Fonds 633 Hawkesworth Family fonds

Hawkesworth Family fonds. — [1915-2012]. — 4 cm of textual records. — 63 photographs.

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Biographical Sketch

In 1774, a large group of settlers from Yorkshire, England decided to make a new start in Nova Scotia, Canada. Adam Hawkesworth and his wife Elizabeth Wedgewood were one of the thirteen families that made this journey. These pioneers were Aubrey Hawkesworth’s great grandparents and by the time he was born on the 3 of October 1889 the family had been in Canada for 115 years. Aubrey Edwin Hawkesworth was born in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to parents William Young Hawkesworth and Maria Lohnes. This was William’s second marriage, his first wife Mary Jane Elliot passed away in 1876. Aubrey was the third youngest of 14 children. Once grown Aubrey started working in various lumber operations in Nova Scotia and Maine, and in 1912 a harvest excursion brought him west. After spending some time working in a lumber camp, Aubrey with his friends Dick and Steve Sharkey and Harley Conrad made a trip to the Peace Country. They travelled over the Edson trail in a quick seven days, sleeping outdoors. Aubrey must have liked what he saw as he was back in 1913 and filed on SE 16 T73 R11 W6. This location was soon abandoned due to flooding. The new homestead was SW 28 T73 R11 W6. Aubrey’s brother Murray filed on NE 16 T73 R11 W6 which he too abandoned for SE 26 T73 R11 W6. In 1916 the brothers went to enlist, Aubrey was refused due to an older hip injury which hindered his walking. When Murray Hawkesworth and surrounding neighbours left to fight Aubrey was in charge of looking after their farms.  At the end of the war Murray did not come back to Alberta, settling in Nova Scotia instead.

Aubrey worked at many different jobs to support his family, at a livery stable, freighting for I.E. Gaudin, on the Pouce Coupe highway, trapping, and in lumber camps.

On January 1, 1919 Aubrey married Dessie Armstrong at the Armstrong home. They had four children. Violet (b.1920), Charlotte (b.1921), Aubrey (b.1924) and Marie (b.1930). Their only son Aubrey was born dead and little Marie suffered a burst appendix when she was four. After operating on her at the Hythe Hotel Dr. McRae was unable to save her. She is buried in the Hythe Cemetery and little Aubrey is said to be buried at Lake Saskatoon or Valhalla Cemetery.

Aubrey was an active member in the Hythe community, he sat on the board of the West Hythe School as well as the committee for the Circlebank Hall. In 1948 Aubrey was part of the newly formed county council and worked in that capacity until his retirement in 1960. In 1962 the Hawkesworth’s sold their farm and moved into Hythe. Aubrey became involved in the Hythe Pioneer Club which helped organize the building of the Hythe Pioneer Home. Aubrey was selected to turn the sod at the start of the Pioneer Home’s construction in 1969. Aubrey passed away May 24, 1970 and Dessie on October 23, 1976 and they are both buried in the Hythe Cemetery.

Their daughter Violet Hawkesworth married Art Greber and they settled and farmed in Lymburn.
Their other daughter Charlotte married Lester Olson and later Allen Tolton. Allen and Charlotte lived for a time in California but later came back to the area and settled in Hythe. Their last move was to Calgary to be closer to their daughter.

Custodial History

The records were brought into the archives by Clayton Greber on behalf of Allyson Ropchan. Allyson’s mother Charlotte (Hawkesworth) Tolton collected as well as kept the records passed down from her parents Aubrey & Dessie Hawkesworth.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of records relating to the Hawkesworth family. The records are organized into three series, personal papers, photographs and pocketbooks.


Table of Contents

Series 633.01 Personal Papers
Series 633.02 Photographs
Series 633.03 Pocketbooks
Series 633.01 Personal Papers. — [1921-2012]. — 1 cm of textual records.

The series consist of personal papers of the Hawkesworth family. The papers include a certificate of birth for Charlotte Lucille Hawkesworth (1921), a booklet from the Child Welfare Clinic for Violet Hawkesworth who after being examined by Dr. Carlyle is said to have a heart defect and should not over-exert herself (1923); news clippings from the marriage of Charlotte Olson to Allen Tolton (ca.1954), Aubrey Hawkesworth being nominated to County Councilor (1948), an interview of Aubrey Hawkesworth about Baldy Red (1960), Aubrey a member of the Hythe Pioneer Club, Dessie & Aubrey’s 50th anniversary (1969), and various clippings about the Hawkesworth, Greber and Tolton families; Dessie Hawkesworth’s obituary & death certificate (1976); the Hawkesworth genealogy researched by James H. Moore and Charlotte (Hawkesworth) Tolton’s obituary (2012).

