Lake Saskatoon Journal – S


Business/Last NameFirst NameTitlePlaceMonthDayYearPageColumnNotes
S R TuffleyClairmontApr20191745Adv - Notory Public, Auctioneer, Insurance Agent
S R TuffleyClairmontMay11191744Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontMay18191745Adv - Auctioneer
S R TuffleyClairmontMay25191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontJune1191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontJune8191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontJune16191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontJune23191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontJuly4191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontJuly11191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontJuly18191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontJuly25191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontAug1191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontAug8191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontAug15191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontAug22191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontAug29191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontSept5191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontSept12191785Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontSept19191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontSept26191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontOct4191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontOct11191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontOct18191745Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontJan5191873Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontJan12191875Adv - Money to loan
S R TuffleyClairmontJan18191875Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontJan26191875Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontFeb1191871Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontFeb15191871Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontFeb22191871Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontMar6191891Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontMar19191871Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontMar26191875Adv - Insurance agent
S R TuffleyClairmontApr2191875Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontApr9191875Adv
S R TuffleyClairmontApr15191875Adv
SalmondWJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - 220-yd Race
SalmondWJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - Quarter-mile Race
SalmondWJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - Three-legged Race
SalmondWJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - Men's Relay Race
SalmondWJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - Novelty Race
SalmondWJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - 100-yd Race
SalmondW CJan18191843Elected Reeve for Bear Lake RM
SalmondWmJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - Men's 120-yd Race
SalmondWmJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - Running Long Jump
Saskatoon IslandOct4191713Large fire
Saskatoon IslandOct18191715Fire continues to burn
Saskatoon Lake Board of TradeApr20191743Editorial report
Saskatoon Village SchoolJan12191812Enrollment growing
SaulMarySept26191712Helped serve dignitaries
SaulMrsClairmontJune81917103Opens bakery
SaulMrsClairmontOct181917104Daughter visits
SaulsMaryClairmontAug291917103Has birthday party
SaulsRuthClairmontAug291917103Has birthday party
SaundersBClairmontJan26191815Successful benefit
SaundersB LSee - B L Saunders for business
SaundersB LClairmontApr9191863Adv
SaundersB LApr9191871Adv - Harness tools for sale
SaundersB LApr15191871Adv - Business for sale
SaundersBertJan18191811Requests accounts be paid
SaundersBertSexsmithJan18191812Shop destroyed by fire
SaundersBertJan26191815Resumes work
SaundersBertFeb819185340 sets of harness to repair
SaundersBertClairmontMar6191845Permanently established
SaundersBertMar19191813Received shipment of novels
SaundersBertMar191918102Selling harness tools
SaundersBertApr15191812Calls meeting of returned soldiers
SaundersBertSexsmithOct11191711Receives new stock
SaundersBert LSee - Bert L Saunders for business
SaundersBert LBenvilleSept26191713Purchases J Langill building
SaundersBert LJan18191871,2Appeal for assistance
SaundersBert LJan26191874Reopens
SaundersMrSept12191714Veteran opens business in Sexsmith
SavendNJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - 2-yr old Race
SawyersJ WAug221917105Marries Miss R Agar
SchaffterASept26191712Prepares meal for dignitaries
SchaffterASee - Farmers Cafe (The) for business
SchaffterEClairmontAug22191713Will open bakery
Schaffter's RestaurantClairmontSept5191713Adds to building
ScottJamesMrsKleskun HillApr2191873Visits son J W Shortreed
ScottSJuly18191773Credited with road work GPRM #739
ScottMrsJune1191713Beaverlodge concert - soloist
ScottMrsJuly11191753Sister to Mrs R Thompson
Sexsmith BarnSexsmithMar6191892Now Foston's Livery
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithMay18191744Adv - Now open
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithMay25191744Adv - D C Bozarth proprietor
