Fonds 114 Peace Region Arts Conference fonds

Peace Region Arts Conference fonds. — 1959-1987. — 7.5 cm of textual records.

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Agency History

The Peace Region Arts Conference was initiated in 1984 for the purpose of holding annual regional arts conferences in the Peace River District. The objectives of the conference were to raise the profile of arts and culture in the Peace Region, to meet the need for a forum to discuss matters of mutual interest, and to share information and expertise between cultural groups. A regional arts conference would give the combined benefits of public relations, education and the possibility of creating a formal unifying group to make closer communications possible. Organizers included Carmen Haakstad, Michael O’Connor, Evelyn Vardalas, Muriel Collins, Bradley Moshuk, Trenton Perrott, Janet Longmate and Jack Rogers.

In 1984, a survey of the cultural groups in the immediate vicinity of Grande Prairie was made. The response was 124 delegates committed to attend the first conference in October, 1985. The topics chosen for the conference were ones in which the respondants to the survey showed the most interest: accessing grants, volunteer management, joint programming, promotion and fundraising.

A planning session at the 1985 conference concluded that the formation of any sort of consortium for the arts in the whole region would be difficult, and that more communications between the groups was needed. The idea of a regional arts publication that would serve as a newsletter and forum for the arts was discussed, and the result was the first issue of the Peace Region Review was released at the 1986 conference.

Conferences in 1986 and 1987 followed. The theme of the 1986 conference was “Peace Country Arts—Development or Disinterest?” and the theme of the 1987 conference was “Eliminating the Boundaries: Communication and Networking.”

Custodial History

The records were preserved by Trenton Perrott and deposited in the Grande Prairie Regional Archives in 2000.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of the minutes and correspondence of the Peace Region Arts Conference Steering Committee in 1984; conference planning minutes and documents for the 1985-1987 conferences; collected material on previous Regional Arts Groups in Grande Prairie and the Peace Region, including the local Allied Arts Council in the early 60s and the Peace Region Arts Society in the 70s; and material from associated organizations, such as other Peace Region Arts groups and provincial and federal organizations.

Table of Contents

Series 114.01 Peace Region Arts Conference Steering Committee
Series 114.02 Peace Region Arts Conferences
Series 114.03 Peace Region Review Publication
Series 114.05 Associated Organizations
Series 114.01 Peace Region Arts Conference Steering Committee. — 1984. — 1 cm of textual records.The series consists of the minutes of the steering committee, correspondence regarding the formation of a Grande Prairie Cultural Consortium, and the questionnaire and results of the survey of cultural groups in the vicinity of Grande Prairie made in 1984.
Series 114.02 Peace Region Arts Conferences. — 1984-1987. — 3 cm of textual records.The series consists of minutes, correspondence, budgets and planning documents for the 1985 Peace Region Arts Conference, held October 4-6, 1985, the 1986 conference held October 3-5, 1986, and a tentative schedule for the 1987 conference planned for October 23-25, 1987.
Series 114.03 Peace Region Review Publication. — 1986-1987. — .5 cm of textual records.The series consists of the articles, advertisements and the published copy of the Peace Region Review printed in Fall 1986. There are also some plans for a second issue which was never printed.
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Series 114.05 Associated Organizations. — [1985-1987]. — 2 cm of textual records.The series consists of brochures and booklets of local, provincial and federal organizations associated with the Peace Region Arts Conference.
SubSeries 114.05.01 Grande Prairie Allied Arts Council. — 1959-1963. — 20 cm of textual records.The Grande Prairie Allied Arts Council was formed in 1959 to address the long-felt need for a combined voice through which city council and the Canadian Arts Council might be approached for assistance in supporting the arts. The hope was to build an art center where theatre, dance, crafts, fine arts and music facilities could be provided. The Council initiated and coordinated the Peace District Drama Festival, revived the Grande Prairie Arts Festival (a modern version of an annual competition which had made cultural history in the 1930s), and brought in musical and theatre groups from outside of the community.The sub-series consists of copies of proposed by-laws, reports and articles regarding the activities of the Grande Prairie Allied Arts Council as well as a list of members and the organizations they represented.
SubSeries 114.05.02 Peace Region Arts Society. — 1976-1984. — 1 cm of textual records.The Peace Region Arts Society was established in 1976 as a result of a feasibility study which pointed out the need for a coordinating body to search out and promote the arts and artists of the Peace River Region. The objectives were to serve as a vehicle of communication between the groups, to act as a reference center, to acquaint regional artists with the fundamentals of professional presentation, and “to introduce sophistication to acceptance and presentation of all Arts.”The sub-series consists of “A Brief on the Arts in the Peace Region of Alberta” submitted to Canada Council by the Peace Region Arts Council in 1976, a “Report of the Task Force on Culture” submitted to the Grande Prairie Parks and Recreation Board in 1977, correspondence regarding the building of a cultural center , the 1976 Peace Regional Art Festival brochure, and three Peace Region Arts Society newsletters for 1976-1977.
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