Fonds 253 Jerry Stojan family fonds

Jerry Stojan family fonds. — 1954-1971. — 22 video recordings.

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Biographical Sketch

Mr. And Mrs.(Bessie) Louis Stojan and their four young sons, Louis Jr., Charlie, Jerry and Frank emigrated from Czechoslovakia in 1926. They first settled in Grande Prairie where Louis worked in Thompson Motors. In 1929 they moved to the homestead in Goodfare and Louis worked in a garage in Hythe. In 1931 Louis forfeited the homestead and moved the family back to Grande Prairie and in 1937 he started his own service garage which he operated for a few years. In the late 1930s the brothers became well known for their enthusiastic attempt to drive a car through the Monkman Pass. In 1939 the family moved to Onario where Louie and the three oldest boys worked in a machine shop. The boys apprenticed and Louis, as a journeyan, became a foreman. In 1947, Charles, who had been a fighter pilot in WWII, and Jerry came back to Sexsmith and and became partners in the Sexsmith Garage, buying out Don Innes. Jerry married Irene Lenoir of Ontario, and they had two children, Charles, born 1943, and Linda, born 1948. Jerry began acquiring farmland and livestock. The family became involved in raising registered quarter horses in the 1960s and won many trophies and trophy blankets. Later, Jerry became a big game guide and outfitter. From 1964-1973 he hunted Rocky Mountain goat, grizzly bear, black bear, caribou, moose and elk. In 1969 the Americam Broadcasting Corporation filmed two shows, one featuring a sheep hunting expedition and one a moose hunt. Jerry’s son, Charles (Chuck) took over the Sexsmith Garage.

Chuck has two children from his first marriage, Patricia and Stephen. In 1979 he married Peggy Campbell and they have a daughter, Jacqueline. Linda Stojan married Don Liland in 1969, and they have one daughter, Dara, and they farm in La Glace.

Custodial History

The films were donated to the South Peace Regional Archives by Charles Stojan in November, 2002.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of records of the Stojan family activities including weddings, parades, horse shows, families of puppies, riverboating, guiding, hunting, and fishing trips on 8mm film and VHS.



Table of Contents

Series 253.01 Film and Video Recordings
Series 253.01 Film and Video Recordings. — 1954-1971. — 22 video recordings.The series consists of 21 8mm and Super 8mm film reels containing a records of the Stojan family activities including weddings, parades, horse shows, families of puppies, riverboating, guiding, hunting, and fishing trips. The 21 films and several others have been transferred to the VHS tape also included in this series.
Wedding and Boating, [ca. 1961]
8 mm film
The film shows wedding pictures in the spring, including Dr Frank Stojan in one group, riverboating, and tenting.
Location: 0253.01.01
Wedding, [ca. 1961]
8 mm film
The film shows a wedding and reception.
Location: 0253.01.02

