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SurnameFirst NameBookPage Number(s)
RaaenLloydHomesteaders' Heritage93
RaaenSevatHomesteaders' Heritage94
RabasAnton and GretlFrom Tears to Triumph175
RabickEdward W.Grande Cache: The People195
RadcliffeE Insp RCMPPioneers of the Peace414
RadelGeorgeHomesteaders' Heritage9
RademacherOttoPioneer Round-Up126
RadfordFredBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement107
RadfordFred (Christmas Journey)Beaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement108
Radio Station CFGPGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace143
Radio Station CFGPPioneers of the Peace174
RadkeMikeHomesteaders' Heritage157,296,347
RadkeMikeSmoky Peace Triangle359
RadkeOlga and PaulHomesteaders' Heritage151, 168,297,346, 350
RadkeRienhartHomesteaders' Heritage298
RadkeWilliamHomesteaders' Heritage156, 159, 161,298
RadleyWilliamHomesteaders' Heritage163, 299
RadomskiLucash and DarkaWheatfields and Wildflowers345
RadosevicEsther (Caldwell)Where the Red Willow Grew222
RaeJohnBeaverlodge to the Rockies562
RaeMerlinGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 6, 29
RaeW AGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace6, 8,10,23,41,48,63, 65-69, 93,123,137
RaeW AEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 24,26,98,102,166
RaeW ALake Saskatoon Reflections80
RaeWilliam APioneers of the Peace42, 46, 55, 67, 91, 170,190, 330
RafuseKempMemories and Moments207
RailroadChepi Sepe44
Railroad GradeHomesteaders' Heritage1, 2
Railroad TiesBurnt Embers32
RailwaysBurnt Embers 9, 15, 438
RainerCharlesLake Saskatoon Reflections195
RainerDianeLake Saskatoon Reflections196
RainerDorothyLake Saskatoon Reflections196
RainerJuliaLake Saskatoon Reflections 42, 154, 195
RainerLindaLake Saskatoon Reflections196
RainerMarthaLake Saskatoon Reflections195
RainerPaulLake Saskatoon Reflections 64, 93, 195, 254
RaisonC CGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace98
RaisonCharles and FamilySmoky River to Grande Prairie558
RaisonWilliam JSmoky River to Grande Prairie373
RaiwetCharles and SusanIosegun Reflections391
RaleighMrLake Saskatoon Reflections254
RamboLeitaGrooming the Grizzly512
RamsayDaveLake Saskatoon Reflections62
RamsayDavidBeaverlodge to the Rockies531
RamsayViolaPioneers of the Peace323
RamsdenFrancesLake Saskatoon Reflections134
RamsdenFrankLake Saskatoon Reflections150
RamseyEvelynPioneers of the Peace323
RamseyMA History of Grande Cache77, 87
RamsfieldAndrewGrooming the Grizzly514
RamsfieldArtGrooming the Grizzly514
RamstadKalmar and ThoraWhere the Red Willow Grew224
RamsteadShane and JacquieGrande Cache: The People195
RanchJackBurnt Embers185
RanchPioneer Round-Up124
Ranch StoriesSmoky River to Grande Prairie74
Ranching on the KleskunSmoky River to Grande Prairie511
RandallGuy and Dale (Black)Where the Red Willow Grew571
RandallRevLake Saskatoon Reflections 9, 188
RannTim and SallyIosegun Reflections392
Ransom FamilyMikeIosegun Reflections393
RapinDon and MaryTales, Trails and Gumbo170
RapleyAlice (Vader) and KennethChepi Sepe767
RapleyRobertSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails401
RappelAukie and James RaymondChepi Sepe768
RappelDyraldBurnt Embers327
RappelFredBurnt Embers437
RappelHattie and VernChepi Sepe768
RappelHelen and PeteChepi Sepe769
RashRev HowardGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace87
RaskJensBeaverlodge to the Rockies137
RaskauskasBrian and JudyTales, Trails and Gumbo505
RaskyOttoBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement170
RasmussenLawrenceWhere the Red Willow Grew225
RatcliffePearl E and CliffChepi Sepe771
RathGladysPioneers of the Peace149
RathwellWalterWagon Trails Grown Over127
RathwellWalter ECentennial Celebration Edson Trail120
RathwellWalter EPioneers of the Peace185
RattlaffDanial and DoreenBridges to the Past331
RattliffBertHomesteaders' Heritage299
RattliffGeorgeHomesteaders' Heritage161,167,300
RatzlaffAbeAcross the Smoky84
RatzlaffAndrew BAcross the Smoky84
RatzlaffDan and DoreanSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails401-404
RatzlaffDaveAcross the Smoky85
RatzlaffDave and MelitaBridges to the Past199
RatzlaffFrankAcross the Smoky85
RatzlaffGeraldBridges to the Past331
RatzlaffIsaacAcross the Smoky191
RatzlaffJacobAcross the Smoky265
RaultFrPioneers of the Peace87
RaultRev FrGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace81
RautenstrauLaGlace: Yesterday and Today39
RautenstrauchGerd and DorotheaAlong the Wapiti382
RautenstrauchGerhardBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement295
RautenstrauchWolf and BettyAlong the Wapiti382
RavenInspectorEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 84, 240
Ravenna SchoolAcross the Smoky303
RavenswoodSchoolBeaverlodge to the Rockies262
RawlekHelena and JohnChepi Sepe775
RawlekJohn and FamilyWheatfields and Wildflowers419
RawlekPauline and PeterChepi Sepe776
RawllsMrGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace2
RawsonMary MrsPioneers of the Peace60
RayAlexBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement82
RayAlexBeaverlodge to the Rockies68
RayAlexPioneers of the Peace198, 323
RayCecil and DorothyWagon Trails Grown Over661
RayDaphneLake Saskatoon Reflections246
RayEdithPioneers of the Peace196, 198
RayElvaPioneers of the Peace198
RayG A MrsPioneers of the Peace196-198
RayGaryLake Saskatoon Reflections246
RayGeorge AlexEdson to Grande Prairie Trail146,149
RayGeorge AlexanderPioneers of the Peace196-198
RayIsaakWagon Trails Grown Over64
RayJackBeaverlodge to the Rockies419
RayJackPioneers of the Peace196-198
RayJames "Bob"Pioneers of the Peace198
RayJeanPioneers of the Peace196-198
RayMaryPioneers of the Peace196, 198
RayMelBeaverlodge to the Rockies138
RayMelvinPioneers of the Peace198
RayMerlinPioneers of the Peace198
RayRobert TPioneers of the Peace198
RayScottyBeaverlodge to the Rockies362
RayThelma MrsPioneers of the Peace295
RayWilliam "Scotty"Pioneers of the Peace196, 198
RayWilliam SrPioneers of the Peace196
Ray LakeHistory of SchoolPioneer Round-Up46
Ray LakeHistory of StorePioneer Round-Up45
RaynesHarryBeaverlodge to the Rockies462
RCAF Airborn operationfirstGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace115
RCMPFox CreekSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails171, 172
RCMPValleyviewSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails171
REASmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails35
ReadeGeorge and RichardWhere the Red Willow Grew606
ReaderMary HelenBurnt Embers437
ReadingPatLake Saskatoon Reflections142
ReakesJackSmoky Peace Triangle359
Reaume Josephine FamilyBuffalo Trails212
ReaumeFamilyPioneer Round-Up278
Reaume FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today298
ReavelyDrBurnt Embers58
ReavleyDr and Dr Law ReflectionsChepi Sepe778
ReavleyDr EChepi Sepe777
ReayBill and AliceTales, Trails and Gumbo505
ReayJohn and MargaretTales, Trails and Gumbo506
ReayWilliamThe Big Bend193
Rebekah LodgeGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace117
ReberBill and ElsieSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails404
ReberCliffWhere the Red Willow Grew227
ReberFamilies' ArrivalWhere the Red Willow Grew226
ReberFrank and MyrtleWhere the Red Willow Grew228
ReberHughSmoky Peace Triangle359
ReberJakeSmoky Peace Triangle360
ReberJimWhere the Red Willow Grew231
ReberLester and DorothySmoky Peace Triangle361
ReberBurnt Embers185
RebstockWalter MrsPioneers of the Peace124, 125
ReckloLena (Roshka)Wheatfields and Wildflowers419
Recollection of RoadsSmoky Peace Triangle61
Recollections of Eight Years at South Swan Lake SchoolFrom Tears to Triumph302
RecreationThe Northfield Settlement8
RecreationMemories and Moments 47-49
RecreationBurnt Embers74
Recreational AuxiliaryA History of Grande Cache74
RectorKen and DonnaIosegun Reflections48,393
Red"Baldy"Lake Saskatoon Reflections83
Red CrossGrooming the Grizzly146
Red Moose (chief)Edson to Grande Prairie Trail144
Red River Carts469
Red Willow OutfittingSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails57-58
RedcliffeTomWhere the Red Willow Grew460
ReddekoppBev and MarleneWagon Trails Grown Over661
ReddickAlberta and EdmeSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails405
RedekoppKarl and AnneTales, Trails and Gumbo507
Redemptorist OrderRoman CatholicGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace81
Redemptorists OrderPioneers of the Peace87
RedigMrs CGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace32
RedlonAlbertGrooming the Grizzly515
Redlow LocalUnited Farmers of AlbertaPioneers of the Peace32
Redlow Post OfficePioneers of the Peace13, 32
RedmondFred and LilAlong the Wapiti114
RedmondJ J MrsPioneers of the Peace256
RedmondJamesPioneers of the Peace256
RedmondJohnLake Saskatoon Reflections 31, 196
RedmondJohn JPioneers of the Peace141, 256
RedwoodEdith MrsPioneers of the Peace265
RedwoodIvanPioneers of the Peace149
RedwoodIvan, Edith, FamilyBuffalo Trails196
RedwoodLeysonBuffalo Trails167
ReedBonnie and ArtChepi Sepe779
ReedEmelie and R SChepi Sepe780
ReedNelsonPioneer Round-Up280
ReedNewtonAlong the Wapiti407
ReedO EEdson to Grande Prairie Trail30
ReedeEdEdson to Grande Prairie Trail100
Rees Philip and MarilynGrande Cache: The People196
ReesArtSmoky River to Grande Prairie378
ReesDr R EGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace37
ReeseMr & Mrs DavidLake Saskatoon Reflections103
Reeve, village, firstGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace48
ReevesChesterThe Big Bend89
ReevesLouis and HermanSmoky River to Grande Prairie233
RegalRev EdwinGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace86
ReganValton and GwenBurnt Embers186
ReganWilliam and DeborahWagon Trails Grown Over326
RegehrAbramThe Big Horn School DistrictFirst Mennonite Settlers
RegehrPeterThe Big Horn School DistrictFirst Mennonite Settlers
RegerHelgeLaGlace: Yesterday and Today80
RegierPeterPioneer Round-Up419
Register of Marriages 453 - 462
ReglerAbePioneer Round-Up417
RegnerEva (Lefferson)From Tears to Triumph53
RegnierOscarSmoky River to Grande Prairie378
RegnierVelmaAcross the Smoky198
RehaumeAlanLake Saskatoon Reflections197
RehaumeBill and AudreyTales, Trails and Gumbo508
RehaumeBlancheLake Saskatoon Reflections196
RehaumeBrettLake Saskatoon Reflections197
RehaumeHenryLake Saskatoon Reflections 184, 196, 238
RehaumeHenry and BlancheAlong the Wapiti382
RehaumeHollyLake Saskatoon Reflections197
RehaumeJoyceLake Saskatoon Reflections197
RehaumeLarryLake Saskatoon Reflections197
RehaumeLeroy and EdnaTales, Trails and Gumbo509
RehaumeLucilleLake Saskatoon Reflections197
RehaumeNicoleLake Saskatoon Reflections197
RehaumeTerryLake Saskatoon Reflections197
Rehaume FamilyBurnt Embers 187, 437
ReheaumeHenry MrsPioneers of the Peace203
RehmBob and OliveWagon Trails Grown Over452
RehmDan and MurielWagon Trails Grown Over484
ReichHenryPioneer Round-Up281
ReichHenry and MaggiePioneer Round-Up 199a
ReichHenry WPioneers of the Peace237
ReichenbachJohnGrooming the Grizzly516
ReichertArnoldWhere the Red Willow Grew233
ReichertEricBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement251
ReichertJohn and ValericAlong the Wapiti29
ReichertTheoWhere the Red Willow Grew234
ReidCharlieAcross the Smoky56
ReidElaineChepi Sepe782
ReidEthelPioneer Round-Up 203a
ReidJean MrsPioneers of the Peace151
ReidRPioneers of the Peace54
ReidRev RobertGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace88
ReidRobert H and JanetFrom Tears to Triumph23
ReidWilfred and ArnoldWhere the Red Willow Grew607
ReidWiltner ShadlockFrom Tears to Triumph24
ReiersonSten and IngaWhere the Red Willow Grew236
ReilichFrom Tears to Triumph174
ReimerA TAcross the Smoky122
ReimerAaron FAcross the Smoky261
ReimerAaron WAcross the Smoky162
ReimerBethBridges to the Past332
ReimerFamilySmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails165
ReimerHenryAcross the Smoky162
ReimerHenry - SawmillBridges to the Past506
ReimerIsaacAcross the Smoky162
ReimerJakeAcross the Smoky162
ReimerLevi and EdnaBridges to the Past199
ReimerStan and LoretteBridges to the Past332
ReineltFriedolin and EmmaFrom Tears to Triumph174
ReinitzErnestLake Saskatoon Reflections94
ReinitzMarleneLake Saskatoon Reflections94
ReinitzMarlene MrsPioneers of the Peace130
ReinitzRichard and JuneAlong the Wapiti51
ReinitzWalterBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement296
ReinitzWalter and AdelaAlong the Wapiti51
ReisingerLillianMemories and Moments207
ReiswigDanGrooming the Grizzly518
ReiswigFredGrooming the Grizzly520
ReiswigHaroldGrooming the Grizzly521
ReiteAndrewEdson to Grande Prairie Trail119
ReithEdwardGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace50