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Series 633.02 Photographs. — [1925-1994]. — 63 photographs.

The series contains photographs of the Hawkesworth family and friends.

Aubrey Hawkesworth With Team at Hodgson’s Mill, [ca.1925]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 9 cm
Aubrey Hawkesworth standing by his team of horses at Hodgson’s saw mill on the Cutbank.
Location: 0633.02.01
Aubrey Hawkesworth Plowing at Hodgson’s Mill, [ca.1925]
1 photograph; b & w; 10 x 6 cm
Aubrey Hawkesworth clearing snow with horses Doe & Princer at Hodgson’s mill on the Cutbank. The buildings at the mill can be seen behind them.
Location: 0633.02.02
Aubrey Hawkesworth and Ed Armstrong, [ca.1925]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 9 cm
Aubrey Hawkesworth and Ed Armstrong standing on a load of logs being pulled by a team of horses.
Location: 0633.02.03
Ed Armstrong, [ca.1925]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 9 cm
Ed Armstrong standing high up on a big load of logs being pulled by horses named Red and Major.
Location: 0633.02.04
Crew of Men, [ca.1925]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 9 cm
A crew of eleven men, probably the work crew at Hodgson’s saw mill. Aubrey is the fourth man from the right.
Location: 0633.02.05
Aubrey With Horse and Sleigh, [ca.1925]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 9 cm
Aubrey sitting in a homemade sleigh. Captioned “The boss with ponies ready for town. Can you see Betty’s ribs reckon not. Lottie and me there. That’s tulips colt on the other side Reg(?) broke her in to driving, she’s faster than Betty the bay.”
Location: 0633.02.06
Ingram Parker & Jannette Hawkesworth Family, [ca.1925]
1 digital image; b & w; 977 KB, 2664 x 1610 pixels jpeg
The family of Ingram Parker Hawkesworth and Jannett Hirtle arranged on a wood pile. The Parker Hawkesworth family were living in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia. Written on the back of the photograph “the “upper” row are from left to right Jim & Parker & Cecil & Enes (?) The second third and fourth are Bruce Robert & Earl and on the end is Jeanetta & myself the others are cousins of my family. Jennie”
Location: 0633.02.07
The Hawkesworth Family, [ca.1925]
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 10.5 cm
Aubrey, Dessie, ? And their daughters Violet and Charlotte standing outside. A log home with a sod roof as well a cream can and a wagon is are also in the farm yard.
Location: 0633.02.08
Violet and Charlotte Hawkesworth, [ca.1925]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 10.5 cm
Violet and Charlotte wearing toques and holding hands.
Location: 0633.02.09
John Hodgson, Dessie Hawkesworth and Her Daughters, [ca.1927]
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 11.5 cm
John Fulton Hodgson, Charlotte and Violet with their mother Dessie Hawkesworth, standing beside John’s vehicle.
Location: 0633.02.10
The Hawkesworth Girls, [ca.1927]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 11 cm
Violet & Charlotte Hawkesworth standing in front in matching dresses, John Fulton Hodgson is on the far right. The other people in the photograph are unidentified.
Location: 0633.02.11
An Armful of Kitties, [ca.1927]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 8 cm
Aubrey Hawkesworth kneeling with Violet and Charlotte with a man and a young girl and everyone is holding a kitty.
Location: 0633.02.12
Violet & Charlotte Hawkesworth at West Hythe School, [ca.1927]
1 photograph; b & w; 4 x 6 in.
Violet & Charlotte Hawkesworth playing outside with other students at West Hythe School.
Location: 0633.02.14
Violet & Charlotte Hawkesworth, [1929]
1 photograph; b & w; 8.5 x 11.5 cm
Charlotte and Charlotte sitting on the wheels of a vehicle, and two other girls behind them. On the back of the photograph is written “Oct.13, 1929 Hello Girls Do you remember your last Sunday in Edmonton? Aunt Ila.”
Location: 0633.02.16
