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SurnameFirst NameBookPage Number(s)
E D & B C RailwayPioneers of the Peace15, 25, 52, 56, 86, 101, 114, 140, 148, 158, 176, 269, 279, 295, 331
EadyMorris FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today209
EadyMorris, Margaret, FamilyBuffalo Trails45
EadyW J FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today201
EadyWilfred, Nan, FamilyBuffalo Trails45
EagarM D C "Pete"Grande Prairie Capitol of the Peace82,143,144
EagarM WGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace53,131, 133
EagarMartin WPioneers of the Peace406, 407
Eaglasham Co-op StoreSmoky Peace Triangle93
Eagle's Nest PassA History of Grande Cache22, 25, 65, 57
Eaglesham and District Agricultural SocietySmoky Peace Triangle70
Eaglesham and District Drama ClubSmoky Peace Triangle110
Eaglesham Dramatic SocietySmoky Peace Triangle109
Eaglesham Echoes Square Dance ClubSmoky Peace Triangle77
Eaglesham Home and AssociationSmoky Peace Triangle7
Eaglesham Ladies Auxiliary to the Royal Canadian LegionSmoky Peace Triangle82
Eaglesham Lakeside Golf and Country ClubSmoky Peace Triangle76
Eaglesham Lodge #318 Order of the Royal PurpleSmoky Peace Triangle80
Eaglesham Meat MarketSmoky Peace Triangle93
Eaglesham Memorial Curling ClubSmoky Peace Triangle78
Eaglesham Mennonite ChurchSmoky Peace Triangle17
Eaglesham Post OfficeSmoky Peace Triangle95
Eaglesham Progresive AssociationSmoky Peace Triangle67
Eaglesham Public LibrarySmoky Peace Triangle95
Eaglesham School #4474Smoky Peace Triangle4
Eaglesham StreakersSmoky Peace Triangle113
Eaglesham Women of Unifarm, Local 1408Smoky Peace Triangle73
EarlClarenceA History of Grande Cache51
EarlHenryThe Big Bend41
Early SettlersPioneer Round-Up199
Early Bachelorsby Young HarmonWagon Trails Grown Over857
Early French Canadian SettlersChepi Sepe70
Early HistoryWheatfields and Wildflowers572
Early Little Smoky GraduatesSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails127
Early Recollections of Horse Lake ReservePioneer Round-Up432
EarthJosef and MarieFrom Tears to Triumph97
EasonDougHomesteaders' Heritage367
East Doe HallHomesteaders' Heritage414
East Doe HistoryHomesteaders' Heritage412
East Doe SchoolHomesteaders' Heritage412
East Doe Sunday SchoolHomesteaders' Heritage416
East Kleskun SchoolPioneers of the Peace313
East Kleskun School District No 3635Smoky River to Grande Prairie151
East Peoria SchoolGrooming the Grizzly 74-5
East Pouce Coupe-Briar RidgeHomesteaders' Heritage16
East Smoky Gas CoopBridges to the Past442
East Smoky Legion #98 (Legion Hall)Bridges to the Past416-417
East Smoky Recreation BoardBridges to the Past433
East Smoky Rural Electrification LtdBridges to the Past444
East Smoky SchoolAcross the Smoky 295, 304
EasterhausOle NilsonPioneer Round-Up482
Eastern StarOlder ofGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace117
East-European families who settled in the districts of Blueberry Creek, Ksituan, Whitburn, Yellow Creek and DevaleChepi Sepe72
EastmanH John MrsPioneers of the Peace225
EastmanJamesBeaverlodge to the Rockies340
EastmanJimBeaverlodge to the Rockies15
EastmanKenBeaverlodge to the Rockies15
EatonPioneers of the Peace214
EatonMrsPioneers of the Peace17
EatonWGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace44
EatonWalterPioneers of the Peace195
EatonWalterEdson to Grande Prairie Trail101
EatonWalterLake Saskatoon Reflections 30, 147, 175, 250, 254
Eben-EbenoffA History of Grande Cache45
EberleHazelA History of Grande Cache77
EbyArtHomesteaders' Heritage412,418
EckstromStan and RetaAlong the Wapiti353
EckstromStanley MrsPioneers of the Peace149
Economic ConditionsBurnt Embers26
Ed Olanski Trap Line #890Smoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails61
EddyPioneers of the Peace234
EdensClausPioneer Round-Up85
EdeyAdaline and Edward (Ted)Chepi Sepe385
EdeyAlexMemories and Moments241
EdeyAlexGrooming the Grizzly298
EdeyCharlieGrooming the Grizzly299
EdeyClarenceMemories and Moments244