ReithEdwardBeaverlodge to the Rockies494
Remember WhenSmoky Peace Triangle58
Remember WhenSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails182
Remember WhenSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails167
Remember When - PeoriaGrooming the Grizzly 187-8
Remember When?Burnt Embers507
RemenykJackHomesteaders' Heritage151,300
RemenykMikeHomesteaders' Heritage12, 158,301
RemenykSieveHomesteaders' Heritage157, 162,302
Reminders of Days Gone ByBurnt Embers508
Reminiscences by Art TansemGrooming the Grizzly 188-92
RempelBillThe Big Bend189
RempelBill and JustinaTales, Trails and Gumbo512
RempelBobThe Big Bend192
RempelBob and KarenTales, Trails and Gumbo513
RempelDanThe Big Bend193
RempelRichardThe Big Bend189
RempelRichard and TinaTales, Trails and Gumbo514
RempisAnnePioneers of the Peace295
RempleBillGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace107
RempleKathyLake Saskatoon Reflections210
RemplePeterPioneers of the Peace92
RempleRev FrankGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace87
RempleWilliamLake Saskatoon Reflections64
RenfreePaul and NoreenWagon Trails Grown Over662
RenisonBishopGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace82
RenisonRt RevLake Saskatoon Reflections173
RennickWillis and RachelFrom Tears to Triumph361
RennieFrankAlong the Wapiti221
RenningerPat and ClarenceFrom Tears to Triumph271
RenschlerRoger and BevTales, Trails and Gumbo312
RenspieEdAcross the Smoky163
RepetoskiGeorge and AhaphiaSmoky Peace Triangle361
RepetowskiGeorge and AhaphiaWagon Trails Grown Over1014
RepetowskiJury and OlgaSmoky River to Grande Prairie177
RepkaG MGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace38,145
RepkaGeorgeEdson to Grande Prairie Trail250
Report on Our Trip and Arrival in TapperFrom Tears to Triumph386
Rescue In The Saddle HillsGrooming the Grizzly200
Research Station, Dominion, BeaverlodgeGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace46
RestaHenry and HelenGrande Cache: The People196
RestaurantsBurnt Embers448
ReuchertGustBeaverlodge to the Rockies364
ReumHermanGrooming the Grizzly522
RevelstokeSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails78
ReverieFredEdson to Grande Prairie Trail101
Reviilon FreresLake Saskatoon Reflections 11, 36, 114, 121, 140, 147, 200, 221, 250, 255
Revillon FreresPioneers of the Peace9,17,19,22, 51,140,172,233, 266, 298, 406
Revillon FreresGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace5
RexinJeanLake Saskatoon Reflections230
RexinRoyLake Saskatoon Reflections230
ReyCharleyBuffalo Trails159
ReynoldsAvisLake Saskatoon Reflections16
ReynoldsBillGrande Cache: The People197
ReynoldsFamilySmoky Peace Triangle361
ReynoldsFrankBeaverlodge to the Rockies226
ReynoldsTed and SarahWagon Trails Grown Over1105
ReynoldsTed, Sarah, Family (S Moore)Buffalo Trails170
ReynoldsWilliam and RegAcross the Smoky191
RheaumeFatherGrande Cache: The People198
RheaumeFatherA History of Grande Cache32, 88
RibarEmroWhere the Red Willow Grew575
RicardMarcel, SamHomesteaders' Heritage94
RicardSusanGrande Cache: The People199
RiceJackChepi Sepe784
RiceMissAcross the Smoky291
RiceThomas Woodman and SuzanneSmoky River to Grande Prairie177
RichA RPioneer Round-Up125
RichJanisLake Saskatoon Reflections175
RichardWalterSmoky River to Grande Prairie233
Richards Helen and JimGrande Cache: The People199
RichardsCliffordLaGlace: Yesterday and Today173
RichardsEarlLaGlace: Yesterday and Today171
RichardsEllaPioneers of the Peace196
RichardsFThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
RichardsFloraSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails389
RichardsFredThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
RichardsFredLaGlace: Yesterday and Today172
RichardsGwenLaGlace: Yesterday and Today30
RichardsJackThe Big Bend91
RichardsJohnThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories, Original Settlers
RichardsJohnThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
RichardsJohn FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today134
RichardsJudd and JennieWagon Trails Grown Over949
RichardsMarshallThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
RichardsMarshallLaGlace: Yesterday and Today132
RichardsTedThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
RichardsWalterThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
RichardsWalterBurnt Embers248
RichardsWalter FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today133
RichardsWilbertLaGlace: Yesterday and Today173
RichardsonC WEdson to Grande Prairie Trail101
RichardsonCharlesLake Saskatoon Reflections 28, 103
RichardsonDrEdson to Grande Prairie Trail81
RichardsonFernChepi Sepe782
RichardsonMabelLake Saskatoon Reflections103
RichardsonVera and FamilyChepi Sepe783
RichardsonWilliamPioneer Round-Up47
Richardson (and Doherty)Edson to Grande Prairie Trail79
Richardson FamilyBeaverlodge to the Rockies363
RichaugTony and NormaIosegun Reflections393
RichmondRoyHomesteaders' Heritage94
Richmond Hill Golf Club LtdPioneers of the Peace292, 332
RichterFamilyFrom Tears to Triumph170
RichterFrank and EmmaFrom Tears to Triumph171
RichterReubenWagon Trails Grown Over326
RickerJanet and HaroldChepi Sepe784
RiddelMissAcross the Smoky291
RiddleF MGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace38
RideoutFemePioneers of the Peace240
"Riders of the Plains"Pioneers of the Peace400
Ridgevalley ColonyBridges to the Past127
Ridgevalley HomeBridges to the Past437
Ridgevalley SchoolAcross the Smoky296
Ridgevalley School (Mand A Loewen story)Bridges to the Past283
Ridgevalley School PicturesBridges to the Past 379-380
RidingJohnAcross the Smoky61
RidingJohn and EdithBridges to the Past203
RiedlFlorian and RosaFrom Tears to Triumph173
RiegerAndy and Ruth (Sutherland)Bridges to the Past333
RiegerHenryGrooming the Grizzly525
RiegerJohnAcross the Smoky260
RielLouisLake Saskatoon Reflections83
RiesHenryBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement324
RiesbroughWillBeaverlodge to the Rockies442
RigbvDanielLake Saskatoon Reflections199
RigbyAliceLake Saskatoon Reflections 129, 199
RigbyAlisonLake Saskatoon Reflections199
RigbyAnnieLake Saskatoon Reflections 42, 198, 200
RigbyArthurLake Saskatoon Reflections199
RigbyElizabeth (Betty)Lake Saskatoon Reflections 198, 199
RigbyEvaLake Saskatoon Reflections 183, 234
RigbyGizelaLake Saskatoon Reflections199
