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SurnameFirst NameBookPage Number(s)
"N" Royal North West Mounted Police DivisionPioneers of the Peace402, 404, 406, 410
NaatzHermanBuffalo Trails124
NabsethMagnaPioneers of the Peace159
NachonechnyJohnHomesteaders' Heritage86
NadkrynechnyAlexWhere the Red Willow Grew557
NadonGeorgeWhere the Red Willow Grew606
NadonRonLake Saskatoon Reflections22
NagelCarlGrooming the Grizzly465
NagelGustavPioneer Round-Up636
NagelGustav and GertrudBurnt Embers175
NagelHans and AudreyBurnt Embers 441, 477
NagelHartmann and EileenBurnt Embers 176, 443
NagelPaulGrooming the Grizzly466
NagelRichard and MarieBurnt Embers178
Nagel FamilyAlong the Wapiti28
Nagel H (Jr)(Sr)Homesteaders' Heritage25, 85
NagyLouisWhere the Red Willow Grew195,196
NaironMedrickWhere the Red Willow Grew454
NakonechynRev FrGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace89
NaldleighFPioneers of the Peace406
Names of Early Settlers At Spirit RiverChepi Sepe17
NantinRev FatherEdson to Grande Prairie Trail107
NapenHans and LouisePioneer Round-Up637
Napier Bill and BarbGrande Cache: The People181
NapierLome and PaulineWhere the Red Willow Grew455
NapierNellie (Gunn)Where the Red Willow Grew456
NasedkinJames MrsPioneers of the Peace304
NasedkinNickBeaverlodge to the Rockies221
NasedkinPeter and FamilyChepi Sepe701
NashClaudetteLaGlace: Yesterday and Today35
NashDarbyLake Saskatoon Reflections103
NashEverettThe Northfield Settlement60
NashEverett FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today126
NashKittyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 42, 49
NashLouiseLake Saskatoon Reflections 30, 103
NashMrs TomLake Saskatoon Reflections250
NashThomasAlong the Wapiti407
NashTomLake Saskatoon Reflections 30, 36, 45, 103
NashW BLake Saskatoon Reflections23
NataisseJulesSmoky River to Grande Prairie138
Native PeopleChepi Sepe7
Natural GasHomesteaders' Heritage12
Natural GasBurnt Embers455
Natural SettingOurBurnt Embers2
NauglerFrank and HildaWagon Trails Grown Over448
NavarraJockAcross the Smoky 67, 194
NawaniontheIgnace (Wanyandie)A History of Grande Cache24
NealsHomesteaders' Heritage166,280
NeasJimmieLake Saskatoon Reflections 11, 18
NeasLizzieLake Saskatoon Reflections 11, 18, 187
NeasPierreLake Saskatoon Reflections 53, 250
NeasRachelLake Saskatoon Reflections 11, 18, 187
NeaseJoe and familyAlong the Wapiti9
NeaseR SPioneers of the Peace176
NeassPierreGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 1,44
NedohinMike and PaulineWheatfields and Wildflowers342
NegardOlePioneer Round-Up266
Neidorf SharryBuffalo Trails238
NeidorfHarryEdson to Grande Prairie Trail191
NeighborEdA History of Grande Cache44
NeighborRufeA History of Grande Cache42, 44
Neighboursby A E DolenThe Big Bend117
NeighboursSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails140
NeilJ WGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace112,113,116
NeillCharlotte and CecilChepi Sepe702
NeilsenDocAcross the Smoky 246, 247
NeilsenOEdson to Grande Prairie Trail258
NeilsonDouglas and ClaraSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails388
NeilsonGeorgeLake Saskatoon Reflections 30, 33, 254
NeilsonMarthaGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace85
NeiserFred and MarthaBurnt Embers313
NeiserWilliamBurnt Embers478
NellisBill and BettySmoky River to Grande Prairie442
NellisHarry and GraceSmoky River to Grande Prairie45
NellisLester "Moose"Smoky River to Grande Prairie367
NellisLloydSmoky River to Grande Prairie368
NellisOrvalSmoky River to Grande Prairie369
NelmsGeorge and VioletAcross the Smoky219
NelsenSelmarBeaverlodge to the Rockies250
NelseriPaul (Jr)Smoky Peace Triangle314
NelsonAlmaLaGlace: Yesterday and Today80
NelsonBarryThe Big Bend132
