Clairmont Independent Index

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Business/Last NameFirst NameTitlePlaceMonthDayYearPageColumnNotes
A I McElhineyFeb22191855Adv - Auctioneer
A I McElhineyMar12191875Adv - No commision if not satisfied
A I McElhineyMar19191875Adv
A I McElhineyMar26191875Adv
A I McElhineyApr2191875Adv
A I McElhineyApr9191875Adv
A I McElhineyApr151918102Adv - Auction school graduate
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonFeb22191854,5Adv - Fresh Groceries
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonMar12191874,5Adv - Garden seeds
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonMar19191874,5Adv - Fresh groceries
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonMar26191874,5Adv - 250 patterns
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonApr2191874,5Adv
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonApr9191874,5Adv - Suits from $22.50
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonApr15191874,5Adv - 20th Century Clothing
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonApr23191874,5Adv - 7 years experience
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonApr30191874,5Adv - Fit guaranteed
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonMay7191874,5Adv - Motto is "To Satisfy"
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonMay16191874,5Adv
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonMay23191874,5Adv
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonMay30191874,5Adv
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonJune13191874,5Adv
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonJune20191874,5Adv
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonJune27191874,5Adv
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonJuly4191874,5Adv
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonJuly11191874,5Adv
A J TaylorLake SaskatoonJuly18191855Adv - 20th Century Clothing
A Pike & CoEdmontonMar121918101,2Adv - Seeds
A Pike & CoEdmontonMar19191844,5Adv - Write for catalogue
A Pike & CoEdmontonMar26191844,5Adv - Prize winning seeds
A Pike & CoEdmontonApr15191844,5Adv - Seed grains & grasses
A Pike & CoEdmontonApr23191844,5Adv - Field root seeds
A WhittleLake SaskatoonFeb22191891,2Adv - Hardware merchant
A WhittleLake SaskatoonMar12191851,2Adv - Four-hole cook stove $15
A WhittleLake SaskatoonMar191918101,2Adv - Paints
A WhittleLake SaskatoonApr2191851,2Adv - Frying pans 15 cents
A WhittleLake SaskatoonApr9191891,2Adv - Harness in stock
A WhittleLake SaskatoonApr15191861,2Adv
A WhittleLake SaskatoonApr23191851,2Adv - Cream separators
A WhittleLake SaskatoonApr30191851,2Adv - Hardware merchant
A WhittleLake SaskatoonMay7191851,2Adv - Harness
A WhittleLake SaskatoonMay16191851,2Adv - Iowa Cream Separators
A WhittleLake SaskatoonMay23191851,2Adv
AbbottF VRevSee - Anglican Church & Church of England
AbbottF VRevJune27191814,5Entertains at Garden Party
AbbottT CRevApr15191813Conducts funeral service
AbbottRevMay7191814Held service at Mrs Hannah's home
AbernathyB McBMay16191811Found roan pony mare
AdairHarryMar191918103To Edmonton & Calgary
AdairHarryApr2191812Home, reports on US attitude to war
AdairHarryJune13191811Motored to town
AdairL HMar12191813Ships through Clairmont Farmers Elevator
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoFeb22191841,2Adv - Coal
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoMar12191841,2Adv - Dray line
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoMar19191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoMar26191841,2Adv - Pembina, Humberstone
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoApr2191841,2Adv - 200 tons of coal
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoApr9191815Closes May 1
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoApr9191861,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoApr15191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoApr23191842Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoApr30191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoMay7191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoMay16191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoMay23191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoMay30191841,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoJune131918101,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoJune201918101,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoJune271918101,2Adv - Dray line in connection
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoJuly41918101,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoJuly111918101,2Adv
Alberta-Pacific Grain CoJuly18191881,2Adv - 200 tons of coal in shed
AlbrightMrJuly4191814Beaverlodge Experimental Station
AlexanderLouisFeb22191813Helps unload implements
AlexanderWMar26191812Director Horse Breeders Assoc
AllenJimApr9191863Buys T Duff's house
AllenJimJune13191814In town
AllenJimJune27191813Altering former Duff residence
AlloseMrsApr2191873Sells to P J McDonald
AllwoodLeeJune13191813Resigns as Clairmont School Board Secty-Treas
AllwoodLeeJuly11191813Sells land to W Gillespie
AllwoodMrMar12191813Buyer for Clairmont Farmers Elevator
AlsteadKMar26191873Northern Ski Club tournament
AndersonEMar12191814175 cultivated acres
AndersonEarlMar12191814Sells land, horses and seed
AndersonVictorFeb22191853Adv - Will do chopping in Sexsmith
AndrewMrValhallaJune13191812In town
Anglican ChurchSee also - Church of England
Anglican ChurchLake SaskatoonMar26191814Special Easter Service 7:30 pm
Anglican ChurchBuffalo LakesMar26191814Special Easter Service 11 am
Anglican ChurchMay23191843Hold service at Hannah's
Anglican ChurchLake SaskatoonJune13191814WA to hold Garden Party
Anglican ChurchLake SaskatoonJune27191814,5WA hold successful Garden Party
ArcherJSee - J Archer for business