RigbyJames (Jim)Lake Saskatoon Reflections
RigbyJeanetteLake Saskatoon Reflections199
RigbyJustynLake Saskatoon Reflections 91, 129, 158, 197, 198, 199
RigbyKarinaLake Saskatoon Reflections199
RigbyKarstenLake Saskatoon Reflections199
RigbyLloydLake Saskatoon Reflections 198, 199
RigbyLorraineLake Saskatoon Reflections199
RigbyWilliamLake Saskatoon Reflections 21, 46, 56, 63, 103, 137, 197, 198, 200
Rigby FamilyAlong the Wapiti383
RiggsS H and MrsAlong the Wapiti384
RiggsLake Saskatoon Reflections199
Riggs CafeSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails119
RiglerAlvinAcross the Smoky318
RiglerMurland and VeraSmoky River to Grande Prairie234
RiglerWilliam and EthelSmoky River to Grande Prairie105
RigmeHomesteaders' Heritage95
RileyTerrenceA History of Grande Cache77
RimmermanMr & Mrs EdwardLake Saskatoon Reflections228
RindlesbackerArnoldWhere the Red Willow Grew460
RinglandArthurPioneers of the Peace17
RingleBob and BarbBridges to the Past335
RingleGeorgeAcross the Smoky193
RinglePhyllisBridges to the Past336
RingleRoyBridges to the Past337
RingstromAlbinBeaverlodge to the Rockies379
Ringstrom" OlafBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement208
RinkerFamilyPioneer Round-Up375
Rio GrandeAlbertaPioneers of the Peace323
Rio GrandeBeaverlodge to the Rockies553
Rio Grande CWLBeaverlodge to the Rockies553
Rio Grande HallBeaverlodge to the Rockies553
Rio Grande Post OfficePioneers of the Peace323
Rio Grande SchoolBeaverlodge to the Rockies535
Rio Grande SportsBeaverlodge to the Rockies536
Rio Grande St Patrick's ChurchBeaverlodge to the Rockies535
Rio Grande St Patrick's PlaysBeaverlodge to the Rockies533
RippleRudolphA History of Grande Cache76
RisboAustinBeaverlodge to the Rockies33
RiseboroughtW MEdson to Grande Prairie Trail22
RisserDell and AllanChepi Sepe785
RisvoldNolan and FleuretteTales, Trails and Gumbo313
RitchieAllan and CharleneTales, Trails and Gumbo518
RitchieLeonaThe Big Bend196
RitchieMasonThe Big Bend194
RitchieMason and LeonaTales, Trails and Gumbo519
RitchieMrEdson to Grande Prairie Trail38
RitchieRonald and LauraTales, Trails and Gumbo523
RitchieWilliamSmoky River to Grande Prairie448
RitchieWilliam GeorgeSmoky River to Grande Prairie105
Ritchies (Stopping Place)Edson to Grande Prairie Trail130
RitterOtto and DesIosegun Reflections394
River FloodsBridges to the Past460
River fordingAcross the Smoky340
RiversE HBurnt Embers22
Riverside EssoSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails117
Rivertop SchoolWagon Trails Grown Over 465, 466
RixGrantThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
RixGrantLaGlace: Yesterday and Today96
RixGrant FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today298
RixGrant Mrs FamilyBuffalo Trails242
RoachH RGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace20
Road to AlaskaSmoky Peace Triangle62
RoadsearlyPioneers of the Peace12
RoadsFrom Dirt to PavementAcross the Smoky343
RoadsGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 2, 41, 141
Roads of Long Ago470
RobJohnWagon Trails Grown Over326
Robb"Baldy"Pioneers of the Peace285
Robb"Baldy"Edson to Grande Prairie Trail203
RobbBaldyA History of Grande Cache49
RobbEdPioneers of the Peace255
RobbEdEdson to Grande Prairie Trail191
RobbMorrisPioneers of the Peace148
RobbMrLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 102, 175
RobbThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
RobbLake Saskatoon Reflections201
Robb (and Caywood)Edson to Grande Prairie Trail 130, 240
RobbinsBishopLake Saskatoon Reflections88
RobersonJames Sr FamilyBuffalo Trails123
RobertsPioneers of the Peace220
RobertsA E WGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace44
RobertsA E WEdson to Grande Prairie Trail121
RobertsA E W (Cap)Lake Saskatoon Reflections 150, 176, 201
RobertsA E W and JuliaAlong the Wapiti385
RobertsA E W MrsPioneers of the Peace116
RobertsC WGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace87
RobertsCharlesPioneers of the Peace16
RobertsDBuffalo Trails183
RobertsEdward (Ted)Lake Saskatoon Reflections 200, 201
RobertsElsiePioneers of the Peace29
RobertsElsieLake Saskatoon Reflections 18, 187
RobertsEvelynAlong the Wapiti114
RobertsFrankA History of Grande Cache38, 46
RobertsFrankLake Saskatoon Reflections250
RobertsFredPioneers of the Peace29-31, 50, 61, 99, 147
RobertsFredEdson to Grande Prairie Trail102
RobertsFredLake Saskatoon Reflections95
RobertsGeorgePioneers of the Peace30, 31, 50, 61, 99, 263
RobertsGeorgeLake Saskatoon Reflections11
RobertsHenryPioneers of the Peace5, 7, 28-31, 50, 61, 71, 76, 85,100,117,142,147,164,178,189,207, 253, 403, 404
RobertsHenryGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 8, 72, 85, 130
RobertsHenryLake Saskatoon Reflections 27, 63, 76, 95, 103, 201, 221
RobertsHenryEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 11, 20, 50, 52, 67,119, 158, 203
RobertsHenry MrsPioneers of the Peace29, 31, 164
RobertsJackSmoky River to Grande Prairie60
RobertsJackLake Saskatoon Reflections201
RobertsJoanLake Saskatoon Reflections166
RobertsJuliaLake Saskatoon Reflections201
RobertsLloyd and CarolineAlong the Wapiti385
RobertsLuellaLake Saskatoon Reflections 152, 153
RobertsMargaretLake Saskatoon Reflections201
RobertsMarlene and DonGrande Cache: The People200
RobertsMissGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 12,13
RobertsMrs HenryLake Saskatoon Reflections 221, 227
RobertsMrs W RGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace35
RobertsMrs WalterGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace13
RobertsRev T ElgarGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace84
RobertsRichard (Dick)Lake Saskatoon Reflections200
RobertsRoy and MabelWagon Trails Grown Over663
RobertsW EGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace3
RobertsWalterGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace72
RobertsWalterPioneers of the Peace30, 31, 190, 264
RobertsWalterEdson to Grande Prairie Trail101
RobertsWalterLake Saskatoon Reflections 104, 152, 153, 188, 201, 227
RobertsWalter MrsPioneers of the Peace208
RobertsWilliamPioneers of the Peace29, 31
RobertsWilliam (Bill)Lake Saskatoon Reflections
RobertsPioneer Round-Up680
Roberts FamilyBeaverlodge to the Rockies226
RobertsonAlexWagon Trails Grown Over214
RobertsonC JEdson to Grande Prairie Trail60
RobertsonCharlesPioneers of the Peace144
