Lake Saskatoon Journal – R


Business/Last NameFirst NameTitlePlaceMonthDayYearPageColumnNotes
R RankinClairmontSept51917103Adv - Shoe & harness repair
R RankinClairmontSept121917105Adv
R RankinClairmontSept191917105Adv
R RankinClairmontSept261917105Adv
R RankinClairmontOct41917105Adv
R RankinClairmontOct11191755Adv
R RankinClairmontOct18191772Adv
R RankinClairmontJan5191874Adv
R RankinClairmontJan12191874Adv
R RankinClairmontJan18191842Adv
R RankinClairmontJan26191842Adv
R RankinClairmontFeb1191842Adv
R RankinClairmontFeb8191842Adv
R RankinClairmontFeb15191842Adv
R RankinClairmontFeb22191842Adv
R RankinClairmontMar6191842Adv
R RankinClairmontMar12191842Adv
R RankinClairmontMar19191842Adv
R RankinClairmontMar26191842Adv - Shoe repairs
R RankinClairmontApr2191842Adv
R RankinClairmontApr9191862Adv
RaeG AJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - Two-year-old Race
RailwaysJune23191711,2Construction from Peace River to Waterhole Begins
RailwaysJune23191715Spirit River-Grande Prairie branch constuction starts
RamsayDSee - Clairmont Shoeing Forge for business
RamsayDMrsJan26191814Known for good cooking
RamsayDavidClairmontJune23191711,2Elected to first Village Council
RamsayDavidClairmontAug81917103Returns to Clairmont
RamsayJamesClairmontApr15191853Will trade Horse Haven land
RamsayJamesClairmontApr2191853Land for sale
RamsayVJune23191711UFA Sports - Winner Girl's race 6 & under
RamsayVernaJune23191711UFA Sports - Winner Girl's Potato Race
RamsayVernaSept26191712Helped serve dignitaries
RancherJackAug81917104Adv - Clyde stallion for service
RancherJackAug15191714Purchases Clyde stallion "Facny"
RandallRevAug15191714Assigned to Sawridge district
RankinRSept5191714Purchases J McDonald building
RankinRClairmontSee - R Rankin for business
RankinRApr9191863Sells & leaves for Savona BC
RathGladysSept26191712Helped serve dignitaries
Rawleigh'sValhallaJuly4191751,2Adv - Lyman T Rorem "Rawleigh Man"
ReadJames GeorgeJan5191811Marries Martha Black
Red CrossJuly4191711Support picnic at Adair's Sunset Ranch
Red CrossSept19191714To meet in Clairmont
Red CrossFeb15191853Planning concert
Red CrossClairmontFeb22191873Meet at Coblentz's
Red CrossMar6191815Raise $138.75
Red CrossClairmontMar12191814Needs to submit statement
Red CrossClairmontMar19191815Financial Statement
Red Cross SocietyFeb1191843Hold dance in Prairie City
Red WillowJune1191715Plans district picnic
Red WillowJune23191753Picnic a success
RedmondJApr15191812Calls meeting of returned soldiers
RedmondJackPteMay11191753Returns from war
RedmondJackMay18191753Story correction
ReedBeaverlodgeMar6191814Return to homestead
ReithESee - E Reith for business
ReithEMay18191745Adv - Funeral Director
ReithEJan26191853Brother arrives
ReithTLacombeJan26191853Arrives to file
ReithMrMay18191711Conservative-Liberal Assoc meets at his store
RenningerW RApr15191844,5See also - W R Renninger
Revillon Freres Trading CoMay11191754,5Adv - Now open 8 to 8 Wednesday & Saturday
Revillon Freres Trading CoApr20191763Installing engine to water supply pump
Revillon Freres Trading CoApr20191763Receive seed potatoes
Revillon Freres Trading CoApr20191764,5Adv - Townsite lots
Revillon Freres Trading CoMay18191754,5Adv - Fabrics
Revillon Freres Trading CoMay25191754,5Adv - Made-to-order suits $25
Revillon Freres Trading CoJune1191754,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoJune8191754,5Adv - New stock
Revillon Freres Trading CoJune16191754,5Adv - Tobacco brands
Revillon Freres Trading CoJune23191754,5Adv - Alabastine shades
Revillon Freres Trading CoJuly4191774,5Adv - Butter & eggs taken in trade
Revillon Freres Trading CoJuly11191754,5Adv - Tea 3 lb/$1
Revillon Freres Trading CoJuly18191754,5Adv - Men's wear
Revillon Freres Trading CoJuly25191754,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoAug1191754,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoAug8191715Open until 8 on mail days
Revillon Freres Trading CoAug8191754,5Adv - Summer goods reduced
Revillon Freres Trading CoAug22191754,5Adv - Hours are 8 am - 6 pm
Revillon Freres Trading CoAug29191764,5Adv - Shelf hardware
Revillon Freres Trading CoSept5191754,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoSept12191754,5Adv - Up-to-date patterns
Revillon Freres Trading CoSept191917512Adv - open 8 am to 8 pm Monday & Thursday
Revillon Freres Trading CoSept26191754,5Adv - Slater's shoes
Revillon Freres Trading CoOct4191764,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoOct11191771,2Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoOct18191754,5Adv - Mackinaw shirts
Revillon Freres Trading CoJan5191864,5Taking raw furs
Revillon Freres Trading CoJan12191854,5Adv - H L Main fur buyer
Revillon Freres Trading CoJan18191853Stock sold
Revillon Freres Trading CoJan18191854,5Adv - Specializing in furs
Revillon Freres Trading CoJan26191854,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoFeb1191854,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoFeb8191854,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoFeb15191854,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoFeb22191854,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoMar6191854,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoMar12191854,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoMar19191854,5Adv - Top prices for furs
