn Auger

The Herald Tribune ~ January 15, 1948

Snowplane Travel

The weather is getting challenging for travelers this year. We dug thorough our photos to see how snow days were conquered in the past. We came across this photo of a snowplane.

The photo includes Jack Alloway, Mr. & Mrs. McQuat and daughter beside their snowplane on the Wapiti Trail. This early form of the snowmobile, made by George McQuat, was used for such emergencies as taking doctors to patients (or vice versa) or entire hockey teams to a game when the roads were drifted. Obviously taking hockey players to a game would have been considered emergency travel!