Lake Saskatoon Journal – H


Business/Last NameFirst NameTitlePlaceMonthDayYearPageColumnNotes
H B WoodEdmontonMay11191744Adv - Dentist
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieJan5191873Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieJan12191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieJan18191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieJan26191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieFeb1191875Adv - Spencer Block
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieFeb8191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieFeb15191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieFeb22191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieMar6191895Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieMar12191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieMar19191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieMar26191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieApr2191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieApr9191875Adv
HagenSMissValhallaFeb22191873Marries John Johnson
HallB FJune16191713Appointed Bear Lake Municipality overseer
HallH EOct18191713On exemption tribunal
HallH FMar12191844Resigns from Tribunal
HallMrsApr15191813Entertains at hall opening
HancharykAApr2191843Visits Clairmont
HancharykClairmontJune1191715Host Bishop Grouard & Father Wagner
HannaHJune23191711UFA Sports - Boys' race 6 & under
HannaHJune23191711UFA Sports - Boys' race 10 & under
HannahEleanorClairmontJuly4191713Dies of tuberculosis - buried in Grande Prairie
HannahHarryClairmontJuly4191713Sister dies
HannahJimClairmontJuly4191713Sister dies
HannahSClairmontJuly4191713Daughter dies
HannahSJuly4191753Card of thanks
HansenJSexsmithFeb81918103Erecting frame house
HansenSSept26191714L S Fair - winner Agricultural Team
HansenSSept26191714L S Fair - winner Agricultural Mare 3 yrs +
HansenSSept26191714L S Fair - winner Brood Mare
HansenSSept26191714L S Fair - winner Foal
HansonArthurValhallaJuly11191773Grade I - Class standing
HansonGertrudeValhallaJuly11191773Grade II - Class standing
HansonJJuly18191753In court
HansonMarcusValhallaJuly11191773Grade V - Class standing
HansonO MValhallaJuly11191773Speech at "Welcome Feast"
HansonSarahValhallaJuly11191773Grade III - Class standing
HardingJPouce Coupe BCSept19191711Starts threshing
HardingJClairmontOct111917123Son born
HardingMar12191853Family moves to Pouce Coupe
HarlandMAug29191713In "Good Farms" competition
HarrisD DMurray Harbour PEIApr20191763Looking at land - renting from J Keith
HarrisIreneKleskun HillFeb8191853Marries Cecil Waller
HarrisJ HClairmontJune23191713Director Farmers Elevator Co-op
HarrisJ HKleskun HillSept26191713Threshing for W Salmond
HarrisJ HJan18191815Elected UFA Vice-president
HarrisJohn HKleskun HillFeb8191853Daughter marries
HartWMay25191753Imperial Life Insurance agent in town
HaszardF W DMrsSept5191753Arrives from PEI
HaszardJessieSept5191753Arrives from PEI
HaszardT WJuly11191753Adv - Wants land broken
HaszardT W DJuly4191773Adv - Wants to break land
HaszardWMay111917103In Play
HaszardWMay18191753Confined to home
HaszardWJune16191753Bank of Commerce accountant vacations
HaszardWAug8191753To Pouce Coupe on relief
HaszardWSept5191753Returns from Pouce Coupe
HaszardWMar12191815To Pouce Coupe
HaszardMrAug29191711Family coming from PEI
HaszardMissJan5191813In concert
HayesB EMay181917103Sec-Treas Grande Prairie Rural Municipality
HazzardMcNarMurray Harbour PEIApr20191763Looking at land - renting from J Keith
HazzardT WMurray Harbour PEIApr20191763Looking at land - renting from J Keith
HeggelundDagnyValhallaJuly11191773Grade I - Calss standing
HelgasonH JJan5191873Elected UFA director
HellerFApr20191773Adv - Wanted - second hand buggy
HellerFrankManager Lake Saskatoon Journal
HellerFrankMay111917103In Play
HellerFrankOct18191715In Thanksgiving concert
HellerFrankMar26191812Entertains at seed fair
HellerGClairmontFeb15191843President Young People's Society
HellerG HApr15191815Request for payment
HellerGeraldClairmontJune23191711,2Elected to first village council
HellerGeraldClairmontJuly11191712Elected as Reeve
HellerGeraldJan26191873Thank you to community
