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SurnameFirst NameBookPage Number(s)
"K" RCMP DivisionPioneers of the Peace414
KabinukAlex, Helen, FamilyBuffalo Trails154
KachalubaNickBeaverlodge to the Rockies490
KachmarMavis and EugeneChepi Sepe542
KaczkieloJulian and MarthaWagon Trails Grown Over105
KadeyAb and WesleyAcross the Smoky 238, 54, 180
Kadot Resort AssociationGrooming the Grizzly 159-61
KaethledAbramThe Big Horn School DistrictFirst Mennonite Settlers
KaethlerGeorgeThe Big Horn School DistrictFirst Mennonite Settlers
KaethlerWilliamThe Big Horn School DistrictFirst Mennonite Settlers
KaethlerWilliamLaGlace: Yesterday and Today90, 289
KaftanMikeHomesteaders' Heritage64
KaftanWalterHomesteaders' Heritage65,150
KaihlerMaryLake Saskatoon Reflections245
KaitaFred and CarolGrande Cache: The People122
Kakut StoryGrooming the Grizzly159
Kakwa ValleyA History of Grande Cache20, 29, 31
KalahashMarieA History of Grande Cache19
KalhlerMargaretLake Saskatoon Reflections245
KallarPetrinePioneers of the Peace313
KalutichJohn and AnnWhere the Red Willow Grew529
KaminskiAdamIosegun Reflections327
KaminskiPaul and JeanWagon Trails Grown Over424
Kamisak (Grande Cache Lake Enterprises)A History of Grande Cache30, 36
KandaJohn (Jr and Sr)Homesteaders' Heritage65
KandaNickHomesteaders' Heritage66
KandaRaymondHomesteaders' Heritage68
KandaRobert William (Bill)Homesteaders' Heritage68
KandtJohnGrooming the Grizzly359
KandtLeoGrooming the Grizzly362
KanePioneers of the Peace123
KaneBillLake Saskatoon Reflections255
KapalkaClaraLake Saskatoon Reflections119
KapalkaJohanPioneers of the Peace210
KapalkaJohan and AnnieWagon Trails Grown Over108
KaplanMary and JimChepi Sepe543
KappFrance PWheatfields and Wildflowers249
KappoDave and MaryIosegun Reflections329
KappoDave and MaryIosegun Reflections329
Kaprawy SteveIosegun Reflections330
Kapur Subhash and UshaGrande Cache: The People123
KapurSubhashA History of Grande Cache77
Karakonte (Carconte, Caraconte, Karakuntie)A History of Grande Cache15, 20, 31
KarakuntieEricA History of Grande Cache20
KarakuntieJoeA History of Grande Cache21, 30
KarakwanieIgnace (Carconte)A History of Grande Cache14, 20
KarbinerKarlBurnt Embers162
KarbowskiJoeWagon Trails Grown Over1098
KarhiioLouis (Calliou)A History of Grande Cache14
KarigaStaphania and PeteChepi Sepe543
KarlsonHugo (Poppa)Where the Red Willow Grew137
KarpiseckPioneer Round-Up587
KarpisekBenLake Saskatoon Reflections119
KarpisekGladysLake Saskatoon Reflections119
KarpisekLyleLake Saskatoon Reflections119
KarpisekTraceyLake Saskatoon Reflections119
KarpolSam and NellieWheatfields and Wildflowers402
KarquientheLouisA History of Grande Cache20
KarrAlexBeaverlodge to the Rockies411
KarychekRev Fr RGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace89
KaryinterDominickA History of Grande Cache20
KaspersonJohn and RhodaWagon Trails Grown Over425
KasprowMrLake Saskatoon Reflections146
KasprowStanley and SophiaAlong the Wapiti101
Kastner FamilyAlong the Wapiti367
KaterRobert and AnnieAlong the Wapiti158
KathanJudyLake Saskatoon Reflections243
KathlerAbrahamLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 220, 222, 277
KathlerCherylLake Saskatoon Reflections245
KathlerDarrilLake Saskatoon Reflections245
KathlerDougLake Saskatoon Reflections245
KathlerDwayneLake Saskatoon Reflections245
KathlerGeorgeLake Saskatoon Reflections245
KathlerGeorge SrLake Saskatoon Reflections243
KathlerTinaLake Saskatoon Reflections245
Kathryn Prittie HospitalPioneers of the Peace15,49,132,147, 154, 238, 294
KatisMarieA History of Grande Cache20
KaufmanLeonardAlong the Wapiti20
KauppieMattBeaverlodge to the Rockies317
KaushakisJohnHomesteaders' Heritage69
KaushakisPeteHomesteaders' Heritage160, 242
KayJohnEdson to Grande Prairie Trail211
KayeJoyceA History of Grande Cache75
KaytorMaryLake Saskatoon Reflections210
KazakawichVerna and WalterChepi Sepe544
KazakoffJean MrsPioneers of the Peace169
KearseBobA History of Grande Cache76, 77
KearseBob and GinaGrande Cache: The People124
KeayFamilyThe Big Bend68
KeayMargaret and D H (Steve)Chepi Sepe544
KebaloJohnPioneers of the Peace327, 328
KebaloJohnnyEdson to Grande Prairie Trail169
KebaloPete and AlbertaWagon Trails Grown Over912
KebaloPeterSmoky River to Grande Prairie166
KeddieFamilyThe Big Bend130
KeddieMerl and JeanBurnt Embers163
KeeblerFamilyThe Big Bend70
KeeblerJean and Herbert C SrChepi Sepe549
KeeblerMilly and HarryChepi Sepe549
KeeblerOlga and Herbert CChepi Sepe550
