Have Aliens Invaded Grande Prairie?

Aliens in Grande Prairie you say?
As early as the 1940’s there were UFO sightings over Grande Prairie. The Herald-Tribune has two newspaper articles referring to these sightings.
Front page news on July 17, 1947 is an account of a sighting of a “mysterious flying disc” which was spotted by a local music teacher.

Mysterious Flying Disc Seen Over G. Prairie

The mysterious flying saucer has made its appearance in Grande Prairie. Mrs. J. M. Smart, well known music teacher was returning from shopping at 10 a.m. Thursday when on glancing upward she saw a “great shining light” above the Robertson’s radio pole less then half a block away. It seemed to be not much over 100 feet above the ground and moving westward but not at a great rate of speed, she said. It was definitely a plate-like disc, a brilliant shining arc about eight inches broad… Click here to read more

An article a couple of weeks later may offer an explanation… What do you think?

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