WWI South Peace Soldiers T-Y

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Taillefer, Alphonse
Taillefer, Antoine
Taillefer, Edouard
Tarr, William Charles "Heavy"
Taylor, James Allen "Scotty"
Teulon, Charles Cuthbert
Thew, Arthur William
Thieme, Stanley H.
Thompson, F.
Thompson, James Henry
Thompson, John Bosdel
Thompson, John William
Thomson, Duncan
Thomson, John
Thorne, Jack
Thorne, John Albert
Thornton, George Alfred
Thorsteinson, Stanley
Tilley, George
Tilt, Robert Beavins
Tissington, James Job
Tissington, Joseph
Tissington, William T.
Tole, Frank Edmund
Trelle, Herman William
Tremblay, Rosario
Trendell, Percival Charles
Trevelyan, C. W.
Trevelyan, Pte.
Trimmer, Alfred Syer "Charles"
Trimming, Wilfred
Trudeau , Francois Xavier Ignace "Frank"
Tucker, Howard William
Tuffill, Harry A.
Tuffin, Percy William
Tulk, James
Tulk, Oliver Mardon
Turcotte, Arthur
Turner, Charles Thomas McLinden
Turner, Ralph Evert
Turner, William George
Vance, James
Vance, Neil M.
Van Schaik, Floyd Raymond
Veitch, Beatrice Charlotte
Veldhuis, Albertus
Vick, Victor Ledius
Vine, John C.
Vosburg, Harry
Vosburgh, Fred
Vowden, George William Charles
Voyer, Ernest Joseph
Walker, Charles Hugh
Walker, Harry H.
Walker, Hiram
Walker, James "Jim"
Walters, Lewis Garfield
Walters, Glyndwr
Walthew, Fred
Walton, Alfred James
Walton, Arthur Lloyd
Walton, Benjamin Harold
Walton, Leonard Douglas
Ward, Harold
Ward, J. A.
Ward, James Cecil
Ward, Joshua
Warden, Elmer
Wardill, Alan
Wardill, Harold
Wassill, Michael
Watcher, Robert Henry "Harry"
Waterman, Tom
Watherston, Olive Fell
Watson, F.
Watson, John Finlay
Watson, Reid Crossley
Watson, Robert
Watson, Thomas Joyce
Watt, George McBeath
Watt, James
Watts, Alan Kingsford
Watts, Harry Temple
Watts, William Harry
Weatherup, William Henry
Weaver, Charles Lewis
Webb, George Thomas
Webb, Harry
Webb, Joseph
Weber, Jacob Edward
Weir, William Black
Welch, Ogden Judson
Wellwood, Edward Lambert
Wellwood, G.
Wellwood, Harold Austin
Welsh, Roy Kingsland
Wendt, Herman
West, Heber
West, Robert Ingersoll
Whitaker, Edgar Godfrey
White, Charles
White, Michael S.
Wilcox, John
Wilkie, Gordon Murray Francis
Willis, Austin Lincoln
Wills, Walter
Wilson, Andrew Robert
Wilson, Arthur George Alexander
Wilson, Fred John Hodgins
Wilson, Gordon Stanley
Winter, Paddick Irwin
Witherly, Ralph Whitney
Witherly, William Clifford "Bill"
Withers, Louis Richard
Wood, Charles Herbert
Wood, Edgar
Wright, Horace Melville
Wyman, Melvin Deem
York, Alexander
Young, Elizabeth Isabel (MacLean)
Young, Frederick Campbell
Young, Henry "Scotty"
Young, Roland Sidney