Fonds 249 Woking (Saddle Mountain) School District 4671 fonds

Woking (Saddle Mountain) School District 4671 fonds. — 1940-1997. — 50 cm of textual records.

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Agency History

The first classes in the Saddle Mountain School District (later known as Woking) were held in the Yakimuk home from November 1934 to May 1935. There were 23 students and Ted Zaichkowsky was their teacher. The next year, the same term was taught by Alex Zaichkowsky in the home of Sawa Shura. In 1936 they formed Saddle Mountain School District No. 4671 and received a $500 grant from the government to help build a school. It opened January 1, 1937 with Miss Jean McNaughton as the first teacher and 34 students from grades 1 to 5, many of them unable to speak English.

Other teachers at Saddle Mountain included Henry Wiebe, Miss Ethel Fildes, Miss Lorna McEwen, Miss Connie Barlow, Miss Doris Gillard, Mrs. Mabel Tracy, and Mrs. Gladys Dufresne and Miss Geraldin Knezevich as supervisors during the war years. Mrs. Lucille Thornton was the last teacher in 1948-49.

Saddle Mountain School closed in 1949 when a new school was built two miles west in Woking, a two-room school to consolidate the schools of Saddle Mountain, Chinook Valley and New World. Although it was new, it was not modern. Heating was still by Franklin Stoves in each room, outdoor toilets were still in use, and the water was hauled in by the bucket. By 1951, the school had outgrown this facility so the barn (which had been built for horses but never used) was renovated to another classroom
Edward Pearce was the first principal and Lucille Thornton the other teacher.
The old Saddle Mountain School became a community hall.

Custodial History

The records were preserved and given to the Spirit River School Division No. 47 sometime after it was formed in 1940. Peace Wapiti School Division assumed responsibility for this division in 1994 and the records were deposited in the Grande Prairie Regional Archives in 2003.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of Daily Registers from 1940 -1997.

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