I’ll Meet You in the Far Pasture

This filming was of the August 4, 1991 Drama Club production of “I’ll Meet You in the Far Pasture”. The play was written and directed by Steve Cregg, with assistance from Pauline Cregg and Greg Donaldson. Actors include Angele Cloutier, John Pawluski, Denise Cotton, John Morgan, Tom King, Frieda King, Denise Ouellet, Donna Gillon, Carmen Lunn, Gary Chmara, Beth Chmara, Steve Cregg, Tom Morgan, Alex Doucet, Michelle Chaput, Faith Peachey, and Tom Peachy.

The play was written in honour of Eaglesham’s homecoming celebrations and based on the memories of Ann Donaldson and Peggy Ulland of the 1950s Lassiter Project, north of Eaglesham.

We have uploaded the film to our You Tube channel.

We do have another video about Eaglesham, this one was filmed in 1952 and was uploaded a few months ago to our You Tube Channel.



Snowplane Travel

The weather is getting challenging for travelers this year. We dug thorough our photos to see how snow days were conquered in the past. We came across this photo of a snowplane.

The photo includes Jack Alloway, Mr. & Mrs. McQuat and daughter beside their snowplane on the Wapiti Trail. This early form of the snowmobile, made by George McQuat, was used for such emergencies as taking doctors to patients (or vice versa) or entire hockey teams to a game when the roads were drifted. Obviously taking hockey players to a game would have been considered emergency travel!

Volunteering at the Archives

SPRA has acquired oral histories from approximately 40 individuals from the Rycroft area. We are looking for a volunteer to research their biographies, listen to the oral histories, and make notes on the contents of the tapes.

SPRA is seeking a volunteer to transcribe Spirit River tax records from the old tax ledgers into a database. The volunteer needs to have good eyesight because the oldest records are quite faint. Some experience reading old hand-writing and familiarity with Spirit River families would be an asset. Our goal is to have this project done by 2016, when the MD of Spirit River celebrates 100 years!

SPRA would like you to submit your stories to our newsletter. If you have a story that you would like to share with a wider audience let us know. We are always interested in stories of the South Peace.

If you are interested, please call 780‐830‐5105 or email spra@telus.net

We love our volunteers!

The Information Held in One Scrapbook

Hodgson - Clayton Greber 3

Edna Greber’s Scrapbook

A wonderful collection has arrived at the Archives. Clayton Greber came in and donated a large amount of information from his grandfather’s family. The collection is mainly from the Hodgson family who settled in the Hythe area in the 1920’s. Included with the collection is a scrapbook that belonged to Clayton’s mother Edna Mae (Hodgson) Greber, and was created by her during her teenage years in the 1950s and 1960s.

Hodgson collage

It’s wonderful how one item can be packed full of information, that depicts an era, a community and a person. There are wedding invitations, napkins from an anniversary, pianoforte exam results, graduation photos, fair entry ribbons, report cards, a speech, news clippings, letters, photos from plays, sports teams, and classmates.

Edna was Carnival Queen, a Catholic Women’s League Scholarship winner, a basketball player and a pianist; all of that can be gleaned by the wonderful scrapbook she created. With this donation not only does her family know all these wonderful things about her – now you will too!


An Apple A Day

We take it for granted that we can buy fresh fruit year round, but it hasn’t always been that way. This article in “Local Happenings” and ads from the Sept. 27, 1932 Grande Prairie newspaper refers to two train car loads of apples coming in from the Okanagan!

Sept 27 - blog apples car load

appl ads

There are locally grown apples but not enough to meet demand. Here is an article found in the same paper about apples grown by W.D. Albright in Beaverlodge.

Sept 27 blog - Beaverlodge apples

1928 Apple tree  W.D. Albright, Beaverlodge, Alberta

1928 Apple tree
W.D. Albright, Beaverlodge, Alberta



W.D. Albright’s 1932 Apple crop from Beaverlodge Experimental Farm.

New “Telling Our Stories” Newsletter!

Newsletter CoverThe South Peace Regional Archives publishes a quarterly multi-page newsletter to include submissions and stories from the public. It is available online, at the Archives, and is mailed to members of the Society.