KeelingFred and MathildaHomesteaders' Heritage69
KeeloPaddyPioneers of the Peace230
KeeneGoldie and OrloChepi Sepe550
KeepingMinterPioneer Round-Up39
KeevillRon and MargaretIosegun Reflections331
KehoePaddyPioneers of the Peace297
KeillarRobert and KateWhere the Red Willow Grew138
Keiller'sEdson to Grande Prairie Trail225
KeilorWGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 57,58
KeithDorothyLake Saskatoon Reflections244
KeithDorothy and Bill, Bessie and GeorgeChepi Sepe552
KeithE HPioneers of the Peace157, 233
KeithE HLake Saskatoon Reflections222
KeithE H MrsPioneers of the Peace148
KeithElizabethLake Saskatoon Reflections 109, 254
KeithEmery HarryThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories, Original Settlers
KeithHarrv FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today164
KeithHarryLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 81, 197, 150, 152, 175
KeithHarryLake Saskatoon Reflections 238, 244
KeithJames (Jimmy)Lake Saskatoon Reflections 103, 131, 190, 254
KeithJohn and FredChepi Sepe552
KeithMrs HarryLaGlace: Yesterday and Today132
KeittemAlfLake Saskatoon Reflections203
KellarGeorge and MarianneTales, Trails and Gumbo154
KellettJamesSmoky River to Grande Prairie295
KellettSarah, JohannessonSmoky River to Grande Prairie295
KellettW JPioneers of the Peace76, 138
KellioMrsLake Saskatoon Reflections114
KellyBev and Gem'Bridges to the Past112
KellyDennis and RhondaGrande Cache: The People124
KellyGeorgeA History of Grande Cache45, 46
KellyJohn H CLake Saskatoon Reflections46
KellyMikeGrooming the Grizzly303
KellyPatGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace40
KellyPatPioneers of the Peace103
Kelly F KellyPEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 102 117
Kelly LakePioneer Round-Up100
KempJerryA History of Grande Cache74
KennedyALaGlace: Yesterday and Today13
KennedyAlbertBeaverlodge to the Rockies412
KennedyAngusSmoky River to Grande Prairie20
KennedyBillPioneers of the Peace333
KennedyD MPioneers of the Peace220, 264
KennedyD M (MP)Grande Prairie Capitol of the Peace21
KennedyDuncanPioneers of the Peace142
KennedyDuncanLake Saskatoon Reflections138
KennedyDuncan and JohanAlong the Wapiti102
KennedyGeorgeLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 2, 3
KennedyGladysPioneers of the Peace251
KennedyJasEdson to Grande Prairie Trail10,101
KennedyJohn and DonnaGrande Cache: The People125
KennedyLachlan (Don)Along the Wapiti245
KennedyLawrenceBuffalo Trails178
KennedyThomasBeaverlodge to the Rockies458
KennedyWalterWhere the Red Willow Grew138
KennedyWilliam (Bill) HSmoky River to Grande Prairie20
Kennedy FamilyHomesteaders' Heritage243
Kennedy'sLake Saskatoon Reflections177
KennewayJimAcross the Smoky 147, 142
KennvMarionPioneers of the Peace284
KennyA A MrsPioneers of the Peace284
KennyArthurPioneers of the Peace284
KennyAveryBeaverlodge to the Rockies522
KennyAvery APioneers of the Peace283, 284
KennyAvery AEdson to Grande Prairie Trail186
KennyEdwardPioneers of the Peace284
KennyHenryA History of Grande Cache21
KennyIrenePioneers of the Peace284
KennyMay and MorganChepi Sepe553
KennyRobertPioneers of the Peace284
Kenny FamilyAlong the Wapiti10
KentHarryAlong the Wapiti257
KentHenryGrooming the Grizzly363
KentNellGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace31
KentNellPioneers of the Peace162
KeobkeDonalda JBurnt Embers120
KeownFrank and IvySmoky Peace Triangle256
KeownJanet and IkeChepi Sepe554
KeownJudy and GeorgeChepi Sepe555
KeownMary and DougChepi Sepe556
KeownPatChepi Sepe556
KeownTelly and HenryChepi Sepe558
KerikSherryLake Saskatoon Reflections247
KerkhecherArnoldBeaverlodge to the Rockies59
KernJosephWhere the Red Willow Grew139
KerrDesmond and FamilyTales, Trails and Gumbo466
KerrErnest RodneyChepi Sepe559
KerrGertrude and John (Chip)Chepi Sepe559
KerrJ C MrsPioneers of the Peace245
KerrJackSmoky River to Grande Prairie296
KerrJackPioneers of the Peace245
KerrJamesWagon Trails Grown Over858
KerrJohn ChipmanChepi Sepe559
KerrJohn Chipman "Chip"Pioneers of the Peace244, 245
KerrLesliePioneers of the Peace245
KerrM DLaGlace: Yesterday and Today14
KerrRodneyPioneers of the Peace245
KerrRolandChepi Sepe561
KerrRolandPioneers of the Peace244, 245
KerrShirleyPioneers of the Peace245
KerrThomasGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace1
KerrThomasLake Saskatoon Reflections 2, 37, 83, 85
KerrTomWhere the Red Willow Grew351
KerrTomPioneers of the Peace14, 233
