Lake Saskatoon Journal – P & Q


Business/Last NameFirst NameTitlePlaceMonthDayYearPageColumnNotes
Pacific Great Eastern RailwayJan26191843Completion urged
Pacific Great Eastern RailwayFeb8191814,5Deputation urging completion
Pacific Great Eastern RailwayFeb15191813BC government taking over
PashovskiFrankClairmontMar26191813Returns after 3 years
PatrickAClairmontApr2191843Resigns as school trustee
PatrickArthurFeb15191873Sells house & barn
PatrickDJune23191711UFA Sports - Boy's race 6 & under
PatrickMrJune16191712Resigns as Bear Lake Municipal auditor
PatrickMrsClairmontJan12191813Past Secretary Red Cross Society
Patrick & HousseinApr20191771,2Adv - General merchants
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonMay11191771,2Adv - Eggs 30 cents
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonMay18191771,2Adv - Butter 40 cents
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonMay25191771,2Adv - Carload of groceries
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJune1191771,2Adv - Will not advance credit
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJune8191771,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJune16191771,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJune23191771,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJuly4191751,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJuly11191771,2Adv - Gem jars $1.35/doz
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJuly18191771,2Adv - Sugar $2.25/20 lb
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJuly25191771,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonAug1191771,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonAug8191771,2Adv - Shoe sale
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonAug15191751,2Adv - Bananas 40 cents/dozen
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonAug22191771,2Adv - General merchants
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonAug29191771,2Adv - Tobacco 20 cents
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonSept5191771,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonSept12191731,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonSept19191771,2Adv - Preserving fruit
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonSept26191771,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonSept26191775Receive big shipment
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonOct4191771,2Adv - Fruit clearance
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonOct11191791,2Adv - Bed springs & mattresses
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonOct111917125Adding to building
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonOct18191771,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJan5191871,2Warm clothing
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJan12191871,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJan18191871,2Adv - Men's suits sale
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonJan26191871,2Adv
Patrick, Houssein & PattersonFeb1191871,2Adv
Patriotic Food ActFeb8191814,5Bacon urgently needed
PattersonFredMay11191773Purchases interest in Patterson & Houssein
PdelarMrsApr15191813Returns today
Peace RiverOct11191794New Central Canada Railway bridge
Peace River AreaJan1819188175,000 settlers this season
Peace River CountryOct181917633,500 settlers this year
Peace River LiberalsJuly4191712,3Help win provincial election
Peace River Milling CoSexsmithJan5191844,5Adv - Flour prices
Peace River Milling CoSexsmithJan12191844,5Adv
Peace River Milling CoSexsmithJan18191844,5Adv
Peace River Milling CoJan26191844,5Adv
Peace River Milling CoFeb1191813Producing "standard flour"
Peace River Milling CoFeb1191844,5Adv - Making mill changes
Peace River Milling CoSexsmithFeb8191844,5Adv
Peace River Milling CoSexsmithFeb15191844,5Adv
Peace River Milling CoSexsmithFeb22191844,5Adv
Peace River Milling CoSexsmithMar6191844,5Adv - Superior Standard Flour
Peace River Milling CoMar12191844,5Adv
Peace River Milling CoMar26191812Shuts down - wheat shortage
Peace River Pacific Farm LocatorsMay111917104,5Adv - Listings wanted
Peace River Pacific Farm LocatorsMay181917104,5Adv
Peace River Pacific Farm LocatorsPeace RiverJune23191774,5Adv - Clairmont homes for sale
Peace River Pacific Farm LocatorsClairmontJuly251917103Adv - Clairmont quarter $2600
Peace River Pacific Farm LocatorsJuly251917103Adv - Wants quarter to rent
Peace River Pacific Farm LocatorsClairmontAug81917105Adv - Houses & buildings for sale