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithJune1191743Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithJune8191743Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithJune161917102Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithJune231917102Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithJuly41917102Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithJuly111917102Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithJuly181917102Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithJuly251917102Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithAug11917102Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithAug81917102Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithAug15191782Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithAug221917102Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithAug291917101Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithSept51917101Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithSept121917101Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithSept191917101Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithSept261917101Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithOct41917101Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithOct111917121Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithOct18191774Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithJan51918101Adv
Sexsmith Blacksmith Shop (The)SexsmithJan121918101Adv
Sexsmith Board of TradeSexsmithFeb1191815Organized
Sexsmith School DistrictSexsmithJan12191814Boundaries set
Sexsmith UFAJune1191773Petition to complete CNR
ShaddockVeraJuly25191715UFA Sports - Girls' Race 12 & under
SharpeWmHermit LakeJune16191712Appointed Bear Lake Municipal overseer
ShawE VClairmontSept26191774Buys Allen's Pool Hall
ShawDrJune8191715Runs for Conservative candidate
ShawDrSept12191714Farm vandals arrested
SheehanLJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - 2-yr old Race
SheehanLeoClairmontSept12191713Sells land to M Durda
SheehanLeoClairmontSept12191735Adv - Effects sale
SheehanLeoClairmontSept19191774,5Adv - Effects sale
SheehanLeoClairmontSept26191771,2Adv - Sale
SheehanTMay25191712Carries UFA road petition
SheehanT BClairmontMar12191815Adv - Seed grain for sale
SheehanT BClairmontMar19191844Adv - Seed grain for sale
SheehanT BClairmontApr15191844Adv - Seed grain for sale
SheehanClairmontJune16191715Son born
ShepherdHConstClairmontJune8191753In charge of Provincial Police office
SheppardRiceAug29191773UFA man suggests mixed farming
SherkABeaverlodgeAug29191713Wins "Best Farm" competition
SherkAMar26191812L S Fair - winner Barley
SherkAMar26191812L S Fair - winner Timothy
SherkGordonJune1191713Beaverlodge concert - gives recitation
ShirkASept26191714L S Fair - winner Canadian stallion
ShirkASept26191743L S Fair - winner Short oats
ShirkASept26191743L S Fair - winner Bearded barley
ShirkASept26191743L S Fair - winner Timothy
ShirkASept26191743L S Fair - winner Alfalfa
ShirkASept26191743L S Fair - winner Kohl Rabi purple
ShirkAMar26191812L S Fair - winner Abundance oats
ShirkSept26191714L S Fair - winner Sweepstake stallion
ShortreedJ WApr2191873Mother visits
ShortreedKleskun HillsSept19191711Starts threshing
SiftonA LHonOct18191711Resigns as Premier
SimsJClairmontMar26191843Purchases Mashburn Barn
SimsJApr2191814Buys draying goodwill
SimsJSee - Sim's Feed Barn for business
SimsJApr9191873Buys new 6 h p engine
SimsJAug22191713Arrives from Savona BC
Sim's Feed BarnApr21918101Adv
Sim's Feed BarnApr9191814Adv
Sim's Feed BarnApr15191875Adv
Sim's Feed BarnClairmontApr151918101Adv - Auction Sale
SinclairC CApr20191763Managing director Peace River Trading Co
SinclairTMay25191753Adv - Found mare
SinclairTomApr2191814Sells to W G Smith
SingallMrsJune1191713Beaverlodge concert - soloist
SinnisaikAug22191713Not guilty of murder (Eskimo)
SmithAMrsClairmontSept5191714Hosts Bernice Bean
SmithASept26191715L S Fair - winner High jump
SmithAMrsSept26191743L S Fair - winner Cram cheese
SmithAMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Netting
SmithAMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Braid Work
SmithAMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Quilt
SmithAMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Hand Bag
SmithA EBeaverlodgeAug29191711Auctioneer for pie social
SmithA RClairmontMay25191713Daughter christened
SmithA RJan5191812In Detroit
SmithA RMar6191893Returns from Ontario
SmithAlbertMar26191812L S Fair - winner Plymouth Rocks
SmithArchieKleskun LakeFeb22191873Buys Percheron stallion
SmithArchie BJan12191853Adv - Cattle for sale
SmithArthurJune16191714,5Groomsman for brother
SmithArthurSept26191715L S Fair - winner Combination horse
SmithE AMay11191711,2Beaverlodge UFA President
SmithE AFeb22191844,5Adv - Cattle auction
SmithF BMrsAug8191753Hosts W A
SmithF BMrsAug81917103Hosts "At home"
SmithFredMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Colored Silk Embroidery
SmithFredMar26191812L S Fair - winner Plymouth Rocks
SmithFrederick BJune16191714,5Marries Mary Hothersall
SmithFrederick CharlesRevJuly18191715Marries in England
