Compiled Community Book Names Index

The following tables were compiled by South Peace Regional Archives from the indices of community history books relating to the South River Country of Alberta. The tables are organized in alphabetical order by surname (or topic), then first name. The name of the book the reference is found in and the page number within that book are also given for each entry. There are entries for individuals, families, communities, associations, topics, poems, etc. Because the entries have been compiled from several sources, the specific formatting of entries may vary. 

Print copies of all of the books are available for review at South Peace Regional Archives and may also be available through your local library.  Some community history books have been digitized and are available here. Books that have been digitized include:

Across the Smoky

Brick’s Hill: Berwyn & Beyond

Burnt Embers

Chepi Sepe

Ten Dollars & a Dream

Grande Prairie: Capitol of the Peace

Peace River Remembers

Teepee Creek Terror

Wagon Trails Grown Over

These digitized books are fully searchable if you are looking for a specific name.




The indices were drawn from the following books:

A History of Grande Cache Grande Cache
Across the Smoky Clarkson Valley, Cornwall, Crooked Creek, Darwin, DeBolt, East Smoky, Edson Trail, Goodwin, Mountain Springs,
North Goodwin, Ravenna, Ridgevalley, Simonette, Sturgeon Heights
Along the Wapiti Aspen Dale, Aspen Ridge, Dimsdale, Flying Shot Lake, Grovedale, Klondyke Trail, Lucky Tree, Millarston, Pipestone
Creek, South Wapiti, Wembley
Beaverlodge to the Rockies
and Supplement
Albright, Appleton, Beaverlodge, Bush Lake, Elmworth, Gimle, Halcourt, Hayfield, Hazelmere, Hinton Trail, Lower
Beaverlodge, Mountain Trail, Rio Grande, Two Rivers, West End
Big Horn School District Big Horn
Bridges to the Past Crooked Creek, DeBolt, East Smoky, Edson Trail, Goodwin, North Goodwin, Ridgevalley
Buffalo Trails Big Horn, Buffalo Lake, Chatham, Canor, Canuck, Equity, LaGlace, MacHenry, North Equity, North Sexsmith, Old Post
Burnt Embers Chinook Valley, Northmark, Saddle Mountain, Westmark, Woking
Centennial Celebration Edson Trail Settlers who came over the Edson Trail
Chepi Sepe Broncho Creek, Caen, Deep Valley, Happy Valley, Ksituan, Spirit River, Spirit Valley, West Spirit, Wonderland, Yellow
Edson to Grande Prairie Trail Settlers who came over the Long (Athabasca-Grouard) and Edson Trails
From Survey to Today County of Grande Prairie families on homesteads 1909-2009
From Tears to Triumph Hays/Gundy, Independent Valley, Peavine, Tomslake, Tupper
Grande Cache: The People Grande Cache
Grande Prairie: Capitol of the Peace City of Grande Prairie
Grooming the Grizzly Belloy, Heart Valley, Lassiter, Mersey, Steele, Wanham, West Vale
Homesteaders’ Heritage Bay Tree, Bonanza, Gordondale, West Pouce Coupe, East Doe
Iosegun Reflections Fox Creek
LaGlace: Yesterday and Today Big Horn, Buffalo Lake, Canor, Chatham, LaGlace, Many Springs, Meadowville, Northfield, Odin, Old Post
Lake Saskatoon Reflections  Lake Saskatoon
Memories and Moments Bridgeview, White Mountain, Willowvale
Northfield Settlement Northfield
Pioneer Round-Up, Vol. I & II Albright, Ashdown, Baldur, Blooming Valley, Demmitt, Gimli, Goodfare, Hythe, Lymburn, Sinclair Lake, Southwell,
Valhalla, West Hythe
Pioneers of the Peace Settlers in the Grande Prairie area arriving before the train (pre-1916)
Smoky Peace Triangle Codesa, Eaglesham, Tangent, Watino
Smoky River To Grande Prairie Bezanson, Crystal Creek, East Kleskun, Fitzsimmons, Five Mile, Kleskun Hill, Kleskun Lake, Lindsay, Somme,
Tranquility, Twilight
Smoke Signals, Gumboots &
Muddy Trails
Little Smoky
Tales, Trails & Gumbo Cotillion, Silver Valley, Fourth Creek
The Big Bend Blueberry Creek, Blueberry Mountain, Fourth Creek, Ksituan, Silver Valley, Whitburn
The First Metis… A New Nation Metis genealogies and stories
Wagon Trails Grown Over Bad Heart, Morning View, Mount Star, North Kleskun, North Sexsmith, Rivertop, Sexsmith, Teepee Creek, Tranquility,
Webster, Webster Trail, Wellington
Wheatfields and Wildflowers Broncho Creek, Greenway, New World, Prestville, Rycroft, Silverwood, Volin.
Where the Red Willow Grew Calais (Sturgeon Lake), New Fish Creek, Sturgeon Heights, Sunset House, Valleyview, Whitemud Creek.

OCR software was used to create this compilation, resulting in some irregularities of spelling.