KerrTom and AgnesEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 29, 132, 199, 26
KerrWilliam GeorgeWhere the Red Willow Grew355
Kerr & HumphreyPioneers of the Peace191
Kerr FamilyBeaverlodge to the Rockies23
KerriganJohnBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement159
KerriganJohnBeaverlodge to the Rockies276
KesansKarlisA History of Grande Cache86
KetchesonEdwin TAcross the Smoky56
KettylsG A RevPioneers of the Peace82, 221
KettylsMrLake Saskatoon Reflections254
KettylsMrsLake Saskatoon Reflections254
KettylsRev GeorgeLake Saskatoon Reflections 5, 255
KewleyLouisBeaverlodge to the Rockies24
KeyesRobert MrsPioneers of the Peace120
KeysRobertGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace142,143,145
KeyserFamilyThe Big Bend212
KeyserFlorence and JoeChepi Sepe561
KeyserJoeMemories and Moments256
KeyserMargaret and CharlesChepi Sepe562
KeyserRoyHomesteaders' Heritage350
KeyworthSarahLake Saskatoon Reflections104
KibuikPaul and AnnieWagon Trails Grown Over1087
KiceniukIlko and AnnaWhere the Red Willow Grew530
KiceniukMikeWhere the Red Willow Grew534
KiceniukPeteWhere the Red Willow Grew540
KiddMrEdson to Grande Prairie Trail146
KiddineHarry and BarbaraSmoky River to Grande Prairie262
KiethDonBurnt Embers457
Kiever BrosBeaverlodge to the Rockies568
KilarowskiMikeHomesteaders' Heritage424
KilbaMrA History of Grande Cache31
KildalThe Northfield Settlement71
KildalsLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 197, 244
KilgorGlenA History of Grande Cache45
KilgourJackLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 39, 96, 57
KilgourJackGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace82
KilgourJack MrsPioneers of the Peace86
KillipsTomWhere the Red Willow Grew605
KilloranFatherA History of Grande Cache88
Kimberleys (Stopping Place)Edson to Grande Prairie Trail130
KimberlyJamesSmoky River to Grande Prairie434
KimberlyJimAcross the Smoky23
KimbleCarolLake Saskatoon Reflections189
KimbleCherylLake Saskatoon Reflections95
KimbleElsworthSmoky River to Grande Prairie94
KimbleHerman and FamilySmoky River to Grande Prairie94
KimbleHerman LaneSmoky River to Grande Prairie433
KimbleLaneLake Saskatoon Reflections95
KimbleRobbieLake Saskatoon Reflections95
KimbleRobertSmoky River to Grande Prairie215
KimbleRonLake Saskatoon Reflections95
KimfnerlyJamesPioneers of the Peace206
KimmerlyJamesEdson to Grande Prairie Trail165
KimmerlyJimAlong the Wapiti199
KimpeMauriceEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 36, 47, 53, 54 60, 219, 228
Kimpe FamilySmoky River to Grande Prairie216
KincaidHelen and JimChepi Sepe562
KincaidSamuel and ArthurPioneer Round-Up588
KinchEarlPioneers of the Peace231
KinchElizabeth D MrsPioneers of the Peace230, 231
KindergartenfirstGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 36, 38
KindergartenSmoky Peace Triangle7
KindergartenBurnt Embers437
KindervaterFrank, Marion, and PaulineCentennial Celebration Edson Trail114
KindervaterWilliam JohnCentennial Celebration Edson Trail114
KinderwaterAdolph, AnnaBuffalo Trails229
KinderwaterAgnesLaGlace: Yesterday and Today277
KinderwaterBillLaGlace: Yesterday and Today290
KinderwaterFrankPioneers of the Peace223
KinderwaterFrank FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 73, 76
KinderwaterFrank MEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 158,178, 190
KinderwaterFrank, Pauline, FamilyBuffalo Trails229
KinderwaterMrs FrankLaGlace: Yesterday and Today49
KinderwaterPaulLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 56, 65
KinderwaterWilliamPioneers of the Peace223
KinderwaterWilliam JEdson to Grande Prairie Trail158
KinderwaterWilliam NorbBuffalo Trails228
Kinette Club Of Spirit RiverChepi Sepe230
KingA GBridges to the Past3
KingAlAcross the Smoky 308, 182
KingCharlesPioneers of the Peace402
KingElizabeth and Rev CharlesChepi Sepe564
KingJack and MargaretWagon Trails Grown Over914
KingLenPioneers of the Peace164
KingLeonardWagon Trails Grown Over ill
KingLloyd and CenaSmoky Peace Triangle256
KingMrsPioneer Round-Up239
KingWilliamMemories and Moments257
King Edward HotelGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace105
Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's WitnessesA History of Grande Cache85
KingdonVal and DonSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails310
KinsmanMrs AlmaLaGlace: Yesterday and Today166
KinsmanThomasBeaverlodge to the Rockies352
KinsmanTomPioneers of the Peace295
