Fonds 200 Bay Tree School District 3953 fonds

Bay Tree School District 3953 fonds. — 1920-1957. — 6 cm of textual records.

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Agency History

Bay Tree School District was established by 1920, with Eugene Becotte as president and Henry Bourque, secretary/treasurer, and a decision made to borrow $2500 for building a school, a temporary one was established in Hickey’s residence. Hickey’s taxes were considered paid in exchange for the use f his residence for the 1922 year. At the June 30, 1922 meeting, a tax assessment of $.17 per acre was agreed upon. By November, the decision was made to try to borrow $1000 from the provincial government to enable payment of the teacher, Mrs. M. McNaughton Due to financial constraints, school was held for only one term in 1922, and no assessment was made for 1923. In July of 1924, Mrs. McNaughton was still owed salary and the minutes of April, 1925, mention agreeing to let East Pouce Coupe have the use of the Baytree desks, books and equipment. In 1926, Henry Bourque was paid $103. for transporting his children to the East Pouce Coupe School for the past year. At the January 10, 1927 meeting an agreement was made with the East Pouce Coupe School District to “provide educational facilities for children of school age from the Bay Tree District at East Pouce Coupe School.” Five school age children were served. In 1927, a mill rate of four mills on the dollar was assessed, tuition fees of $104.50 were paid and Mr Bourque was paid $73 for transporting his children to East Pouce Coupe. Trustees during 1928 included A. Ricard and R.W. Clearwaters served as chaiman, H. Bourque, secretary/treasurer, and other trustees included G.E. Lillico, J.A.Svenson. Non payment of taxes plagued the school district and resulted in them having to borrow money from the bank to pay tuition fees and transportation costs.. At the annual meeting in July, 1929, ratepayers voted in favour of borrowing $1000 and proceeding with building a school house No action had been taken the next year but the trustees seem optimistic about a new settlement to the south-east. Miss Cox resigned in February but her resignation was not accepted and she remained until August.

Mill rate for 1931 was set at ten mills and a teacher was being sought for 12 students grades 1-9 for $700 per annum. There is no mention of the next teacher hired but the minutes seem to be filled with internal wrangling amongst trustees. By April, 1932, A. Piggott was elected and north of the district and want to explore extending the boundaries of the district at a special meeting called June 9, 1930 with 28 people in attendance along with H. E. Balfour, inspector of schools. Only minor changes are made to boundaries, but a “temporary school house, frame building to be erected and authority to issue debentures amount #1000. to be applied for.” School site to be SW corner of 4-79-13 W6. The Assessment rate was set at 20 mills for 1930. A call for tenders for the building results in R. Clearwaters’ bid of $450. being accepted.. Preparations are made for hiring D.R.Cox as teacher for $1000 per year , “duties to commence when building being erected for Bay Tree School is accepted by the Board.” This seems to happen October 13, 1930.

In June, 1932, Mr. Oke, inspector, suggests the trustees allow children from school district to the east to attend Bay Tree. In August, the board accepts the resignation of teacher, Mrs. Douglas, and agrees to pay her $85 on account and on Oct.15 she is issued another payment of $138 and a Miss York paid $50 on past salary due. Mr. Klorek, janitor is asked to guard school property on Halloween night. Tax collection was often postponed and agreements made where possible to make payments on kind by supplying wood or work. Bids for building an ice house were to be applied to taxes too.

In April, 1933, the board decided to write to the Dept. of Education requesting a 9 month school term due to cold winters and the shortage of tax moneys to pay the teacher.In June, 1933, Miss York resigns as teacher and the board decides to request permission to hire a new teacher for $600. Miss Hackett is hired.

In Jan., 1934 a mill rate of five mills was agreed upon, George Sheppard is chairman, R.W. Clearwaters, sec/treasurer. The board requests the inspector find a teacher for an 8 month term at $60 per month.

In 1935, P. Newman, and W.W.Lillico were chairmen and Calvin Smathers, sec/treasurer.

In February, 1936, the board considered depending on volunteer labor for wood and ice. Teacher Miss O. Lacusta is paid $70 applied to her salary.

In Jan. 1937, discussion begins on ways and means to construct a new school. And 15 mills on the dollar is set as a mill rate. In Sept. Miss Hackett is sent $20 on past due salary and in Nov. Miss Sutherland is paid $40. on her salary.

In 1938, logs are ready to be hauled to the sawmill for lumber and other building supplies bought. Tenders for supplying 5 tons of ice and ten cords of green poplar wood are major expenses. Miss Sutherland is paid $25 in February, $30 in March and $100 in March.

Custodial History

The records were preserved and given to the Spirit River School Division No. 47 sometime after it was formed in 1940. Peace Wapiti School Division assumed responsibility for this division in 1994 and the records were deposited in the Grande Prairie Regional Archives in 2003.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of minutes from 1920 to 1938 and 9 Daily Registers from 1941 to 1957 for the following teachers: Arthur Emmott, Mr. W.W. Baird, Verna McNiven, Verna Smathers, E. Robertson, and Mrs. M.L. Rowe.

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