WWI South Peace Soldiers M

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*please note that all surnames beginning with Mac or Mc are listed first.  As these surnames are often misspelled, using either of the prefixes, we have combined them in our memorial to simplify your search.


McAleer, Les B. (Leo?)
McArthur, Hugh
McArthur, James
McBride, Samuel Alexander
McBurnie, Edward
McCauley, George Edward
McClelland, Ernest Wesley
McClive, George "Scotty"
McCombs, William
McCormick, William John "Bill"
McCreery, Samuel James
McCullough, Gordon Clifford
McCullough, Henry
McCullough, John
McCurdy, William "Mac"
MacDaid, Charles Edward Brendon "Ted"
McDermid, Neil Alexander
MacDiarmid, Mary
McDiarmid, Roy
McDonald, Alexander
MacDonald, Allan Donald Murray
MacDonald, Angus
MacDonald, Donald John
McDonald, Donald Samuel
McDonald, Frederick
McDonald, George Henry
McDonald, James Herbert
McDonald, James Robert
MacDonald, John W.
McDonald, John Henry "Jack"
McDonald, Reverend Joseph William
McDonald, Norval May (Moodie)
McDonald, Robert Symington
MacDonald, Roderick
MacDonald, Wilfred Ferguson
MacDonell, David Lawrence
MacDonell, Ewen Fuller
McDonell, James John "Jim"
MacDonell, Malcolm James
McDougald, J.
McDougall, James Colin
McDougall, John Joseph
McDougall, Norman
McEachern, Clarence Perry
McEachern, John Duncan
McEwen, David
McFadzen, Frederick
McGee, Michael
McGill, Alex "Piper" "Scotty"
McGillivray, James Stuart
McGonigal, Vincent
McGovern, James "Jim"
McGowan, ?
MacGregor, Charles Ramsay
MacGregor, George Stewart
McGregor, James
McGregor, Robert
McGregor, William James
McGuire, John
McGurk, Patrick
McIntosh, Alexander (Alec)
MacIntosh, Daniel Falconer
McIntosh, John Logan
MacIntyre, Guy Barr
MacIntyre, Herbert Cecil
McIsaac, Joseph Patrick
MacIver, Andrew Alfred James
McIver, Daniel
McKay, Donald Angus
McKay, William A.
McKay, William John
McKee, James
McKellar, James Scott
McKenzie, Benjamin
MacKenzie, Cecile Leonore (McKibben)
MacKenzie, George Fraser
McKenzie, James Malcolm "Jack"
McKenzie, John
MacKenzie, Murray John
McKenzie, William Robbie
McKinney, Clarence Alexander "Mac"
McKinnon, James Albert "Jack"
McKinnon, John
McKinnon, Neil Francis
McKinnon, Ross George
McKinnon, Theresa (Davis)
Mackintosh, John
McLaren, Peter
McLarty, Archibald John
McLaughlin, Daniel Patrick
McLaughlin, Nelson "Mac"
McLaurin, Archibald Stewart
McLean, Arthur Smith
McLean, Donald
MacLean, John Carruthers
MacLean, Mary Rachel "Billie"
McLeod, George Andrew
McLeod, Henry
McLeod, John Alexander
McLeod, John Francis
McMillan, Ewen
McNally, Peter Joseph
McNamara, Thomas Gilbert
McNamee, Frederick
McNaught, Crosbie
McNaught, John
McNaughton, William Glenn
McNeeley, J.
MacNish, Amy Margaret
McPherson, Donald
McRae, Alexander
McRae, William
Mabbutt, Albert Newton
Mabbutt, Frederick Joseph
Mace, Wilfred W.
Macey, Arthur
Macey, Harry
Magill, Harry
Mailhot, Emil
Mair, Andrew
Major, Robert Richard
Maloun, A.
Mantle, Arthur John "Jack"
Marfleet, Alfred David
Margach, Scotty
Marille, Joseph
Marple, Sydney
Marshall, James "Scotty"
Martin, Edward James
Martin, George William
Martin, J.D. "Tommy"
Martin, Oliver
Mater, Jack Sr.
Matheson, Charles William
Matheson, G.
Matthews, John George
Mattinson, Herbert Warren
Maynes, Gordon Neill
Mayo, Frank
Mead, Clement Gawler "Jim"
Mead, J.
Meadus, Harry Howard
Mee, John Norman
Melvin, Robert
Menard, Zotique
Mercier, Joseph
Mersereau, Percy Douglas
Meyer, Joe
Middleton, David Milne
Miles, Foster
Milford, Jack
Miller, Albert Allid
Miller, Albert Gustave
Miller, Alfred John
Miller, Chester Carman
Miller, Edward "Scotty"
Miller, Howard J.
Miller, James Victor Sr.
Mitchell, John Alexander "Jack"
Miller, Joseph Alexander
Mitchell, Victor William
Moen, Anton
Moen, Iver
Moen, Martin
*Moir, John Arthur
Moir, Peter Simpson
Monette, Tarice Albert
Mongen, Eudger
Monroe, B.
Moodie, Gordon Carrol
Moody, Robert Wellington
Moon, Alfred Archibald
Moore, Andrew
Moore, Edward
Moore, Robert Drysdale
Moquin, Gustave
Moquin, Raoul Gregoire
Moran, Andrew Alexander
Moravec, Frank Rudolph
Moreau, Edouard
Moreland, Frederick B.
Morken, Axel Kornelius
Morong, William Bartlett
Morrison, Donald Gordon
Morrison, W. A.
Mortimer, George Dean
Mortimer, George Stanley
Mortimer, James
Mortland, John A.
Mosenko, Matthew Nifon
Mosier, Osa
Moss, Henry J. "Harry"
Moss, Oliver B.
Moss, William Richard
Moulton, Harold Eugene
Moyer, Gordon Stanley
Moyer, Lincoln
Mukon, John
Munro, Robert Crawford
Munroe, James Noble
Murphy, Patrick Charles
Murphy, William John
Murray, Herbert William
Murray, John
Murray, John Henry
Murray, John Henry Sr.
Murray, Kenneth John
Murray, Mack Albert
Murray, Robert
Musselman, Daniel Floyd