SmithG LMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner French Knot Embroidery
SmithG MSee - G M Smith for business
SmithG MMay18191745Adv - Real estate
SmithG MMrsJuly18191753Hosts W A
SmithG MSept191917103Adv - Sorrell pony strays
SmithG MSept26191715L S Fair - winner Shorthorn cows
SmithG MSept26191715L S Fair - winner Shorthorn calf
SmithG MSept26191715L S Fair - winner Calf
SmithG MSept26191715L S Fair - winner Best beef animal
SmithG MMar6191815Returns home
SmithG MApr15191853To Chilliwack BC
SmithG M & SonsSept26191715L S Fair - winner Carriage team
SmithG M & SonsSept26191715L S Fair - winner Single driver
SmithG M & SonsSept26191715L S Fair - winner Saddle horse
SmithJ HMay18191711To survey Bezanson
SmithJamesMar26191812L S Fair - winner Marquis wheat
SmithJamesMar26191812L S Fair - winner Banner oats
SmithLJuly4191773Daughter born
SmithLMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner French Embroidery
SmithLMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Braid Work
SmithLMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Sofa Cushion
SmithLMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Tea Apron
SmithLorneSept26191715L S Fair - winner Best beef animal
SmithMarjory AnnaClairmontMay25191713Christened
SmithW GMar19191815Purchases A Patrick house
SmithW GClairmontApr2191814Buys Tom Sinclair's land
SmithWmSee - Wm Smith for business
SmithMrClairmontMay11191711,2Road works committee
SmithMrsJune23191711UFA Sports - Ladies 50-yd Race
SmithAcmeFeb15191873Buys Patrick house
Smith BrosApr20191741,2Adv - Farm implements
Smith BrosClairmontApr20191774,5Adv - Maxwell cars
Smith BrosClairmontMay11191741,2Adv - Haying & harvesting machines
Smith BrosMay11191774,5Adv - Maxwell repairs carried
Smith BrosMay18191741,2Adv - "Waterloo Boy" tractors
Smith BrosClairmontMay18191774,5Adv - Maxwell car $995
Smith BrosMay25191741,2Adv - Mechanic available
Smith BrosMay25191774,5Adv - Clairmont & Lake Saskatoon
Smith BrosJune1191741,2Adv - Gasoline tractors
Smith BrosGrande PrairieJune1191774,5Adv - Car now $890
Smith BrosJune11917103Adv - Registered Clyde stallion for sale
Smith BrosJune8191741,2Adv - McCormick machinery
Smith BrosGrande PrairieJune8191774,5Adv - Run a Maxwell car for $6 - $8 per month
Smith BrosJune16191741,2Adv - Kerosene tractors one-man outfits
Smith BrosJune16191774,5Adv
Smith BrosJune23191741,2Adv - Threshing machines
Smith BrosGrande PrairieJune23191774,5Adv
Smith BrosJuly4191741,2Adv - Clairmont & Lake Saskatoon
Smith BrosGrande PrairieJuly4191754,5Adv - Car prices f.o.b. Windsor
Smith BrosClairmontJuly11191741,2Adv
Smith BrosGrande PrairieJuly11191774,5Adv - Cars $890 - $1400
Smith BrosJuly18191741,2Adv
Smith BrosJuly181917103Adv - Horses for sale
Smith BrosJuly25191741,2Adv
Smith BrosAug1191741,2Adv
Smith BrosAug8191741,2Adv - Carload of binders
Smith BrosAug15191741,2Adv
Smith BrosAug22191741,2Adv - Horses & cattle for sale
Smith BrosAug29191741,2Adv
Smith BrosSept5191741,2Adv
Smith BrosSept12191781,2Adv
Smith BrosSept19191711Starts threshing
Smith BrosClairmontSept19191741,2Adv
Smith BrosSept26191741,2Adv
Smith BrosOct4191741,2Adv
Smith BrosOct11191741,2Adv
Smith BrosClairmontJan5191841,2Adv - Power equipment
Smith BrosJan12191841,2Adv
Smith BrosJan18191841,2Adv
Smith BrosJan26191841,2Adv
Smith BrosFeb1191841,2Adv - Electric lighting plants
Smith BrosFeb8191841,2Adv - Power farming
Smith BrosFeb15191841,2Adv
Smith BrosFeb22191841,2Adv
Smith BrosMar6191841,2Adv - Steam tractors
Smith BrosMar19191843Adv - Horses for sale
SolesA FJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - 1/2-mile Horse Race
SolesR FJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - One Mile Horse Race
SomervilleJSpitfire LakeOct4191743Adv - Lost fur coat
SpencerMar6191815Home from the East
SpitfireOct11191715Post office changed to Buffalo Lake
SpurgeonA HJuly18191713Returns from 138th O S Battalion
SpurgeonMrSexsmithAug221917103Land preparation late
St Andrew's ChurchMay25191753Hold UFA Sunday
StandishS HSept19191753Bank inspector in town
SterleskyEdwardGrande PrairieFeb8191853Fined for liquor on ED & BC
StevesUClairmontApr20191714Sells home
Steves & SonApr20191773Adv - Building contractor
Steves & SonClairmontMay111917105Adv
StewartCharlesHonOct18191711,2New Premier
StollGeoMar26191812L S Fair - winner Abundance oats
StollGeoMar26191812L S Fair - winner Red potatoes
StoneR DMay11191711,2Beaverlodge UFA Secretary
StrangMrJan18191853Leaves for Edmonton
SuekLClairmontMay25191713Sells interst in butcher business
SuekL AMrsClairmontApr20191714New Manager of Pioneer Hotel
SuekL AClairmontMay11191773Opens Clairmont Garage
SuekL AMrsClairmontMay111917101,2See - Twin Lakes Hotel
SuekL AClairmontApr2191813Takes over Clairmont Auto Livery
SuikLClairmontMay25191753Business visitor
SullivanJMrsNiobeJan26191853Is ill
Sunset RanchJuly4191711Picnic to support Red Cross
Sunset RanchJan18191811Delivers 2000 bushels of oats
SupernantJ HJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - Putting Shot
SupernoAJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - 100-yd Race - over 45 years
SutherlandJackMar26191815Building house addition