Fonds 330 Veterans Volunteer Reserve, Eaglesham and District

Veterans Volunteer Reserve, Eaglesham and District fonds. — 1940-1943. — 1 cm of textual records.

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Agency History

During World War II, a Veterans Volunteer Reserve was established for Eaglesham and District under the direction of W.G. Mair of McLennan, who worked for the N.A.R. His work with the railroad took him through the district twice weekly, so he knew the area well. Mr. Mair was “authorized to organize the Northern part of the Province with a view to increasing the strength of the Reserve in some outlying districts, and the possibility of forming a Battalion.”

The members of the Eaglesham and District Veterans Volunteer Reserve were all veterans of the first World War: Alan E. Powers, Platoon Commander, from Eaglesham; Raoul Socquet, Section Leader, Codesa; John T. Reakes, Watino; Daniel Francis O’Connor, Watino; Xavier Lamothe, Eaglesham; Thomas Edward Gick, Codesa; Donald Empson, Eaglesham; Cecil Alex Bice, Codesa; Lucien Chaput, Tangent; Joseph Davignon, Eaglesham (removed from the VVR on joining the army, Veterans Guard of Canada); Harold Eugene Moulton, Section Leader, Eaglesham (removed from the VVR on joining the army, WW II); Tarice Albert Monette, Eaglesham; Edward McDade, Platoon Sergeant, Eaglesham (joined Veterans Guard of Canada); John McIntyre (moved away); Joseph Paul Sauve, Eaglesham, S.O.S. (Struck Off Strenth), who later became a member of the Veterans Guard of Canada; and Sydney William Thompson, Section Leader, Watino.

W.G. Mair also organized Veterans Volunteer Reserve Associations in Spirit River, with Major R.C. Fitton as Platoon Commander; Wanham, with George MacDonald as Platoon Commander; and Teepee Creek, with George as Platoon Commander.

The researcher, Morris Burroughs, found no record of a Battalion being formed, and no record of the VVR at Eaglesham after A.E. Powers, the Platoon Commander, left Eaglesham.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of copies of correspondence (and transcripts of the copies) between the Veterans Volunteer Reserve (VVR) of Eagleham and District and headquarters in Edmonton. The correspondence includes Unit Commanders reports regarding parades, intelligence work and miscellaneous information; letters about fundraising and recruitment to the VVR; and reports on investigations by members in cooperation with the RCMP: a N.A.R. cook molesting children, pro-Nazi sympathisers, subversive talk and activities such as discouraging young men from joining the army, farm boys unfairly claiming exemptions, people cheating on income tax, abuse of the rationing system, non-cooperation with VVR activities, and Jehovah’s Witness activities. A good deal of effort to obtain convictions appears to have been expended by at least one active member with the encouragement of the provincial headquarters, and entrapment is openly discussed as a means of getting convictions. Correspondence from the platoon commander indicates a strong anti-French sentiment, and there are reports naming young French men who have applied for farming exemptions but are not actively farming their land, resulting in their exemptions being withdrawn. The collection also includes a letter registering disatisfaction with the leadership of the platoon commander and a patriotic poem written by Rita J. Powers about the work of the Veterans Volunteer Reserve.


Title based on the contents of the fonds.
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