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Records and the information they contain are valuable assets of your organization and help document the life of the larger community. Often the records of organizations are stored in basements or file cabinets, and no one has access to this history. Ensure they are preserved for the long-term for the benefit of your organization and the community by donating your records to South Peace Regional Archives.

You Know It’s Time to Contact Us When (or What We Can Do For You)

The homes of your organization’s executive are getting cluttered with records no one uses anymore. They are no longer part of your organization’s daily business and activities, but they still need to be kept. However, they don’t need to be kept by you in your home. If you transfer them to us, they will still be accessible, but they won’t be taking up your valuable space.

You are reviewing your records and you are not sure what the Archives would be interested in. Not every record created by an organization needs to be kept forever. The Archives would welcome a discussion with you on what should be kept. Or bring your organization’s records down to the Archives and let us have a look at them. We are also willing to make a presentation to your organization about the Archives.

Your organization has dissolved, leaving you to deal with the records. Rather than keeping them in your home, why not donate them to the Archives? That way they will be out of your space and people will be able to see and use them, thus you will be contributing to preserving the community’s history.

An important Anniversary of your organization is coming up and you need historical information and photographs. Even if we are not your organization’s Archives, we do have records of numerous community groups, as well as individuals, families, businesses, and municipalities. It is possible that some of these may contain the information and photographs you require. Check our website ( or call us for more information.

What Kinds of Records does South Peace Regional Archives want?

The Archives is interested in records in any format (including paper documents, photographs, maps, films, sound recordings, electronic records, documentary art, and architectural drawings) created, accumulated, and used by the organization as it carried out its functions and activities.

These may include Minutes and Agendas, Incorporation Records, Constitution and Bylaws, Annual Reports, Financial Statements, Financial Ledgers, Budgets, Correspondence, Membership Records, Organizational Structure, Project Reports, Photographs, Scrapbooks, Publications, and others.

If the organization is still in operation, you need to have a motion in the minutes to show that the executive agrees to the archiving of their records. This will also alert future executives as to where the records are.

Once the records of your organization have been processed by the Archives, they will be available to researchers. The Archives creates a finding aid giving a brief history of your organization and a description of the contents of records, which is posted on our website. Selected photographs are scanned and uploaded to the website as well.

Interested in donating your records? Come for Coffee at the Archives!

If you are still unsure about the procedure and/or benefits of donating your records, read the R. Kives & Her Magic White Gloves brochure to learn more.