Fonds 574 Hythe United Church fonds


Hythe United Church fonds. — 1929-2011. — 91 cm of textual records. — 42 photographs.

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Agency History

The Hythe United Church was first known as Happy Valley Mission, Methodist Congregation. Rev. Charles Hopkins, the Methodist minister, travelled from Lake Saskatoon to the Happy Valley/Hythe area and conducted services in their homes. In 1914 Rev. Hopkins helped them build a little log church on NE19-73-10-W6. In 1928, the log church was hauled into Hythe and settled on Lot 14, Block . The next year, Rev. Wallace Moss arrived in Hythe with his family and they settled into the newly constructed Manse located behind the church. By this time the congregation had grown so much that services were being held in the Masonic Lodge. A church building committee was formed with Rev. Moss, including members T.J. Thompson, Fred Hood, M.B. Mill, and Frank Phillips.

A new building meant funds needed to be raised and a canvass began. Carl Anderson constructed a miniature of the church with an opening in the chimney for donations to be given. The contract was awarded to J.A. Leadbetter, which stipulated that the new church be completed in two months. It opened on June 29, 1930, but the first services were conducted in the basement. The upstairs was completed the following year. The dedication service took place on July 13, 1930 with Dr. R. B. Cochrane moderating, and Mrs. Erick Freeman as the organist. The first Sunday School Superintendent was Len Healy and Mrs. Meta (Sullivan) Lacey was the teacher.

The Hythe United Church also had a very active Ladies Aid and their first congregational supper was held in October with approximately 100 people in attendance. The Hythe United Church held its last service on June 26, 2011. Members are now invited to attend service in Beaverlodge.

Custodial History

These copies of records from the Hythe United Church were deposited after it was decommissioned in 2011 by the last secretary of the Board of Directors, Elaine Baker. The original records are in the United Church Archives at the Provincial Archives of Alberta.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of minutes and reports, membership records, annual reports, financial records, building records, Women’s Missionary Service/United Church Women and a history of the Church.


The Agency History was written from the records as well as the Hythe United Church webpage . :

