I’ll Meet You in the Far Pasture

This filming was of the August 4, 1991 Drama Club production of “I’ll Meet You in the Far Pasture”. The play was written and directed by Steve Cregg, with assistance from Pauline Cregg and Greg Donaldson. Actors include Angele Cloutier, John Pawluski, Denise Cotton, John Morgan, Tom King, Frieda King, Denise Ouellet, Donna Gillon, Carmen Lunn, Gary Chmara, Beth Chmara, Steve Cregg, Tom Morgan, Alex Doucet, Michelle Chaput, Faith Peachey, and Tom Peachy.

The play was written in honour of Eaglesham’s homecoming celebrations and based on the memories of Ann Donaldson and Peggy Ulland of the 1950s Lassiter Project, north of Eaglesham.

We have uploaded the film to our You Tube channel.

We do have another video about Eaglesham, this one was filmed in 1952 and was uploaded a few months ago to our You Tube Channel.



Swimming Shenanigans & Ladies Allowed in Pool Hall

Our intrepid researcher has come across some old newspaper articles, one will make you chuckle and the other highlights the restrictions that women lived with not too long ago.

The first article I think we can all relate to as it refers to a group of men trying to find an outdoor pool to cool off in. With Grande Prairie’s outdoor pool having been shut down this summer there are some residents that can relate. The solution the men came up with was not the best. Both news clippings are taken from the front page of the Grande Prairie Herald August 10, 1939.

The story describes a gang of young men who over a few beers decide they need to go for a swim. Under the advisement of a group member they head off to a new, as yet unknown location. After cooling themselves for some time they were to learn that it was not a swimming hole…


I don’t know which I liked more the story or the authors flowery writing!























The 2nd article is about Ladies being allowed into the new pool hall. I wonder what women would do today of they were told they were not allowed to enter a building, it was for men only?








Shark Week — How About Bear Week?

Here in land locked Grande Prairie we don’t have fantastic shark stories that we can share for Shark Week. With a look through the newspaper index in 1940 we were able to find a dramatic story about one of the predators that live in our region.

Indian of Pipestone Creek Has Narrow Escape from Death, Attack By Bear


…I fired from a 30-30 rifle and broke the bear’s lower jaw. This was lucky for me, I fired again, but missed. The bear was coming towards me, I reached into my coat pocket for a shell and reloaded, but the gun misfired. By this time the bear, which was very mad, was close to me. I struck it in the face with my rifle and knocked it down. It was up in a second and threw me down and gashed my head and face and torn nearly all the clothes off me. The bear thinking I was dead stopped clawing me for a minute…

If you would like to read the rest of the story about what happened to Sam Baptiste Wilson click his name. There is also a follow up story in the next issue of The Herald-Tribune.

Do you know have any stories about animals or people in the South Peace? We would love to hear them!

*Bear photo is taken from the Debolt & District Pioneer Museum fonds and is unrelated to this story.

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Have Aliens Invaded Grande Prairie?

Aliens in Grande Prairie you say?
As early as the 1940’s there were UFO sightings over Grande Prairie. The Herald-Tribune has two newspaper articles referring to these sightings.
Front page news on July 17, 1947 is an account of a sighting of a “mysterious flying disc” which was spotted by a local music teacher.

Mysterious Flying Disc Seen Over G. Prairie

The mysterious flying saucer has made its appearance in Grande Prairie. Mrs. J. M. Smart, well known music teacher was returning from shopping at 10 a.m. Thursday when on glancing upward she saw a “great shining light” above the Robertson’s radio pole less then half a block away. It seemed to be not much over 100 feet above the ground and moving westward but not at a great rate of speed, she said. It was definitely a plate-like disc, a brilliant shining arc about eight inches broad… Click here to read more

An article a couple of weeks later may offer an explanation… What do you think?

Finds Weather Balloon North East of Town

Busy at the Archives

New fonds that soon will be finding their way onto our on-line finding aid and are now available to come in and search are:

1)      Bay Tree Community Club

2)      Bay Tree Community Hall

Getting the records processed and ready for the public.

Getting the records processed and ready for the public.

3)      Many Creeks Cemetery Company

4)      Lake Saskatoon Community Club

5)      Saskatoon Lake Agricultural Society

6)      Buffalo Lakes Community Society

7)      Many Springs (Buffalo Lakes) Ladies Club

8)      Buffalo Lakes New Horizon Group

9)      Buffalo Lakes Curling Association

10)   Kleskun Lake Community Association

11)   Kleskun Lake Ladies Club

What a wonderful view into a community by processing these records. I found out what they did for entertainment; dances, bazaars, quilting, card parties, Halloween gatherings. It was also quite apparent how giving and generous our pioneers were by organizing hot drinks for school children, giving a silver spoon to the first baby born to a family, wedding suppers, funeral lunches, gifts for families who had lost their homes to a fire to name a few. Money raised at the events hosted by these clubs would always be gifted out to the needy in the community, whereby a donation to the Cancer Society, Red Cross, Johanna’s Maternity Home in Sexsmith, or any organization in need. The Community Societies were a way for the people to socialize and do so much more, they were the catalyst for community life.

For more information on these fonds or any other at the archives send us an email at spra@telus.net or call 780-830-5105.