WWI South Peace Soldiers C-D


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Cage, William Earl
Cahoon, John
Cairnes, Thomas James
Calahaissin, Alfred
Callihoo, D.
Callister, John Walter
Cameron, Alexander
Cameron, Charles Holgate
Cameron, Gordon Andrew
Cameron, Gordon Irwin
Cameron, Walter
Cameron, William
Campbell, Boyce
Campbell, Frank Donald
Campbell, John William "Jack"
Campbell, Joseph Alphonse
Campbell, Robert Eldon
Canton, Edward Franklin
Capot (Capeo), David Archibald
Capot, Edwin
Capron, Victor
Carlisle, Andrew Murray
Carmichael, Hugh Harold
Carney, Edward
Carriere, Arthur
Carson, Matthew
Carter, George Henry
Carter, Walter Earl
Carveth, Gerald Victor
Cashmore, Clifford Lawrence
Casson, George Edward
Castle, Philip Henry
Caterer, Christopher Frederick
Cavanagh, Arthur Melville "Molly"
Champoux, Albert
Chaput, Lucien
Chisholm, Robert
Choquet, Joseph Cyprien
Christian, William Devilla "Bill"
Churcher, Joe
Cimon, Charles Henri
Cirka, Pete
Clagget, Perry Snowden
Clark, George Frederick "Knobby"
Clark, John
Clark, William Bamber
Clark, William Robert
Clarke, Cyril Mervyn
Clarke, George
Clarke, Michael Christopher "Chris"
Clarkson, Thomas
Clarkson, William Albion
Cliffe, Ross Larmour
Cloutier, Elzear
Cloutier, Irene "Slim"
Cloutier, Omer
Coates, Frank Maslin
Coates, Percy James
Coates, Thomas Duncan
Coe, Frederick
Coffey, Donald Francis
Collins, Alfred
Collins, James Sherman "Sherm"
Collins, W.
Connelly, Jim
Connery, Clarence Kenneth "Ken"
Connery, Henry Herbert
Connery, Percy Herbert
Connors, Jim
Conrad, Harlie Howard
Cook, Booth
Cook, Gilbert Harold
Cook, Gordon
Cook, Ted
Coons, Fred Allen
Cooper, Arthur Howard
Cooper, John George William
Cornborough, Clarence
Cornwall, James Kennedy
Costello, John Joseph
Cote, Alphonse Byron
Cote, Zoel
Cowan, William Andrew
Cox, Alfred Ernest
Cox, Floyd Gordon
Coyle, John "Jack"
Craig, Clinton Frank
Crane, Sidney Henry
Crane, Stanley Wright
Croken, Gregory Rudolph "Rudy"
Cross, Walter Wilson
Crotty, John
Crowe, Reginald Raper
Cummings, Alex
Cummings, Jack
Cummins, John Joseph "Jack"
Cunningham, Philip Patrick
Currie, Hardie
Cushing, Reginald Victor
Cyra, John Alexander
Dale, Ernest Frank
Darragh, John Edward
Davignon, Joseph
Davis, George Courtney
Day, W.
Deklerck, Honore
Demetz, Howard P.
de Neauve, Pierre
Depencier, John Luke "Jack"
Deschambault, Euclide
Desilets, Emile
Despins, Ernest
Devost, Philippe
Dewar, Alexander
Dewar, Ed
Dewar, John
Dewar, Murdo
Dillon, Charles Raymond
Dixon, Ernest Weather(head)
Dixon, Reginald
Dool, Hugh
Doubleday, Arthur
Dougan, Rev. Harry Leslie
Duff, Thomas McFarlane
Dugan, Edmund "Paddy"
Dumas, Henry
Duncan, Alexander Boucher
Duncan, George Alexander
Dundas, Frank LeRoy
Dupont, Lawrence Joseph Alfred
Dupont, Omer
Dupont, Wilbrod Joseph
Dupuis, Edouard
Dupuy, George
Durand, Philias
Dwyer, John Henry