One could say that the people of the South Peace were always snappy dressers. Different occasions, different activities, even different times of day, could make a complete change in outfit necessary. Browsing through the photographs here, you may be surprised at the elegant dress available and worn, even in the earliest days of settlement. In other photos, you may be amused at what was considered a good ensemble. Or maybe you will be struck by the fact that some clothing has not changed very much. You may also recognize fashions that have cycled around again, becoming chic once more.
Clothing often has a story behind it and seeing a photograph can bring back vivid memories. “I wore that dress at my first dance.” “That was the suit I got married in.” “Grandma cut up that shirt and made a beautiful quilt out of it.” “I was the youngest child and by the time the clothes came to me, there was hardly anything left of them!” “I always hated those pants.” “My mom made me a sweater like that.” “We used to look so coordinated.” “Do you remember those dreadful shoes?” “What were we thinking?”
Whatever your reaction, enjoy these photographs of fashion past and indulge in your own memories of what we wore.

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