RobertsonCharlesLake Saskatoon Reflections124
RobertsonCharles and LexiePioneer Round-Up283
RobertsonCharlie and LexiePioneer Round-Up 204a
RobertsonColPioneers of the Peace145, 219, 283
RobertsonColEdson to Grande Prairie Trail186
RobertsonDavid and Ida MarieWagon Trails Grown Over127
RobertsonDon and JeanWagon Trails Grown Over665
RobertsonEEdson to Grande Prairie Trail101,102
RobertsonEdithGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace31
RobertsonEdithPioneers of the Peace162
RobertsonEthel Grace (Vader)Chepi Sepe785
RobertsonFred and LenAcross the Smoky236
RobertsonFreddieAcross the Smoky125
RobertsonGeorgePioneer Round-Up383
RobertsonGeorgeGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 83,85,141
RobertsonGillPioneers of the Peace315
RobertsonHarryGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace46
RobertsonHarryEdson to Grande Prairie Trail112
RobertsonIkeHomesteaders' Heritage16
RobertsonJ DLake Saskatoon Reflections77
RobertsonJ DEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 64, 69
RobertsonJames B, SydneyHomesteaders' Heritage16,24,95
RobertsonJim and MaxineWagon Trails Grown Over128
RobertsonJohnSmoky River to Grande Prairie147
RobertsonLenLake Saskatoon Reflections207
RobertsonMaryGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace36
RobertsonMrMemories and Moments268
RobertsonRegAcross the Smoky86
RobertsonRev GeorgeLake Saskatoon Reflections9
RobertsonRev J BGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace84
RobertsonRoy and AudreyBridges to the Past128
RobertsonRuthGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace36
RobertsonWalter and ElsieWagon Trails Grown Over128
RobertsonBrothersPioneer Round-Up282
Robertson & RoyGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace20
Robertson AssociatesPioneers of the Peace107, 131, 143, 324
RobideauEdwinSmoky River to Grande Prairie379
RobideauErnieSmoky River to Grande Prairie380
RobideauIrvinSmoky River to Grande Prairie381
RobideauPeterSmoky River to Grande Prairie381
RobideauRaySmoky River to Grande Prairie448
RobideauRoySmoky River to Grande Prairie382
RobillardDorothyPioneers of the Peace14, 26, 27
RobillardDrPioneers of the Peace26
RobillardLoisPioneers of the Peace14, 26, 27, 61
RobillardLoisEdson to Grande Prairie Trail18
RobinF FEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 56, 86
RobinsAliceLake Saskatoon Reflections103
RobinsBishopPioneers of the Peace201
RobinsRt Rev BishopGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 77,78,81,82
RobinsonAlexWagon Trails Grown Over949
RobinsonCecilLaGlace: Yesterday and Today70
RobinsonElmer and HattieBurnt Embers248
RobinsonGeorgeSmoky River to Grande Prairie490
RobinsonGeorgeWagon Trails Grown Over665
RobinsonGeorgePioneers of the Peace328-330
RobinsonIdaBeaverlodge to the Rockies539
RobinsonJackHomesteaders' Heritage96
RobinsonKitSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails250
RobinsonMarion, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails37
RobinsonMrs JackLaGlace: Yesterday and Today49
RobinsonRGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace99
RobinsonRichardLaGlace: Yesterday and Today39
RobinsonRichard FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today132
RobinsonRoyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 42, 51
RobinsonRoy MrsPioneers of the Peace314
RobinsonStephenLaGlace: Yesterday and Today73
RobinsonStephen FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today80
RobinsonStephen, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails211
RobinsonStevePioneers of the Peace243
RobinsonThomas, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails118
RobinsonVic and MaryWagon Trails Grown Over666
RobinsonWilmaPioneers of the Peace144
RobinsonThe Northfield Settlement72
Robinson FamilyIosegun Reflections396
RobsonCharlesPioneer Round-Up680
RobsonEricSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails405
RobsonMargaret and TomGrande Cache: The People201
RobsonR CGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace98
Robson FamilyBeaverlodge to the Rockies33
RocheElva and SteveGrande Cache: The People202
RochefellerAndusSmoky River to Grande Prairie448
RochetteAchille and IreneSmoky Peace Triangle362
Rochford C F WEdson to Grande Prairie Trail47
RochonJoeWagon Trails Grown Over1110
RochonJoseph PhilipSmoky River to Grande Prairie61
RochonMarcelBurnt Embers440
RochonPaul and WinnieSmoky Peace Triangle362
RochonPhil and GladysWagon Trails Grown Over949
RockMikeBuffalo Trails142
Rock LakeA History of Grande Cache20, 41, 67
RockartsEdwardBurnt Embers436
RockefellerErnestGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace29
RockefellerHazelGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace29
RockefellerJohnGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace29
RodBill and MaryWagon Trails Grown Over1111
RodackerEileenLake Saskatoon Reflections141
RodbumJohnPioneer Round-Up401
RodeAlvin and AliceWagon Trails Grown Over326
RodeEdMemories and Moments268
RodeEd and CarolWagon Trails Grown Over327
RodeLeonard and EffieWagon Trails Grown Over1110
RodewoldtFamilyWagon Trails Grown Over667
RodgersMelitaLake Saskatoon Reflections164
RodzukFred and Sophie (Kosowan)Wheatfields and Wildflowers548
RoeLlyalAcross the Smoky217
RoesslerFred, Evelyn, FamilyBuffalo Trails187
RogalskiPioneer Round-Up409
RogalskyDavidBurnt Embers248
RogersA JGrooming the Grizzly526
RogersBobAcross the Smoky125
RogersFred and LouisaWagon Trails Grown Over949
RogersGeorgeGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace112
RogersGordonHomesteaders' Heritage154
RogersPercy Howard (Harry)Smoky River to Grande Prairie147
RogersPercy Howard (Harry)Pioneers of the Peace312, 313
RogersRayWhere the Red Willow Grew389
RogersRayAcross the Smoky269
RogersRev Charles and FamilyWagon Trails Grown Over669
RogersRolandHomesteaders' Heritage20,96
RogersW HGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace98
RogersWilliamWhere the Red Willow Grew236
RogersIosegun Reflections397
Rogozenski FamilyWheatfields and Wildflowers273
RohioffGusAcross the Smoky176
RohnArne SrPioneer Round-Up681
RohneSverrePioneer Round-Up683
RolandA J H (Gus)Lake Saskatoon Reflections 6, 30, 35, 187, 201, 224, 254
RolfstadFamiliesBuffalo Trails22
RolfstadJohnBurnt Embers412
RolfstadJohnLaGlace: Yesterday and Today110
