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Support the South Peace Regional Archives’ Heritage Centre Building and be a part of history!

DONATE NOWFeatures & Benefits

Our new location in Centre 2000 gives us space to grow!  To assure a professional and secure space for all our patrons, SPRA will provide:

  • Space for the growth of pre-processed and archival-level storage
  • An adaptable and convertible processing area for staff and our many volunteers
  • Conservation and isolation rooms
  • Reproduction capabilities to support community projects
  • A comfortable reading and research room with a welcoming community gathering space
  • Audio and video listening and viewing stations
  • Computers for visitors, staff and volunteers to access online materials
  • Ample convenient parking and easy access for all visitors
  • Staff and volunteer amenities
  • 100% wheelchair accessible

SPRA will ensure that contributors will not only be able to save their history for future generations but also have easy, local access to the collections onsite and online.

Who Benefits?

Individuals and FamiliesThe SPRA protects the memories of individuals and families and offers access to those memories to future generations. Individual and family legacies are not lost.

Cultural Groups

The SPRA assures that the history of the many cultural groups, including indigenous people, who made their home in the South Peace is preserved.

Local Governments

By preserving the original governance records and policy decisions of local governments, the SPRA assures that the histories and historical moments of local governments are not lost.

Organizations and Businesses

The SPRA provides safe and organized storage for the records of organizations and businesses as well as their contributions to the community to assure that their legacy in our community will always be preserved.


The safe-guarding of records and memories of all the above groups allows historians a glimpse into the true past, unfettered by second-hand accounts.


Will you help us? Please give today!

A new facility will not only give space for our growing collections of the memories and histories of everyone in the South Peace, but it will also continue to grow as a learning centre for individuals, families, researchers and historians. It will be a primary community resource – a true gathering place for many groups.

With the support of regional partners, businesses, and individual contributors, our mission is to establish a secure and purpose-centered facility to store, display, and share the unique and captivating history of our region.

DONATE NOWFundraising Goal



Art Fundraiser!

In support of our new home, Alice Sims has generally pledged to donate 100% of the proceeds for sales of her Aunt, Doris (Sims) Thompson’s remaining Original Art and Prints.

Doris (Sims) Thompson was born in Grande Prairie in 1944. She began painting professionally in 1988 and continued to paint until her passing in 2015. She is a multiple award winner, taking part in exhibitions for Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, and North American Water Fowl Management. Her paintings have graced the walls of many art galleries in Alberta, the covers of numerous fish and wildlife magazines, and many, many, Christmas cards.

When you purchase one of Doris (Sims) Thompson’s paintings or prints you will be directly contributing to our future. 

For more information contact Alice Sims at 780-933-0044. 

Be sure to check out Fundraising Mugs feature Doris (Sims) Thompson’s art available in the Archives Store!


Available Art

Mountain Majestic (Elk) – 22×30 in. Oil Painting Framed – $725.00

Pals for Now (Four Rams) – 20×30 in. Oil Painting Framed – $645.00

Mousers (Coyotes) – 20×24 in. Oil Painting Framed – $525.00

Northern Orioles in Orange Tree – 16×20 in. Oil Painting Framed – $360.00

A Very Private View (Lynx) – 18×24 in. Oil Painting Framed – $472.00

Ruby Throated Hummingbird – 16×20 in. Oil Painting Framed – $360.00

Raspberry Patch (Cougar) – 20×30 in. Oil Painting Framed – $645.00

Running for Cover (white tail deer) – 20×30 in. Oil Painting Framed – $645.00

Sharp Skinned Hawk and Sparrows – 16×20 in. Oil Painting Framed – $360.00

Spirits of Nature – 22×30 in. Print – $80.00

My Summer Companions (Blue-winged teal pair) – 24×30 in. Oil Painting Framed – $675.00

What’s Up (Bobcat) – 18×24 in. Oil Painting Framed – $472.00

Where Trails End (Ram) – 20×24 in. Oil Painting Framed – $525.00

Downtime (Big Horned Sheep) – 18×24 in. Oil Painting Framed – $472.00

Blue Jays and Apple Blossoms – 16 x 20 in. Oil Painting Framed – $360.00

Bohemian Waxwing Pair – 12×16 in. Oil Painting Framed – $100.00

Dawn’s First Flight (Green-winged teal) – 24×30 in. Oil Painting Framed – $675.00

On Golden Ponds – Print – $195.00

High Looker (Mountain Goat) – 16×20 in. Oil Painting Framed – $360.00

Impression of a Summer (Blue-winged teal family) – 24×30 in. Oil Painting Framed – $675.00

Three’s A Crowd (Blue wing teal) – 18×24 in. Oil Painting Framed – $472.00

Male and Female Golden Crown Kinglet – 12×16 in. Oil Painting Framed – $100.00

Song Dogs – 22×27 in Framed Print signed – $150.00

Risky Business – 18 x 24 in. Oil Painting Framed – $472.00

Misfortunate Risk – 18×24 in. Oil Painting Framed – $472.00

Miscalculated Risk – 18×24 in. Oil Painting Framed – $472.00

Buffalo Jump – 24×48 in. Oil Painting Framed – $950.00