Lake Saskatoon Journal – U & V


Business/Last NameFirst NameTitlePlaceMonthDayYearPageColumnNotes
UFAClairmontApr20191715Holds meeting
UFABeaverlodgeMay11191711,2Victoria Day Picnic & Sports Day
UFAClairmontMay18191712Meeting notice
UFAJune16191711Meeting - July 22/23 to be observed
UFAClairmontJune16191773Binder twine for sale
UFAClairmontJune23191711,2Sports day held in rain
UFAJune23191743Locals to meet in Grande Prairie
UFAClairmontJuly4191753Binder twine deposits to G Balmer
UFAScenic HeightsJuly4191773Buying supply of binder twine
UFAJuly11191711,2Large railway petition presented
UFAJuly11191714Joint church service & picnic
UFAValhallaJuly11191773To hold basket social
UFASexsmithJuly111917103Adv - binder twine for sale
UFAJuly18191711,2Joint church service & picnic coming
UFASexsmithJuly18191773Meeting "Mixed Farming Special"
UFAJuly25191714Joint picnic notes, $20 raised for YMCA
UFASexsmithAug8191713Meeting notes
UFASexsmithAug15191743Meeting notice
UFASept191917103Orders for apples will be taken
UFAOct11191773Conference to be in Calgary
UFAJan5191813Meeting notes
UFASexsmithJan5191873Meeting notes
UFASexsmithJan12191813Carload of Barbwire
UFAJan18191815Meeting notes - new newspaper
UFAJan18191815Hold moving picture show
UFASexsmithJan26191813Meeting re: roads
UFAFeb1191811Forty-seven local delegates
UFAScenic HeightsFeb1191814Annual meeting notes
UFASexsmithFeb1191815Meeting notes
UFAFeb8191811Meeting notice
UFAClairmontFeb15191812Meeting notes
UFAFeb15191843Convention notice
UFAFeb15191853Panning dance
UFAFeb22191811Meeting planned
UFABuffalo LakesFeb22191813Shares for new hall being sold
UFAFeb6191871,2Need larger production
UFASexsmithMar61918123Meeting notes - new hall
UFAMar12191815Meeting notice
UFASexsmithMar12191873Plan dance to open hall
UFASexsmithMar121918101,2Hall opening April 5
UFAClairmontMar121918101,2Dance March 25
UFAMar26191813Convention notes
UFASexsmithMar26191814Meeting notice
UFAMar26191892Need returned soldiers as workers
UFASexsmithApr2191812Meeting notes
UFAKleskun HillApr2191873Meeting notes
UFASexsmithApr15191813New hall opens
UFASexsmithApr15191873Meeting notice re: incorporation
UnderwoodC LApr20191761,2Manager PeaceRiver Trading Company
UnderwoodGilbertMar26191815Leaves for Athabasca Landing
UnderwoodJuddJuly25191715UFA Sports Day - Boy's Race 14 & under
UnderwoodJuddJuly25191715UFA Sports Day - Boy's Race 16 & under
Union AssociationFeb22191811Meeting planned
Union Bank of CanadaClairmontApr9191873Closing branch temporarily
Union ChurchJan12191811First service held
United Grain GrowersAug22191715Formed
ValhallaValhallaJuly11191773Hold "Welcome Feast" for new arrivals
ValhallaValhallaSept19191712School reopens
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)ValhallaMar6191814Yards in Hythe & Beaverlodge
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)ValhallaMar6191844,5Adv - Operating day & night
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)ValhallaMar12191844,5Adv - Olaf Horte Manager
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)ValhallaMar19191844,5Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)ValhallaMar26191844,5Adv - Up-to-date planer
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)ValhallaApr2191844,5Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)ValhallaApr9191864,5Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)ValhallaApr15191844,5Adv
Van HorneJ EApr20191761,2Adv - Manager Grande Prairie Lumber Co
Van HorneMrJune1191712Loses logs in Wapiti flood
Van SchaickH ESept26191715L S Fair - winner Roadster 2-yr old
Van SchaickH ESept26191715L S Fair - winner Foal
Van SchaickH ESept26191715L S Fair - winner Shorthorn Bull
Van SchaickH ESept26191743L S Fair - winner Sow under 6-mo
Van SchaickH ESept26191743L S Fair - winner Marquis Wheat
Van SchaickH EMrsSept26191743L S Fair - winner Pound Prints
Van SchaickH EMrsSept26191743L S Fair - winner Crock Butter
VarnumDValhallaJuly11191773School teacher
VikenHjalmarValhallaJuly11191773Grade II class standing
VosJGrande PrairieSee - Grande Prairie Flour Mill for Business
VozJosephJan5191842Adv - Flour mill for sale