ArcherJMar12191853Leaves on "community" business
ArcherJMar26191845Adv - Hotel for rent
ArcherJLake SaskatoonJune271918103Adv - Machinery for sale
ArcherJLake SaskatoonJuly18191811,2Adv - Equipment for sale
ArcherAApr9191865Adv - Hotel for rent
ArcherJLake SaskatoonMar26191815Returns
Argonaut Saw MillMar19191861Recommences
ArnoldEScenic HeightsMar12191813Receives shipment of heifers
B L SaundersApr2191843Adv - Auctioneer
B L SaundersApr9191863Adv - Listings wanted
B L SaundersApr15191874Adv - Real estate
B L SaundersApr23191874Adv
BairdMrWinnipeg MBJuly4191813Bank manager visits
BalmerGJuly4191853To Red Willow
BalmerGeorgeApr15191811Accident with team & sleigh
BalmerGeorgeJune13191811Hosted Mr Niergarth
Baptist ChurchJackJune13191841Evening service at 8 pm
Baptist ChurchFeb22191894Adv - Rev W Younger, Pastor
Baptist ChurchMar12191854Adv - Services every Sunday
Baptist ChurchMar191918104Adv - Sunday school
Baptist ChurchMar26191854Adv - Sunday school at 1:45 pm
Baptist ChurchApr2191854Adv
Baptist ChurchApr9191894Service schedule
Baptist ChurchApr15191864Adv
Baptist ChurchApr23191854Service schedule
Baptist ChurchApr30191854Services 1:45 & 7:30
Baptist ChurchMay7191812Special service
Baptist ChurchMay7191854Sunday 7:30 pm
Baptist ChurchMay16191854Service schedule
Baptist ChurchMay23191854Rev W Younger
Baptist ChurchMay30191864Service every Sunday
Baptist ChurchJune20191841Services
Baptist ChurchJune27191841Services 1:45 & 7:30
Baptist ChurchJuly4191841Sunday school 2 pm
Baptist ChurchJuly18191841Services now 8 pm
BarrH MPine CreekMar12191845Selling carload of potatoes
Bear Lake Rural Municipality 740Mar121918103Meeting minutes
Bear Lake Rural Municipality 740Apr9191842Meeting notes
Bear Lake Rural Municipality 740June20191815Meeting notes
Bear Lake Rural Municipality 740July4191874Ratepayers notice
Bear Lake Rural Municipality 740July18191853Notice to ratepayers
BeardJimJune20191811Has enlisted
BeattieMissApr15191813Entertains at hall opening
BeattyJackMay30191811Musician for UFA dance
BeaudinGJuly18191815School marks Grade VI
BeaudinMrMay30191813Purchased most of Block 4
BeaverlodgeBeaverlodgeFeb22191854Adv - Teacher wanted for Lower Beaverlodge
Beaverlodge Agricultural SocietyBeaverlodgeMar12191811To hold fair with Lake Saskatoon Ag Society
Beaverlodge Experimental StationBeaverlodgeJuly4191814Good work being done
BeckerSGrande PrairieApr9191811Cougar hunt
BeechelGuyMay16191812Working around town
BellocMrsApr9191811Returns to Edson
BensonMissMar26191811Entertains at fair
BergOMar26191873Northern Ski Club tournament
Bert SaundersJune131918102Adv - Boot, shoe & harness repair
Bert SaundersJune20191874Adv
Bert SaundersJune201918102Adv - At Rankin's old stand
Bert SaundersJune271918102Adv - Boot & shoe repair
Bert SaundersJuly41918102Adv - Harness repairing
BlanchardFredLake SaskatoonMar26191815Purchases horses & catttle
BledsoeLFeb22191813Returns from USA
BledsoeLMar12191813Ships through Clairmont Farmers Elevator
BledsoeLewisMay16191812Sells tractors
BledsoeLewisJune13191812Glass broken in his Gaudin building
BledsoeLewisJune13191815Entertains young people
BledsoeLouisApr9191812Purchased Gaudin building
BodyMrJune27191812Effects arrive from Swift Current
BordenLeeHytheJune27191813Buys new Dodge
BoultonMissMar26191811Entertains at fair
BowenSGrande PrairieMay23191813Adv - Strayed cattle
BowenMrEdmontonMay23191813Takes over Grande Prairie Hotel
Boy ScoutsMay16191812Start up
BrabrookGeorgeKleskun HillJune20191812Sells his three quarter section
BradfordMrsGrande PrairieFeb22191812Installs IODE officers
BredinW FMrsBear LakeFeb22191813Hosts Holy Trinity WA
BredinW FMrsMar12191873Collecting for Armenian relief
BredinW FMar26191813Addresses UFA convention
BredinW FMrsApr2191811Letter from Rev J W McDonald
BredinW FMrsApr21918102Raises $71.25 for Armenian relief
BredinW FBear LakeApr15191812Adv - Grain & cattle for sale
BredinW FBear LakeApr23191814Adv - Bulls for sale
BredinW FMay7191842Adv - Timothy for sale
BredinW FBear LakeMay16191842Adv - Steers & bull for sale
BredinW FMay23191813Brother from Findlay River visits
BredinW FJune20191811To Edmonton re: UFA
BredinW FBear LakeJuly18191883Sister, Mrs J H Grierson, visits
BredinMrJune13191812Returns from Calgary
BrewsterH CHonApr15191814BC Premier dies
BrittonWMay7191843Rents farm to Dan McKinnon
BryantonBeatriceLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Receives school prize
BryantonBeatriceLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Promoted to Grade 2
BryantonEMrsMar26191843Girl wanted for Royal Hotel
Buffalo Lakes HallBuffalo LakeMay16191873Dance in new hall
Buffalo Lakes HallBuffalo LakeMay161918102Box Social
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)Feb22191851,2Adv - Buffalo Lakes, Beaverlodge
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)Mar12191871,2Adv - Seasoned lumber
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)Mar19191871,2Adv - J Evans and C Cady
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)Mar26191871,2Adv - Clairmont, Lake Saskatoon
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)Apr2191851,2Adv
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)Apr15191871,2Adv
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)Apr23191871,2Adv
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)Apr30191871,2Adv
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)May7191871,2Adv
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)May16191871,2Adv
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)May23191871,2Adv
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)May30191871,2Adv
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)June13191871,2Adv
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)June201918101,2Adv
Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co (The)June271918101,2Adv