Revillon Freres Trading CoMar26191854,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoApr2191844,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoApr9191894,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading CoApr15191864,5Adv
ReynoldsW GMar12191815Rough trip moving north
ReynoldsW MApr2191843Rents Rabbit Hills farm
RhineARevClairmontOct4191712Leaves for Yakima WA
RhineRevJune1191711At Clairmont UFA Sunday
RhineRevClairmontJune1191714Performs first marriage in Clairmont
RhineRevClairmontJune1191714Holds Baptist Service
RhineRevJune16191715Last service in Clairmont
RhineRevJune231917103To conduct evangelical meetings
RichardsonC WJuly25191753Inspector for Revillon Freres
RichardsonPeace RiverJune16191753Daughter born
RiseborroughW EAug29191763Adv - Bull & young cows for sale
RiseborroughW ESept19191753Adv - Heifers for sale
RobartsMrsSKAug22191712Adair family reunion
RobbW MScenic HeightsFeb1191814Elected UFA President
RobertsFredBear LakeSept26191753Gets 44 bushels per acre
RobertsHMrsFeb1191853Entertains young people
RobertsSept19191711First to start threshing
RobertsPine CreekOct18191715Wheat stacks burn
RobertsonJudgePrince George BCOct18191753In town
RobinsERt RevApr20191712Anglican Services - Lake Saskatoon, Bear Lake
RohnEGrande PrairieMay18191753Business visitor to Valhalla
RolandMar12191815Telegrapher arrives
Roman Catholic ChurchRed WillowMay181917105His Lordship Bishop Grouard to bless new chapel
Roman Catholic ChurchClairmontJuly18191713Services discontinued
Roman Catholic ChurchBuffalo LakesFeb22191813Rev Joseph Wagner
Roman Catholic ChurchClairmontApr15191814Morning mass in new church
RonningH NRevValhallaJuly11191773Welcomes new arrivals
RonningRevMay111917105Adv - Lost hats
RonningValhallaJuly11191773Grade VII class standing
RonningValhallaJuly11191773Grade II class standing
RoremLyman TSee - Lyman T Rorem for business
RoremValhallaJuly11191773Recitation at "Welcome Feast"
RosserKleskun HillSept19191711Starts threshing
RouviereFrBloody FallAug22191713Priest murdered in 1913
Royal George HotelEdmontonMar26191874Adv
Royal George HotelEdmontonApr15191874Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Apr20191774,5Adv - Permanent rates
Royal Hotel (The)May11191771,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)May18191771,2Adv - Renovated
Royal Hotel (The)May25191771,2Adv - Quick & courteous service
Royal Hotel (The)June1191771,2Adv - Meal tickets
Royal Hotel (The)June8191771,2Adv - Meals at all hours
Royal Hotel (The)June16191753Dinner gong disappears
Royal Hotel (The)June16191771,2Adv - Renovated throughout
Royal Hotel (The)June23191771,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)July4191751Adv - Mrs Pursell Propietor
Royal Hotel (The)July11191771,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)July18191771,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)July25191771,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Aug1191771,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Aug8191771,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Aug15191751,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Aug29191771,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Sept5191771,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Sept12191731,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Sept19191741,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Sept26191741,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Oct4191741,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Oct11191741,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Oct18191741,2Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Jan5191844,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Jan12191844,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Jan18191844,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Jan26191844,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Feb1191844,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Feb8191844,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Feb15191844,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Mar6191815Adv - Girl wanted
Royal Hotel (The)Mar6191894,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Mar12191874,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Mar19191844,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Mar26191844,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Apr2191844,5Adv - Renovated throughout
Royal Hotel (The)Apr9191864,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Apr9191873Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Apr15191845
RunningerW KApr15191814Builder of new Catholic church
Rural Munic Grande Prairie No 739May181917103Meeting notes
RushtonEdApr9191811To explore west of Pine Pass
RyanJ WSexsmithJan5191873Elected UFA director
RyanRevClairmontMay18191712Baptist minister arrives
RyleyB TJan18191843Elected Deputy Reeve for Bear Lake RM