Table of Contents

Series 574.01 Minutes & Reports
Series 574.02 Membership Records
Series 574.03 Annual Reports
Series 574.04 Financial Records
Series 574.05 Building Records
Series 574.06 United Church Women
Series 574.07 Hythe United Church History
Series 574.01 Minutes & Reports. — 1929-2011. — 49 cm of textual records. — 36 photographs.The series consists minutes and reports (1930-2010); building committee; members records; birth, marriages and deaths of members. Photos located in file 3-7.
Hythe United Church Board, 2010
1 photo; colour; 4×6
August 29, 2010 Back L-R Marie Pearson, Peggy Lacey, Audrey Crichton, Elaine Baker, Dawn Manning-Strzelecki Front L-R Les Crichton, Rev. Piotr Strzelecki
Location: 0574.01.01
Rev. Wallace Moss & Son Harold, 1930
1 photo; b&w; 8.5×14
The Rev. Wallace Moss holding his son Harold on a lumber pile for the new Hythe United Church. The corner of the Manse is also visible. There is also a model of the church building.
Location: 0574.01.02
Model of the Hythe United Church, 1930
1 photo; b&w; 9.5×9
Model of the Hythe United Church that was built by Carl Anderson. The model was used as a ‘money jar’ at various functions to help raise money for the building.
Location: 0574.01.03
Hythe United Church Women’s Aid, 1932
1 photo; b&w; 9.5×16
The Hythe United Church Women’s Aid at Art & Meta Lacey’s farm. Back Row L-R: Mrs. Sullivan (Meta Lacey’s mother); Mrs. Gladys Sharkey; Mrs. Flaten (Sr.); Mrs. Madge Lambert; Mrs. Alf Clark & her mother; Mrs. Van Volkingburg; Mrs. Bertha Mill. Front Row L-R: Mrs. Meta Lacey; Mrs. Bill Gould; Mrs. Mary Flaten; Baby is Mary Webb; Mrs. Ruth Webb; Mrs. John Cummings (Sr.); Mrs. Bricker; Mrs. John Hodgson & Vera. Two kneeling back of front row: Mrs. J.F. Swanston; Mrs. Jim Dyer.
Location: 0574.01.04
Hythe Sunday School, c.1937
1 photo; b&w; 15×23
Hythe United Church Sunday School members: 1st row: Norma Swanston, Doris Schmunk, Ken Dyer, Joy Gilmour, Donna Bail, Mary Hill, Mary Webb, Dorothy Pearson, Betty Rivers, Roberta flaten, Don Swanston, Allister Rivers, Jessie Dyer 2nd Row: Lillian Schmunk, June Phillips, Violet Presley, Margaret Bain, Christine Anderson, Mildred Anderson, Flow Wills, Doris Wills, 3rd Row: Eugene Robson, Harold Prike, Dog Van Volkingburg, Ethel Ball, Lucille Dyre, Ethel Carmichael, Eunice Flaten, Shirley Phillips, Ruth Dyer, Phyllis Presley, Paul Tveiten, Cliff Ward, Jack Swanston, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Dyer, Mrs. Van Volkingburg, Margaret Ball, Mr. McQuarrie, Mrs. McQuarrie, Mrs. F. Swanston. The people were identified in the photo by Donna (Bain) Shail and Mildred (Anderson) Nordhagen.
Location: 0574.01.05
Hythe United Church Women’s Aid, 1938
1 photo; b & w;
Hythe United Church Women’s Aid (W.A.) ladies outside at Mrs. Madge (Borden) Lambert’s home in Lymburn August 10, 1938. There are sixteen ladies pictured and those identified are Mrs. Alice Baker, Mrs. Sarah Borden, Mrs. J.E. Ball (?), Mrs. Ruth Webb, Mrs. Van Volkingburg, Mrs Madge lambert, Mrs. Helen Anderson and Mrs. Meta Lacey.
Location: 0574.01.06
Rev. Marion Zenke & Wife Joanna, c.1950
1 photo; b&w; 8.5×8.5
Rev. Marion Zenke & his wife Joanna who were with the Hythe Church from 1955-1958. While there they started the Memorial Fund.
Location: 0574.01.07
Stan Lawrence & Gert Baker, 1956
1 photo; b&w; 10×15
Stan Lawrence and Gert Baker on their wedding day inside the Hythe United Church on July 14, 1956 and married by Rev. M. Zenks.
Location: 0574.01.08
Eddie Fisher & Ruby Wyant, 1956
1 photo; b&w; 10.5×15.5
Eddie Fisher and Ruby Wyant on their wedding day June 21, 1956 outside the Hythe United Church.
Location: 0574.01.09
Rev. Mark & Mair Bedford, 2001
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Rev. Mark Bedford with his wife Mair in the Hythe Church. Rev. Bedford travelled back to Hythe for a visit in 2001.
Location: 0574.01.10
Rae Dolemo, Fern Gudlaugson & Alvin Maricle, 2001
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Enjoying welcoming Rev. Mark Bedford back foir a visit are Rae Dolemo, Fern Gudlaugson and Alvin Maricle.
Location: 0574.01.11
Welcome Back to Rev. Bedford, 2001
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Seated in the basement of the Hythe United Church: L-R Eldon & Donna Shail, Cameron & Mabel White and Peggy Lacey.
Location: 0574.01.12
Rev. Bedford Talking to the Group, 2001
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Rev. Mark Bedford talking to the gathering in his honour. L-R Rev. Mark Bedford, Fern Gudlaugson, Kay & Peter Gill.
Location: 0574.01.13
Alvin & Mildred Nordhagen, 2001
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Alvin & Mildred Nordhagen seated with a girl at the gatherine for Rev. Mark Bedford.
Location: 0574.01.14
Rev. Mark Bedford Visiting, 2001
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Rev. Mark Bedford standing talking to a young lady, Louise & Mel Ferris and Mildred & Elvin Nordhagen.
Location: 0574.01.15
35th Anniversary Congregation of Hythe United Church, 1935
1 photo; b&w; 10×11.5
The Hythe United Church celebrated their 35th Anniversary on June 20, 1965. Guest speakers were Rev. Wallace Moss & Rev. Bob Miller (son of Rev. Edred Miller). The people identified in the congregation are: Front Row: Mabel & Basil Peace, Nora & Charles Evaskevich

Next Row: Madge Lambert, Blanche & Ed Fixner, Walter Wright Couple Rows Back on aisle: Art Lacey Sr., Meta Lacey, Olivia Patterson In Back Sits: Rev. Moss, Marjorie Moss & Mair Bedford
Location: 0574.01.16a&b

