WWI South Peace Soldiers N-Ri

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Nadeau, Emile
Nairn, William McLaggan
Nash, Thomas Bernard
Naughton, Henry Thomas
Nease, Michael
Nease, James Ronald Stuart
Nelson, Edward Jay
Nelson, Elver Arthur
Nelson, Isaac
Newby, R. L.
Newgord, Harold Maurice "Pinky"
Ney, John Stuart "Jack"
Neys, Henry Ward
Neys, John Steve
Nicholson, Charles Henry
Nicholson, William Angus
Nicoloy, Todor "Mike"
Noll, William John
Norley, George Leslie
Noskey, Vincent
Noskey, William
Noski, Fred (Alfred Noskeye?)
Noskiyah, Charles
Nowry, Lorne "Bob"
Nunan, Noel Daniel
Oatway, Richard McRae
Oblinger, Milo Milton
Oblinger, Verne Harrison
O'Brien, Dr. Lewis James
O'Connor, Daniel Francis
Oder, William Thomas
Ogilvie, George
O'Grady, Mike
Oliver, James Bowes "Jim"
Ongman, Olof
Orman, Jacob
Orr, Frank Maitland
Orr, John M.
Orr, Nathaniel Murray
Oshier, Walter
Ouellette, Joseph
Ozee, Cliff
Paige, Fredrick George
Palser, Edward Thomas
Pariseau, Joseph
Pariseau, Rodrigue
Parks, Matthew Henry
Parr, Clayton Bowers
Parrier, Arthur
Parrish, E.
Parry, Leon
Partlow, Joseph
Paternotte, Andre
Patrick, Frank
Patterson, Donald W.
Patterson, Gerald Henry
Paul, J.
Paul, Thomas William Holmes
Paverly, Fred
Pearce, Aaron Percy
Peckham, Ed
Peebles, George Perry
Peebles, Harold
Peffer, Howard Elliot
Peffer, Norman Elliot
Pegg, Howard
Pellerin, Raymond Edward
Pelletier, Joseph
Percival, Lynn Walker
Perraton, Percy Richard
Perry, George
Perry, Frederick Judson
Perry, Rupert Lee
Peterson, Louis Peter
Phalen, Roy Walter
Pickering, Horace Walter
Piggott, George
Pierre, Herve
Pike, Jesse Edward
Pike, Tabor Emmit
Pitman, Charles Henry
Pitman, Hudson Porter
Pivert, Joseph Henri Denis
Pivert, Maurice Jules Alphonse
Poilvoorde, Emil
Poitras, Simon
Pollock, George Arthur
Postman, George
Postman, Henry
Powell, Hugh
Powell, Uri
Powell, William
Powers, Allan
Pratt, Delmar Wentworth
Pratt, Merl
Preace, Charles Herbert "Bert"
Pringle, John
Probst, Eugene Albert
Proctor, John
Pryk, Herbert
Ptolemy, Archie
Pulk, O.
Purcell, Charles
Purves/Purvis, William J.
Purves, Lorney Edgar
Raby, Udger
Radbourne, Henry George
Radley, Bill
Rae, John Hope (Jr.)
Rae, Merlin Hamilton
Rahn, William John
Rathwell, Walter Edward
Ray, Isaac
Rayburn, Garfield Joseph
Raynes, H. (Harry?)
Reade, George
Reakes, John T.
Reavley, Ethelbert
Redcliff, Tom
Redmond, John Joseph
Redwood, William Leyson
Redwood, Ivan
Reeves, Herman
Reid, Alexander Perry
Reid, David
Reid, Nancy
Restall, Harold
Reves, Herman
Reynolds, Arthur Edward Kenrick "Ted"
Reynolds, Frank James
Rice, Thomas W.
Richards, Fred
Richards, Judd
Richardson, C.W.
Richardson, J.
Richardson, Richard
Richardson, William
Richter, Rubin Mier
Riggs, William Nels
Rillie, John
Ritchie, William George "Scottie"
Rivard, Edward George