Fonds 014 Wanham Municipal Nursing Service Society fonds

Wanham Municipal Nursing Service Society fonds. — 1924 – 1973. — 18 cm of textual records.

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Agency History

Wanham Municipal Nursing Service Society, certified in 1951, was originally the Wanham District Nusing Association, established in 1924, with Miss Kate Brighty as the first district nurse. The Executive was comprised of representatives of each community in the district: Wanham, Belloy, Peoria, Westvale and Heart Valley.

The Nurse’s Cottage was built by the community in 1925, and remained the nurse’s residence until 1950, when a new residence was built. In 1934, Helen Faulks arrived as a new nurse. After marrying a local business man that same year, Helen Faulks Harrington was to serve the district for the next fourty years on a regular basis as new nurses came and went. The nursing service was abandoned when Mrs. Harrington resigned for good in 1974.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of legal documents such as By-laws, certificate and insurance policies; minutes of executive and annual meetings; annual reports from the nurse, the executive and the treasurer; correspondence and financial records for the building of the nurse’s cottage, as well as the society and the services rendered.

Table of Contents

Series 014.01 Legal Documents
Series 014.02 Annual Reports
Series 014.03 Minutes
Series 014.04 Correspondence
Series 014.05 Financial Records
Series 014.01 Legal Documents. — 1951 – 1973. — 1 cm of textual records.The series consists of the Society’s legal documents: by-laws, name change Certificate, amendments to by-laws, insurance policies, agreement with Municipal Affairs, land titles and tax notices for the Nurse’s Cottage.
Series 014.02 Annual Reports. — 1958 – 1974. — 1 cm of textual records.The series consists of hand-written nurses’ reports and annual financial statements. Nurses’ reports detail the number of calls made for various programs: Treatment, Welfare and Public Health, Infants and Pre-school, Home visits. The number of cases referred to doctors and the total fees collected are also documented.
Series 014.03 Minutes. — 1924 – 1974. — 5 cm of textual records.The series consists of three minute books for meeting from April 1924 to March 1952. Inserted in the first book are minutes of special and annual meetings, annual reports, historical notes on the building of the Nurses Cottage, and the Resolutions to petition the government of Alberta to continue the nursing service in Wanham.
Series 014.04 Correspondence. — 1951 – 1974; 1979. — 4 cm of textual records.The series consists of correspondence with the government of Alberta, the Wanham Board of Trade, College of Physicians and Surgeons, and local clubs and individuals. Correspondence concerns services offered; employment of district nurses; society requirements; building costs, repairs and rental agreements on the Nurse’s cottage; notices of annual meetings; the petition to keep Nursing Services in Wanham; and the 1974 closure of the nursing station at Wanham.
Series 014.05 Financial Records. — 1954 – 1974. — 7 cm of textual records.The series consists of a list of building fund donations; bills, statements and receipts regarding the building of the Nurse’s Cottage; bank statements and cancelled cheques. Two large receipt books contain receipts for membership fees and services rendered.