Rev. Barry Thomas with Family, c.1967
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Rev. Barry Thomas with his sons Ian and Lorne. Rev. Thomas was the minister in Hythe and Wembley from 1966-1969.
Location: 0574.01.17
Sunday School Class of 3 & 4 Year Olds, 1967
1 photo; b&w; 10×12
The Hythe Sunday School class of 3 & 4 year olds Back Row L-R: Gloria Fisher, Diane Harke, Melodie Reed, Allayne Patterson, Janet Nordhagen, Leanne Lacey Front Row L-R: Darin Pearson, Terry Jones, Ian Thomas, Derrick Hoover & Royce Baker (in front).
Location: 0574.01.18
Rev. Gwen Symington & Rev. Bruce Dickson, 1990
1 photo; colour; 10×15
Rev. Gwen Symington and Rev. Bruce Dickson at the Hythe United Church Anniversary celebrations. Gwen is credited with the joining the Hythe-Beaverlodge-Wembley Pastoral Charge in 1972.
Location: 0574.01.19
Rev. Eric Lynk, 1983
1 photo; colour; 10×15
Rev. Eric Lynck on June 3, 1983 who was the Minster for Hythe and Clairmont which was called Sexsmith Pastoral Charge.
Location: 0574.01.20
Danny Reed & Leanne Lacey Wedding, 1983
1 photo; colour; 10×15
The last wedding held by Rev. Eric Lynk was on June 3, 1983 between Danny Reed & Leanne Lacey. Leanne is signing the register as the wedding party and the Rev. look on.
Location: 0574.01.21
Interior of the Hythe United Church, 1987
1 photo; colour; 12.5×18
The interior of the Hythe United Church which was ready for Easter service in 1987.
Location: 0574.01.22
A Farewell Bar-B-Que for Rev. Paul DuVal, 1988
1 photo; colour; 14×20
A farewell bar-b-que for Rev. Paul DuVal and Robin Byrnes.

Row 1 L-R: Cody Nordhagen, Lean Trydal, Conor Oakford, Nathan Southwell, Tyson Trydal, Dustin Oakford, Koel Reed, Quinn Southwell, Chase Reed.

Row 2 L-R: Kneeling: Dorothy Bressler, Elaine Baker, Sarah Borden, , Inez Gault, Leane (Lacey) Reed, Bobbi Southwell, Marie Pearson, (possibly Lynda Schuller).

Row 3 L-R Kneeling: Shirley Cunningham, unknown, Standing: Nora Evaskevich, Rae Dolemo; Sitting: Olivia Patterson, Paul DuVal, Robin Byrnes; Kneeling: Vic Stenvall, Frances Juneau, Peggy Lacey.

Row 4 L-R: Standing: Margo Kjemhus, Isabel McEachren, lady behind Nora could be Myrtle Heggelund; Myrtle (Cowan) Hartley, Ella Pearson, Elvin Nordhagen (in blue and white shirt), Ann Nordhagen, Evelyn Morrison, Blanche Southwell, Alma Jones, Irene Chandler, Caroline Stenvall, Myrna Truax, Vi Shail, Donna Shail, Eldon Shail, Myles Lacey.

Row 5 L-R: Standing at back: Jarvis Shail, Eugene Cunningham, Bruce Mill, Bob Hogg, Ed Bressler, Edna Erickson is in front of Ed Baker and behind Myrtle Hartley, Vera Hogg, Charles Evaskevich, Jim Nordhagen, Kim & Sherry Oakford, Carol Trydal, Vernon Reed, Ruby Reed, (behind Ruby Reed & Blanche Southwell is Audrey Crichton & Les Crichton with blue & white cap), Alvin Maricle, unknown lady dark glasses & blue blouse and on the end is Martin Schuller his head is behind Caroline Stenvall. Photo taken by: Mildred Nordhagen Missing: Joy Juneau
Location: 0574.01.23

