Lake Saskatoon Comparable to Italy

Here is an article describing the natural beauty of the Lake Saskatoon area. It is no wonder that it was one of the first choice of pioneers when deciding where to settle in the Peace Country. Lake Saskatoon was bypassed by the railroad in 1924, not to be deterred the towns folks packed up, buildings and all and resettled in Wembley.

Lake Saskatoon is Arcadia

“…the beautiful lake lapping its shores, and the broad expansive view, lends somewhat of an Italian aspect, and would remind the experienced traveller of the Bay of Naples…”



This article is taken from the Grande Prairie Herald on Aug 22, 1916.


Busy at the Archives

New fonds that soon will be finding their way onto our on-line finding aid and are now available to come in and search are:

1)      Bay Tree Community Club

2)      Bay Tree Community Hall

Getting the records processed and ready for the public.

Getting the records processed and ready for the public.

3)      Many Creeks Cemetery Company

4)      Lake Saskatoon Community Club

5)      Saskatoon Lake Agricultural Society

6)      Buffalo Lakes Community Society

7)      Many Springs (Buffalo Lakes) Ladies Club

8)      Buffalo Lakes New Horizon Group

9)      Buffalo Lakes Curling Association

10)   Kleskun Lake Community Association

11)   Kleskun Lake Ladies Club

What a wonderful view into a community by processing these records. I found out what they did for entertainment; dances, bazaars, quilting, card parties, Halloween gatherings. It was also quite apparent how giving and generous our pioneers were by organizing hot drinks for school children, giving a silver spoon to the first baby born to a family, wedding suppers, funeral lunches, gifts for families who had lost their homes to a fire to name a few. Money raised at the events hosted by these clubs would always be gifted out to the needy in the community, whereby a donation to the Cancer Society, Red Cross, Johanna’s Maternity Home in Sexsmith, or any organization in need. The Community Societies were a way for the people to socialize and do so much more, they were the catalyst for community life.

For more information on these fonds or any other at the archives send us an email at or call 780-830-5105.