Kinsmen & KinnettesA History of Grande Cache77, 81
Kinsmen ClubChepi Sepe233
KinvigWilliamPioneer Round-Up588
KirbyRev WilliamGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace71
KirchnerEmma and MichaelChepi Sepe564
KirichukWilliamWhere the Red Willow Grew541
KirkebyJoyce and JimGrande Cache: The People125
KirkenthalJuliaLake Saskatoon Reflections195
KirkhamDanPioneers of the Peace147, 309
KirkhamDan, Margaret, FamilyBuffalo Trails148
KirkhamMargaret MrsPioneers of the Peace309
KirkhamMaryMemories and Moments193
KirkhamDan and MargaretCentennial Celebration Edson Trail64, 114
KirknessHenry JohnChepi Sepe564
KirknessHenry JrMemories and Moments103
Kirkness FamilyHomesteaders' Heritage346,349,373
KirkpatrickKatieSmoky Peace Triangle257
KirkpatrickRon and MargGrande Cache: The People127
KirkusJohnPioneer Round-Up101
KirnerAugustAcross the Smoky218
KirschtPaul (Jr)Along the Wapiti257
KirschtPaul (Sr) and PaulineAlong the Wapiti367
KirsteinErnestPioneers of the Peace331
KirsteinFreidaWagon Trails Grown Over289
KirsteinHainaWagon Trails Grown Over292
KirtBill and CarrieWagon Trails Grown Over 914 1004
KirtWilliam and CarySmoky River to Grande Prairie483
KitchenC SGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 50,51
KitchenCharlesSmoky River to Grande Prairie216
KitchenCharlesPioneers of the Peace293, 315
KitchenMarkBurnt Embers32
KitchenStanA History of Grande Cache43
KitneyC G RevPioneers of the Peace119
KitneyRev C GGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace85
KitneyReverend CharlesGrooming the Grizzly364
KitsonArthur and EllenAlong the Wapiti26
KitsonViola and JohnChepi Sepe564
KittRussell and DorisWagon Trails Grown Over825
KiyawasewCurtisSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails311
KjarengConradPioneers of the Peace284
KjarengJohnPioneers of the Peace284, 333
KjarengJohnLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 101, 119, 253
KjarengKLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 31,53
KjelhaugLudvigLaGlace: Yesterday and Today98
KjellandHaroldLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 42, 124
KjemhusNils and JorandPioneer Round-Up 137a
KjemusJoe, WalterHomesteaders' Heritage71
KjemusNils and JorandPioneer Round-Up589
KjerengJohnThe Northfield Settlement27
KjerengKonradThe Northfield Settlement28
Kjermo CHomesteaders' Heritage243
KjinserdahlAlmerMemories and Moments104
KjosAndyPioneer Round-Up590
KjosEricA History of Grande Cache44
KlaepatchSteveBurnt Embers439
KlarholmMary and KenChepi Sepe565
KlassenAbeHomesteaders' Heritage71
KlassenAbramThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories, First Mennonite Settlers
KlassenAron FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today164
KlassenJ A FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today73
KlassenJakeLaGlace: Yesterday and Today47
KlassenJames and Dorene (Leveille)Bridges to the Past269
KlassenLawrenceBridges to the Past270
KlassenMildred (Zenner)Bridges to the Past271
KlassenMrs AronLaGlace: Yesterday and Today226
KlassenPaul and EileenBridges to the Past272
KlassenPeterBuffalo Trails203
KlassenTomAcross the Smoky 195, 196
KlassenTom and KatherineBridges to the Past183
KlassenWalter and PricillaBridges to the Past3
KlassenWayne and OliveBridges to the Past273
KlausChrisBeaverlodge to the Rockies524
KleebergerEarl and MyrtleTales, Trails and Gumbo155
KleeburgerEllenLake Saskatoon Reflections192
KleinFred and AugustaWagon Trails Grown Over1098
KleinJoe and JuliaWagon Trails Grown Over425
KleinOscarLake Saskatoon Reflections 177, 230
Kleskun Hill Baseball TeamPioneers of the Peace244
Kleskun Hill LocalUnited Farmers of AlbertaPioneers of the Peace136
Kleskun Hill Post OfficePioneers of the Peace179, 247, 275, 328
Kleskun Hill SchoolSmoky River to Grande Prairie273
Kleskun HillsSmoky River to Grande Prairie275
Kleskun Hills Geological ParkPioneers of the Peace77
Kleskun Hills Short Horn Breeders' AssociationPioneers of the Peace205
Kleskun Lake Baseball TeamPioneers of the Peace288
Kleskun Lake Cattle CoPioneers of the Peace113
Kleskun Lake CoPioneers of the Peace329
Kleskun Lake Hay PicturesWagon Trails Grown Over362
Kleskun Lake LocalUnited Farmers of AlbertaPioneers of the Peace139
Kleskun Lake RanchPioneers of the Peace267
Kleskun Lake Ranch StoryWagon Trails Grown Over1054
Kleskun Lake SchoolPioneers of the Peace72, 76, 96
KlessRalphGrooming the Grizzly365
KlettkePioneer Round-Up368
KlettkeLake Saskatoon Reflections153
