WWI South Peace Soldiers Ro-S

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Robb, Edward
Robb, John
Roberts, Albert Ernest Warden
Roberts, John William "Jack"
Robertson, Alexander
Robertson, Alexander Reid
Robertson, Arthur Edgar
Robertson, Gilbert Heathcote
Robertson, Henry
Robertson, Hugh
Robideau, Roy John
Robideau, William Leo
Robinson, Alec "Scotty"
Robinson, George
Robson, Charles Oswald
Rock, Sam
Rogers, Frederick Charles
Roland, Augustus Joseph Henri "Gus"
Ronnie, Oscar John
Ronning, Chester Alvin
Ronning, Nelius Theodore
Roofe, Charles Henry
Rosenberg, Earl Alfred
Ross, Andrew
Ross, Donald
Ross, Hugh
Ross, Mike
Ross, Olive
Rude, Otto
Russell, William Allen "Bill"
Ryall, Henry Christopher
Saffin, Frank Russell
Sajtovich, Mike
Salvino, Louis
Sandboe, Carl
Sanderson, Hugh Iles
Sanger-Davies, Florian Morgan
Saul, Frederick
Saunders/Sanders, Bert
Sauve, Joseph Paul
Savard, Norman
Sawyers, James Wylie
Schenk, Fred C.
Scofield, A. P.
Scott, Clarence
Scott, James Thompson (Jr.)
Scott, John
Scott, Roland Gordon
Scott, T.
Scully, John
Seeley, Noble
Sellers, J.
Sellers, Richard "Dick"
Servant, George Edouard
Servant, Orelus
Setter, Archibald
Shear, William
Sheppard, George
Sherk, Gordon Grant
Showers, Ebenezer Norman
Shuttleworth, Harold
Silcox, James Henry Birch
Simonson, George
Simpkins, Grover
Simpson, Ronald Everest
Sims, Charles Harrison "Harry"
Sinclair, Donald Roy
Sinclair, Harold Whittred
Sinclair, Harry Ludlow
Sinclair, Hugh
Sinclair, Kenneth Rhodes
Smart, Archie
Smart, John Mackay "Jack"
Smart, Mabel Anne (Nicholls)
Smashnuk, Paul
Smashnuk, Bill
Smith, Albert Henry
Smith, Bill
Smith, Burt
Smith, Charlie
Smith, Edgar Irvin
Smith, Edwin
Smith, Frederick James
Smith, Frederick Robert
Smith, George Abram
Smith, George Frederick
Smith, Gilbert
Smith, Henry
Smith, James "Jim" Thomas
Smith, John Armstrong "Jack"
Smith, Joseph Thomas (Digby)
Smith, Leonard J.
Smith, Sidney John
Smith, Thomas
Smoots, Claude Burton
Socquet, Raoul Leon
Somerville, Eva Alice (Woolston)
South, Floyd John
Sparks, Stanley
Speed, Carlyle Eugene
Speke, Hugh
Spinney, Elwood Joshua
Spread, Thomas
Spry, Walter
Squires, John
St. Pierre, Arthur
Stafford, John Harrison
Stalberg, Peter Albert
Stark, John Henry Jr.
Starratt, William Blair
Steele, John Alexander
Steele, Robert James
Stephens, Charles W.
Stephens, Percy Edwin
Stevenson, John
Stevenson, Frank Townsend
Steves, Ray Clifford
Steward, Gilbert Richard "Dick"
Stewart, George
Stewart, Herbert
Stewart, John Thomson
Stewart, Robert Henry Hackenley
Stone, Rede Douglas (Jr.)
Storm, James
Stumpf, Michael Earl "Mike"
Sully, B. (Bernard?)
Sully, Thomas Arthur Bernard
Sunderman, Conrad William
Suprenant, Cyprien
Sutherland, Daniel William
Sutherland, James William
Sutherland, Hector Thomas Wesley
Svenson, John Agathon