A Farewell Bar-B-Que Supper for Rev. Bruce Dickson, 1992
1 photo; colour; 11.5×16
A farewell bar-b-que for Rev. Bruce Dickson and his wife Jan on June 25, 1992. Back row L-R Joe Sharkey, Eugene Cunninham, Jim Nordhagen, Ed Bressler, Eric Dane, Margaret Sharkey, Shirley Cunningham, Kay Dane, Dorothy Bressler, Olivia Patterson, ?, behine Laureen Dane, Blanche Southwell, Audrey Cricton, Donna & Eldon Shail, Ruby Reed, Toots & Merv Staggs, Vernon Reed, Les Crichton. Middle Row L-R: Shelby Dane, Ann Nordhagen, Laureen Dane, Cody Nordhagen, Ella Pearson, Peggy Lacey, Alvin Maricle, Myrtle Hartley, Irene & Fred Chandler. In Front L-R: Mildred & Elvin Nordhangen, Keith Dane, and unknown lady (could this be Cindy or Sheila Staggs?) Elaine Baker, Leslie Dane, Jan & Bruce Dickson, Myrtle Heggelund, Alma & Bert Jones.
Location: 0574.01.24
Baptism at the Hythe United Church, 1993
1 photo; colour; 8×12
Baptism at the Hythe United Church of Brittany Jones on April 18, 1993. Laurie, Janeen, with their daughter Brittany Jones and Partor Nancy Holman.
Location: 0574.01.25
Confirmation Class, 1998
1 photo; colour; 9.5×14
Rev. Marilyn Carroll’s confirmation class consisted of Keith, Shelby & Lesley Dane; Bobby and Meghan Balderston and Marley Kyle.
Location: 0574.01.26
Rev. Marilyn Carroll & Rev. Joan Jarvis, 2001
1 photo; colour; 10×10
Rev. Marilyn Carroll and Rev. Joan Jarvis at their farewell luncheon on June 24, 2001.
Location: 0574.01.27
Pastor Harold Peters & Wife Hazel, c.2001
1 photo; colour; 10×15
Pastor Harold Peters a guest speaker to the Hythe Church pictured with wife Hazel.
Location: 0574.01.28
Emily Sylvester, c.2001
1 photo; colour; 10×15
Emily Sylvester a guest speaker to the Hythe United Church..
Location: 0574.01.29
Rev. Chris Donnelly, 2004
1 photo; colour; 10×15
Rev. Chris Donnelly who ministered in Hythe but mainly in Beaverlodge and Hythe members attended.
Location: 0574.01.30
Hythe United Church Executive, c.2004
1 photo; colour; 10×15
Members of the Hythe United Church executive: L-R Alma Jones, Mary Bain, Les Crichton, Audrey Crichton & Peggy Lacey.
Location: 0574.01.31
Bethel Bible Study Group, c.2004
1 photo; colour; 10×15
The people who took part in the “Bethel Bible Study” from Wembley & Hythe. L-R: Les Crichton, Bill Shumard, Rev. Chris Donnelly, Dr. David Miller, Ann Shumard, Audrey Crichton, Peggy Lacey Front – Stewart Bowen & Elaine Baker.
Location: 0574.01.32
Donation to the Hythe Pioneer Home, 2004
1 photo; colour; 10×15
Members of the Hythe United Church are sharing the money they were givien from the estate of Johnny & Jessie Cummings with the Hythe Pioneer Home. L-R Mary Bain, Audrey Crichton, Elaine Baker and Arta Juneau.
Location: 0574.01.33
Donation to the Hythe Continuing Care Centre, 2004
1 photo; colour; 10×15
Members of the Hythe United Church are sharing the money they were givien from the estate of Johnny & Jessie Cummings with the Hythe Continuing Care Centre.. L-R Peggy Lacey, Audtrey Crichton, Mavis, Elaine Baker & Marlene.
Location: 0574.01.34
Student Minister Blake Fielding, 2005
1 photo; colour; 9×14
Student Minister Blake Fielding cutting his cake in June 2005.
Location: 0574.01.35
Farewell Party for Blake Fielding, 2005
1 photo; colour; 9.5×14.5
Hythe United Church members who attended a farewell party for student Minister Blake Field.