KlineE JEdson to Grande Prairie Trail117
KlineEdGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace92
KlineEdPioneers of the Peace90
KlineElmerGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace92
KlineElmerPioneers of the Peace90, 154
KlineSamEdson to Grande Prairie Trail124
KlingenbergEdHomesteaders' Heritage155,325
KlomstadFamilyPioneer Round-Up591
Klondike Gold RushGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace53
Klondike Gold RushPioneers of the Peace400, 402
Klondike NightsGrooming the Grizzly289
Klondike NightsGrooming the Grizzly287
Klondike PrincessesSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails156-159
Klondike Trailmap440
Klondike Trail Mutual Telephone CoAlong the Wapiti39
Klondyke Trail SchoolAlong the Wapiti211
KlukasHenry MalcolmSmoky Peace Triangle258
KlukasHermanGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace102
KlukasHermanPioneers of the Peace264, 297
KlukasHerman and CatherineSmoky Peace Triangle258
KlukasHerman and CatherineWagon Trails Grown Over45
KlumpenhowerBenA History of Grande Cache86
KlunderMenno J FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today270
KluytBillLake Saskatoon Reflections110
KluytKarenLake Saskatoon Reflections110
KluytRyanLake Saskatoon Reflections110
KnechtelDickPioneers of the Peace6, 255
KnechtelRichardBurnt Embers164
KnechtelRose MrsPioneers of the Peace98
KnezevichGeraldineBurnt Embers274
KnezevichJ DPioneers of the Peace53
KnezevichJerry and EdithWheatfields and Wildflowers472
KnezevichKatie and NickChepi Sepe565
KnezevichLawrence JeromeWheatfields and Wildflowers473
KnezevichLouis FamilyWheatfields and Wildflowers535
KnifeJoeGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace1
Knight RichardBuffalo Trails72
KnightAnnie ElizabethLake Saskatoon Reflections 167, 252
KnightBasil ReginaldLake Saskatoon Reflections 166, 167, 193, 252
KnightDickHomesteaders' Heritage346, 375
KnightDickLake Saskatoon Reflections36
KnightDickPioneers of the Peace276
KnightGreg and TanyaSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails311
KnightLaurieLake Saskatoon Reflections168
KnightLaurie and EdieSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails313
KnightLouisPioneers of the Peace286
KnightMel and DianaSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails117, 314
KnightMelvynLake Saskatoon Reflections168
KnightMrs W RLake Saskatoon Reflections89
KnightNelliePioneers of the Peace286
KnightR HBurnt Embers9
KnightReg and JuanitaSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails316-318
KnightRichardAlong the Wapiti407
KnightRobert OwenLake Saskatoon Reflections 167, 168
KnightRoyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today259,261
KnightSharonLake Saskatoon Reflections168
KnightThomas VernonLake Saskatoon Reflections 167, 168, 252
KnightWilliam RussellLake Saskatoon Reflections 44, 46, 107, 167
KnightWilliam StandishLake Saskatoon Reflections 167, 168
KnightJuanita, Little Smoky Athlete ExtraordinaireSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails163, 164
Knight-IgguldenShawnna and ToddSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails313
KnightsSmoky River to Grande Prairie96
Knights of ColumbusA History of Grande Cache88
Knights of ColumbusChepi Sepe233
KniskyMichaelChepi Sepe566
KniskyMikeWheatfields and Wildflowers209
KnitelRudy and FayeSmoky Peace Triangle259
KnittingGrooming the Grizzly207-16
KnobbeDouweAcross the Smoky16
KnoblauchJacob and MargaretBurnt Embers222
KnoblauchReinieBurnt Embers 447, 470
KnoblauchVerner GeorgeBurnt Embers223
KnoblauchWilliamBurnt Embers 447, 469
Knoot FamilyTales, Trails and Gumbo469
Knopp George CBuffalo Trails124
KnottJohnPioneers of the Peace405
KnottMr and Mrs EIosegun Reflections332
KnowlesCliffEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 100, 101,245
KnowlesDaveHomesteaders' Heritage152, 157
KnowlesJackHomesteaders' Heritage167
Knox Richard and RobinGrande Cache: The People128
KnoxAlbertaEdson to Grande Prairie Trail260
KnoxAlberta (Hughson)Bridges to the Past185
KnoxDickA History of Grande Cache87
KnoxE SPioneers of the Peace55
KnoxE SLake Saskatoon Reflections102
KnoxFrankAcross the Smoky108
KnoxFrank and FlorenceSmoky River to Grande Prairie543
KnoxGiffordAcross the Smoky108
KnoxMary (Didow)Wheatfields and Wildflowers210
KnoxMary and StewartChepi Sepe559
KnoxPeteAcross the Smoky108
KnutsonArthurBeaverlodge to the Rockies524
KnutsonChrisSmoky Peace Triangle260
KnutsonFrederickPioneer Round-Up592