NelsonBarry and DonnaTales, Trails and Gumbo295
NelsonBrothersWagon Trails Grown Over314
NelsonClarenceBeaverlodge to the Rockies26
NelsonClarence and YvonneTales, Trails and Gumbo297
NelsonEinarPioneer Round-Up638
NelsonEric and FamilyWagon Trails Grown Over944
NelsonGeorgeAlong the Wapiti257
NelsonGeorgeLake Saskatoon Reflections35
NelsonGilbertSmoky River to Grande Prairie370
NelsonGusBurnt Embers178
NelsonHGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace85
NelsonHowardThe Big Bend188
NelsonHoward and IleenTales, Trails and Gumbo498
NelsonIkeLake Saskatoon Reflections64
NelsonIsaacGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 11-14,135
NelsonIsaacPioneers of the Peace47, 189
NelsonIsaacEdson to Grande Prairie Trail102
NelsonKenEdson to Grande Prairie Trail256
NelsonKen and EthelSmoky Peace Triangle314
NelsonLeo and DoraSmoky River to Grande Prairie490
NelsonLeo and DoraWagon Trails Grown Over1012
NelsonLouiseGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace85
NelsonMarshalLake Saskatoon Reflections94
NelsonMarshall MrsPioneers of the Peace130
NelsonMaxeneLake Saskatoon Reflections94
NelsonMinnie (Hogelund)Smoky River to Grande Prairie370
NelsonMrsLake Saskatoon Reflections125
NelsonOttoBeaverlodge to the Rockies379
NelsonPLaGlace: Yesterday and Today33
NelsonPeteEdson to Grande Prairie Trail193
NelsonTom and MaryWagon Trails Grown Over945
Nelson BrosPioneers of the Peace316, 317
Nelson BrosEdson to Grande Prairie Trail203
Nelson Lumber CoSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails78
Nelson's Seed Cleaning PlantTales, Trails and Gumbo113
NemenkoFrankBurnt Embers178
NemenkoPete and OlgaBurnt Embers179
NepstadAlbertPioneer Round-Up644
NepstadEdPioneer Round-Up650
NepstadEdwinLaGlace: Yesterday and Today259
NepstadElmerPioneer Round-Up650
NepstadGustPioneer Round-Up642
NepstadLeonardPioneer Round-Up 171a
NepstadLeonardPioneer Round-Up645
NepstadPeteLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 39, 93
NepstadPeterPioneer Round-Up639
Nergaard John, Laura, FamilyBuffalo Trails23
NergaardJohnThe Northfield Settlement56
NergaardJohn FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 32, 44, 46, 57, 126, 159, 195
NergaardJohn MrsPioneers of the Peace244
NerstadOlaf and MarthaAlong the Wapiti161
NerstadsSmoky River to Grande Prairie104
NesbittRalphPioneers of the Peace239
NessOlafPioneer Round-Up651
NestmanDorisLake Saskatoon Reflections 77, 103
NestmanDoris M MrsPioneers of the Peace33
NestmanGeorgeLake Saskatoon Reflections103
NestorowichHomesteaders' Heritage280
NetekJoseph, Emilie, Marie, Hilda, Bruno and RudolfFrom Tears to Triumph60
NeubauerFrank and AnneFrom Tears to Triumph160
NeubauerJohn and MarianFrom Tears to Triumph161
NeubauerMarian (Bunyan)From Tears to Triumph306
Neubauer OrchestraFrom Tears to Triumph372
NeufeldAnneLake Saskatoon Reflections240
NeufeldDick, Barbara and SusanIosegun Reflections366
NeufeldGeorgeLaGlace: Yesterday and Today222
NeufeldJohnHomesteaders' Heritage86
NeufeldLucille and BernieChepi Sepe703
NeufeldPioneer Round-Up410
Neufeld FamilyBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement342
NeufeldtGerhardThe Big Horn School DistrictFirst Mennonite Settlers
NeufieldJohnHomesteaders' Heritage157,280
NeumannHarold and EdithFrom Tears to Triumph78
NeumeierBill and JanIosegun Reflections367
NeumullerDelA History of Grande Cache46
NevilleHaroldBurnt Embers314
NevilleHaroldMemories and Moments125
NevinBobLake Saskatoon Reflections254
NevinRobertThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
NevineRobertGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace44
Nevings RobertBuffalo Trails123
New Fish CreekForestry PersonnelWhere the Red Willow Grew488
New Fish CreekHomestead filesWhere the Red Willow Grew395