Back Row L-R Les Crichton, Edna Erickson, Audrey Crichton, Blake Fielding, Elaine Baker, Peggy Lacey Front Row L-R Sadie Haglund, Alma Jones, Lily Day.
Location: 0574.01.36

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Series 574.02 Membership Records. — 1929-2011. — 13 cm of textual records.The series consists of baptism (1921-2008); marriage (1924-2004); and death records (1933-2010) of members of the Hythe United Church; an offering book (1961) and a communion and roll register (1971). Some of the material is restricted by the Personal Information Protection Act.
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Series 574.03 Annual Reports. — 1961-2011. — 10 cm of textual records.The series consists of annual reports from Hythe United Church and Pastoral Charges (1961-2011). Included in the annual reports are updates from the Pastor, financial statements and a review of the various acticities that the church and its members were involved in. Hythe was a member of different Pastoral Charges over the years and because of that there are also records relating to churches in surrounding communities.The different Pastoral Charges Hythe belonged to are: Hythe-Wembley pastoral Charge (1961-1972), Hythe-Beaverlodge-Wembley Pastoral Charge (1972-1980), Sexsmith Pastoral Charge (Hythe & Clairmont) (1980-1990) later named Clairmont-Hythe Pastoral Charge (1990-1994), Hythe Pastoral Charge (1994-2002) and lastly Beaverlodge-Wembley-Hythe Pastoral Charge (2002-2011).
Series 574.04 Financial Records. — 1961-2011. — 13.5 cm of textual records.The series consists of financial records and treasurers books of the Hythe United Church (1961-2011).
Series 574.05 Building Records. — 1930-1997. — 1.5 cm of textual records.The series consists of building records of the Hythe United Church including insurance records for the United Church building (1984-1997), the sale of the Manse (1993), and the sale of the church to the Hythe Historical Society (2011).
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Series 574.06 United Church Women. — 1947-1992. — 4 cm of textual records. — 6 photographs.The series consistsof records of the Women’s Missionary Service and later the United Church Women. The ladies met reguarly and assisted the church in raising funds for the upkeep of the manse and church. “The Ladies Aid of the Church was a very active group in those days, and as a church kitchen was non-existent the dishes and dainties were brought in, often on hand sleighs and over frozen and bumpy roads. In October 1930, they held the FIRST Congregational Supper to help raise money toward the church building.” Members in 1947 included Mrs. Clara Dawson, Mrs. Olive Stickney, Mrs. Clara Spraggs, Mrs. Ray Reed, Mrs. Les Maricle, Mrs. Chris Inkster, Mrs. Meta Lacey, Mrs. Elizabeth Jones, Mrs. Muriel McLeod, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Jessie Shail, Mrs. Ruth Webb, Mrs. Urich, Mrs. Daisy Maricle, Mrs. Ed Robertson, Mrs. Lena Seniuk, Mrs. Wm. Oakford, Mrs. Fanny Dyer, Mrs. Alice Baker, Mrs. Bertha Mill, Mrs. Pike and Mrs. MacGregor.
U.C.W. Workshop, 1987
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Elaine Baker & Caroline Stenvall seated at a United Church Women Workshop on Saturday Nov. 14, 1987.
Location: 0574.06.01
Olivia Patterson & Ruby Reed, 1987
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Olivia Patterson & Ruby Reed attending a United Church Women Workshop, Nov. 14, 1987.
Location: 0574.06.02
Peggy Lacey & Paul DuVal, 1987
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Peggy Lacey & Paul DuVal attending a United Church Women Workshop, Nov. 14, 1987.
Location: 0574.06.03
Inez Gault & Alma Jones, 1987
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Inez Gault & Alma Jones attending a United Church Women Workshop, Nov. 14, 1987.
Location: 0574.06.04
Sarah Borden, Marilyn Carroll & Roz Morris, 1987
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Sarah Borden, Marilyn Carroll & Roz Morris (from Dawson Creek) attending a United Church Women Workshop held on Nov. 14, 1987.
Location: 0574.06.05
Elaine Baker Giving a Speech, 1987
1 photo; colour; 4×6
Elaine Baker giving a speech beside the 25th Anniversary banner of the UCW.
Location: 0574.06.06
Series 574.07 Hythe United Church History. — 1929-2011. — 1 cm of textual records.The series consists of a history compiled about the Hythe Church in 1967 by Meta Lacey and Donna Shail, and a history booket completed in 1980 by the same authors, with updates by Olivia Patterson, cover design by Mrs. Mildred Nordhagen and typing by Joy Juneau. Another history of the church was compiled by Elaine Baker in 2007. This very well researched report is 158 pages in length and highlights the church and its activities since its inception.
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