Lake Saskatoon Journal – J


Business/Last NameFirst NameTitlePlaceMonthDayYearPageColumnNotes
J ArcherApr20191715Adv - Farms for sale
J ArcherApr20191715Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
J ArcherMay11191744Adv - Money to lend at 8%
J ArcherMay18191745Adv
J ArcherMay25191745Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
J ArcherMay25191753Adv - will be in Benville
J ArcherJune1191712Adv - tenders wanted
J ArcherJune1191745Adv
J ArcherJune8191745Adv
J ArcherJune16191745Adv
J ArcherJune23191745Adv
J ArcherJuly4191745Adv
J ArcherJuly11191745Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
J ArcherJuly18191745Adv
J ArcherJuly25191745Adv
J ArcherAug1191745Adv
J ArcherAug8191745Adv
J ArcherAug15191745Adv
J ArcherAug22191745Adv
J ArcherAug29191745Adv
J ArcherSept5191745Adv
J ArcherSept12191785Adv
J ArcherSept19191745Adv
J ArcherSept26191745Adv
J ArcherOct4191745Adv
J ArcherOct11191745Adv
J ArcherOct18191745Adv
J ArcherJan5191873Adv
J ArcherJan12191875Adv - Money to loan
J ArcherJan18191875Adv - Notary Public
J ArcherJan26191875Adv
J ArcherFeb1191875Adv
J ArcherFeb8191811Adv - Land listings wanted
J ArcherFeb8191875Adv
J ArcherFeb15191875Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
J ArcherFeb22191875Adv
J ArcherMar6191895Adv
J ArcherMar12191875Adv
J ArcherMar19191875Adv
J ArcherMar26191875Adv
J ArcherApr2191875Adv - Loans at 8%
J ArcherApr9191875Adv
J ArcherApr15191875Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
J B OliverGrande PrairieApr20191715Adv - Funeral Director
J B OliverGrande PrairieMay11191744Adv - Embalmer
J B OliverGrande PrairieMay18191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJune1191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrarieJune8191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJune16191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJune23191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJuly11191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJuly18191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJuly25191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieAug1191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieAug8191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieAug15191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieAug22191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieAug29191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieSept5191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieSept12191785Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieSept19191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieSept26191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieOct4191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieOct11191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieOct18191745Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJan5191873Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJan12191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJan18191875Adv - Embalmer
J B OliverGrande PrairieJan26191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieFeb1191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieFeb8191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieFeb15191875Adv - Funeral Director
J B OliverGrande PrairieFeb22191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieMar6191895Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieMar12191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieMar19191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieMar26191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieApr2191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieApr9191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieApr15191875Adv - Funeral Director & Embalmer
J E FilteauGrande PrairieMar12191873Adv - Furs
J E FilteauApr15191873Adv - Furs
J ErlanderDrEdmontonFeb8191873Adv - Eyesight specialist
J ErlanderDrEdmontonFeb15191873,5Adv
J ErlanderDrEdmontonFeb22191873,5Adv
J ErlanderDrEdmontonMar6191893,5Adv
J ErlanderApr15191875Adv - Sight Specialist
J LangillApr20191762Adv - See also - Lake Saskatoon Harness Shop
JaqueE HSee - Clairmont Barn for business
JaqueE HClairmontJune23191711,2Declines nomination to council
JaqueE HBeaverlodgeAug15191753Adv - Horses, etc for sale
JaqueE HBeaverlodgeAug22191773Adv - Equipment for sale
JaqueE HClairmontOct111917123Graham brothers take over livery
JaqueE HApr2191814Sells draying goodwill
JardinJune23191712Baseball team catcher
JardinJClairmontJune23191711UFA Sports - Boy's race 10 & under
JardineW AJune16191712Appointed Bear Lake Munic overseer
JardineWmScenic HeightsFeb1191814Elected UFA director
JebbGeoSept26191743L S Fair - winner Onions, Pickling
JebbGeoSept26191743L S Fair - winner Parsnips
JebbGeoSept26191743L S Fair - winner Peas
JebbGeoSept26191743L S Fair - winner Turnip, Swede
JebbGeo WMar26191812Prize winning wheat for sale
JebbGeorgeMar26191812L S Fair - winner Marquis Wheat
JebbAug29191773Bear Lake Rural Munic. Sect-Treas. Tax notices
Joe NixonClairmontApr20191775Adv - Shoe repairs
Joe NixonJune81917103Adv - Shoe repairs
JohnsonAxelOct11191793Recovering from surgery
JohnsonAxelOct18191713Dangerously ill; no family to contact
JohnsonAxelFeb1191843Returns after illness
JohnsonC WJune8191715Runs for Conservative selection
JohnsonCecilDeep CreekSept19191712Awaiting threshing outfits
JohnsonCecilMar12191844To sit on Tribunal
JohnsonEJuly18191712Contractor for Clairmont School
JohnsonEScenic HeightsSept19191711Starts threshing
JohnsonE WApr20191714Renting Mashburn's Barn
JohnsonE WClairmontOct11191755Son born
JohnsonErnest WClairmontSee - Ernest W Johnson for business
JohnsonG WApr15191813Entertains at hall opening
JohnsonHarryPteKleskun LakeApr9191842KIA - died of wounds
JohnsonJohnValhallaFeb22191873Marries Miss S Hagen
JohnsonMaryMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Fancy Handkerchief
JohnsonMaryMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Button Holes
JohnsonMaryMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Ladies Night Dress
JohnsonWMar12191853Is ill
JohnsonW EClairmontJune23191712Baseball team short stop
JohnsonW GJune1191713Beaverlodge concert - in quartet
JohnsonW GJune1191713Beaverlodge concert - performs song
JohnsonW GClairmontAug15191713Takes over as council secretary
JohnsonW GJan26191814Sells home to S R Tuffley
JohnsonW GApr15191813Entertains at hall opening
JohnsonWmSept26191714L S Fair - winner Agricultural Team
JohnsonWmSept26191714L S Fair - winner Agricultural Mare 3 yrs+
JohnsonMissAug81917103Returns from medical care in Edmonton
JohnsonMrBeaverlodgeAug221917103Tractor & plows very active
JohnsonSept5191714Contract from J Mashburn for store
JohnsonMrsSept26191713L S Fair - winner Ladies' Horse Race
JohnsonW GClairmontSee - W G Johnston for business
JohnstonF APresident - The Grande Prairie Lumber Company
JohnstoneR JSexsmithJan5191873Elected UFA director
JohnstoneR JMar26191812Vice-president Horse Breeders Assoc
JonesT DRevMay111917103Methodist Church conference official
JoseFrJuly18191713Leaves for the front