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We want your paper & photos!! Did you belong to a group or organization in the South Peace? Are you storing the records or maybe you have some from your own family history? Is it just taking up room in your basement or garage and could be damaged by mold, flood or fire? fire

You can donate it to the archives and we will organize, file and preserve it by keeping it in safe storage. (Oh, and we do this for FREE by the way!)

records (photo from web)

unprocessed records


processed records - from web

processed records

Once that is done we create a ‘description’ of the paper/photographs which is now called a fonds. This description goes up on our website and then everyone will know how amazing your group/family is. Is it then gone — never to be seen again? NO, you can come and visit your donation anytime, it is here waiting for viewing. Why do we want it? Researchers, book writers, family members are always stopping by looking for information, if yours isn’t here we can’t share it. The story of the South Peace is told from the photos and paper that is left behind.

 Here are links to some fonds that have been organized from collections that were donated to us.

Beth Sheehan who recently passed away but her memory lives on with her donation to the archives. .

Monkman Pass Association, this highlights an organization that has donated their records to us. .

Twilight Ladies Softball League, a group of ladies who thankfully donated their records to us in 2003. .

Records ready for viewing.

If you know of some records highlighting an event or everyday occurrences in the South Peace and they are not in our collection, help us to find them and keep them safe, for history’s sake!



Have Aliens Invaded Grande Prairie?

Aliens in Grande Prairie you say?
As early as the 1940’s there were UFO sightings over Grande Prairie. The Herald-Tribune has two newspaper articles referring to these sightings.
Front page news on July 17, 1947 is an account of a sighting of a “mysterious flying disc” which was spotted by a local music teacher.

Mysterious Flying Disc Seen Over G. Prairie

The mysterious flying saucer has made its appearance in Grande Prairie. Mrs. J. M. Smart, well known music teacher was returning from shopping at 10 a.m. Thursday when on glancing upward she saw a “great shining light” above the Robertson’s radio pole less then half a block away. It seemed to be not much over 100 feet above the ground and moving westward but not at a great rate of speed, she said. It was definitely a plate-like disc, a brilliant shining arc about eight inches broad… Click here to read more

An article a couple of weeks later may offer an explanation… What do you think?

Finds Weather Balloon North East of Town