Buffalo Lakes Lumber MillApr919181125,000 feet milled daily
Buffalo Lakes Ranch CoBuffalo LakeFeb22191893Adv - Grazing for lease
Buffalo Lakes Ranch CoMar12191853Adv
Buffalo Lakes Ranch CoBuffalo LakeMar191918103Adv - Grazing for lease
Buffalo Lakes Ranch CoBuffalo LakeMar26191873Adv - W Cook manager
Buffalo Lakes Ranch CoBuffalo LakeApr151918102Adv
Buffalo Lakes Ranch CoBuffalo LakeApr231918102Adv
Buffalo Lakes Ranch CoMay7191842Adv
Buffalo Lakes Ranch CoBuffalo LakeMay23191842Adv
Buffalo Lakes Ranch CoMay301918102Adv
Buffalo Lakes School Dist 3144May7191811Tenders for new school
Buffalo Lakes School Dist 3144May16191811Tenders for new school
BulfordChasJuly18191883Adv - Yearling bull strayed
BulfordChasJuly111918103Reward for strayed bull
Bulford BrosJuly4191874New barn 31 x 60
Bulford BrosJuly18191812Dance held
BurrellRSee - R Burrell for business
BurrellApr23191843Father & sons are painters
BurrellMrJuly18191813Working in Spirit River
C A McDonaldGrande PrairieMar19191863,5Adv - Farm land wanted
C A McDonaldGrande PrairieMar261918103,5Adv - Cash buyers
C A McDonaldGrande PrairieApr21918103,5Adv
C A McDonaldGrande PrairieApr91918123,5Adv - Have buyers for land
C A McDonaldGrande PrairieApr15191843Adv - Half section wanted
C A McDonaldGrande PrairieApr30191853Adv
C A McDonaldGrande PrairieMay7191853Adv - Half section wanted
C A McDonaldGrande PrairieMay23191853Adv - Land wanted
C A McDonaldGrande PrairieMay30191864Adv
C M LoveFeb22191853Adv - Daily milk deliveries
C M LoveMar12191874Adv
C M LoveMar19191874Adv
C M LoveMar26191874Adv
C M LoveApr2191875Adv
C M LoveApr9191874Adv
C M LoveApr15191874Adv
C M LoveApr23191874Adv
C M LoveApr30191874Adv - Dairyman
C M LoveMay7191875Adv
C M LoveMay16191874Adv
C M LoveMay23191874Adv
CadyCSee - Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co for business
CaldwellWMar12191873Doing school duty
CaldwellMrsMar26191812Returns as teacher
CaldwellMrsApr2191843Resigns as teacher
CameronPeterLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Receives school prize
CameronPeterLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Promoted to Grade VII
CameronPeterLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Saskatoon Village School
CampbellAngusApr151918102Returns to his farm
CampbellAngusApr23191812On farm for summer
CampbellAngusJune27191813Loses horse
CampbellC WSee - Lake Saskatoon Pool Room for business
Canada Food BoardApr23191841,2Increased production imperative
Canada Food BoardApr301918103,5Adv - Food needed for allies
Canadian Bank of CommerceLake SaskatoonApr15191873Very busy
CarneyEdSgtApr9191813Home on furlough - war stories
CarneyEdJune13191815On fishing trip
CarvethAKleskun HillApr2191873Cultivatiang 100 more acres
CassonGeoMar12191845Sits on Tribunal
CassonMrMay7191811Military Tribunal representative in town
Catholic ChurchApr15191814Mass in new church
Catholic ChurchMay7191815Mass Thursday 10 am
Catholic ChurchJuly4191813Concecrated by Bishop Grouard
CatwayJMar26191812Director - Horse Breeders Assoc
ChisholmTomSexsmithMay23191814Adv - Mare & colt strayed
ChristianJackApr23191853Builds Wm Harris residence
ChristianJackJune13191812Has good crops
ChurchBryanMay16191873Trying to locate
Church of EnglandSee also - Anglican church
Church of EnglandMay30191863Services every other Sunday
Church of EnglandJune13191854Rev F V Abbott
Church of EnglandJune20191854Services
Church of EnglandJune27191854Services
Church of EnglandJuly4191854Service 3 pm
Church of EnglandJuly11191813Service at Tuffley home
Church of EnglandJuly11191854Service schedule
Church of EnglandJuly18191815Right Rev E F Robbins to preach
ClairmontApr2191814Tenders for grading streets
ClairmontApr9191812Stores to close a 7 pm on Mon & Wed
ClairmontApr15191812Offers land for municipal hospital
ClairmontApr30191814Needs bank (editorial)
ClairmontMay16191813By-law prohibits animals at large
ClairmontMay30191811Farewell dance for departing soldiers
ClairmontJune13191853All backyards to be cleaned up
ClairmontJune13191853All dogs to be licensed
Clairmont Auto GarageApr15191863Adv - Tractor repairs
Clairmont Auto LiveryApr2191813Building taken over by W McNeil & L Suek
Clairmont BarnFeb22191854Adv - E H Jaque proprietor
Clairmont BarnMar12191874Adv
Clairmont BarnMar19191872Adv - Livery, feed & dray
Clairmont BarnApr2191872Adv
Clairmont BarnApr9191872Adv - Livery
Clairmont CouncilFeb22191811Meeting notes
Clairmont CouncilApr2191814Council notes
Clairmont ElevatorApr2191853Grain prices
Clairmont Farmers ElevatorMar1219181310,000 bushels of oats shipped last week
Clairmont Horse Breeders AssocMar26191812Association formed
Clairmont IndependentApr2191812Accepted as UFA newspaper
Clairmont IndependentMay711811Adv - Girl wanted $40/month
Clairmont IndependentMay7191813Changes to Thursday publication
Clairmont Lake School Dist 3303Apr9191812Teacher wanted
Clairmont Lake School Dist 3303Apr9191814,5Ratepayers meeting called
Clairmont Lake School Dist 3303Apr151918102Adv - Teacher wanted
Clairmont Lake School Dist 3303June27191812Reduce village assessment
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopFeb22191855Adv - Melvin Goodrich manager
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopMar12191815Adv - Business for sale
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopMar12191875Adv - Everything up-to-date
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopMar19191861Adv - For sale
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopMar19191875Adv - Good barber
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopMar26191873Adv
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopApr21918101Adv
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopApr91918121,2Adv - Dr T Duff proprietor
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopApr151918101Adv
