Fonds 025 MacHenry School District fonds

MacHenry School District fonds. — 1920, 1929 – 1933. — 5 cm of textual records.

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Agency History

The first MacHenry School was a log structure built in 1912 by Ray Sears Sr. on the Emerson Land just east of Pine Creek. The second school, also of log, was built a little further east on S.W. of 16-73-6-W-6, the homestead of Tom Smith.

The first teacher at the MacHenry School was Mr. Higbee, husband of Dr. Annie Higbee. Other teachers who taught there (not necessarily in order) included William Kinderwater, Miss Johnson, Miss Mary Collette, Mrs. Wheatfield, Mr. Cherry, Miss May Robinson, Clifford Ozee, Mrs. Ida Wilson, Garfield Walters, Miss Christie (Mrs. D. Coleman), Miss Reed (Mrs. J. Lowe), Miss E. Payne (1930-1936), Miss Lawley, Miss Roach, Miss Hornick, Miss Marie Poppen (1937-1940), Mrs. Kelsey, Miss Eva Alexandre (1940-1942), Miss Doris Eide, and Martha Kochalyk (1942-1943). Mrs. Jennie B. Bellamy taught from 1943-1952, at which time the school was closed.

(from Buffalo Trails, Tales of the Pioneers, community book of the Buffalo Lakes area)

Custodial History

The fonds was donated to the archives by Jean Parsons, daughter of Mrs. Jennie Bellamy, the last teacher at MacHenry School.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of 5 Daily Registers from 1920 and 1929-1933. These registers contain a school census with birth dates of pupils and names and addresses of parents or guardians, daily attendance records, attendance summaries, reports to the Department of Education on the number of readers required, signature of Inspector of Schools when he visited, and agreements between Teacher and Trustees. Not all forms are filled out in each register. The only Agreement between Trustees and Teacher completed is in the 1920 registers, from which the student attendance sheets and school census have been removed. Teachers are as follows: 1920 — Katherine Roche, Clairmont; 1929-30 — Esther Reid; and 1930-33 — Emilie B. Payne.