WWII Surnames V-Z

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Vader, James Daniel Edwin
Valin, Elmer
Van Natter, Elwood Lee
Vannebo, Norman
Vannebo, Palmer
VanSickle, Alan
VanSickle, Grace
VanSickle, Maurice
VanSickle, Ralph
Velie, George
Velie, Reginald
Velve, Lawrence Orvald
Verreault, Achille
Versailles, Peter
Vetch, William
Vickland, Assar
Viens, Joseph
Vinet, Frank
Vinet, George
Vipond, Isa Ivan
Vipond, Stanley Lorne
Visscher, John
Volden, Hans
Voshall, Harold "Tiny"
Voshall, Howard Clifford
Voz, Albert
Waddell, Arvid
Waddell, William
Wade, Chester
Wade, Robert
Wagar, Max
Wagar, Mel
Wagner, Ferdinand
Wagner, John
Waldie, Raymond Arthur
Wales, John Arthur "Jack"
Walker, Art
Walker, Clem
Walker, Greg
Walker, Jack
Walker, John
Wallace, Carman Cecil
Walmsley, H.A.
Walsh, Paddy
Walters, Mary
Ward, Cliff
Ward, Harold
Warden, Howard .R.
Wardill, John
Wardill, Tom
Wartenbes, Foster
Watherston, Olive O.B.E.
Watson, Andrew "Roy"
Watson, John Finlay
Watson, Jim
Watson, Ray
Watson, Robert "Bert"
Watt, Alexander
Watt, D.M.
Weaver, Arthur
Weaver, Charles L.
Weaver, Margaret Stanton
Webb, Harold
Webb, Herbert J.
Webb, Joseph
Webb, Max G.
Webster, Jock
Webster, John
Wedell, A.R.
Wedell, C.
Wedell, E.H.
Weeks, Howard
Weeks, Robert
Weiss, Alvin E.
Weiss, E.E.
Weiss, Henry
Weitzel, Henry
Weller, Donald
Weller, James
Wellman, Edwin
Wells, Delbert "Sonny"
Wells, Ralph
Welsh, Jimmy
Welter, Jack
Welter, William
West, Sheppard
Westad, John
Wetmore, Harmon Hillis
Whalen, Charles Jacob
Whalen, Robert "Bob"
Wheatley, Robert
Wigmore, Earl Chester
Wilburn, Edward Joseph
White, Charles
White, Colin Fred
White, Douglas
White, Ernest Albert
White, J.D.
Whiteside, Pte.
Whitlock, Wilfred J.
Whittaker, J.J.
Whyte, David
Wiebe, David
Wiebe, Jake
Wiegel, Victor
Wigelsworth, Pte.
Wigmore, Earl Chester
Wilburn, Donald J.
Wilburn, Edward
Wilde, Arnold
Willard, Frank
Willis, Leslie
Wills, Alex
Wills, Frederick H.
Wills, Roland
Wills, Walter C.
Willsey, Daniel
Willsey, John "Jack"
Willsey, Melvin
Wilson, Doug
Wilson, Elmer A.
Wilson, Harold
Wilson, Harry
Wilson, James
Wilson, Ken
Wilson, Ludwick
Windram, Kenneth Alexander
Winiewskie, John
Winterford, Hank
Wise, John Arthur
Wishart, Hank
Withers, Howard
Witwicki, William
Wityshen, William
Wityshyn, Tony
Wold, Lenny
Wold, Paul
Woloszyn, Kasmir
Wood, Bill
Wood, Don
Woodcock, Elvin R.
Woodcox, Harry John
Woodward, Cecil
Woods, Brent
Woolsey, Harold
Woolsey, Raymond
Wortman, Bill
Wozniak, William
Wright, Allen
Wright, Clifford
Wright, Kelly
Wright, Roy
Wyman, Dean
Yanczura, John
York, Leonard
Young, Allen
Young, Bert
Young, Fielding
Young, Hellen
Young, John
Young, Reuben Erland
Young, Roland
Young, Steve
Young, Wilfred
Yurychuck, John
Zaichkowsky, Joe
Zaichkowsky, Nick
Zaichkowsky, Ted
Zelling, Hugo
Zeyha, George
Zmean, Howard
Zylla, Mike Dymetro