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopApr231918101Adv
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopApr30191841Adv
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopMay7191841Adv
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopMay16191841Adv
Clairmont Pool Room & Barber ShopMay23191841Adv
Clairmont PoundJune131918102Adv - Impounded roan mare
Clairmont SchoolMay30191813School fenced
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeFeb22191841Adv - Third Street East
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeMar12191841Adv - D Ramsay proprietor
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeMar19191841Adv - Attention to interfering
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeMar26191841Adv - D Ramsay proprietor
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeApr2191841Adv - Third Street East
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeApr9191861Adv - Attention to flat feet
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeApr15191841Adv
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeApr23191844Adv
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeApr30191854Adv
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeMay7191855Adv
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeMay16191854Adv
Clairmont Shoeing ForgeMay23191854Adv
Clairmont VillageJuly18191812Crossing were not tendered
Clairmont Village CouncilJuly18191812Meeting notes
ClarkeMrMay23191812Buys Mashburn's butcher shop
ClarkeMrBear LakeJuly4191813New tractor delivered
ClendenanMrsJune13191811In town with mother, Mrs Eyre
CoblentzWSee - W Coblentz
CoblentzWMar26191843Ten-day clearance sale
CoblentzMrsFeb22191853Hosts Red Cross
CoblentzMrsJuly4191815Women's Institute president
CochlainMrGrande PrairieMay23191813Sells Grande Prairie Hotel
CochraneRKleskun HillApr2191873To break 600 acres
ColletteEvaJune13191815On fishing trip
ColletteFMrsJune13191815Recovering from illness
ColletteFredBuffalo LakeMay301918102Adv - Young pigs for sale
ColletteFredJune13191815On fishing trip
ColletteLeoJune13191815On fishing trip
ColletteMaryJune13191815On fishing trip
ConroyH GDrGrande PrairieSee - H G Conroy, Dr for business
CookWManager Buffalo Lakes Ranch Co
CookWMay16191811Adv - Clydesdale stallion for sale
CooperH CJune271918103Adv - Boars for sale
CooperH CLake SaskatoonJuly18191883Adv - 3-month-old pigs
CooperHerbMay23191812Gets good price for hogs
CorletteTMar12191814600 cultivated acres
CorletteTMar26191812Director - Horse Breeders Assoc
CoxGordonLake SaskatoonApr2191813Hauling lumber for new barn
CraigAlexMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Banner Oats
CraigAlexMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Rye
CraigAlexMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Rhode Island Reds
CrawfordChesterLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Promoted to Grade 2
CrawfordEllenLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Promoted to Grade V
CrawfordLeslieLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Promoted to Grade III
CrossC WJune13191811In Town
Curtis'Feb22191841,2Adv - Stanfield's underwear
Curtis'Mar12191851,2Adv - Boots & shoes
Curtis'Mar19191841,2Adv - Sale on boots & shoes
Curtis'Apr30191841,2Adv - Clothing
Curtis'May16191841,2Adv - Seed potatoes $1.50/bushel
Curtis'July4191841,2Adv - Fruit jars
Curtis'July18191841,2Adv - Food Board License 8-6425
CurtisMrsFeb22191853To Edmonton with mother
D NixonApr9191841Adv - Stonemasonry
D NixonApr15191865Adv - Foundations built
D NixonApr23191855Adv - Chimneys built
D NixonApr30191855Adv - Estimates given
D NixonMay7191855Adv
D NixonMay16191855Adv
D NixonMay23191855Adv
D NixonJune13191855Adv
D NixonJune20191855Adv
D NixonJune27191855Adv
D NixonJuly4191855Adv
D NixonJuly11191855Adv - Stonemasonry
DemericeDJuly18191815School marks Grade III
DeMericeMrMay16191812Returned to town
DouglasFrankScenic HeightsFeb22191841Sells farm to G White
DouglasFrankMar12191814Arrested for discharging gun
DouglasFrankMay16191812Booked to go to war
DouglasUliaMar12191873Son born
DowlingCMar26191843Traffic manager for ED & BC Railway
DuffTApr191863Sells house to Jim Allen
DuffTDrApr191863Takes over Pool Hall
DuffMrsJune27191813Returns from USA
DuffDrJuly11191853Erects partition in pool room
EagarM WLL BGrande PrairieSee - M W Eagar for business
ED & BC RailwayFeb22191843Timetable
ED & BC RailwayMar12191814Tracks snowed in
ED & BC RailwayMar19191843Adv - Fares
ED & BC RailwayMar26191843Adv - C Dowling traffic manager
ED & BC RailwayApr2191843Adv - Trains from Dunvegan terminals
ED & BC RailwayApr231918101Fares
ED & BC RailwayApr30191841Adv - Schedule - Edmonton, Lac la Biche
ED & BC RailwayMay7191814Service to Clairmont changed
ED & BC RailwayMay30191841Adv - Schedule & fares
ED & BC RailwayJuly4191841Adv - New timetable
ED & BC RailwayJuly18191813Train delayed by grass
ED & BC RailwayJuly18191841,2Adv - Timetable & fares
Elliott BrosSexsmithMay23191812Receive new equipment
EmersonMortonApr2191853Adv - 20 horses for sale
EmersonMortonApr9191893Adv - Horses for sale
EmersonMortonJuly18191813To Fort Vermilion
Empire HotelLake SaskatoonFeb22191845Adv - T B Nash proprietor
Empire HotelLake SaskatoonMar12191815Hotel for rent
Empire HotelLake SaskatoonMar12191841Adv
Empire HotelLake SaskatoonMar19191841Adv
Empire HotelLake SaskatoonMar19191845Adv
Empire HotelLake SaskatoonMar26191841Adv - Clean & cozy
Empire HotelLake SaskatoonApr2191841Adv - Clean & comfortable
Empire HotelLake SaskatoonApr9191861Adv
Empire HotelApr15191841Adv
ErlingerJDrEdmontonSee - J Erlanger for business
Ernest W JohnsonFeb22191844,5Adv - Contractor
Ernest W JohnsonMar12191844,5Adv - Plan early
