Fonds 098 Sexsmith School District 3600 fonds

Sexsmith School District 3600 fonds. — 1920-1976. — 23 cm of textual records.

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Agency History

On January 5, 1918, Sexsmith area ratepayers met to sign declarations and set boundaries for Sexsmith School District #3600, with Dave Sexsmith, J.B. Foster and D.W. McQuitty as the first trustees. The upstairs of J.B. Foster’s house was used as a classroom until a school could be built and Nettie Hale Ozzee was engaged as the first teacher at $75.00 per month. A.W. Fraser was paid $150.00 per year to be the secretary-treasurer, which involved assessing land values and collecting taxes.

The first school was built in 1920 on three acres of Foster’s land. In 1922, a second room and a basement was added, and from that time, two teachers were employed. In 1929, a second school was built for the Senior High students and by 1950, the school had taken over four buildings: the original school, the High School, a UFA Hall, and the old North Sexsmith School which had been moved in from the country.

North Sexsmith School had closed in 1948, and students from other rural schools also swelled the student numbers. With consolidation in the early 50s, Sexsmith became a central school and in 1955, a multi-roomed facility of eight classrooms, typing room, science room, was built. In 1956, the Sexsmith School District joined the County of Grande Prairie School Division No. 14.

Early teachers at Sexsmith included A. MacAlister, Kathryn Mallory, Kate Ballou, Meta Lively, and W.D. McDougall, Hazel Cox, Clara Johnson, R. Grove, Elsworth Foy, Mona Foy, Anne Saul, A.R.T. Brown, Sarah McWhinnie, Cleora White, Lonelle Coffin, Rhoda Jeffers, W.S. Waddell, Elizabeth Ingram, Sybil Morrison, J. E. Murray, Hilda Muttart, J.H. Blocksidge, Miss Miller, Mrs. Bailey, Mr. Hayduk, Mrs. Walker, Henry Wiebe and Ken Dane.

Custodial History

The major portion of the records were preserved by the Sexsmith Museum and deposited in Grande Prairie Regional Archives in 2004. The collection was added to the seven daily registers preserved by the County of Grande Prairie School Division No. 14 and donated to the Archives in 2000.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of four minute books from 1920-1945; some tax assessment and financial records, correspondence, teacher lists, student records and daily registers from the same time period, 1920-1945; and a 1976 plan of the town of Sexsmith showing the location of the original school lot and the present school lot.

Table of Contents

Series 098.01 Minutes
Series 098.02 Financial Records
Series 098.03 Correspondence
Series 098.04 Physical Plant
Series 098.05 Personnel
Series 098.07 Daily Registers
Series 098.08 Daily Registers


Series 098.01 Minutes. — 1920-1945. — 4 cm of textual records.The series consists of four minute books containing minutes of executive and annual meetings, and lists of accounts. The minutes cover the period from 1918, when the school district was being formed to 1945.
Series 098.02 Financial Records. — 1920-1945. — 1 cm of textual records.The series consists of a Union Bank of Canada (Sexsmith Branch) bank book from 1921 to 1931, Assessment and Tax Rolls from 1924 and 1925, tax lists and papers, audited financial statements from 1942 and 1944, and miscellaneous invoices from 1939-1945 showing expenses relating to teaching and maintaining school buildings.
Series 098.03 Correspondence. — 1921-1944. — 1 cm of textual records.The series consists of declarations of trustees, board correspondence, correspondence and circulars from school supply companies, lists of textbooks to Alberta School Book Branch, bulletins from the Department of Education, and booklets: “The Operation of Schools (War) Act” and “Annual Convention, Alberta Schools Trustees Association (1944).”
Series 098.04 Physical Plant. — 1926-1976. — .5 cm of textual records.The series consists of lists of repairs needed to use turn the U.F.A. Hall into a classroom in 1926, a 1929 contract with Ray Sears to build the High School, the estimate for wiring both schools when electrification was introduced in 1937, a facility report from the Inspector of High Schools in 1937, a list of repairs needed for old and new schools c. 1940, and a 1976 plan for the town of Sexsmith showing the original and present school sites.
Sexsmith, 1976
town plan
plan showing boundaries and lay-out of the town of Sexsmith. Public School Lot A is site of first schools and Lot 14A is site of consolidated school built in 1955.
Location: 0098.04

Series 098.05 Personnel. — 1921-1945. — 2 cm of textual records.The series consists of contract agreements between individual teachers and the Board of Trustees, income tax forms declaring wages and deductions, applications and correspondence from would-be teachers, inspectors reports on individual teachers, and circulars regarding the Certification of Teachers and salary schedules.
Series 098.07 Daily Registers. — 1922-1942. — 12 cm of textual records.The series consists of 19 Daily Registers for all the years from 1922-1932, and one High School Register from 1938-1939.
Series 098.08 Daily Registers. — 1922-1942. — .5 cm of textual records.The series consists of three polls which the ratepayers of Sexsmith School District 3600 voted on: the sale of Debentures for the 1922 addition, an unidentified poll taken September 9, 1942, and an un-dated one selecting Howard over Menzies for office. There is also one School Competition poster and pamphlet regarding “awarding of prizes for the destruction of agricultural pests: gophers, crows, and magpies”; and a list for diptheria inoculations in 1936.