RoliMrLaGlace: Yesterday and Today261
RollK APioneer Round-Up684
RollandsArt and LydiaSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails78
RolleKurtHomesteaders' Heritage96
RollinHenry and IdaAlong the Wapiti385
RollinsMelvinBeaverlodge to the Rockies462
RollinsMelvinWheatfields and Wildflowers549
RollinsWilliamBurnt Embers188
RollisonIPioneers of the Peace54
RomaineJessieBeaverlodge to the Rockies464
Roman CatholicGrooming the Grizzly 46-9
Roman Catholic ChurchA History of Grande Cache87-88
Roman Catholic ChurchGrooming the Grizzly 46-9
Roman Catholic Mission at the Spirit River SettlementChepi Sepe136
Roman Catholic service, firstPioneers of the Peace87
RomaniukJohnWhere the Red Willow Grew576
RomanoffJohnBeaverlodge to the Rockies363
RomineJesse and IsabellaAlong the Wapiti221
RomkeyWilliamBeaverlodge to the Rockies464
RonksleyStanBeaverlodge to the Rockies420
RonningAnna and HansPioneer Round-Up83a
RonningChester APioneers of the Peace10, 240, 257, 306
RonningH N FamilyPioneer Round-Up685
RonningH N MrsPioneers of the Peace257-259
RonningH N RevPioneers of the Peace157, 221, 239, 240,250, 256-259
RonningHazelPioneers of the Peace283
RonningLillyPioneers of the Peace283
RonningNeliusPioneers of the Peace240, 257
RonningPastorLaGlace: Yesterday and Today88
RonningRev H NCentennial Celebration Edson Trail59
RonquistElmer and RoseTales, Trails and Gumbo524
RonsbergEmilSmoky River to Grande Prairie265
RoofeAliceBeaverlodge to the Rockies292
RooksbyMrs HarryGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace33
RooneyEllwood MrsPioneers of the Peace247
RooneyP GAcross the Smoky 167, 109, 194
RooneyPatSmoky River to Grande Prairie382
RooneyThomasGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace83
RoosJohn and RinaAlong the Wapiti115
RooseFamilyThe Big Bend139
RooseGus and ConnieTales, Trails and Gumbo315
RooseTed and MurielTales, Trails and Gumbo316
RoosersLen DSmoky River to Grande Prairie449
RopemakingAcross the Smoky321
RoperCarlBeaverlodge to the Rockies464
RoperHenryPioneers of the Peace49
RoraphGeny and TonyChepi Sepe787
RoraphPeggy (Ptolemy) and ArnoldChepi Sepe787
RoremHilda and LymanPioneer Round-Up 210a
RoremLymanPioneer Round-Up689
RoremLymanLaGlace: Yesterday and Today261
RoremTomPioneer Round-Up688
RosaMichael and Edith (nee Baudisch)From Tears to Triumph174
RosaduikJohn, Eva, FamilyBuffalo Trails153
RosaduikNick, Fannie, FamilyBuffalo Trails153
RosaduikFamilyWagon Trails Grown Over452
RoschlaubRolf and JudyBridges to the Past129
RoscoeDoraPioneers of the Peace286
RoseBirdLake Saskatoon Reflections63
RoseBrian and Marie. 202Grande Cache: The People
RoseHomesteaders' Heritage324
RoseFamilyHomesteaders' Heritage163, 166,303
RoseFrankPioneers of the Peace72
RoseMr (at H B C)Across the Smoky19
Rose FrankEdson to Grande Prairie Trail190
Rose (Stopping Place)Edson to Grande Prairie Trail130
Rosedale Church of God in ChristBridges to the Past386
Rosedale Mennonite ChurchAcross the Smoky311
RosenbergEarlWhere the Red Willow Grew238
Rose's Stopping PlacePioneers of the Peace72
RosetReverendA History of Grande Cache85
RosholdArnePioneer Round-Up691
RosinskyGrooming the Grizzly548
RoskamRev J AGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace84
RoskoGeorge and SofiaWheatfields and Wildflowers421
RoslanowskiFrank and JoeBurnt Embers327
Ross JamesBuffalo Trails79
RossAlexLake Saskatoon Reflections202
RossAlex JrLake Saskatoon Reflections202
RossAndrew (Sr) and MrsAlong the Wapiti165
RossAndy and AliceWhere the Red Willow Grew238
RossAnneLake Saskatoon Reflections202
RossBill and BruceWagon Trails Grown Over858
RossCatherineLake Saskatoon Reflections202
RossDaveBeaverlodge to the Rockies69
RossDorothyLake Saskatoon Reflections202
RossEwanBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement171
RossGeorgeChepi Sepe788
RossHenryMemories and Moments134
RossHughBeaverlodge to the Rockies465
RossHunter and VeraAlong the Wapiti166
RossInaLake Saskatoon Reflections202
RossMargaretLake Saskatoon Reflections202
RossMarilyn and AllenChepi Sepe789
RossMaryLake Saskatoon Reflections202
RossMary and WilliamChepi Sepe789
RossMike and ChristinaWagon Trails Grown Over673
RossMiss J A (RN)Grande Prairie Capitol of the Peace99
RossMiss Olive B (RN)Grande Prairie Capitol of the Peace93
RossMrGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace143
RossNeal DunnHomesteaders' Heritage273
RossOlive RNPioneers of the Peace49, 294, 295
RossRobert (Bob)Lake Saskatoon Reflections
RossSofia and DaveChepi Sepe790
RossWilliamina and JohnChepi Sepe793
Ross FamilyLake Saskatoon Reflections254
RosserBarbaraPioneers of the Peace198
RosserBethPioneers of the Peace198
RosserLeviGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace73
RosserLevi DPioneers of the Peace137,140, 198, 208
RosserLloydMemories and Moments134
RossonWorley II and AlmaSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails35, 406-408
RosvoldOlafPioneers of the Peace243
RosvoldOleifLaGlace: Yesterday and Today250
RosvoldTPioneers of the Peace243
RosvoldTollefLaGlace: Yesterday and Today192
RosvoldTollef and IngeboragCentennial Celebration Edson Trail120
RosvoldTollef, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails7
RosvoldThe Northfield Settlement61
RotarNickBeaverlodge to the Rockies465
RotenburgerAlfredBurnt Embers328
RotenburgerShirleyLake Saskatoon Reflections235
RotenburgerStanley and GloriaBurnt Embers328
RothAl and SharonIosegun Reflections399
RothDale WLaGlace: Yesterday and Today134
RothHeinzHomesteaders' Heritage304
RothHeinz and EdithTales, Trails and Gumbo171
RothLeonard and DaleIosegun Reflections399
RothLoyal and RuthSmoky Peace Triangle363
RothWenzel and AnnaFrom Tears to Triumph271
Roth familyChepi Sepe794
RothelRuth (Grainge)Pioneer Round-Up 212a
RottackerW JGrooming the Grizzly526
RottakerBillLaGlace: Yesterday and Today11
RottmerhusenDetlef and AntjeSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails408-411
RoueRev Father NAcross the Smoky308
RouillardDan and LornaIosegun Reflections400
RouleauAntoine and AgnesSmoky Peace Triangle363
RouleauHenriSmoky Peace Triangle365
RouleauLeonard and YolandeSmoky Peace Triangle366
RouleauPaul and SusanSmoky Peace Triangle367
RoundH BEdson to Grande Prairie Trail46
RouthierBishop HenriGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 37, 81
RoutledgeW H Insp RNWMPPioneers of the Peace401, 406