John & Gertrude Hodgson with Susan and Ila Armstrong, [ca.1929]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 10.5 cm
John Fulton Hodgson, Susan Armstrong, Gertrude Hodgson, Ila Armstrong standing with their new landlord in Edmonton, Alberta.
Location: 0633.02.17
Charlotte, Maria & Violet Hawkesworth, [ca.1931]
1 photograph; b & w; 9.5 x 15 cm
Sisters Charlotte & Violet Hawkesworth sitting with their baby sister Marie on a wagon in a field.
Location: 0633.02.18
Charlotte & Violet Hawkesworth in Winter Wear, [ca.1934]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 8 cm
Charlotte and Violet Hawkesworth, ages 12 & 13, dressed in toques and scarves knitted by their grandmother Susan Armstrong.
Location: 0633.02.19
The Hawkesworth Home, [ca.1934]
1 photograph; b & w; 6.5 x 9 cm
Two ladies working on the garden at the Hawkesworth homestead. The photograph shows the side of the log cabin with the extension.
Location: 0633.02.20
Letitia (Lohnes) Hawkesworth, [ca.1934]
1 digital image; b & w; 297 KB, 990 x 1524 pixels, JPEG
Letitia (Lohnes) Hawkesworth seated outside. Letitia was Aubrey Hawkesworth’s mother and resided in Scarsdale, Nova Scotia with her son Parker.
Location: 0633.02.21
Violet Hawkesworth on Horseback, [ca.1934]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 8 cm
Violet Hawkesworth on a dapple horse.
Location: 0633.02.22
Charlotte Hawkesworth, [ca.1934]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 8.5 cm
Charlotte Hawkesworth
Location: 0633.02.23
Charlotte Hawkesworth, [ca.1936]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 8.5 cm
Charlotte Hawkesworth standing in a farm yard.
Location: 0633.02.24
Aubrey & Dessie Hawkesworth, [ca.1940]
1 photograph; b & w; 4 x 6 in.
A studio portrait of Aubrey and Dessie Hawkesworth.
Location: 0633.02.25
The Spragg, Churcher and Hawkesworth Families, [ca.1939]
1 photograph; b & w; 5 x 7.5 cm
Pat & Bob Spraggs and their family, Joe & Florence Churcher and their family and the Hawkesworth family at a friendly gathering.
Location: 0633.02.26
The Hawkesworth Family, 1939
1 photograph; b & w; 9 x 14.5 cm
The Hawkesworth family standing by a wooden building. L-R Aubrey, Charlotte, Violet and Dessie Hawkesworth.
Location: 0633.02.27
The Hawkesworth Family, [ca.1940]
1 photograph; b & w; 6.5 x 9 cm
The Hawkesworth family outside in the winter. L-R Charlotte, Aubrey, Dessie and Violet.
Location: 0633.02.28
Violet Hawkesworth, [ca.1936]
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 11 cm
Violet standing by a wooden building. Captioned “This is me taken at Sexsmith last summer…Violet”
Location: 0633.02.29
Violet Hawkesworth, [ca.1936]
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 9.5 cm
Violet wearing a hat and holding gloves. Captioned “This was taken last June. I’ll send ____that was taken at the camp next time but its was not developed as yet”
Location: 0633.02.30
Aubrey Hawkesworth & Aubrey Greber, [ca.1939]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 9 cm
Aubrey Hawkesworth with his grandson Aubrey Greber feeding the horses.
Location: 0633.02.31
West Hythe School Children, [ca.1940]
1 photograph; b & w; 4 x 6 cm
A group of students from West Hythe School. The photograph has some damage and not all the children’s faces is visible. Captioned “Merry Xmas to Violet, Miss Jameson”
Location: 0633.02.32
The Shail Children, [ca.1943]
1 photograph; b & w; 4 x 6 in.
Siblings Eldon, Iris and Jarvis Shail sitting outside on a sleigh.
Location: 0633.02.33
Aubrey Hawkesworth Working with Team of Horses, [ca.1943]
3 photograph; b & w; 6 x 8 cm
A series of three photographs of Aubrey working a team of horses.
Location: 0633.02.34-.36
Charlotte and Laurie Olson, [1943]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 9 cm
Charlotte holding her baby Laurie Olson who is 4 months old in January 1943.
Location: 0633.02.37
The Olson Family, [1943]
1 photograph; b & w; 4 x 6 in.
Lester Olson in his WWII uniform standing with his wife Charlotte and their young baby girl Laurie.
Location: 0633.02.38