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Riverboating, [ca. 1954]
8 mm film
The film shows scenes of riverboating including men on rafts, cabins along a river, men and natives around a log cabin, a cabin on stilts, and moose swimming, and a Pinto mare and foal.
Location: 0253.01.03
Grande Prairie Parade and Peace River Trip, [ca. 1954]
8 mm film
The film shows a parade down Richmond Avenue in Grande Prairie, a trip to Peace River including the ferry at Dunvegan and a view from Twelve Foot Davis’ Grave on the east Peace River hill, Linda Stojan with puppies, German Shepherds and horsemen, and a waterfall.
Location: 0253.01.04
Riverboating, 1954-1957
8 mm film
The film shows a river trip with the Pontiac boat, hunting grizzly, an Indian graveyard with spirit houses, snowcapped mountains and river banks, horsemen, and shooting the river rapids.
Location: 0253.01.05
Outdoor Activities and Livestock, 1954-1957
8 mm film
The film shows two men and a boy on a hunting trip on the river, a bear trophy, prospecting along the river (Coppermine?), fishing, a boat ride, horse racing on a race track, and cattle grazing in a field.
Location: 0253.01.06
River Trip with Cepelas, [ca. 1956]
8 mm film
The film shows a riverboat trip with the Cepelas, a man fishing, two men crossing a beaver dam, winter backpacking, and Chuck and men showing off their fish.
Location: 0253.01.07
Riverboating and a Trip to the Mountains, [ca. 1956]
8 mm film
The film shows two men and a woman with white spotted dog, boating on the river, searching a river bank, white water on the river, and man looking over a garden with the mountains in the background.
Location: 0253.01.08
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Horses, Wedding, and Goose Hunt, 1956
8 mm film
The film shows training the Dalgleish Pintos for riding, a wedding (from church exit to car leaving with bride and groom), and a goose hunt with Chuck and Linda holding 2 geese in front of a hay stack.
Location: 0253.01.09
Outdoor Expedition, [ca. 1959]
8 mm film
The film shows a man in the bush stabilizing a peeled upright post, snow-capped mountains, a man by a waterfall, a man walking on felled log, three men logging, a man holding up rocks, a helicopter, and a man in a log cabin by a river. This seems to be an expedition but the purpose is not clear.
Location: 0253.01.10
Riverboating, [ca. 1961]
8 mm film
The film shows Men with trucks working around a boat launch on the river, the remains of a cabin, men in front of a cabin in the trees, traveling in the boat, six men and snow on the river banks, a tree house cache, three people fishing in a boat, and cabins along the river.
Location: 0253.01.11
Hunting and Horses, [ca. 1961]
8 mm film
The film shows a hunting party showing racks of antlers, three women in front of a car on a main street, horses in corrals, horseback riding, a mare with foal, horses grazing with five elevators in the background, a moose swimming, a man helping a baby moose stand, interesting bones or stones, and horses playing with a school in the background.
Location: 0253.01.12
Pack Expedition, [ca. 1966]
8 mm film
The film shows a cabin, large tent and pack horses, possibly as part of a hunting expedition.
Location: 0253.01.13
Family Life, 1961
8 mm film
The film shows a pack horse, a view of a river valley and mountains, puppies and children, the intersection of 100 Street and 100Avenue in Grande Prairie, kids and dogs playing on Hunter’s straw stack, and Chuck and Linda on a pony.
Location: 0253.01.14
Livestock, Helicopter, Parade, and Hunting, 1961
8 mm film
The film shows spring and twin calves, a family of five in front of a house, a helicopter and boat, a view from the helicopter, riders on horseback, a car and trailer getting ready for parade, horseback riders on parade down 100 Avenue in Grande Prairie, and hunters in red showing trophy antlers.
Location: 0253.01.15
Horses, Parade, and Beach, 1961
8 mm film
The film shows horseback riding, a Sexsmith parade, a couple posing by a cherry tree, a trip to the beach, two women in front of a home and car.
Location: 0253.01.16
Fort St. John Horse Show and Rycroft Parade, 1970
Super 8 mm film
The film shows a horse show (CEE Bar at halter) in Fort St. John and a parade down Rycroft’s main street.
Location: 0253.01.17
Linda Stojan and Don Leland Wedding, 1969
8 mm film
The film shows Linda Stojan and Don Leland’s wedding, including the wedding party and guests, decorated cars, and parents.
Location: 0253.01.18
Rycroft Parade and Horses, 1971
8 mm film
The film shows a Rycroft Parade including floats of Rycroft Sweet Harts, Credit Union, Treasury Branch, Old Timers, Horse Club, and farm equipment, and scenes in the bush with pack horses and corraling colts.
Location: 0253.01.19
Horses, Outdoor Activities, and Family Life, [ca. 1955]
8 mm film
The film shows outdoor activities including horseback riding, roping, canoeing, riverboating, hunting, camping, and fishing, and scenes of family life and travel.
Location: 0253.01.20
Family Travels, 1955, 1958
8 mm film
The film shows trips to Peace River, the Calgary Stampede, and the Rocky Mountains and a winter carnival in Sexsmith. Documented activities include boating and river scenery, fish caught, gold panning with a sluice, aerial scenes, Stampede parade and musical ride, and swimming in a pool.
Location: 0253.01.21
Stojan Family Film, 1954-1971
Video Cassette
A video recording of the 8 mm and Super 8mm films in this collection (253.01.01-.19), as well as those reels not retained by the Archives.
Location: 0253.01.22
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