Read the PDF version of Telling Our Stories Volume 4, Issue 4 and visit our Newsletters page to view past issues.

Update: We have been able to identify the above photograph! It is of the 1951-52 Beaverlodge class – the names of the students are available on our Facebook page, where we received a great response from the community. Thank you to everyone who helped us identify this photograph!

The Wapiti Ferry

This week in history we are focusing on the Wapiti Ferry.

The Wembley Ferry c.1937

The Wembley Ferry c.1937

Grande Prairie Herald


This article sparked the interest of our “This Week in History” author who started to investigate and see what she could learn about the Ferry. Mike Lett provided her with a photo and she was able to uncover a bit more information. The Wembley Ferry was still operating but was used less after a bridge was built over the Wapiti, south of Grande Prairie (replacing another ferry) in 1958. A group of people had purchased shares in the ferry south of Wembley for $1.00 each, in order to keep it running. The Ferry was kept operational until a flood in 1970 washed out the approaches. Recently, restoration was considered by the County, but time had taken too great a toll. The old ferry is now being swallowed up by vegetation at Pipestone Creek Park.

Ferry June 19, 1970 Taken by Mike Lett.

Ferry June 19, 1970
Photo taken by Mike Lett.






Kathryn was able to find the remnants of the Ferry by the Pipestone campgrounds just last week.

The Ferry Sept 14, 2013 Photo Taken by Kathryn Auger

The Ferry Sept 14, 2013
Photo Taken by Kathryn Auger

*Contest Alert* – We Want to See Your Fashions

In celebration of Archives week the South Peace Regional Archives (SPRA) has dedicated their annual Film and Story Tea to fashion. In conjuncture with that we have decided to host a contest, and we want your fashion photos! Our contest begins on September 12th, time to start digging through your photo albums. We will be accepting fashion photos through our Facebook page, e-mail (spra.technician@telus.net) or you can drop them off at the Archives.

Kinette Club

Kinette Club

We want to see your fashions, from any time period. What was your favorite outfit as a child, teenager, what do/did you wear to work? We can’t wait to see your fashion choices! It doesn’t have be a current photo – we are looking for photos of you from any time period! Get your friends involved, see what they were wearing — did you both have the same sense of style?

The photo above shows the lovely ladies from the Kinette Club modeling their wonderful hats, this can be you – featured on our Facebook page.


You may be wondering what the prize is? We will have a wonderful basket of assorted items from local businesses. The basket will be awarded to the winner who has submitted a photo that best represents the fashion of the era.

We cannot wait to see your pictures and what your wore!

Contest closes October 8th.



Lake Saskatoon Comparable to Italy

Here is an article describing the natural beauty of the Lake Saskatoon area. It is no wonder that it was one of the first choice of pioneers when deciding where to settle in the Peace Country. Lake Saskatoon was bypassed by the railroad in 1924, not to be deterred the towns folks packed up, buildings and all and resettled in Wembley.

Lake Saskatoon is Arcadia

“…the beautiful lake lapping its shores, and the broad expansive view, lends somewhat of an Italian aspect, and would remind the experienced traveller of the Bay of Naples…”



This article is taken from the Grande Prairie Herald on Aug 22, 1916.


1964 Master Farm Family

In keeping with the mandate of SPRA, we have created a YouTube channel! This enables us to make our collections, which include 387 sound recordings and 193 film and video recordings, accessible to everyone. Featuring a variety of interviews, educational films, and 8mm home videos, the SPRA channel provides a new and exciting way to experience the history of the South Peace. We also have funny animal videos.

Below is a sound recording of Charlie and Winnie Moore being interviewed by Malcolm Menzies. The Moore family, comprised of six children, achieved great success not only farming but also in their business and community endeavors. Their interests included the DeBolt and District Pioneer Museum, and the Alberta Seed Growers Association.


Charlie and Winnie Moore Interview – February 13th, 1990

Photograph above from the DeBolt & District Pioneer Museum collection at the Archives (0116. – Charlie Moore Family, ca. 1964 (l-r) Norman, Charlie, Marvin, Brian, Vernon, Grandma DeBolt, Maurice, Winnie, and Lynda.