EdeyGordonGrooming the Grizzly300
EdeyHarry and IrisWheatfields and Wildflowers174
EdeyIris and John Henry (Harry)Chepi Sepe391
EdeyJo-Anne and KenChepi Sepe386
EdeyJohn CChepi Sepe389
EdeyMavis (Mrs Rod)Lake Saskatoon Reflections216
EdeyNoelA History of Grande Cache76, 77, 92
EdeyNoel and LoisGrande Cache: The People77
EdgarElvaPioneers of the Peace323
EdgarGordonThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
EdgarGordonLaGlace: Yesterday and Today159
EdgarJames LloydPioneers of the Peace148
EdgarKennethThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
EdgarKennethPioneers of the Peace148
EdgarKenneth FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today158
EdgarLanceLake Saskatoon Reflections239
EdgarLance FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today45
EdgarMary APioneers of the Peace148
EdgarN B MrsPioneers of the Peace148
EdgarNormanThe Big Horn School DistrictOriginal Settlers
EdgarNormanThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
EdgarNormanLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 45, 102, 153, 154,172, 175,252
EdgarNormanLake Saskatoon Reflections 27, 95
EdgarNorman BPioneers of the Peace147, 148, 157, 244
EdgarNorman FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today102
EdgarRogerPioneers of the Peace148
EdgarTomPioneers of the Peace147
EdgarTrudyLake Saskatoon Reflections239
EdgarWallaceLaGlace: Yesterday and Today159
EdgarWallaceThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories, Original Settlers
EdgarWallacePioneers of the Peace147, 148, 244
EdgarWallaceLake Saskatoon Reflections 27, 207, 257
EdgarWallace and MabelAlong the Wapiti354
EdgarWallace MrsPioneers of the Peace148
EdgertonC F MrsPioneers of the Peace149
EdgertonCharles FPioneers of the Peace65, 129, 148, 149
EdgertonCharlieBeaverlodge to the Rockies443
EdgertonDorothyPioneers of the Peace149
EdgertonKennethBeaverlodge to the Rockies444
EdgertonKennethPioneers of the Peace149
EdgertonRetaPioneers of the Peace149
EdgertonViolaPioneers of the Peace149
EdgintonGordon and GertieWhere the Red Willow Grew507
Edmonton Bulletin History176
Edmonton Post Journal137
Edmonton, Dunvegan & British Columbia RailroadGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 29, 49,124,126,127
EdmontosaurusA History of Grande Cache3
Edson TrailSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails8-Apr
Edson TrailBeaverlodge to the Rockies 68, 420
Edson TrailPioneers of the Peace407
Edson TrailChepi Sepe24
Edson TrailLake Saskatoon Reflections 36, 74, 75, 95, 103, 106, 109, 118, 125, 165, 166, 176, 186, 196, 213, 214, 255, 258
Edson Trail BlazersSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails4
Edson Trail DocumentarySmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails9
Edson Trail schoolAcross the Smoky291
Edson Trail SchoolBridges to the Past370
Edson-Grande Prairie TrailWheatfields and Wildflowers41
Edson-Grande Prairie TrailGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace43
EducationMemories and Moments 43-47
EdwardJohnWagon Trails Grown Over996
EdwardsBrian and MaryIosegun Reflections265
EdwardsJohnSmoky River to Grande Prairie478
EdwardsWalter and MrsAlong the Wapiti207
EdwardsThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
Edwards FamilyIosegun Reflections266
EelesSam and JoyceIosegun Reflections269
EganDetective SgtGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace58
Egg Lake RanchSmoky Peace Triangle99
EggeFriedrich WBurnt Embers381
EggeHansBurnt Embers384
EggenDoris MrsPioneers of the Peace295
EggenheimArthurPioneer Round-Up482
EggenheimArthurLaGlace: Yesterday and Today103
EggenheimJohnLaGlace: Yesterday and Today103
EggenheimMathiasLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 103, 143
EggersOtto and MaryWagon Trails Grown Over474
Egge's Stopping PlacePioneers of the Peace36
EgglestonRegHomesteaders' Heritage50
EhrenspergerHansBeaverlodge to the Rockies244
EideArnoldLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 46, 47,57
EideDonsLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 46, 47,57
EideJohannesThe Northfield Settlement53
EideJohnLaGlace: Yesterday and Today113,248
EideJohn FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today236
EideLawritzLaGlace: Yesterday and Today65
EideMorleyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 55, 195, 242
EidseNorm and DorisBridges to the Past233
EidyLauritzBuffalo Trails6
EinarsonJan and AdakhuidurWagon Trails Grown Over812
EinkesterWilliamGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace1
EisemanWilliamBeaverlodge to the Rockies445
EisenmanBessiePioneers of the Peace299
EisenmanEdithPioneers of the Peace299
EisenmanJohnPioneers of the Peace299
EisenmanJohn and DeliaAlong the Wapiti87
EisenmanLeonardPioneers of the Peace199
Eisenman FamilyAlong the Wapiti88
EkdahlRon and LyndaIosegun Reflections269
EklundEric August (Gus)Where the Red Willow Grew70
ElaschuckPete and KonstantineAcross the Smoky235
ElbertHermanGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 27,40, 41
ElcomeBertramBeaverlodge to the Rockies48
Elections 1913Grande Prairie Capitol of the Peace 41-43, 63-70
Elections 1958Grande Prairie Capitol of the Peace145
Electric Light SystemGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace50, 105,125, 126, 131-133, 135, 137, 141, 142
ElectricityBurnt Embers456
ElfordVie and familyAlong the Wapiti291
ElgieFamilyPioneer Round-Up199
ElhornAlGrooming the Grizzly301
ElkinsElmaLake Saskatoon Reflections19
ElkinsHenryBeaverlodge to the Rockies486
ElksA History of Grande Cache77, 83
Elks, B P OGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace117,119
EllenHermanLake Saskatoon Reflections 145, 146
EllifsonEllifPioneer Round-Up482
EllingboeArtBeaverlodge to the Rockies49
EllingsonBryanHomesteaders' Heritage161,207
EllingsonFloydHomesteaders' Heritage151,158,162, 208
EllingsonIvan and JoanSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails250
EllingsonRev PeterPioneer Round-Up482
EllingsonLaGlace: Yesterday and Today33
ElliotDonTales, Trails and Gumbo142
ElliotDr DonHomesteaders' Heritage209
ElliotIreneLake Saskatoon Reflections171
ElliottPioneers of the Peace282
Elliott GeorgeBuffalo Trails137
Elliott Riley, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails79
ElliottAlanBeaverlodge to the Rockies105
ElliottAlan BPioneers of the Peace277, 279
ElliottBillWagon Trails Grown Over277
ElliottEthelPioneers of the Peace184
ElliottJamesAlong the Wapiti355
ElliottJessie Wishart MrsPioneers of the Peace269, 279
ElliottLola, Jack and FamilyChepi Sepe392
ElliottPercy and MargaretAlong the Wapiti292
ElliottRileyBeaverlodge to the Rockies386
ElliottRobertBeaverlodge to the Rockies105
EllisArthur Bedford and SophieFrom Tears to Triumph69
EllisCarmelPioneers of the Peace106
EllisDaveHomesteaders' Heritage161
EllisE A MrsPioneers of the Peace149
EllisEdgar APioneers of the Peace149, 150
EllisEwartSmoky River to Grande Prairie292
EllisEwart APioneers of the Peace149-151, 225, 255
EllisEwart A MrsPioneers of the Peace149 225
EllisHelenPioneers of the Peace151
EllisHughLake Saskatoon Reflections98
EllisJeanPioneers of the Peace151
EllisMargaretLake Saskatoon Reflections98
EllisSheila (Martin)Chepi Sepe655
EllisW FGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace56
EllwoodRegThe Big Bend254
ElmquistHilding and FrancesSmoky Peace Triangle195
Elmsworth First SchoolBeaverlodge to the Rockies256
Elmsworth MemoriesBeaverlodge to the Rockies302
Elmsworth SawmillBeaverlodge to the Rockies258
Elmsworth Student MinistersBeaverlodge to the Rockies259
ElmworthEarlyBeaverlodge to the Rockies255
ElsenderJamesBeaverlodge to the Rockies400
ElsieFredEdson to Grande Prairie Trail30
ElverumAudreyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today57
ElverumFrancesLaGlace: Yesterday and Today35
ElverumOlafThe Northfield Settlement71
ElverumOlav FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today103