KnutsonGlennardSmoky Peace Triangle261
KnutsonMartinPioneer Round-Up593
KnutsonMaryWagon Trails Grown Over423
KnutsonMattPioneers of the Peace240, 257, 258, 283
KnutsonPastorLaGlace: Yesterday and Today33
KnutsonTomSmoky Peace Triangle261
KnuttFrankGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 2,3
KobasiukEdHomesteaders' Heritage151,243
KobelMary MrsPioneers of the Peace308
KobertDoraPioneers of the Peace249
KoblbauerJoeBurnt Embers164
KoblizekFranz and AnnaFrom Tears to Triumph140
KobylanskiFamilyWheatfields and Wildflowers339
KobzaAlA History of Grande Cache77
KochOttoSmoky Peace Triangle262
KochalykAnnaPioneers of the Peace224
KochalykElena TanchakSmoky River to Grande Prairie346
KochalykMartha WaySmoky River to Grande Prairie346
KochalykNicholasSmoky River to Grande Prairie347
KochalykNicholasPioneers of the Peace224
KochendorferFrank and EvaPioneer Round-Up596
KochendorferRoy MrsPioneers of the Peace251
KocholykMikeSmoky River to Grande Prairie97
KocholykOlga AndersonSmoky River to Grande Prairie348
KockAlfredEdson to Grande Prairie Trail248
KoebelRalphBeaverlodge to the Rockies390
KoecherHerbert and Joyce (Rule)From Tears to Triumph9
KoecherJoe and UrsulaFrom Tears to Triumph11
KoecherJosef and EmmaFrom Tears to Triumph12
KoecherKurt and MaryFrom Tears to Triumph13
KoenigTonyMemories and Moments257
KoetchLorneEdson to Grande Prairie Trail250
KohlmanLarry and ArletteSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails318, 319
KokoshaJohn, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails155
KokoshaThomas, Rose, FamilyBuffalo Trails133
KolboC M MrsPioneers of the Peace304
KolebaDon and GaitSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails319, 320
KolebaNick and RayaSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails321-322
KolebaPhilip and AngelineSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails323
KolebaWalterSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails71
KollGarthBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement246
KoloskyMargeryBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement68
KoloskyMike, FrancesHomesteaders' Heritage346, 350, 375
KolotyloAnn and PeteChepi Sepe570
KolybabaNick and MrsAlong the Wapiti407
Komisar FamilyWheatfields and Wildflowers533
KoneveckiWalter and AngelaAlong the Wapiti104
KongsjordenNarveThe Northfield Settlement72
KongsjordenNarveLaGlace: Yesterday and Today244
Kongsrud HeidiGrande Cache: The People128
KonopelkaStephen and Mary (Shura)Wheatfields and Wildflowers406
KonradAbeLake Saskatoon Reflections242
KonradAbe, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails210
KonradAbe, RevLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 35, 40, 196
KonradAlfredLake Saskatoon Reflections242
KonradChesterLake Saskatoon Reflections242
KonradErnestLake Saskatoon Reflections242
KonradMaryLake Saskatoon Reflections242
KonradPeter J FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today292
KonradWesleyLake Saskatoon Reflections242
KonradWilfredLake Saskatoon Reflections242
KonsJoseph, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails92
KonsMilan, Anita, FamilyBuffalo Trails92
KonschakBryanPioneers of the Peace89
KonschakLeonardPioneers of the Peace88, 89
KonschakM MrsPioneers of the Peace88, 89
KonschakMarvinPioneers of the Peace89
KonschakMichaelPioneers of the Peace88
KonschalkLGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace64
KonshachLEdson to Grande Prairie Trail101
KonshakAvisLake Saskatoon Reflections170
KonshakBethLake Saskatoon Reflections169
KonshakBillLake Saskatoon Reflections169
KonshakBobbyLake Saskatoon Reflections169
KonshakBryanLake Saskatoon Reflections169
KonshakCarolLake Saskatoon Reflections169
KonshakChristineLake Saskatoon Reflections170
KonshakDickLake Saskatoon Reflections 169, 170
KonshakJaniceLake Saskatoon Reflections170
KonshakLeonardFrom Survey to Today11
KonshakLeonardLake Saskatoon Reflections 28, 130, 168, 170, 268
KonshakLindaLake Saskatoon Reflections170
KonshakMarvinLake Saskatoon Reflections169
KonshakMichaelLake Saskatoon Reflections168
KonshakMikeLake Saskatoon Reflections170
KonshakNettieLake Saskatoon Reflections170
KonshakNormaLake Saskatoon Reflections169
KonshakSalenaLake Saskatoon Reflections 94, 169
KonshakSallyLake Saskatoon Reflections 169, 170
Konshak LarryLake Saskatoon Reflections169
KonshaksLake Saskatoon Reflections 137, 156
KooseyFrankGrooming the Grizzly276
KootenayA History of Grande Cache11