Ernest W JohnsonMar19191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonMar26191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonApr2191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonApr9191864,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonApr15191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonApr23191844,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonApr30191845Adv - Contractor
Ernest W JohnsonMay71918101,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonMay161918101,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonMay231918101,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonMay30191871,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonJune13191871,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonJune20191871,2Adv
Ernest W JohnsonJune27191871,2Adv - Any type of carpentry
Ernest W JohnsonJuly41918104,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonJuly111918104,5Adv
Ernest W JohnsonJuly18191884,5Adv - Contractor
EvansGeraldApr23191812New barn
EvansGeraldApr23191815Parents visit
EvansJSee - Buffalo Lakes Lumber Co for business
EvansJimApr23191815Parents visit
EvansJimJune13191812Motored from Grande Prairie
EvansMrBrandon MBApr23191815Visiting sons
EvansG WSee - G W Evans for business
Evans' HardwareFeb22191814Adv - Barb wire prices
EyreMrsJune13191811In town with daughter Mrs Clendanen
F S Mercer, DDSDrEdmontonFeb22191884,5Adv - To be in Clairmont
F S Mercer, DDSDrEdmontonApr30191875Adv - Dentist
F S Mercer, DDSEdmontonMay16191875Adv
F S Mercer, DDSEdmontonMay23191875Adv
F S Mercer, DDSEdmontonMay30191875Adv
F S Mercer, DDSEdmontonJune13191875Adv - Tegler Bldg
F S Mercer, DDSEdmontonJune20191875Adv
F S Mercer, DDSEdmontonJune27191875Adv - Dentist
F S Mercer, DDSEdmontonJuly4191875Adv
F S Mercer, DDSEdmontonJuly11191875Adv
F S Mercer, DDSEdmontonJuly18191855Adv - Dentist
FalkJFeb22191853Sells fox pelt for $150
Farmers BarnFeb22191844Adv - T Leatham proprietor
Farmers BarnMar12191842Adv - Third Street
Farmers BarnMar19191842Adv - Draying & teaming
Farmers BarnMar26191842Adv - Good accomodation
Farmers BarnApr2191842Adv - Draying & teaming
Farmers BarnApr9191862Adv - Opposite Curtis'
Farmers BarnApr15191842Adv
Farmers BarnApr231918102Adv
Feb22191851,2Adv - A Schaffler proprietor
Mar12191871,2Adv - Meals any time of day
Mar19191871,2Adv - Meals at any hour
Mar26191871,2Adv - Quick service
Apr9191871,2Adv - Hot meals
June27191871,2Adv - Wholesome meals
July18191884,5Adv - A Schaffler proprietor
Farmers' StoreFeb22191851,2Adv - Patrick, Houssien & Patterson proprietors
Farmers' StoreMar12191871,2Adv - Tobacco
Farmers' StoreMar19191871,2Adv - Special blend tea
Farmers' StoreMar26191871,2Adv
Farmers' StoreApr2191871,2Adv
Farmers' StoreApr9191871,2Adv - Rubbers on sale
Farmers' StoreApr15191851,2Adv
Farmers' StoreApr23191871,2Adv
Farmers' StoreApr30191871,2Adv
Farmers' StoreMay7191871,2Adv - "Live and Let Live"
Farmers' StoreMay16191871,2Adv - Stock reducing sale
Farmers' StoreMay23191871,2Adv - Two members of firm drafted
Farmers' StoreMay30191871,2Adv
Farmers' StoreJune13191871,2Adv
Farmers' StoreJune20191854,5Adv
Farmers' StoreJune27191854,5Adv
Farmers' StoreJuly4191854,5Adv - Rubbers
Farmers' StoreJuly11191854,5Adv - Bacon, ham, pickled sausage
FarrMrSpirit RiverApr23191813Visiting
FelterS JApr9191811From North Dakota, raising cattle
FergusonJohnBuffalo LakeJune13191813Visits Mr Cady
FergusonLeonMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Marquis wheat
FilteauJ EGrande PrairieSee - J E Filteau for business
FitzpatrickJJune20191814Pounkeeper in Grande Prairie Municipality
FletcherMrMar26191813Addresses UFA Convention
FlintVictor CBeaverlodgeApr30191814Adv - Oxen for sale
FlintVictor CBeaverlodgeMay161918103Adv - Oxen & harness for sale
FloodJosephLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Promoted to grade 2
ForsethFMar26191873Northern Ski Club Tournament
FosterA LMay23191812New elevator
Foston's Livery, Feed & Sale StableSexsmithMar12191872Adv - Previously Sexsmith's Barn
Foston's Livery, Feed & Sale StableSexsmithMar19191872Adv - Good water & feed
Foston's Livery, Feed & Sale StableSexsmithApr2191872Adv
Foston's Livery, Feed & Sale StableSexsmithApr9191872Adv
Foston's Livery, Feed & Sale StableSexsmithApr15191872Adv
Foston's Livery, Feed & Sale StableSexsmithApr23191872Adv
Foston's Livery, Feed & Sale StableSexsmithApr30191872Adv
Foston's Livery, Feed & Sale StableSexsmithMay7191872Adv
Foston's Livery, Feed & Sale StableSexsmithMay16191872Adv
Foston's Livery, Feed & Sale StableSexsmithMay23191872Adv - Late Sexsmith's Barn
FraserA MMrsSexsmithMay7191814Wins trip to Vancouver
FraserA MSexsmithJune13191813Owner of a Ford
FraserGeo EGrande PrairieSee - Geo E Fraser for business
FraserMrsSexsmithApr9191812Suffering ptomaine poisoning
FraserMrsMay7191853Thanks community
FredetteL GPeace River CrossingApr23191813Moves to Grande Prairie
FredricksonAndrewMar26191815Runs down coyotes on skis
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonApr2191875Adv
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonApr9191875Adv
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonApr15191875Adv
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonApr23191875Adv
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonApr30191875Adv - Undertaker & Embalmer
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonMay16191875Adv
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonMay23191875Adv
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonMay30191875Adv
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonJune13191875Adv
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonJune20191875Adv
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonJune27191875Adv - Funeral supplies on hand
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonJuly4191875Adv
G L WainwrightLake SaskatoonJuly18191855Adv - Undertaker & Embalmer
G M SmithLake SaskatoonFeb22191842Adv - Real estate, loans