ElverumVictorLaGlace: Yesterday and Today103
ElvestadAndreLaGlace: Yesterday and Today32
ElvestadAndrew, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails12
ElvestadArnold FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today202
ElvestadArnold, Caroline, FamilyBuffalo Trails10
ElvrumOlavBuffalo Trails226
EmardAugustWhere the Red Willow Grew71
EmardJerry and NancyWhere the Red Willow Grew72
EmardLudger (Shorty) and familySmoky Peace Triangle196
EmburyHelenLaGlace: Yesterday and Today40
EmersonJames and LeontineSmoky Peace Triangle197
EmersonMortonPioneers of the Peace151, 158
EmersonMortonEdson to Grande Prairie Trail113
EmersonOle and FamilySmoky Peace Triangle198
EmersonRay and ElsieSmoky Peace Triangle200
Emerson TrailBuffalo Trails174
Emerson TrailPioneers of the Peace151
Emerson's CacheEdson to Grande Prairie Trail130,172
EmeryMrsHomesteaders' Heritage51
Emmaus Lutheran ChurchNorth KleskunWagon Trails Grown Over254
Emmerzael FamilyIosegun Reflections63
Empire HotelGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace42,103,105
EmpsonDon and MarySmoky Peace Triangle201
Enchanted CottageSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails118
EncksonStanleySmoky Peace Triangle204
EndallGeorge and JeanneGrande Cache: The People78
EndresenLaurel and DorisSmoky Peace Triangle202
EndresenPeder and EstherSmoky Peace Triangle202
Enevoldsen FamilyIosegun Reflections270
EngEiner and MyrtleAlong the Wapiti294
EngenJamesGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace86
EngenJergenLaGlace: Yesterday and Today264
EngertHank and SharonIosegun Reflections271
EnglandBeatrice and EdwardChepi Sepe393
EnglandEdwardMemories and Moments170
EnglelandHansPioneer Round-Up482
EnglishAnnabelleLake Saskatoon Reflections10
EnglishBill and MurielIosegun Reflections272
EnglishBillieGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace2
EnglishBillieWheatfields and Wildflowers175
EnglishBrendaIosegun Reflections272
EnglishC and MEdson to Grande Prairie Trail102
EnglishEmmaLake Saskatoon Reflections138
EnglishGlenIosegun Reflections273
EnglishHazelLake Saskatoon Reflections 138, 139
EnglishJ F KFrom Tears to Triumph294
EnglishKathleenLake Saskatoon Reflections138
EnglishLloydLake Saskatoon Reflections 138, 139
EnglishMarieLake Saskatoon Reflections138
EnglishMelroyLake Saskatoon Reflections 138, 151
EnglishNellieLake Saskatoon Reflections 108, 138
EnglishStaceyLake Saskatoon Reflections 138, 139
EnglishW SEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 6,12, 14, 102
EnglishW S O (Billy)Chepi Sepe394
EnglishWilliam S O "Billy"Pioneers of the Peace14, 129,156, 259, 311
English & CalkinPioneers of the Peace39, 65, 140, 311
English & Calkin RanchGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace13
English & Calkin SawmillPioneers of the Peace99
English & Calkin's Stopping PlacePioneers of the Peace311
English and CalkinLake Saskatoon Reflections 101, 157
English and Calkin StoreChepi Sepe20
English EthelLake Saskatoon Reflections 138, 139
English MissionPioneers of the Peace63, 140
EngmanGreg and DebbieIosegun Reflections273
EnmanJimAcross the Smoky28
EnnisHarryA History of Grande Cache55
EnnsA HAcross the Smoky 145, 284, 311
EnnsEd and AudreyTales, Trails and Gumbo222
EnnsEd and LenaBridges to the Past235
EnnsFamilyBuffalo Trails37
EnnsFredEdson to Grande Prairie Trail225
EnnsFred and AnneBridges to the Past235
EnnsJacob FamilyLaGlace: Yesterday and Today204
Enns Brothers - SawmillBridges to the Past492
Enns FamilyAlong the Wapiti25
EnsElmerEdson to Grande Prairie Trail226
EnsrivedEmilGrooming the Grizzly303
EntertainmentAcross the Smoky330
EntertainmentFrom Tears to Triumph371
EntertainmentChepi Sepe203
EntranceA History of Grande Cache15, 17, 18, 31
EntwistleJ GEdson to Grande Prairie Trail 30,31
EnyedyBarneyHomesteaders' Heritage210
EpochMargaret JeanGrande Cache: The People78
EppEwald, Mary, FamilyBuffalo Trails211
EppJacobThe Big Horn School DistrictFirst Mennonite Settlers