RowanHerbPioneer Round-Up284
Rowat ChrisBuffalo Trails123
RoweConrad and MaryBurnt Embers 250, 368, 412
RoweDavid and KatherineBurnt Embers 251, 437
RoweFrank and MaudeBurnt Embers248
RoweGordonBurnt Embers250
RoweIdaBurnt Embers250
RoweLawrenceBurnt Embers250
RoweMarySmoky Peace Triangle367
RoweNormanBurnt Embers250
RoweSevernBurnt Embers251
RowlandGlenHomesteaders' Heritage97
RowlandMarvelPioneers of the Peace146
RowlandWilliam Sr300
RowleyHughBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement324
RoyElmina and OdilonChepi Sepe795
RoyEvaChepi Sepe798
RoyHenryEdson to Grande Prairie Trail37
RoyNathalie and AlbertChepi Sepe798
RoyPaulHomesteaders' Heritage346, 393
RoyPeterGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 24, 25, 28, 40
RoyPeterPioneers of the Peace208
RoyPhillipe and JanetWagon Trails Grown Over675
Royal Neil and WilmaGrande Cache: The People203
Royal BankPioneers of the Peace140, 225
Royal Banner DistrictPioneer Round-Up691
Royal Canadian LegionA History of Grande Cache74
Royal Canadian LegionGrooming the Grizzly 144-5, 497-8
Royal Canadian LegionBurnt Embers113
Royal Canadian LegionSmoky Peace Triangle81
Royal Canadian LegionChepi Sepe239
Royal Canadian LegionGrooming the Grizzly496
Royal Canadian legion - Sauve Branch #235Smoky Peace Triangle81
Royal Canadian Legion AuxiliaryBurnt Embers114
Royal Canadian Mounted PolicePioneers of the Peace22, 414, 415
Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceChepi Sepe162
Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 53,60, 146
Royal Canadian Mounted PoliceEdson to Grande Prairie Trail231
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Athabasca LandingPioneers of the Peace405, 410
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment BeaverlodgePioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment CalaisPioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment DunveganPioneers of the Peace410
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment FairviewPioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment FaustPioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Fort ChipewyanPioneers of the Peace401, 402, 405, 410, 412, 414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Fort GrahamPioneers of the Peace402
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Fort McMurrayPioneers of the Peace410
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Fort NormanPioneers of the Peace408
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Fort ResolutionPioneers of the Peace400, 401, 408
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Fort St JohnPioneers of the Peace402
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Fort VermilionPioneers of the Peace405, 410, 414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Grande PrairiePioneers of the Peace91,407, 408, 410, 412, 414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment GrimshawPioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment GrouardPioneers of the Peace409, 410, 412, 414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Herschel IslandPioneers of the Peace405
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment High LevelPioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment High PrairiePioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment HythePioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment KinusoPioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Lac La BichePioneers of the Peace410
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Lake SaskatoonPioneers of the Peace406, 408, 410
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Lesser Slave LakePioneers of the Peace401, 402, 405, 410
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment MacPhersonPioneers of the Peace405
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment ManningPioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment McLennanPioneers of the Peace410, 414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Mirror LandingPioneers of the Peace410
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment NotikewanPioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Peace RiverPioneers of the Peace401, 402, 405, 410, 412, 414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment SawridgePioneers of the Peace405, 410
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Slave LakePioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Smith's LandingPioneers of the Peace405
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Smoky River CrossingPioneers of the Peace410
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Spirit RiverPioneers of the Peace410, 414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment Sturgeon LakePioneers of the Peace401, 402, 405, 410
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment ValleyviewPioneers of the Peace414
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment WabascaPioneers of the Peace410, 412
Royal Canadian Mounted Police Detachment WembleyPioneers of the Peace414
Royal George HotelGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace103
Royal North West Mounted PoliceGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace53-56, 125
Royal North West Mounted Police BarracksGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 46,54
Royal North West Mounted Police World War I RecruitsGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 48, 49, 55
Royal Northwest Mounted PolicePioneers of the Peace291,399, 402, 410, 412, 414
Royal Purple, Order ofGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace117
RoyslandHPioneer Round-Up16
RozekGeorgeAlong the Wapiti258
RubieConrad and PaulineAlong the Wapiti53
RuchHansSmoky River to Grande Prairie178
RudeClarenceGrooming the Grizzly529
RudeDennisThe Big Bend140
RudeDennis and BrendaTales, Trails and Gumbo317
RudeDorisLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 49, 98
RudeElsieLaGlace: Yesterday and Today42
RudeFloydLaGlace: Yesterday and Today194
RudeHazel (Blakis)Homesteaders' Heritage305
RudeIrvinLaGlace: Yesterday and Today142
RudeIrvin and ElsieTales, Trails and Gumbo319
RudeJosephLaGlace: Yesterday and Today142
RudeKirk DTales, Trails and Gumbo322
RudeLars and GladysFrom Tears to Triumph26
RudeMartinWhere the Red Willow Grew239