KoppAnton and AnneFrom Tears to Triumph141
KoppFredLake Saskatoon Reflections209
KoppangLorne and GwenTales, Trails and Gumbo473
KoppelAdolfBeaverlodge to the Rockies412
KorbayAlois and BertaFrom Tears to Triumph143
KorbayJohn (Hans)From Tears to Triumph144
KornelsonLouise (Wall)LaGlace: Yesterday and Today294
KorolNickChepi Sepe571
KorolNick and OlgaWheatfields and Wildflowers410
KorolOlga and NickChepi Sepe574
KorotashBrian and JoanneIosegun Reflections332
KorsmoHarry and MarieWagon Trails Grown Over618
KortzmanCarl JohanPioneer Round-Up599
KosabeckRuth and SteveChepi Sepe576
KosawanDarleneLake Saskatoon Reflections242
KosbergPioneer Round-Up597
KoshJohnChepi Sepe577
KoshylanykMarkoHomesteaders' Heritage151,245
KoskinenKen and RuthIosegun Reflections333
KoslowkiMikePioneers of the Peace326
KoslowskiJoe and BarbaraWagon Trails Grown Over1088
KosminaPeterBuffalo Trails109
KosowanAnn and KenChepi Sepe578
KosowanBillTales, Trails and Gumbo285
KosowanDora and GeorgeChepi Sepe579
KosowanGeorgeGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace100
KosowanGeorge and Olga (Wakaluk)Wheatfields and Wildflowers411
KosowanJoeTales, Trails and Gumbo285
KosowanJohn and KatherineWheatfields and Wildflowers412
KosowanOlga and GeorgeChepi Sepe579
KostashNickGrooming the Grizzly366
KostiukPeter and CeceliaGrande Cache: The People129
KostronHubert EFrom Tears to Triumph144
KostuikCherylLake Saskatoon Reflections165
KostuikHarryLake Saskatoon Reflections165
KostuikMarilynLake Saskatoon Reflections165
KostuikRonaldLake Saskatoon Reflections165
KostuikStellaLake Saskatoon Reflections165
KotykMike FamilyWheatfields and Wildflowers496
KotyshynNestor and AnneBurnt Embers449
KounatzkyBuffalo Trails203
KoutnikArmandFrom Tears to Triumph145
KowalchukFamilyThe Big Bend153
KowalchukHelenBurnt Embers368
KowalchukJean and VictorChepi Sepe585
KowalchukKatherine and MichaelChepi Sepe586
KowalikFredAcross the Smoky186
KowaliukNick and TinaWheatfields and Wildflowers414
KowenskyMrs LGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace120
KowlilukJohnMemories and Moments104
KozenkoJosephThe Big Bend7
KozijJohnThe Big Bend70
KozinaAndrewCentennial Celebration Edson Trail95
KozinaAndrewPioneers of the Peace203, 307, 308
KozinaAndrew and VictoriaWagon Trails Grown Over426
KozinaAnniePioneers of the Peace203, 307
KozinaJosephPioneers of the Peace307
KozinaMarvPioneers of the Peace307, 308
KozinaNelliePioneers of the Peace210, 307
KozinaPeterPioneers of the Peace307, 308
KozinaTilliePioneers of the Peace307, 308
KozlowskiJohn and MaryWagon Trails Grown Over427
KozlowskiJosephPioneers of the Peace309
KozubackAgnes and PeterChepi Sepe586
KozubackDora (Lazoruk)Wheatfields and Wildflowers210
KozubackDora and BillChepi Sepe588
KozubackJohnThe Big Bend213
KragelRobert and VirginiaFrom Tears to Triumph309
KrahnBobA History of Grande Cache86
KrahnJake and AgathaWagon Trails Grown Over54
KrahnPete and HelenSmoky River to Grande Prairie167
KrampsDavid and ArleneBridges to the Past273
KrampsGerry and ShirleyBridges to the Past274
KrampsJohnAcross the Smoky88
KrampsJohn and JuanitaBridges to the Past186
KrampsRobert and Chereth (Chapman)Bridges to the Past275
KrampsTonyAcross the Smoky109
KrampsTony and CarolineBridges to the Past100
Kramps songBridges to the Past190
KranandonkWilliamLake Saskatoon Reflections6
KrantzAntonPioneer Round-Up593
KrantzGunnar and MabelFrom Tears to Triumph76
KrantzHarry and EleanorPioneer Round-Up 139a
KrantzHarry MrsPioneers of the Peace251
KrantzRobert "Bob"Pioneers of the Peace130
KrantzTom and LoriFrom Tears to Triumph76
Krantz BobEdson to Grande Prairie Trail158,190
KranzBobThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
KranzBobLaGlace: Yesterday and Today175
KranzLawrenceLaGlace: Yesterday and Today175
KranzLawrenceLake Saskatoon Reflections 170, 254
KranzRobert (Bob)Lake Saskatoon Reflections 13, 30, 32, 72, 95, 122, 146, 170, 187, 195, 223, 243, 253, 254, 255
KranzRobert and LawrenceAlong the Wapiti368
KrausBarbLake Saskatoon Reflections203
KrauseMarvin and BettyBridges to the Past113
KrauseOttoAcross the Smoky218
KrauterHenryPioneer Round-Up101
KrawchukFrankSmoky Peace Triangle262
KrawchukSieveHomesteaders' Heritage413
KreftingFamilyWheatfields and Wildflowers599
KreitzerAlec and MaudePioneer Round-Up600
KrejciJakubWhere the Red Willow Grew140
KrenzEvelynAcross the Smoky303
KreugerBill, Cliff, MyrtleHomesteaders' Heritage412
KreugerGaryA History of Grande Cache46
