Lake Saskatoon Journal – A


Business/Last NameFirst NameTitlePlaceMonthDayYearPageColumnNotes
A I McElhineyApr20191744Adv - Auctioneer
A I McElhineyMay251917105Adv - Phone Independent office
A I McElhineyJune11917105Adv - Auctioneer
A I McElhineyJune81917105Adv
A I McElhineyJune23191773Adv
A I McElhineyJuly4191751,2Adv
A I McElhineyJuly11191771Adv
A I McElhineyJuly18191771Adv
A I McElhineyJuly25191771Adv
A I McElhineyAug1191771Adv
A I McElhineyAug8191771Adv
A I McElhineyAug15191751Adv
A I McElhineyAug22191771Adv
A I McElhineyAug29191771Adv - Auction school graduate
A I McElhineySept5191771Adv
A I McElhineySept12191731Adv
A I McElhineySept191917105Adv
A I McElhineySept261917105Adv
A I McElhineyOct41917105Adv
A I McElhineyOct11191753Adv
A I McElhineyOct181917101Adv
A I McElhineyJan51918102Adv - Auctioneer
A I McElhineyJan181918102Adv
A I McElhineyJan261918102Adv
A I McElhineyFeb1191875Adv
A I McElhineyFeb8191875Adv
A I McElhineyFeb15191875Adv
A I McElhineyFeb22191875Adv
A I McElhineyMar6191895Adv
A I McElhineyMar12191875Adv
A I McElhineyMar19191875Adv
A I McElhineyMar26191875Adv
A I McElhineyApr2191875Adv
A I McElhineyApr9191875Adv
A J TaylorFeb15191874,5Adv - Garden seeds
A J TaylorFeb22191874,5Adv
A J TaylorMar6191894,5Adv - Fresh groceries
A J TaylorMar12191874,5Adv
A J TaylorMar19191874,5Adv - Fresh groceries
A J TaylorMar26191874,5Adv - 20th Century Clothing
A J TaylorApr2191874,5Adv - 250 patterns available
A J TaylorApr9191874,5Adv - Made-to-Measure
A J TaylorApr15191874,5Adv - 20th Century Clothing
A L FosterApr201917104,5Adv - Grain Buyer
A Pike & CoEdmontonMar19191844,5Adv - Seeds
A Pike & CoApr15191844,5Adv - Seeds
A WhittleMay11191751,2Adv - Hardware Merchant
A WhittleMay18191751,2Adv - Oils
A WhittleMay25191751,2Adv - Hardware Merchant
A WhittleJune1191751,2Adv - Grease
A WhittleJune8191751,2Adv - Gas engines arrive
A WhittleJune16191751,2Adv - Large stock of china
A WhittleJune23191751,2Adv
A WhittleJuly11191751,2Adv
A WhittleJuly18191751,2Adv - Hay forks
A WhittleJuly25191751,2Adv
A WhittleAug1191751,2Adv
A WhittleAug8191715Open until 8 pm on mail days
A WhittleAug8191751,2Adv
A WhittleAug22191751,2Adv - Selection of ranges
A WhittleAug29191761,2Adv
A WhittleSept5191751,2Adv
A WhittleSept12191751,2Adv - Vacuum washing machines
A WhittleSept19191751,2Adv - Washing machine $20
A WhittleSept26191751,2Adv
A WhittleOct4191761,2Adv
A WhittleOct11191771,2Adv - Traps and ammunition
A WhittleOct18191751,2Adv
A WhittleJan5191861,2Adv - Pay for raw furs
A WhittleJan12191851,2Adv - Traps
A WhittleJan18191851,2Adv
A WhittleJan26191851,2Adv
A WhittleFeb1191851,2Adv
A WhittleFeb8191851,2Adv
A WhittleFeb15191851,2Adv - Four hole cook stoves
A WhittleFeb22191851,2Adv - Stove with reservoir $15
A WhittleMar6191851,2Adv - Paints
A WhittleMar12191851,2Adv - Rubberoid on hand
A WhittleMar19191851,2Adv - Raw furs bought
A WhittleMar26191851,2Adv - Frying pans
A WhittleApr2191851,2Adv - Harness
A WhittleApr9191891,2Adv
A WhittleApr15191851,2Adv - Hardware Merchant
AbbottF VRevMay18191712Anglican service to be held in Clairmont
AbbottF VRevJan12191843Thank you for gift
AbbottF VRevFeb15191813Held services in Clairmont
AbbottT VMrsGrande PrairieJuly25191712Visits Mrs A R Smith
AbbottRevJune1191711At Kleskun Hills UFA Sunday
AbbottRevJune81917103Builds good congregation
AbdoCHappy ValleyMay18191753Edmonton City Dairy Agent
AbernathyWClairmontMay25191712Clairmont Conservative Vice-President
AbernathyWClairmontFeb1191873Vice-President Young People's Society
AdairHarryJuly41917103Loses bet to W Innes
AdairHarryMar19191853Travels to Calgary
AdairHarryApr2191812Returns from US
AdairJAug1191711Parents of L H Adair visit
AdairJ LAda OKAug221917124-generation family reunion
AdairJ LAda OKAug22191743Letter to editor
AdairL HJune16191711,2Endorsed by Grande Prairie Political Association
AdairL HAug221917124-generation family reunion
AdairL HScenic HeightsSept19191711Starts threshing
AdairL HJan121918103In new house
AdairL HScenic HeightsFeb1191814Elected UFA director
AdairL HFeb11918105Purchases hereford cattle
AdairL HJan5191863Hauling oats
AdairL HarryJune8191771,2Campaign advertisement
AdairLeonidas HarryJune1191743,4Brief biography
AgarRMissAug221917105Marries J W Sawyers
