Spirit River


In honor of Spirit River’s birthday this year we have compiled some of the resources we have on hand here at the Archives on one page.

The site for the town of Spirit River was surveyed in 1915.  The railway was built in 1916 and the townsite was incorporated as a village.  Ed Carter was the first mayor and R.A. Harrington the first secretary-treasurer.  Spirit River remained a village until 1951 when it attained “town” status.

Taken from Chepi Sepe

Spirit River Echo Newspaper 1920-1921

Spirit River Echo Index 1920-1921

Spirit River Map c.1935  – A map of the Municipal District of Spirit River no. 829, which is a landowner map showing lakes and rivers, roads, the railway, division boundaries, school district and buildings, post offices, cemeteries, churches, locales and the name of landowners with their acreages.

Spirit River Tax Records – 1917-1989

Fonds 550 Municipal District of Spirit River No. 133

Fonds 486 Spirit River Settlement Historical Society