EppJakeGrooming the Grizzly302
EppPeteThe Big Horn School Districtsection histories
EppPeter, Mrs, FamilyBuffalo Trails211
EppsRonald and MargaretTales, Trails and Gumbo143
Equity SchoolBuffalo Trails131
Equity SchoolPioneers of the Peace290
EricksonCarlLake Saskatoon Reflections174
EricksonCarl Sr Anna and FamiliesFrom Tears to Triumph238
EricksonCarriePioneers of the Peace219
EricksonEdPioneer Round-Up482
EricksonEdithLake Saskatoon Reflections174
EricksonJensWagon Trails Grown Over417
EricksonJohn and BerylTales, Trails and Gumbo425
EricksonMartinPioneer Round-Up485
EricksonPeteThe Northfield Settlement58
EricksonRae and FamilySmoky Peace Triangle203
EricksonFamilyPioneer Round-Up59a
EricksonsPioneer Round-Up482
EricstadGeorgeAcross the Smoky75
EriksonEphram and OscarWhere the Red Willow Grew74
EriksonMattWhere the Red Willow Grew74
EriksonOscarChepi Sepe394
ErlindsonRick and MarjBridges to the Past105
ErnesLeslieBeaverlodge to the Rockies106
ErnisPeterLaGlace: Yesterday and Today 222, 278
ErnoEldon and LornaWagon Trails Grown Over881
ErnoMitchel and CharlotteWagon Trails Grown Over882
ErringtonJoeA History of Grande Cache49
ErstadCarlGrooming the Grizzly302
EsauEdBridges to the Past236
EsauIrene - PoetryBridges to the Past467
EsauJohnAcross the Smoky97
EschNicholas, Stephina, FamilyBuffalo Trails145
Eshleman FamilyIosegun Reflections274
EskdaleAllan and JessieAlong the Wapiti145
EskdaleDick and NellieAlong the Wapiti145
EslingerEvan and NancyBridges to the Past106
EspesethFredPioneer Round-Up5
Espeseth FamilyIosegun Reflections274
EsplandAndrewPioneer Round-Up488
EsplenDavePioneers of the Peace54, 85
EsplenDavidGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace3
EsplenJackPioneers of the Peace54
EsplenJohnGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace3
EsplenJohn (Jack) and DaveChepi Sepe395
Esplen BrosPioneers of the Peace39, 54, 65
Esplin Bros (Dave G and Jack D )Edson to Grande Prairie Trail 14, 29, 98, 102
ESRB - ActivitiesBridges to the Past435
ESRB - ExecutiveBridges to the Past434
EsselinkGeorgeThe Big Bend42
EsselinkHarm and FamilyChepi Sepe396
EsselinkStellaThe Big Bend256
EssexJackFrom Tears to Triumph41
EssexJohnMemories and Moments87
Esso Service StationBridges to the Past450
Ethnic OriginsBurnt Embers 13, 18
ETS - Students MemoriesBridges to the Past377
ETS - TeachersBridges to the Past373
ETS - Teachers ExperiencesBridges to the Past374
Eugene Kramps' GuidingSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails48-55
Evans"Buffalo" JimBurnt Embers30
EvansAnthonyMemories and Moments245
EvansBillHomesteaders' Heritage414,416,418
EvansCecilPioneers of the Peace176, 215, 246
EvansE GGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace21
EvansFrancisMemories and Moments172
EvansFredGrande Prairie Capitol of the Peace44
EvansFredLake Saskatoon Reflections 118, 119, 181
EvansGeraldPioneers of the Peace118
EvansH E MEdson to Grande Prairie Trail34
EvansJamesLake Saskatoon Reflections 139, 140
EvansJessieLake Saskatoon Reflections139
EvansMarionLake Saskatoon Reflections 139, 140
EvansMaryLake Saskatoon Reflections36
EvansMissPioneers of the Peace221
EvansRod and PamGrande Cache: The People79
EvansZellaLake Saskatoon Reflections118
Evans FamilySmoky River to Grande Prairie204
EvenrudeOle (picture)Where the Red Willow Grew75
EvensonAlbertGrooming the Grizzly302
EvensonAntonPioneer Round-Up488
EvensonEdWagon Trails Grown Over813
EvensonLloydGrooming the Grizzly302
Eventide HomePioneers of the Peace141, 168
EverettRobertBurnt Embers303
Everlasting YeastGrooming the Grizzly254
Everlasting YeastGrooming the Grizzly252
EvertonsPioneer Round-Up200
EvjenIngebrightPioneer Round-Up489
EvjenIngebrigtCentennial Celebration Edson Trail94, 109
EvjenIngebrigtPioneers of the Peace313
EvjenJohnBeaverlodge to the Rockies Supplement48
EwingMerle and ShirleyBridges to the Past107
Excerpt - Wings Over the WildernessSmoke Signals, Gumboots & Muddy Trails168
EyresReg and FamilyBurnt Embers 144, 206