South Peace Heroes

All communities are made up of amazing people who make contributions in many different aspects. The people who are mentioned here have made significant contributions to this area, to the province, country or further afield. This is a work in progress so if you know of someone who should be mentioned here and isn’t, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Willie DeWittOlympic Medalist 

Isabel Campbell – recognized for her efforts to preserve the history of the Peace Region. Read her biography here.

Maude Clifford – first white woman settler to the Grande Prairie area. A school in Grande Prairie is named after this pioneer. Read her biography here.

Alexander Forbes – established the first Presbyterian church in the South Peace. Read his biography here.

I.V. Macklin – Grande Prairie’s first magistrate and community leader in agriculture, economics, politics, and church affairs. Read his biography here.

Chester Ronning – This is a link to a YouTube video about his “China Mission”. Chester lived for some time in Valhalla.

Charles Spencer – the newest High School in Grande Prairie is named after Charles. He was the first real estate agent in Grande Prairie. Read his biography here.

Derek R. Taylor – one of Alberta’s longest-serving school superintendents. Read his biography here.

Helen E. Taylor – A school in Wembley is named after this lady.

Herman Trelle The Wheat King – brought fame to the South Peace.