New Fish CreekMapWhere the Red Willow Grew392,393
New Fish CreekMulesWhere the Red Willow Grew488
New Fish CreekPoetryWhere the Red Willow Grew489
New Fish CreekRoman Catholic ChurchWhere the Red Willow Grew480
New Fish CreekSchoolWhere the Red Willow Grew480
New Fish CreekSpirit of Spirit CreekWhere the Red Willow Grew488
New Fish CreekSt John the EvangelistWhere the Red Willow Grew477
New Fish CreekSunday School VanWhere the Red Willow Grew477
New Fish CreekTwinsWhere the Red Willow Grew490
New Fish CreekWorld War VeteransWhere the Red Willow Grew476
NewberryMrAcross the Smoky19
Newbury Cliff and MarilynGrande Cache: The People183
NewburyPaster & MarilynA History of Grande Cache85
NewburyRevLake Saskatoon Reflections9
NewcomR E (Bob) and HazelAlong the Wapiti376
NewfieldFrances and HarryFrom Tears to Triumph84
NewgardHarryPioneers of the Peace277
Newman Frank AdaBuffalo Trails84
NewmanDonald (Bill)Homesteaders' Heritage86,158
NewmanGordon and Sharon (Klassen)Bridges to the Past321
NewmanJoeAcross the Smoky9
NewmanJoe Sr - SawmillBridges to the Past479
NewmanKeithEdson to Grande Prairie Trail250
NewmanMelford - SawmillBridges to the Past510
NewmanMelford and HazelBridges to the Past324
NewmanPaulAcross the Smoky272
NewmanPhillip (Sr)Homesteaders' Heritage24,86
NewspaperClairmont IndependentPioneers of the Peace118
NewspaperGrande Prairie HeraldPioneers of the Peace129,191,252,253, 291-294
NewspaperHythe HeadlinerPioneers of the Peace133
NewspaperPeace River RecordPioneers of the Peace410
Newspaper ClippingsGrooming the Grizzly175
Newspaper clippingsAcross the Smoky 335, 336
NewtonAnnie MrsPioneers of the Peace195
NewtonHGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace33
NewtonHarveyGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace29
NewtonHenrySmoky River to Grande Prairie228
NewtonHenryGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace29
NewtonPearlGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace29
NewtonPercyGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace29
NewtonRuthGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace29
NewtonSPioneers of the Peace205
NewtonStewart and FamilySmoky River to Grande Prairie555
NewtonThomasSmoky River to Grande Prairie229
NeyAndrewLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 39, 46
NeyMaisieLaGlace: Yesterday and Today50
NeysJackGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace111, 112
NeysJack (pictures)Wagon Trails Grown Over646
NicholCliffBeaverlodge to the Rockies569
NicholEdwardSmoky River to Grande Prairie371
NicholRev DavidGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace87
NicholRockieSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails389
NichollsGeorge and EllenBridges to the Past119
NicholsonBertAcross the Smoky299
NicholsonBillAcross the Smoky 218, 157, 150
NicholsonC HEdson to Grande Prairie Trail102,120
NicholsonCharlesGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace3
NicholsonCharlesLake Saskatoon Reflections 148, 182, 190
NicholsonGusWagon Trails Grown Over316
NicholsonJ D (Chief Provincial Detective)Grande Prairie Capitol of the Peace57-59
NicholsonJ D Chief Prov DetectivePioneers of the Peace411, 412
NickelDave (Jr)Homesteaders' Heritage153,154, 160,280
NickelDave (Sr)Homesteaders' Heritage151,282
NickelJimAcross the Smoky266
NickelMarilynLake Saskatoon Reflections177
NickelMaryHomesteaders' Heritage283
NickelNormanHomesteaders' Heritage157, 160,285
NickelRev J DPioneer Round-Up406
NickelStanleyLake Saskatoon Reflections177
NickelVictorHomesteaders' Heritage161, 285
NickersonEmma & NickA History of Grande Cache31, 38, 43
Nicket FamilyAlong the Wapiti377
NicklinEbenezerHomesteaders' Heritage87