Lester, Charlotte & Laurie Olson, [1943]
1 photograph; colour; 8 x 10.5 cm
A studio photograph of the Olson family, Lester, Charlotte & Laurie taken February 1943. Photographer’s stamp: Schwarze, Nanaimo, B.C.
Location: 0633.02.39
Minnetta Olson, [ca.1943]
1 photograph; b & w; 9 x 12.5 cm
Lester Olson’s mother Minnetta Olson.
Location: 0633.02.40
Charlotte (Hawkesworth) Olson, [ca.1943]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 8 cm
Charlotte (Hawkesworth) Olson standing outdoors.
Location: 0633.02.41
Sexsmith Frontier Nites Float, 1949
1 photograph; b & w; 4 x 6 in.
A float advertising Sexsmith Frontier Nites on Oct. 20-21. The floats signs read “Even Women Are Bearded” and “See The Manless Heads”.
Location: 0633.02.42
Negard and Hawkesworth Families, [ca.1950]
2 photographs; b & w; 5.5 x 8 cm
Back row – Mr. Negard, Art & Billy, my ___, Alice Negard Carpenter, Steve Sharkey, Alice Baby Dessie Hawkesworth, Laurine (____ girl) Elenor Greber, Aubrey Hawkesworth, Aubrey Greber These were all taken June 11, 1950, Allen’s birthday. The second photograph includes Violet Greber.
Location: 0633.02.43a & b
The First County Council Meeting, 1951
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 10 in.
A meeting of the first county council. Aubrey Hawkesworth is standing in the back 5th from right. The photograph is stamped on the back “Herald-Tribune Staff Photo”
Location: 0633.02.46
Aubrey Hawkesworth, [ca.1959]
1 photograph; b & w; 4 x 6 in.
Aubrey Hawkesworth getting water from a pump at the Greber farm.
Location: 0633.02.50
Aubrey & Dessie Hawkesworth, 1963
1 photograph; b & w; 5 x 7 in.
A studio portrait of Aubrey and Dessie Hawkesworth. Photographers stamp: Paquin de Grande Prairie
Location: 0633.02.52a,b,c
Aubrey & Dessie Hawkesworth’s 50th Anniversary, 1969
3 photographs; colour; 10 x 10 cm
Photographs of the head table and Aubrey and Dessie at their 50th wedding anniversary inside the Hythe Legion.
Location: 0633.02.53 a,b,c
Aubrey Hawkesworth Signing Papers, 1969
2 photographs; colour; 10 x 10 cm
Aubrey Hawkesworth and two other ladies signing papers at an office. There is a clerk behind the desk in one of the photographs. This is probably to do with the Hythe Pioneer Home.
Location: 0633.02.54a & b
Aubrey Hawkesworth Turning the Sod for the Hythe Pioneer Home, 1969
3 photographs; b & w, colour; various sizes
Photographs of the turning of the sod by Aubrey Hawkesworth before the construction of the Hythe Pioneer Home.
Location: 0633.02.55a,b,c
Members of the Hythe Pioneer Club, [ca.1969]
1 digital image; b &amp w, 25.5 MB, 3019 x 2956 TIFF
Three unidentified members of the Hythe Pioneer Club.
Location: 0633.02.56
The Oldtimers Pioneer Club at Hythe, [ca.1969]
1 digital image; b &amp w; 25.7 MB, TIFF
A gathering of the old-timers Pioneer club in Hythe as identified on page 334 of the book “Pioneer Round-Up”.
Location: 0633.02.57
A Cheque Presentation, [ca.1969]
1 digital image; colour; 3332 x 2491, 23.7 MB, TIFF
Aubrey Hawkesworth in the back ground at a cheque presentation presumably for the Hythe Pioneer Club.
Location: 0633.02.58
Charlotte & Allen Tolton, 1994
1 photograph; colour; 10 x 12.5 cm
Al and Charlotte (Hawkesworth) Tolton on their 40th wedding anniversary, July 2, 1994.
Location: 0633.02.57
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Series 633.03 Pocketbooks. — [1915-1958]. — 3 cm of textual records.

The series consist of pocketbooks belonging to Aubrey Hawkesworth. There are five leather bound pocketbooks, four of them written by Robert Service, titled; Ballads of A Cheechako (1915); Songs of the Sourdough (1916); Rhymes of a Rolling Stone (1916); Rhymes of a Red Cross Man (1918) and one book by Robert J.C. Stead, titled Songs of the Prairie (1912). There is also a news clipping about the death of Robert Service taken from Life Magazine October 6, 1958. The books were said to have been kept with Aubrey on his long treks, including his journey on the Edson Trail.

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