Fonds 060 Municipal District of Bear Lake No. 740

Municipal District of Bear Lake No. 740. — 1912-1944. — 28 cm of textual records. — 2 maps.

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Agency History

The first meeting of the council of the Rural Municipality of Bear Lake No. 740 was held in Abbott’s Hall Lake Saskatoon, December 11, 1912. James McFarlane was the first reeve, with F. Lukey as secretary-treasurer and L.H. Adair, W.C. Dillon and Alex Craig as councilors.

The M.D. of Bear Lake covered an area of 18 miles square, including townships 71, 72, and 73 in ranges 6, 7, and 8, West of the 6th. The area was divided into districts served by individual councilors, and one of the first decisions was to hire weed inspectors for each division. In 1913, a motion to enforce herdlaw was passed, and in 1914 the municipality filed on 10 acres on SW 15-73-6 for a public cemetery. This eventually became Emerson Trail Cemetery.

Councilors for the municipality included Anton Hunskor, Dr. A Bradford, G.P. Peebles, J. Sutherland, L. Hodgins, I.V. Macklin, W. Salmond, Ryley, Robb, Somerville, McLevin, G. Jebb, H. Dool, Balmer, McDonald, White, Watson, Grearson, Hottom, and Howell. As well, J.B. Foster, Alex Novelsky, Lee Warren and Wm Housman served in division 10, Jean Lozeron, R.G. Higgins, B. Liland and Stanley Moe in division 9, and B. Throness, Uri Powell, Rudolph Johnson, Allan Hauger, Ole Hegglund, J. Velve and Tom Farnsworth in division 8.

Although discussion about joining the two districts was already being discussed in special meetings by September 7, 1929, the council served the area until December 31, 1943. At that time, they were disbanded and merged with the Rural Municipality of Grande Prairie No. 739 to create a new Municipal District No. 127. Considerable new territory was also added. Five years later the first County in the Province of Alberta, County of Grande Prairie No. 1, replaced the old municipal districts system.

Custodial History

Records became the property of succeeding organizations, M.D. of Grande Prairie No. 780 and 127 and County of Grande Prairie No. 1, and were deposited on loan by the County of Grande Prairie in the Provincial Archives in 1970. The records were transferred to the Grande Prairie Regional Archives by permanent donation in 2000. An accrual to the fonds, the 1912-1923 minutes and 1914-31 financial records, was transferred by the County to South Peace Regional Archives in 2013.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of the records of the Municipal District of Bear Lake from 1912 to 1944. These records include by-laws and minutes, financial statements, Alberta Gazettes showing tax sales, miscellaneous financial records, a town plan of Lake Saskatoon, and a land ownership map. The fonds is divided into three series: Minutes, Financial Management, and Maps and Plans.


Title based on the contents of the fonds.
Duplicate copies and draft minutes were discarded.
Source of historical notes: Lake Saskatoon Reflections; Buffalo Trails, Tales of the Pioneers

Table of Contents

Series 060.01 Minutes
Series 060.02 Financial Management
Series 060.03 Maps and Plans
Series 060.01 Minutes. — 1912-1944. — 23 cm of textual records.The series consists of by-laws and minutes of the M.D. of Bear Lake from 1912 to 1944. Minutes contain monthly statements, accounts, assessments for tax purposes and debenture records, yearly financial statements, and occasional agreements and correspondence. One minute book also contains the minutes of the meetings of the Local Board of Health, 1918-1920.
Series 060.02 Financial Management. — 1913-1943. — 5 cm of textual records.The series consists of the financial records of the M.D. of Bear Lake, including printed and handwritten financial statements (1913-1943), Department of Municipal Affairs Inspectors’ Reports and associated correspondence (1913-1928), Alberta Gazettes with lists of properties sold in tax sales (1937-1943), lists of outstanding cheques (1921-23), a sheet of 1932 school accounts, and various 1924-25 financial records including bank books, a deposit book, a land purchase agreement, cancelled cheques, and a written explanation from the Secretary-Treasurer R. B. Howell.
Series 060.03 Maps and Plans. — 1912, 1928. — 2 maps.The series consists of a 1928 land ownership map of the M.D. of Bear Lake No. 740 and a 1912 town plan of Lake Saskatoon, which fell within the M.D.’s borders.
Lake Saskatoon, 1912
1 diazo plan; 14.5 x 22 in.
Town Plan of Lake Saskatoon as a subdivision of S1/2 of the NW-2-72-8
Location: 2003.33.01
Bear Lake Municipality No. 740, 1928
1 map; 21 x 26 in.
Quarter section map of Bear Lake Municipality No. 740 showing landownership in 1928.
Location: 2003.33.04
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