G M SmithLake SaskatoonMar12191842Adv - Farm listings
G M SmithLake SaskatoonMar19191842Adv
G M SmithLake SaskatoonMar26191842Adv - Real estate
G M SmithLake SaskatoonApr2191842Adv - Insurance
G M SmithLake SaskatoonApr9191862Adv
G M SmithLake SaskatoonApr15191842Adv
G M SmithLake SaskatoonApr231918102Adv
G M SmithLake SaskatoonMay7191842Adv
G M SmithLake SaskatoonMay16191842Adv - Real estate
G M SmithLake SaskatoonMay23191842Adv - Insurance
G M SmithLake SaskatoonMay30191842Adv
G M SmithLake SaskatoonJune13191874Adv
G M SmithLake SaskatoonJune20191842Adv
G M SmithLake SaskatoonJune27191874Adv - Loans
G M SmithLake SaskatoonJuly4191874Adv - Real estate
G M SmithLake SaskatoonJuly11191853Adv
G S WainwrightLake SaskatoonFeb22191854Adv - Undertaker & Embalmer
G S WainwrightLake SaskatoonMar12191875Adv - Funeral supplies on hand
G S WainwrightLake SaskatoonMar19191875Adv
G S WainwrightLake SaskatoonMar26191875Adv
G W EvansFeb22191884,5Adv - Hardware merchant
G W EvansMar121918105Adv - Sleigh bells
G W EvansMar19191811,2Adv - Harness
G W EvansMar261918101,2Adv - Foot warmers
G W EvansApr21918101,2Adv
G W EvansApr91918121,2Adv - Rayo lamps
G W EvansApr151918101,2Adv - Vacuum washing machine
G W EvansApr231918101,2Adv
G W EvansApr301918101,2Adv - Hardware merchant
G W EvansMay71918101,2Adv - Martin-Senour's Paint
G W EvansMay161918101,2Adv - Goodyear tires & inner tubes
G W EvansMay231918101,2Adv
G W EvansMay301918101,2Adv
G W EvansJune131918101,2Adv
G W EvansJune201918101,2Adv
G W EvansJune271918101,2Adv - Hardware merchant
G W EvansJuly41918101,2Adv - Rakes, garden hoes, forks
G W EvansJuly111918101,2Adv
G W EvansJuly18191881,2Adv - Hardware merchant
GallangerAMar12191814200 cultivated acres
GaudinI EBeaverlodgeMar19191812Renovating store
Gaudin StoreI EBeaverlodgeFeb22191881,2Adv - Store close-out sale
Gaudin StoreBeaverlodgeFeb22191813Big sale
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieFeb22191855Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieMar12191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieMar19191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieMar26191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieApr9191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieApr15191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieApr23191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieApr30191875Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieMay7191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieMay16191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieMay23191875Adv - Notary Public
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieMay30191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieJune13191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieJune20191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieJune27191875Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieJuly4191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieJuly11191875Adv
Geo E Fraser, LLBGrande PrairieJuly18191855Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
GilbertJApr2191843No longer railroad pumpman
GillArthurMay16191812Visiting in town
GillWalterApr23191811New bookkeeper at Peace River Trading Co
Gillespie Elevator CoJune13191855Adv - Barley & feed oats for sale
Gillespie Elevator CoJune20191855Adv
Gillespie Elevator CoJune27191855Adv
Gillespie Elevator CoJuly4191855Adv
Gillespie Elevator CoJuly11191855Adv
GoodrichHMar26191873Adv - Pool room for sale
GoodrichHenryJune13191812Purchased Ernest Voyer's horses
GoodrichHenryJuly4191874Cutting road to Pouce Coupe
GoodrichMartinMar26191843Receives equipment from Compeer SK
GoodrichMartinJune27191813To Pouce Coupe
GoodrichMartinJuly4191874Cutting road to Pouce Coupe
GoodrichMelvinSee - Clairmont Pool Room & Barber Shop
GoodrichMelvinApr23191844Presented with watch
GorrieScottieJuly4191813Refused exemption
GorrieScottyMay30191813New tractor arrives
Government of AlbertaMar26191853Receives $1,000,000 for "Cow Bill"
Government of AlbertaMar261918101,2Notice to stallion owners
Government of AlbertaApr23191813Provides seed for school gardens
Government of AlbertaMay7191813Steam boilers must be registered
Government of AlbertaMay30191814Department of Education - Duties of Pupils
Government of AlbertaJuly18191815$1000 reward offered
Government of CanadaMar19191862Canada goes dry April 1
Government of CanadaMar19191863,5Income tax forms available
Government of CanadaMar261918103,5Income tax deadline March 31
Government of CanadaApr2191822Propose cultivation of Indian land
Government of CanadaApr21918102Category "B" Class One call up
Government of CanadaApr9191811Able bodied men must work
Government of CanadaApr9191843,5Notice re: Exempted men
Government of CanadaApr15191814War cost $111,700,000,000 to date
Government of CanadaApr151918102New food regulations
Government of CanadaApr151918102Daylight savings scheme starts
Government of CanadaApr23191814Embargo on US goods
Government of CanadaMay161918103,5Food Board appeal
Government of CanadaMay23191873Victory Loan costs [editorial]
Government of CanadaMay301918103,5Canada Food Board
Government of CanadaJune13191813,5Registration of everyone in Canada
Government of CanadaJune13191842,5Documents to be carried
Government of CanadaJune131918103,5Registration day June 22
Government of CanadaJune201918103,5Registration is law
Government of CanadaJune27191812Requires license numbers in ads
Government of CanadaJune27191842,4Allies must be fed
Government of CanadaJuly4191842,4Empire depends on farmers
Government of CanadaJuly4191871,3Harvest leave procedures
Government of CanadaJuly11191871,3Public notice
Government of CanadaJuly18191842,4Increased production imperative
Government of CanadaJuly18191851,3Military Service Act
GrahamMatLake SaskatoonApr2191813Leaves for BC homestead