Nielsen Moe and CarolGrande Cache: The People181
NielsenGerda and IbIosegun Reflections368
NielsenOve GAcross the Smoky49
NielsenPaul and HelenSmoky Peace Triangle314
NielsonFredHomesteaders' Heritage412
NielsonFrodeGrooming the Grizzly467
NielsonHansBeaverlodge to the Rockies527
NielsonJan RLaGlace: Yesterday and Today127
NielsonMariaChepi Sepe704
NielsonNiels PeterCentennial Celebration Edson Trail117
Niemi LumberSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails78
NikiforukAnn and TomChepi Sepe704
NikiforukTomThe Big Bend13
NikiforukTommyTales, Trails and Gumbo298
NikkalJacobThe Big Horn School DistrictFirst Mennonite Settlers
NikolaychukAlex and JuliaBurnt Embers314
NikolaychukMikeBurnt Embers316,504
NilesHarveyPioneer Round-Up654
NilssenRev DarenGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace86
NilssenWilfredPioneer Round-Up652
NilssonPhilip and MrsAlong the Wapiti161
Nilsson Brothers - SawmillBridges to the Past499
NimrichterWillieHomesteaders' Heritage286
NimrichterTales, Trails and Gumbo166
NipidsudnyTHomesteaders' Heritage286
NixonDavidBeaverlodge to the Rockies527
NixonGladysPioneers of the Peace323
NixonMervin and BarbaraSmoky Peace Triangle315
NobbsFredTales, Trails and Gumbo167
NobleJohnny and DoreenTales, Trails and Gumbo299
NodesJosefFrom Tears to Triumph79
NoelJudgeGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace53
NoelJudgePioneers of the Peace406
NogaJohnGrooming the Grizzly468
NogaNicholas and BarbaraSmoky Peace Triangle316
NogaPeterGrooming the Grizzly468
NoiseauxHectorAcross the Smoky120
NolanArt, George, Henry, OrvilHomesteaders' Heritage414
NoldeOttoBurnt Embers317
NoldeOttoGrooming the Grizzly469
Noldgren EricBuffalo Trails244
Noll W JBuffalo Trails219
NooyBetty and LeonardChepi Sepe706
NooyLeonard and BettyTales, Trails and Gumbo300
NordEriandBurnt Embers69
NordbyBrothersBuffalo Trails6
NordbyJohnThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
Norden Lutheran ChurchBuffalo Trails3
Norden Lutheran Church (Norwegian)Pioneers of the Peace157, 243
NordgrenAlAcross the Smoky141
NordhagenChristianPioneer Round-Up654
NordlundChris and HelgaSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails389
NordlundNelsWhere the Red Willow Grew197
NordonEdna B ParkerLake Saskatoon Reflections16
NordonWilliamLake Saskatoon Reflections16
Nordstrom OttoBuffalo Trails238
NordstromArtBeaverlodge to the Rockies460
NordstromOttoLaGlace: Yesterday and Today128
NordtorpAnnWhere the Red Willow Grew610
NordvieClarenceGrooming the Grizzly470
NoreenCarlWhere the Red Willow Grew197
NorenJohnGrooming the Grizzly470
NorinGusSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails390
NorinGus and CharlieWhere the Red Willow Grew198
NorleyPioneers of the Peace221
NormanB MrsPioneers of the Peace222
NormanHomerBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement342
NormanJoe and MaryWagon Trails Grown Over316
NormanPaulThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
NormanPaul FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today196
NormanPaul MartiniusCentennial Celebration Edson Trail100, 118
NormanPaul, Anna, FamilyBuffalo Trails9
NorquayMrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails220
NorrisAlbertA History of Grande Cache23, 32
Norris Generations275
North Eaglesham Grazing AssociationSmoky Peace Triangle102
North Equity SchoolBuffalo Trails131
North Goodwin SchoolBridges to the Past378
North Goodwin Stock ImprovementBridges to the Past452
North Kleskun Hall picturesWagon Trails Grown Over257
North Kleskun SchoolWagon Trails Grown Over245
North Kleskun SchoolPioneers of the Peace326
North Kleskun Telephone LineWagon Trails Grown Over364
North Sexsmith SchoolWagon Trails Grown Over377
North Sexsmith SchoolBuffalo Trails162