RudeNormanLaGlace: Yesterday and Today272
RudeOtto FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today134
RudeOtto, Agnes, FamilyBuffalo Trails15
RudePastor M AGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace86
RudeTerryTales, Trails and Gumbo323
RudeTerryTales, Trails and Gumbo323
RudeloffWernerBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement325
RudniskyKonstantine and EuniceWheatfields and Wildflowers347
RudrudJohn SBurnt Embers189
RudyAndrewHomesteaders' Heritage427
RudyLeonardHomesteaders' Heritage413, 428
RueOlePioneer Round-Up693
Ruffert BrothersBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement171
RukestelegrapherPioneers of the Peace311
RuleDouglasSmoky Peace Triangle368
RuleRoss and Henrietta (Wendt)From Tears to Triumph272
RuleFamilyPioneer Round-Up48
RumpfEd and MarySmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails411
RumseyJim and BettyTales, Trails and Gumbo525
RunkaDorisLake Saskatoon Reflections128
RunkaGaryLake Saskatoon Reflections128
RunkaVelmaLake Saskatoon Reflections124
RunkaWilliam (Bill)Lake Saskatoon Reflections128
RuppJake and KatieAlong the Wapiti386
RuptashMissLaGlace: Yesterday and Today260
Rural Crime WatchFrom Tears to Triumph341
Rural Electrification AssociationBurnt Embers103
Rural Municipal DistrictGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace44
Rural Municipality of Bear Lake # 740Lake Saskatoon Reflections 9, 19, 32, 175, 179
Rural Municipality of Bear Lake No 740Pioneers of the Peace25, 59, 73, 82, 89, 92,119, 168,178, 193, 196, 210, 214, 241, 249
Rural Municipality of Grande Prairie No 709Pioneers of the Peace96, 136, 166, 168, 213, 214
Rural Municipality of Spirit River No 829Pioneers of the Peace22, 259
Rural Schools and TeachersFrom Tears to Triumph293
RuscheinskiHarry and LenaFrom Tears to Triumph273
RuscheinskiRaimund and ElisabethFrom Tears to Triumph275
RushfeldtElmerHomesteaders' Heritage161, 305
RushfeldtElmer and LillianTales, Trails and Gumbo172
Rushton EdwinBuffalo Trails132
RusselRuthLake Saskatoon Reflections243
Russell David and Susan. 204Grande Cache: The People
RussellBenGrooming the Grizzly529
RussellMary MrsPioneers of the Peace211
RussellTomBeaverlodge to the Rockies564
Russell FamilyBeaverlodge to the Rockies494
RussillHowardBeaverlodge to the Rockies226
RustadBjornHomesteaders' Heritage2
RustenAndrewWhere the Red Willow Grew239
RustonEdSmoky Peace Triangle368
RutbergBill and CorineSmoky River to Grande Prairie105
RutbergChrisBeaverlodge to the Rockies501
RutherfordHon MrLake Saskatoon Reflections 213, 214
RutherfordJamesEdson to Grande Prairie Trail97
RutherfordJamesGrooming the Grizzly532
RutherfordPremierEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 25,28
RutherfordRuthLake Saskatoon Reflections14
RutledgeJ R (Bob) and JessieAlong the Wapiti305
RutledgeJamesGrooming the Grizzly530
RutledgeJames (Jim)Lake Saskatoon Reflections198
RutledgeJames and EthelAlong the Wapiti304
RutledgeLeo, Mrs, Family (A Christensen)Buffalo Trails101
RutledgeRLake Saskatoon Reflections198
RutuikWilliam and AnastasiaBurnt Embers483
RvcroftR H SrPioneers of the Peace168, 259
RyanBrendaLake Saskatoon Reflections189
RyanDennis and JoanIosegun Reflections401
RyanGeraldLake Saskatoon Reflections189
RyanGloriaLake Saskatoon Reflections189
RyanJimWagon Trails Grown Over842
RyanJim and EdithAlong the Wapiti306
RyanNora and familyAlong the Wapiti305
RyanTimWagon Trails Grown Over130
RyanTimEdson to Grande Prairie Trail158
RybakFatherA History of Grande Cache88
RychlekJoeWagon Trails Grown Over453
RycroftBob and JeanWagon Trails Grown Over676
RycroftBob and MildredWagon Trails Grown Over492
RycroftBruce MrsPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftDanPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftDan and ViWagon Trails Grown Over215
RycroftEricPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftEric and RetaWagon Trails Grown Over64
RycroftGordonPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftGordon and DorothyWagon Trails Grown Over950
RycroftHarry and MarilynWagon Trails Grown Over328
RycroftHelen and Robert HenryChepi Sepe799
RycroftHelen MrsPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftJamesPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftJimBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement86
RycroftLawrencePioneers of the Peace259
RycroftMarkCentennial Celebration Edson Trail120
RycroftMarkPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftMarkyChepi Sepe800
RycroftPatriciaPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftRLaGlace: Yesterday and Today14
RycroftR HGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace46
RycroftR H and HelenWagon Trails Grown Over488
RycroftR Harry and HelenCentennial Celebration Edson Trail120
RycroftRichard and MarieWagon Trails Grown Over675
RycroftRobert H JrPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftSamPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftSam and BettyWagon Trails Grown Over69
RycroftTedPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftTed and PearlWagon Trails Grown Over499
RycroftPioneers of the Peace259
RycroftWheatfields and Wildflowers1
Rycroft & District Co-operative AssociationWheatfields and Wildflowers12
Rycroft Agricultural SocietyWheatfields and Wildflowers23
Rycroft BeginningsWheatfields and Wildflowers2
Rycroft Board of TradeWheatfields and Wildflowers15
Rycroft Credit UnionWheatfields and Wildflowers20
Rycroft High SchoolGraduations 1948-1970Wheatfields and Wildflowers54
Rycroft High SchoolMemoriesWheatfields and Wildflowers52
Rycroft RebelsWheatfields and Wildflowers97
Rycroft TelephoneWheatfields and Wildflowers20
Rycroft Utilities LtdWheatfields and Wildflowers22
Rycroft Water ProjectWheatfields and Wildflowers22
Rycroft's First Resident PastorWheatfields and Wildflowers263
Rycroft's Last High School GraduationWheatfields and Wildflowers81
RydlandNelsHomesteaders' Heritage346, 393
RyeClarenceWheatfields and Wildflowers274
Rye FamilvBurnt Embers252
Rye's Stopping PlacePioneers of the Peace189
RylanDave, PeteHomesteaders' Heritage16, 20
RylesHarry and DeliaGrande Cache: The People204
RyleyPioneers of the Peace221
RyleyB TGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace98
RyleyB T (Emiliene) FamilyBuffalo Trails199
RymarFrancis (Andruchiw)Chepi Sepe801
RymhsRogerThe Big Bend15