Lake Saskatoon Journal – E


Business/Last NameFirst NameTitlePlaceMonthDayYearPageColumnNotes
E ReithClairmontApr20191745Adv - Funeral Director
E ReithClairmontMay11191744Adv - Embalmer
E ReithClairmontMay25191745Adv - Clairmont & Lake Saskatoon
E ReithClairmontJune1191745Adv
E ReithClairmontJune8191745Adv
E ReithClairmontJune16191745Adv
E ReithClairmontJune23191745Adv
EagarM WAug8191715New lawyer in Grande Prairie
EagarM WSee - M W Eagar for business
EatonEJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - winner Boys Race - under 10
EatonEJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - winner Boys Race
ED & BC RlyJuly4191711Demonstration train coming
ED & BC RlyApr201917103Adv - Schedule
ED & BC RlyMay11191744Adv - Fares
ED & BC RlyJuly4191744Adv - Time table & fares
ED & BC RlyAug15191712Bridge across Peace River ready for steel
ED & BC RlyAug29191744Adv - New time table
ED & BC RlySept5191711,2Rumored to be part of CPR
ED & BC RlySept19191711Train delayed due to landslide
ED & BC RlyOct18191744Time Table changes
ED & BC RlyJan5191875Adv - Xmas Excursions
ED & BC RlyJan12191815Plan extention route
ED & BC RlyFeb1191814Drifts delay trains
ED & BC RlyMar12191843Adv - Schedule & rates
ED & BC RlyApr2191812UFA request loading platform
ED & BC RlyApr15191843Time Table and Fares
EdgarArchieJuly25191715UFA Sports - winner Boy's Race - 12 & under
EdgarNMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner French Knot Embroidery
EdgarNMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Wool Crochet Collection
EdgarNScenic HeightsFeb1191814Elected UFA director
EdgarNormanFeb15191853Daughter born
EdgarMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Child's Frock
EdgarMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Fancy Pillow Slips
EdgarMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Boudoir Cap
EdgarMrsOct4191743L S Fair - winner Fancy Novelty
Edmonton City DairyJuly11191745Creamery now in operation
ElliottAlmieJan5191811Marries Hazel Beard
ElliottEJune23191711UFA - bucking contest
ElliottElvieBeaverlodgeJan26191853Now on homestead
EllisMar19191814UFA Planning group
EllwoodLeeClairmontJan26191853Operates Farmers Elevator
EmersonMortonClairmontApr2191853Horses for sale
EmersonMortonApr15191853Horses & Equipment for sale
Empire HotelJan261918101Adv
Empire HotelApr201917103Adv
Empire HotelClairmontMay11191744Adv - T B Nash, Proprietor
Empire HotelMay181917104Adv - Clean and Cozy
Empire HotelMay251917104Adv
Empire HotelJune11917104Adv
Empire HotelJune81917103Adv
Empire HotelJune16191744Adv
Empire HotelJune23191744Adv
Empire HotelJuly4191744Adv - T B Nash, Proprietor
Empire HotelJuly11191744Adv
Empire HotelJuly18191744Adv
Empire HotelJuly25191744Adv
Empire HotelAug1191744Adv
Empire HotelAug8191744Adv
Empire HotelAug15191743Adv
Empire HotelAug22191743Adv
Empire HotelAug291917104Adv
Empire HotelSept51917104Adv
Empire HotelSept191917104Adv
Empire HotelSept261917104Adv
Empire HotelOct41917104Adv
Empire HotelOct11191753Adv
Empire HotelOct18191771Adv
Empire HotelJan51918101Adv
Empire HotelJan121918101Adv - T B Nash, Proprietor
Empire HotelJan181918101Adv
Empire HotelFeb1191874Adv
Empire HotelFeb8191874Adv
Empire HotelFeb15191874Adv
Empire HotelFeb22191845Adv
Empire HotelMar6191814Mrs Nash closes hotel
Empire HotelMar6191845Adv
Empire HotelMar12191815Hotel for rent
Empire HotelMar12191841Adv
Empire HotelMar19191841Adv
Empire HotelMar19191845Adv - Hotel for rent
Empire HotelMar26191841Adv
Empire HotelApr2191841Adv
Empire HotelApr9191861Adv
Empire HotelApr15191841Adv
Empire HotelApr15191845Adv - Hotel for rent
EmyJuly11191743Gr Pr Sports - winner Bucking Contest
ErlangerJuliusDrEdmontonFeb8191843Optometrist here in March
ErlangerJuliusSee - J Erlanger for business
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontApr20191741,2Adv - Builder & Contractor
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontMay11191741,2Adv - Will do estimates
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontMay18191741,2Adv - Will submit plans
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontMay25191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontJune1191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontJune8191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontJune16191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontJune23191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontJuly11191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontJuly18191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontJuly25191741,2,Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontAug1191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontAug8191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontAug15191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontAug22191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontAug29191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontSept5191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontSept12191781,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontSept19191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontSept26191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontOct4191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontOct11191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontOct18191741,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontJan5191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontJan12191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontJan18191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontJan26191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontFeb1191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontFeb8191844,5Adv - Plan early for spring
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontFeb15191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontFeb22191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontMar6191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontMar12191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontMar19191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontMar26191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontApr2191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontApr9191864,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonClairmontApr15191844,5Adv - Contractor & Builder
EvansG WApr20191713Home erected
EvansG WSee - G W Evans for business
EvansGeraldFeb15191873Ships barb wire
EvansJJuly4191713Daughter born
Evans' HardwareFeb22191814Adv - barb wire
Evans' HardwareMar6191844Adv
EvertonFeb1191853Returns from trapping
EvjenI JApr20191764Adv - Cattle for sale