County of Grande Prairie Records

County of Grande PrairieThe County of Grande Prairie is a founding member of South Peace Regional Archives. The County was formed in 1951.Pre-existing organizations were M.D. of Bear Lake and M.D. of Grande Prairie. It is also responsible for the hamlet of Clairmont, which lost its village status in 1949. For a more detailed history of the County of Grande Prairie click here.

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County of Grande Prairie No. 1

Fonds 060Municipal District of Bear Lake No. 740 fonds
Fonds 061Municipal District of Grande Prairie No. 739 fonds
Fonds 062Municipal District of Grande Priaire No. 127 fonds
Fonds 064Village of Clairmont fonds
Fonds 300County of Grande Prairie fonds
Fonds 301County of Grande Prairie Administration sous-fonds
Fonds 306County of Grande Prairie Financial Management sous-fonds
Fonds 309County of Grande Prairie Planning and Development sous-fonds
Fonds 311County of Grande Prairie Public Works sous-fonds

County of Grande Prairie Schools Collection

Fonds 063Grande Prairie School Division No. 14 fonds
Fonds 065Aldergrove School District 4574 fonds
Fonds 066Antonberg School District 4586 fonds
Fonds 067Appleton School District 2818 fonds
Fonds 068Aspen Ridge School District 4348 fonds
Fonds 069Beaverlodge School District 2341 fonds
Fonds 070Bezanson School District 3302 fonds
Fonds 071Canor School District 3955 fonds
Fonds 072Chatham School District 3638 fonds
Fonds 073Craigellachie School District 4035 fonds
Fonds 074Crystal Creek School District 3403 fonds
Fonds 075Equity School District 3929 fonds
Fonds 076Fitzsimmons School District 4500 fonds
Fonds 077Flying Shot Lake School District 3399 fonds
Fonds 078Hayfield School District 4661 fonds
Fonds 079Kemble School District 4558 fonds
Fonds 080Kleskun Hill School District 3428 fonds
Fonds 081Kleskun Lake School District 2743 fonds
Fonds 082Klondyke Trail School District 4509 fonds
Fonds 083LaGlace School District 3371 fonds
Fonds 084Lindsay School District 3898 fonds
Fonds 085Meadowville School District 4488 fonds
Fonds 086Morningview School District 3514 fonds
Fonds 087Mount Saskatoon School District fonds
Fonds 088Mount Star School District 3500 fonds
Fonds 089North Badheart School District fonds
Fonds 090North Equity School District fonds
Fonds 091North Sexsmith School District 3637 fonds
Fonds 092Percy School District 3031 fonds
Fonds 093Ravenswood School District 4463 fonds
Fonds 094Riversvale School District 4775 fonds
Fonds 095Rivertop School District 4371 fonds
Fonds 096St. John’s Lutheran Separate School fonds
Fonds 097Saskatoon Lake School Districts 2518, 3550, 56 fonds
Fonds 098Sexsmith School District 3600 fonds
Fonds 099Torun School District 4483 fonds
Fonds 100Twilight School District 4417 fonds
Fonds 101Wapiti School District 2802 fonds
Fonds 102Wellington School District 3636 fonds
Fonds 103Wembley School District 3567 fonds
Fonds 104West End School District 4592 fonds
Fonds 576Ashdown School District 4504 fonds
Fonds 577Baldur School District 4349 fonds
Fonds 578Glass Lake School District 3785 fonds
Fonds 579Hythe School District 3194 fonds
Fonds 580Preston Lake School District 4557 fonds
Fonds 581Ray Lake School District 4442 fonds
Fonds 582Sinclair School District 4370 fonds
Fonds 583Southwell School District 4470 fonds
Fonds 584Valhalla School District 3130 fonds

County of Grande Prairie – Other Collections

Fonds 588Woman’s Association of the Ray Lake Church fonds