North Star ClubSmoky River to Grande Prairie194
North Swan Lake SchoolFrom Tears to Triumph299
North Swan Lake School and TeachersFrom Tears to Triumph298
North Swan SchoolFrom Tears to Triumph300
North West Air ShowGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace116
North West Company (NWC)A History of Grande Cache14, 19, 20, 24, 37
North West Mounted PolicePioneers of the Peace399, 402
North Western Telephone CoPioneers of the Peace165
Northern Alberta Dairy PoolPioneers of the Peace91, 209
Northern Alberta RailroadGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace146
Northern Alberta RailroadPioneers of the Peace126
Northern Alberta RailwayWheatfields and Wildflowers29
Northern DevelopmentGrooming the Grizzly306
Northern Lights Christian SchoolTales, Trails and Gumbo74
Northern RoomsPioneers of the Peace131
Northern Ski ClubThe Big Horn School District
Northern TribuneGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace50
Northfield ChurchThe Northfield Settlement19
Northfield Community HallPioneers of the Peace320
Northfield HallThe Northfield Settlement26
Northfield Hockey TeamPioneers of the Peace249
Northfield SchoolPioneers of the Peace320
Northfield Settlement 1913-1969Pioneers of the Peace320
Northmark - Barb-Wire TelephonesBurnt Embers207
Northmark - Betler Roads ClubBurnt Embers37
Northmark - Cooperative Well Drillers AssociationBurnt Embers55
Northmark - MapBurnt Embers202
Northmark - Post OfficeBurnt Embers205
Northmark - Public CemeteryBurnt Embers206
Northmark - SchoolBurnt Embers203
Northmark - StoreBurnt Embers205
Northmark - West Burnt HallBurnt Embers204
Northwest F W U A and Women of UnifarmBurnt Embers98
Northwest Staging RouteGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace115,116
NortonBillWhere the Red Willow Grew198
NortonGuyGrooming the Grizzly471
NortonJeromeSmoky River to Grande Prairie372
NortonMrEdson to Grande Prairie Trail80
Norton Brothers - SawmillBridges to the Past504
NorvalM, PastorLaGlace: Yesterday and Today34
NosanCarlWhere the Red Willow Grew199
NoskeyKennyLake Saskatoon Reflections203
NostalgiaWagon Trails Grown Over1167
NotleyGrant (M L A) MessageWheatfields and Wildflowers xiii
NoveleskyBLaGlace: Yesterday and Today14
NovickDonnaLake Saskatoon Reflections91
NovickPaulLake Saskatoon Reflections91
NovickPaulineLake Saskatoon Reflections91
NovitskyK, RandyHomesteaders' Heritage11, 162,287
NovjckJuneLake Saskatoon Reflections91
Novlesky Alexander, Pauline, FamilyBuffalo Trails179
NovleskyAlexPioneers of the Peace290
NovleskyElsie MrsPioneers of the Peace290
NovleskyRose MrsPioneers of the Peace290
NowoczinPaulPioneer Round-Up266
NowryLome 'Bob' - SawmillBridges to the Past478
NowryLorn (Bob)Across the Smoky54
NoyesDon and AnneAlong the Wapiti113
NoyesDonald McQueenCentennial Celebration Edson Trail81, 118
NoyesDonald McQueenPioneers of the Peace310
NoyesJohnPioneers of the Peace310
Nurse, DistrictAcross the Smoky38
NursesSmoky Peace Triangle318
Nurses' AssociationChepi Sepe156
NybakkenAlbert and MurielSmoky Peace Triangle319
NychkaTarasBeaverlodge to the Rockies482
NychkaWilliamBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement133
NyeMrs BenChepi Sepe706
NyeStefanHomesteaders' Heritage87
NygaardJohnLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 261, 265
NygaardPioneer Round-Up656
NyholtRon and DonnaIosegun Reflections369
NyhusFamilyPioneer Round-Up44
NylandDirkLaGlace: Yesterday and Today143
NylandDirk FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today79
NystedErling, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails63
NystedOlaf, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails63
NystrumElmer, Oscar and OlliAcross the Smoky159
NystrumOscarAcross the Smoky 249, 235