HellerGeraldClairmontMar6191813Home destroyed by fire
HellerGeraldApr15191812Family goes outside
HellerGeraldMay25191713Daughter christened
HellerGerald HEditor Lake Saskatoon Journal
HellerGerald HApr15191843Sells Lake Saskatoon Journal
HellerHester MaryMay25191713Christened
HellerHester MaryMar6191813Saved by sister E Leatham
HellerMrClairmontMay11191711,2Road works committee
HellerMrsClairmontJune81917103Hosts meeting to form basketball club
HemlenJoeJuly11191743GR Pr Sports - Boy's race
HendersonMissJune1191715Performs at Buffalo Lakes dance
HermanC EMay111917103In Play
HermanC EAug22191753Departs from Hudson's Bay store
HermanC EOct181917105Visits
HermanWJan12191815Returns to Sexsmith
HillMrAug29191711Visits G Balmer
HockeyJJuly11191743GR Pr Sports - Best Bucking Horse
HoganTScenic HeightsSept19191711Starts threshing
HolinsheadHarold MontfordBuffalo LakesJune1191713Marries Minnie McGregor
HolmesEuniceJune16191714,5Bridesmaid for Smith/Hothersall wedding
HolmesRobtMrsJan26191843Thanks community
HolmesMrsSept26191715L S Fair - winner Foal
HolthamE JAug11917104Adv - Autioneer for Moodie sale
Holy Trinity Women's AuxillaryBear LakeFeb22191813Annual meeting planned
HommeH OSept26191715L S Fair - winner Geurnsey Bull
HommyH OSept26191743L S Fair - winner Flax
HommySMissUpper BeaverlodgeSept19191712To teach in Valhalla
HomnyLenaOct4191743L S Fair - winner Centre Piece
HomnyLena SOct4191743L S Fair - winner Mat
HooperAFeb15191843Sec-treas Young People's Society
HooperAllenClairmontAug15191711Returns from Detroit
HooperMrClairmontMay11191711,2Road works committee
HooperClairmontJune23191712Baseball team pitcher
HooverZelmaHalcourtMay18191713Marries Fred Brown
HopkinsC FRevMay111917103Methodist Church conference official
HopkinsC FRevJune1191753To Calgary for Methodist Church conference
HopkinsC FRevJuly25191715UFA Sports - Theologs sack race
HopkinsC FRevAug8191753Attends UFA Edmonton meeting
HopkinsC FRevAug29191713Returning from Victoria BC
HopkinsC FRevSept5191753Has returned
HopkinsC FRevSept12191711,2Reports on railroad petitions
HopkinsC FSept26191743L S Fair - winner Beans, Dwarf
HopkinsC FSept26191743L S Fair - winner Tomatoes, Ripe
HopkinsC FSept26191743L S Fair - winner Tomatoes, Green
HopkinsC FMrsSept26191743L S Fair - winner Cut Flower Collection
HopkinsC FSept26191743L S Fair - winner Sunflowers
HopkinsC FSept26191743L S Fair - winner Radish, Long
HopkinsC FRevOct18191753Purchases Chevrolet car
HopkinsC FRevJan18191815Elected UFA Secretary
HopkinsC FRevFeb1191814Honorary President Scenic Heights UFA
HopkinsC FRevFeb15191853Received Pathescope
HopkinsC FRevMar6191814Announces moving picture shows
HopkinsE TSept26191743L S Fair - winner Turnips, white
HopkinsF CRevJune16191753Returns from conference
HopkinsHMrsFeb22191812IODE First Vice-president
HopkinsMrsMar26191811Gives picture show
HorneMrAug29191711New teacher
HornelandOGrande PrairieMay18191753Business visitor to Valhalla
HorteHValhallaJuly11191773Leader of new mixed chorus
HorteOlafManager Valhalla Lumber Co
Horte BrosValhallaSept19191711Starts threshing
HothersallM AMissSee - Miss M A Hothersall for business
HothersallMary A CJune16191714,5Marries Frederick Smith
HothersallMissJune1191713Beaverlodge concert - performs monolog
HothersallMissJune1191713Beaverlodge concert - piano solo
HousseinMClairmontAug8191773Letter to Beaver Lumber about leins
HowardJSept26191715L S Fair - winner Foal
HowardJasSept26191713L S Fair - winner 2 yr + mare
HowardJasSept26191714L S Fair - winner Brood mare & Foal
HowardJasSept26191714L S Fair - winner Agricultural Mare 2 yrs +
HowardJasSept26191714L S Fair - winner General Purpose Brood Mare
HowardL CSexsmithFeb1191815Elected Board of Trade Vice-president
HowardSexsmithApr2191815Baby dies, parents in hospital
HowardSexsmithApr15191813Funeral for infant son
Hudson's BayAug1191753Close Lake Saskatoon store
HughesS WApr9191863Returned soldier
HumeJackDeep CreekJune23191712Baseball team left fielder
HumskorCarlBenvilleAug81917103Sells to G Walters
HunskorA MGrande PrairieJan5191812Son dies
HunskorJan5191873Selling Pool Room & leaving
HunterI RApr15191813Registered stallion dies