Peace River Pacific Farm LocatorsAug15191754,5Adv - Lakeside farm $2200
Peace River Pacific Farm LocatorsClairmontAug22191774,5Adv - Farm $11.50/acre
Peace River Pacific Farm LocatorsSept12191734,5Adv - 160 acres, house, etc $1000
Peace River Pacific Farm LocatorsSept19191774,5Adv
Peace River Pacific Farm LocatorsSept26191775Adv - Store & farm $2400
Peace River Trading CoApr20191761,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoMay11191752Adv - 10% discount on May 31
Peace River Trading CoMay18191751,2Adv - C L Underwood manager
Peace River Trading CoPeace RiverMay25191715Building collapses
Peace River Trading CoMay25191751,2Adv - Men's straw hats
Peace River Trading CoJune1191751,2Adv - Shipment of cereals
Peace River Trading CoJune8191751,2Adv - Highest prices paid for farmer's produce
Peace River Trading CoJune16191751,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoJune23191751,2Adv - Black & fancy skirts
Peace River Trading CoJuly4191771,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoJuly11191751,2Adv - Underwear
Peace River Trading CoJuly18191751,2Adv - Canvas shoes
Peace River Trading CoJuly25191751,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoAug1191751,2Adv - Sale on summer wear
Peace River Trading CoAug8191751,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoAug22191751,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoAug29191761,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoSept5191751,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoSept12191751,2Adv - Sheepskin coats $5
Peace River Trading CoSept19191751,2Adv - Fall wear
Peace River Trading CoSept26191751,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoOct4191761,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoOct11191771,2Adv - Pullovers
Peace River Trading CoOct18191751,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoJan5191861,2Adv - Food & clothing
Peace River Trading CoJan12191851,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoJan18191851,2Adv - Sweaters & coats
Peace River Trading CoJan26191851,2Adv - Butter, eggs, meat wanted
Peace River Trading CoFeb1191851,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoFeb8191851,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoFeb15191851,2Adv - Stetson hats
Peace River Trading CoFeb22191851,2Adv - Last white flour available
Peace River Trading CoMar6191851,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoMar12191851,Adv
Peace River Trading CoMar19191851,2Adv - Selling off winter wear
Peace River Trading CoMar26191851,2Adv - Potatoes
Peace River Trading CoApr2191851,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoApr9191891,2Adv - Robin Hood white flour
Peace River Trading CoApr15191851,2Adv
PearcyW SMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Fancy Handkerchief
PearcyW SFeb15191813Masonic Lodge W M
PearcyW SMrsFeb22191812IODE Regent
PearcyMrsJan12191812Saskatoon Village school teacher
PedlarMrsClairmontAug81917103Leaves for Smoky
PedlarMrsClairmontJan12191813President Red Cross Society
PedlarMrsFeb22191873To Edmonton with daughter Mrs Curtis
PedlarMrsApr9191811Leaves for Smoky homestead
PeeblesAlexanderMay11191712Sells Clairmont Barn
PeeblesAlexandra HClairmontJune231917103Donates bell to Baptist Church
Peeble's BarnApr201917101,2Adv - Livery & Feed
Peeble's BarnMay181917101,2Adv - Draying
Peeble's BarnMay251917101,2Adv
Peeble's BarnJune11917101,2Adv
Peeble's BarnJune81917101,2Adv
Peeble's BarnJune16191771,Adv
Peeble's BarnJune23191771,2Adv
PeechalArchibaldClairmontOct18191773Barber arrives
PelletierMissJune1191713Performs song at Beaverlodge concert
Pelletier The BuilderApr20191774,5Adv - Tombstones & monuments
Pelletier The BuilderBeaverlodgeMay11191774,5Adv - Concrete work
Pelletier The BuilderMay18191774,5Adv - Contracting & jobbing
Pelletier The BuilderMay25191774,5Adv - Lake Saskatoon & Beaverlodge
Pelletier The BuilderJune1191774,5Adv
Pelletier The BuilderJune8191774,5Adv
Pelletier The BuilderJune16191774,5
Pelletier The BuilderJune23191774,5Adv
Pelletier The BuilderJuly4191754,5Adv
PentlandA WMay11191753Son born
PentlandA WJune8191753Buys new Maxwell car
PentlandA WMrsAug15191783Father (Major Watts) visits
PentlandA WMrsAug22191753Father visits
PentlandA WSept26191715L S Fair - Winner Dairy Cow
PentlandA WMrsOct18191753Aunt here for winter
PentlandA WFeb8191811Elected President Board of Trade
PentlandA WFeb15191813Masonic Lodge Treasurer
PentlandMrsJune16191714,5Plays for Smith/Hothersall wedding
PerryMissJune1191715Highest price box at Buffalo Lakes dance