KreugerGeorgeA History of Grande Cache88
KreuzingerGerald and MarleneFrom Tears to Triumph147
KreuzingerJosef and FranziskaFrom Tears to Triumph147
KreuzingerWalter and FriedaFrom Tears to Triumph148
KrewusikBobA History of Grande Cache70, 74
KrewusikRobert and LouiseGrande Cache: The People129
KriegerErnie and GraceWhere the Red Willow Grew446
KriegerHerman and AgnesWhere the Red Willow Grew449
KringPioneer Round-Up240
KrinnerJohannBurnt Embers165
KrischEdmundBurnt Embers68
KrishkaWilliam (Madsen)Grooming the Grizzly367
KristiansenWayne and JudySmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails325
KrivenchuckJohnWhere the Red Willow Grew543
KrjstensensBurnt Embers392
KroekerFamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today270
KrogHeinrich and DidiBurnt Embers223
KroghRoyGrooming the Grizzly370
KrokersBuffalo Trails219
KrolPeterMemories and Moments197
KromeryGeorgeWagon Trails Grown Over915
KronholmHelmer and EricWhere the Red Willow Grew141
KrpanFrank (Sr) FamilyWheatfields and Wildflowers536
KrpanMark FamilyWheatfields and Wildflowers537
KrsysikMrs BenLaGlace: Yesterday and Today151
KrugerEmmilleBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement340
KrummLorne and OliveSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails326-328
KrupaNick and MinnieWagon Trails Grown Over427
KrusselniskiJosephSmoky Peace Triangle263
KruzsylakSteve and FrankWhere the Red Willow Grew142
KryzalkaAlex and JohnWhere the Red Willow Grew543
KrzyczkowskiFrank and MargaretWagon Trails Grown Over428
KrzysikJohn, Verna, FamilyBuffalo Trails191
Ksituan ChurchThe Big Bend242
KucharukFamilyThe Big Bend7
KucharukFamilyWheatfields and Wildflowers341
KuechleVictorPioneers of the Peace129
KueckleVictorBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement247
Kuefler BartEdson to Grande Prairie Trail250
KuepferIvanHomesteaders' Heritage26
KugenerPierrePioneers of the Peace255
KuhnOttoPioneer Round-Up101
KujathW AGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace37
KulachkoskyAmonHomesteaders' Heritage8, 10, 148, 156, 160, 166, 245
KulachkoskyNickHomesteaders' Heritage9, 16,20,23,72
KulachkoskyWalterHomesteaders' Heritage12, 156, 161,245
KulickiKazimierz and BoleslawaWagon Trails Grown Over1088
KulickiThomasBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement225
KummetzErich and ErnstBurnt Embers393
KuntzJoseph and OliveAlong the Wapiti219
KuntzKarol and MrsAlong the Wapiti220
KunzJPioneers of the Peace305
KunzMrGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace105
KurysEvelyn and JohnChepi Sepe588
KurysJulia and StanleyChepi Sepe590
KurysJune and BennyChepi Sepe592
KurysStanley and JuliaWheatfields and Wildflowers583
KuryvialDoreen and MilesChepi Sepe593
KuryvialMiles FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today174
KurzBarbara and IrvingChepi Sepe594
KuseGarryHomesteaders' Heritage377
KushnerLill and MikeChepi Sepe594
KushnerMary and BillChepi Sepe595
KushnerykJean and BillChepi Sepe597
KushnerykMargaret and BillChepi Sepe599
KushnerykMary and PeteChepi Sepe599
Kushneryk (Hrisook)FamilyThe Big Bend9
KusykNick and AliceWagon Trails Grown Over209
KutAndrewHomesteaders' Heritage74, 150
KutPeter and GertaHomesteaders' Heritage150, 152, 155, 158, 160,246
KutrowskiFamilyThe Big Bend12
Kutschinski FamilvIosegun Reflections333
KutschkerAlois and IdaFrom Tears to Triumph149
KuttigFranz and StefanieFrom Tears to Triumph151
KuykendallEugeneGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace99
KuykendallEugene RSmoky River to Grande Prairie543
KuykendallLyle ESmoky River to Grande Prairie544
KuzmikVictorBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement271
KvassFredA History of Grande Cache54
Kvass FlatsA History of Grande Cache17, 54
Kwarakwante (L'Iroquois)160
KychkaDavidBeaverlodge to the Rockies481
KyleNormanTales, Trails and Gumbo474
KyleNormanBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement71
KylloGerry and SueGrande Cache: The People131
KynastonAnniePioneers of the Peace246
KynastonArthurPioneers of the Peace245
KynastonBill and DorothyWagon Trails Grown Over111
KynastonMildredPioneers of the Peace246
KynastonNellPioneers of the Peace246
KynastonT MrsPioneers of the Peace245, 246
KynastonThomasPioneers of the Peace245, 246, 296
KynastonTom and EleanorWagon Trails Grown Over113
KynastonTom and EleanorEdson to Grande Prairie Trail173
KynastonWilliamPioneers of the Peace245, 246, 296
KzituanThe Big Bend149