Lucy Bagnall Diary

Rev. Herbert Bagnall and his wife Lucy came up to Grande Prairie to establish a Baptist church in 1912. This diary kept by Lucy gives an account of their journey north from Calgary and the first months of their life here.

William Noll Diary

William Noll’s diary tells of his adventuring, including his time in the Peace County, working with the Plum family and visiting the Kinderwaters.

O.H. Johnson Diary

O.H. Johnson Diary transcription

This diary is a daily record of Oliver’s activities from June 1908 to January 1909 as he worked on his homestead, interacted with his neighbours, and traveled back to Edmonton to join his family. The last few pages of the diary list recipes, drugs, groceries, dry goods, hardware, and accounts, some of which may date from his time as a storekeeper (summer 1909 onward).

Edward Heller Memoir

Edward Heller Memoir – transcription

Edward Heller’s memoirs tell of his experiences serving overseas during World War I.

D.W. Patterson Memoir

D.W. Patterson’s memoir covers his childhood, young adulthood, experiences during World War I, and his arrival in Grande Prairie.

Fred C. Schenk Diary