Alberta CollegeEdmontonSept19191771,2Adv - Residential school
Alberta CollegeEdmontonOct18191771,2Adv
Alberta Farmers' Co-operativeMay18191795Building new elevators
Alberta-Pacific Elevator CoJune23191713Erects large coal bin
Alberta-Pacific Elevator CoOct41917104,5Adv - Coal for sale
Alberta-Pacific Elevator CoOct11191751,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Elevator CoOct18191774,5Adv
Alberta-Pacific Elevator CoClairmontJan5191841,2,Grain prices
Alberta-Pacific Elevator CoMar12191853Grain prices
Alberta-Pacific Elevator CoClairmontMar19191853Grain prices
Alberta-Pacific Elevator CoClairmontApr9191815To close May 5
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoJan5191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoJan12191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoJan18191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoJan26191841,2,Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoFeb1191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoFeb8191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoFeb15191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoFeb22191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoMar6191841,2Adv - Coal for sale
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoMar12191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoMar19191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoMar26191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoApr9191861,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoApr15191841,2Adv - 200 tons of coal
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoApr15191853Grain prices
AlexanderLouisFeb22191813Helps unload implements
AlexanderWSept19191753Bank inspector in town
AlexanderWMar26191812Director Horse Breeders Association
AllenJClairmontJuly25191714Homesteading at Beaverlodge
AllenJClairmontAug15191753Contracts blood poisoning
AllenJ CClairmontApr20191761Adv - Proprietor Clairmont Poolroom
AllenJamesClairmontJune23191711,2Elected to first village council
AllenJimClairmontApr9191863Buys T Duff's house
AllenMrsJune1191713Concert - in quartet
AlloseMrsKleskun HillApr2191873Sells to P J McDonald
AndersonCScenic HeightsFeb1191814Elected UFA director
AndersonCarlDeep CreekJune23191712Baseball team second baseman
AndersonChasJune16191713Appointed Bear Creek Municipal overseer
AndersonEarlClairmontMar12191814Sells to R Moore
AndersonEricDeep CreekJune23191712Baseball team pitcher
AndersonJ GCaptGrande PrairieApr20191712War wounded
AndersonVictorSexsmithJan121918103Chopping mill runs daily
AndersonVictorFeb1191815Adv - Available for chopping
AndersonVictorFeb8191873Adv - Chopping
AndersonMrFeb15191853Cutting ice
Anglican ChurchApr20191712Services - Lake Saskatoon, Bear Lake, Grande Prairie
Anglican ChurchClairmontMay25191713Services held
Anglican ChurchJune8191753Service Sunday at 7:30
Anglican ChurchJune16191713Sunday collection for Syrian Relief
Anglican ChurchJune23191753Holds evening service
Anglican ChurchJuly11191753Sunday service
Anglican ChurchAug22191753Rev C F Washburn to preach
Anglican ChurchAug29191714Large congregation hears Bishop Robbin
Anglican ChurchAug29191763Sunday School at 3 o'clock
Anglican ChurchSept5191753Service Sunday
Anglican ChurchSept19191753Service
Anglican ChurchOct4191763Service notice
Anglican ChurchOct11191713Holds Thanksgiving Harvest Festival
Anglican ChurchOct18191753Service
Anglican ChurchOct181917103Service with Rev Abbott
Anglican ChurchJan5191863Special service for Victory
Anglican ChurchClairmontJan12191843Services to continue for January
Anglican ChurchMar61918123Services at Mrs Hannah's
Anglican ChurchBuffalo LakesMar26191814Special Easter sevices
Anglican ChurchLake SaskatoonMar26191814Special Easter sevices
AppletonFredAug29191763Returns from Claremont ON
ArcherJSee - J Archer for business
ArcherJApr20191772Adv - Encyclopedia for sale
ArcherJJune16191753Bear trapped on homestead
ArcherJJuly4191773Daughter born
ArcherJFeb1191853Returns from UFA convention
ArcherJFeb8191811Elected Secretary of Board of Trade
ArcherJMar26191815Returns from Edmonton
Argonaut Saw MillMar191918101Reopens
ArnoldEScenic HeightsMar12191813Purchases heifers
At Curtis'See - Curtis'