The South Peace Soldiers’ Memorial


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 South Peace Soldiers’ Memorial

The South Peace River country of Alberta supplied thousands of recruits for the World Wars.  In 1914, the area was newly open to settlers, many of them bachelors of British descent.  They flocked to enlist, even though it meant a long journey often starting on foot, then by train and boat.

Later, during World War II, “on a per capita basis, the Peace Country of northern Alberta sent more soldiers to the front than any region in the Dominion.” (Herald-Tribune, March 4, 1943)

Those who survived the wars were encouraged by the Soldiers Settlement Act of 1917 and the Veterans land Act of 1942 to take up farming.  Since the Peace Country still had land available for settlement, it was here that many returning soldiers came.

The South Peace Regional Archives is creating an online memorial to the soldiers from the South Peace area who were involved in defending our country. We have over 1,100 WWI soldiers and over 2,300 WWII soldiers listed on this site so far, and the list is growing. As we gather information about each soldier, it will be added to this page and you’ll see something like this when you click on their name:Buck, Charles


Our goal is to have all South Peace soldiers acknowledged for their service. If you happen to know of someone who lived in the South Peace and should be listed here let us know! We also would like to expand on the list of names with a biography, and photograph as well as links to where more information can be found on the individual.


Love the idea of our project? You can help! We will welcome the general public to pick a soldier from our list to research. Contact us and we will make sure no one else also is doing the same soldier. Once you have selected your soldier contact  and we will identify your soldier as being researched. You can download the form below to help you get started!

Soldiers Memorial Form

**If you have photographs, letters, papers, or biographies of a soldier listed here please get in touch with us so we can add it to this site. All soldiers will be remembered. Contact us at

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Check our website under the search tab to find local resources to search such as land records, newspapers and links to other sites.

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