PierceWmBeaverlodgeApr20191765Adv - Lot, house, tinshop in Clairmont for sale
PierceWmBeaverlodgeMay25191753Opens tinsmithing business
PierceWmBeaverlodgeAug29191763Son born
PierceWmSee - Wm Pierce for business
PikeMrFeb8191843Specialty seed
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieOct4191743Adv - Made-to-Measure Suits
Pioneer Tailor (The)Oct11191751Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieOct18191774Adv - Suits cleaned
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieJan5191874Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieJan12191874Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieJan18191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Jan26191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieFeb1191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Feb8191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Feb15191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieFeb22191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieMar6191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieMar12191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieMar19191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieMar26191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieApr2191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieApr9191862Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieApr15191842Adv - Men's suits
PiperJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - Running long jump
PiperJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - Hop, step & jump
PiperJuly11191713Gr Pr Sports - Broad jump
PittsRMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner French Embroidery
PittsRMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Eyelet Embroidery
PittsMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Colored Silk Embroidery
PittsMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Honiton Lace
PittsMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Battenburg Lace
PittsMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Fancy Collar
PittsMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Cotton Crochet Collection
PittsMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Patchwork Quilt
PittsMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Sofa Cushion
PittsMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Corset Cover
PittsMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Tea Apron
PlumbH CJune1191715On way to Mountain Creek Ranch
PoolC OMrsSept26191743L S Fair - Winner Cottage Cheese
PoolC OMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Child's Frock
PorteousL CMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Eyelet Embroidery
PorteousL CMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Drawn Work
PorteousMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Honiton Lace
PorteousMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Tea Cozy
PorteousMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Tea Cloth
PorteousMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Fancy Towels
PorteousMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Pin Cushion
PorteousMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Fancy Novelty
PorteousMrsOct4191743L S Fair - Winner Sofa Cushion
PorteousMrsGrande PrairieFeb22191812Installs new IODE officers
Pouce CoupeOct11191712Holds first fall fair
PrattW CMrsGrande PrairieMay11191753Guest of Dr & Mrs Macdonald
Presbyterian ChurchJune1191773Meeting re: new church
Presbyterian ChurchJan18191853Services at Robt Moore's
Presbyterian ChurchClairmontFeb151918103Services alternate Sundays
Presbyterian ChurchKlusken LakeFeb151918103Services in school
Presbyterian ChurchFeb151918103H Gellatly
Province of AlbertaMay11191771,2Adv - Savings certificates offered
Province of AlbertaMay18191711Election likely June 11
Province of AlbertaMay18191713"Cow Bill" now in operation
Province of AlbertaMay18191771,2Short term farm loans
Province of AlbertaMay25191711New Municipal Hospitals Act
Province of AlbertaMay25191743Provincial population 496,117
Province of AlbertaJuly4191712,3Liberals win election
Province of AlbertaJuly11191715Savings Certificates well received
Province of AlbertaOct18191711,2Hon Chas Stewart new Premier
Province of AlbertaJan12191811Motor vehicle license fees
PursellElizabethMay18191713Bridesmaid for Zelma Hoover
PursellElizabethSept5191713Marries Westley Lovell
PursellMrsApr20191763Daughter & family arrive
PursellMrsApr20191774,5Proprietress for Royal Hotel
QuebecApr219181Riots in Quebec