Grain PricesFeb22191893
Grand Trunk PacificJune13191853,5Adv - Travel choices
Grand Trunk PacificJune20191842,4Adv - Summer tours
Grand Trunk PacificJune20191853,5Adv
Grand Trunk PacificJune27191842,4Adv
Grand Trunk PacificJune27191853,5Adv
Grand Trunk PacificJuly4191842,4Adv - Alaska tours
Grand Trunk PacificJuly11191853,5Adv - Eastern Canada via Great Lakes
Grand Trunk PacificJuly18191842,4Adv - Destinations
Grande PrairieApr23191843Water tank painted
Grande Prairie City Flour MilFeb22191841Adv - "The Alberta Flour"
Grande Prairie City Flour MillMar12191841Adv - New roller feed mill
Grande Prairie City Flour MillMar19191841Adv
Grande Prairie City Flour MillMar26191841Adv
Grande Prairie City Flour MillApr2191841Adv - Soldier's Flour $5.25
Grande Prairie City Flour MillApr9191861Adv - Grinding 10 cents/sack
Grande Prairie City Flour MillApr15191841Adv - Graham Flour $4.75
Grande Prairie City Flour MillApr23191845Adv - Grande Prairie Queen flour
Grande Prairie City Flour MillApr30191855Adv - J Vos president
Grande Prairie City Flour MillMay7191854,5Adv
Grande Prairie City Flour MillMay16191855Adv
Grande Prairie City Flour MillMay23191855Adv
Grande Prairie City Flour MillMay30191861Adv
Grande Prairie City Flour MillJune13191853Adv
Grande Prairie City Flour MillJune20191853Adv
Grande Prairie City Flour MillJune27191853Adv
Grande Prairie City Flour MillJuly4191853Adv
Grande Prairie City Flour MillJuly11191852Adv
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)Feb22191891,2Adv - Lake Saskatoon, Beaverlodge, Halcoourt
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)Mar12191851,2Adv - Rough & dressed lumber
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)Grande PrairieMar191918101,2Adv - Shingles
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)Apr2191851,2Adv - F A Johnston president
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)Lake SaskatoonApr9191891,2Adv - Orders for imported lumber
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)Lake SaskatoonApr15191861,2Adv
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)Apr23191851,2Adv - Halcourt yard
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)Apr30191851,2Adv - F A Johnston president
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)May7191851,2Adv
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)May16191851,2Adv
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)May23191851,2Adv
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)May30191841,2Adv
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)June13191851,2Adv
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)June20191841,2Adv
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)June27191851,2Adv
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)July4191851,2Adv
Grande Prairie Lumber Co (The)July11191851,2Adv
Great War Veterans AssociationApr30191813Formed in Grande Prairie
Great War Veterans AssociationApr30191815To hold dance
Great War Veterans AssociationMay7191812To hold dance at Grand Theatre
Great War Veterans AssociationMay16191814More than 200 at dance
Great War Veterans AssociationJune20191813Hold dance
Great War Veterans AssociationJune27191815To raffle stallion
GreenMissMay7191811Takes over school
GreenMissMay16191812Runs a good school
GreenMissJune27191853Deputy registrar
GreenMissJuly4191815Secretary-Treasurer Women's Institute
GriersonJ HMrsEdmontonJuly18191883Visiting brother W F Bredin
GriffithsRMrsApr15191813Entertains at hall opening
GrouardBishopJune20191853To concecrate new church
GummerEdBuffalo LakeApr9191873Returns
GummerEdBuffalo LakeJune13191815Chaperons fishing trip
GurtinFFeb22191813Helps unload implements
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieFeb22191855Adv - Spencer Block
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieMar12191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieMar19191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieMar26191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieApr2191875Adv
H G Conroy, DrGrande PrairieApr9191875Adv
HagenSMissValhallaFeb22191853Marries John Johnson
HallH FMar12191844Resigns tribunal
HallMrsApr15191813Entertains at hall opening
HanglandDMar26191873Northern Ski Club tournament
HannahHJuly18191815School marks Grade 2
HannahJimmySpirit RiverMay23191812In town
HannahMrsFeb22191811To host Red Cross tea
HannahMrsJuly18191813Hosts ice cream social
HansonJensMay7191811Marries Miss McQuittie
HardingMar12191853Family moves to Pouce Coupe
HarlandMLake SaskatoonApr30191811Offered $10,000 for farm
HarrisBillJuly18191813Finishing new house
HarrisHowardMay30191863Marries Miss Robertson
HarrisHowardJuly11191813In town
HarrisJ HKleskun HillJune13191812Visits
HarrisWmKleskun HillApr23191853New home finished
HaszardJMissJune27191814,5Entertains at Garden Party
HaszardWLake SaskatoonMar12191815Leaves for Pouce Coupe to work
HaszardWLake SaskatoonJune27191872Returns from Pouce Coupe
HellerFrankMar26191812Entertains at fair
HellerFrankApr23191812Rents A M Spencer house
HellerFrankJune27191813Motored to Garden Party
HellerFrankJune27191874,5Entertains at Garden Party
HellerFrankJuly18191854Is ill
HellerG HApr15191815Remit overdue accounts to Bank of Commerce
HellerG HMay23191872Overdue accounts should be remitted
HellerGeraldMrsApr15191812On trip
HellerGeraldApr15191843Farewell leter
HellerGeraldJuly11191813Now in Vancouver BC
HellerHesterApr15191812On trip
HendersonArthurBuffalo LakeJune20191812In town for new plow
HendersonBuffalo LakeFeb22191811Family visits
Hermit Lake School DistrictMay30191815Ratepayers meeting
HicksMrsBear LakeJuly18191813Cattle arrive
HicksMrsJuly18191813Buys Sinclair's quarter
HolmesEuniceJune27191874,5Entertains at Garden Party
HolmesEuniceLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Receives school prize
HolmesNeilLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Promoted to Grade V
HolmesOliveJuly11191812Promoted to Grade 2
HolmesMrsLake SaskatoonApr30191811Loses stock
Holy Trinity Women's AuxilliaryFeb22191813To meet
Hooper & MainsApr30191853Install gasoline pumping station
HopkinsC FRevMay23191814To Dunvegan by automobile
HopkinsErnestJune13191813Parents arrive to settle
HopkinsHMrsLake SaskatoonFeb22191812IODE 1st Vice-President
HorteOlafMar26191844,5Manager Valhalla Lumber Co
HousseinMMay7191814Sells interest in Farmer's Store
HousseinMikeMay7191814Leaves for Calgary
HousseinMikeMay30191863Exempt from service
HowardMrsSexsmithApr2191815Maternity complications
HowardMrsSexsmithApr2191815Baby dies
HowardMrSexsmithApr2191815In hospital with pneumonia
HowardSexsmithApr15191813Infant dies, buried in Grande Prairie
HughesS WApr9191863Returns from war
HullH HEdmontonApr30191811To speak at Anglican church
HunskerMrMay16191853Moves to Oak Harbour WA
HunterI RApr15191813Registered stallion dies
HunterI RApr30191813Purchases stallion
HunterI RMay16191814Adv - Stallion's schedule
HunterI RMay231918101Adv - Stallion for service
HunterI RMay30191865Adv - Service fees
HunterI RJune13191855Travels with "Thornley's Heir"
I R HunterJune27191854,5Adv - Stallion schedule
IODELake SaskatoonFeb2219181266th Battalion Chapter organized
IODEMar191918103Notes on activities
IODEJune20191813Raise money for YMCA
IODEJuly18191814Raise $250 for war work
J ArcherFeb22191855Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
J ArcherMar12191875Adv
J ArcherMar19191875Adv - Money to loan at 8%
J ArcherMar26191875Adv
J ArcherApr2191875Adv
J ArcherApr9191875Adv
J ArcherApr15191875Adv
J ArcherApr23191875Adv
J ArcherApr30191875Adv
J ArcherMay7191875Adv
J ArcherMay16191875Adv
J ArcherMay23191875Adv - Notary public
J ArcherMay30191875Adv
J ArcherJune13191875Adv
J ArcherJune20191854Adv
J ArcherJune27191875Adv
J ArcherJuly4191875Adv
J ArcherJuly11191875Adv
J ArcherJuly18191855Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
J B OliverGrande PrairieFeb22191855Adv - Funeral Director
J B OliverGrande PrairieMar12191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieMar19191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieMar26191875Adv - Embalmer
J B OliverGrande PrairieApr2191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieApr9191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieApr15191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieApr23191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieApr30191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieMay16191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieMay23191875Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJune131918102Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJune201918103Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJuly41918101Adv
J B OliverGrande PrairieJuly18191881Adv - Funeral Director & Embalmer
J E FilteauGrande PrairieMar12191873Adv - Furs
J E FilteauGrande PrairieMar19191873Adv - Big prices
J E FilteauGrande PrairieMar26191873Adv - Fur buyer
J E FilteauGrande PrairieApr2191873Adv
J E FilteauGrande PrairieApr9191873Adv
J E FilteauGrande PrairieApr15191873Adv
J E FilteauGrande PrairieApr23191853Adv
J E FilteauGrande PrairieApr30191853Adv - At Grande Prairie Hotel
J E FilteauGrande PrairieMay7191853Adv
J E FilteauGrande PrairieMay23191853Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonFeb22191853Adv - Will be in Clairmont
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonMar12191875Adv - Sight specialist
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonMar19191875Adv - Consulting optician
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonMar26191875Adv - Glasses fitted
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonApr9191875Adv - Over Empress Theatre
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonApr15191875Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonApr23191875Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonApr30191875Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonMay7191875Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonMay16191875Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonMay23191875Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonMay30191875Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonJune13191875Adv - Eyes examined
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonJune20191875Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonJune27191875Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonJuly4191875Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonJuly11191875Adv
J Erlinger, DrEdmontonJuly18191855Adv - Sight specialist
JacqueL HBeaverlodgeJune13191812In town
JaqueE HSee - E H Jaque for business
JaqueE HApr2191814Sells draying goodwill to J Sims
JebbGeoApr9191841Adv - Prize winning wheat for sale
JebbGeo WMar26191812Seed wheat for sale
JebbGeo WApr9191842Bear Lake Municipality Sec-Treas
JebbGeorgeMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Marquis Wheat
JohnsonCecilMar12191845Sits on Tribunal
JohnsonDossBeaverlodgeJune20191813In town
JohnsonErnest WClairmontSee- Ernest W Johnson for business
JohnsonErnieApr30191853Building trade very brisk
JohnsonErnieJune27191813To Pouce Coupe
JohnsonG WApr15191813Entertains at hall opening
JohnsonHaroldValhallaJune13191812In town
JohnsonHarryPteKleskun LakeApr9191842Died of war wounds
JohnsonJFeb22191853Marries Miss Hagen
JohnsonJimKleskun LakeJuly11191813Buys new Chevrolet
JohnsonWMay23191812Gets good price for hogs
JohnsonWMrsMar12191853Is sick
JohnsonW GSee - W G Johnson for business
JohnsonW GApr15191813Entertains at hall opening
JohnsonWmBeaverlodgeApr30191853Returns to farm
JohnsonMrJuly18191813Working in Spirit River
JohnstonF AFeb22191891,2President Grande Prairie Lumber Co
JohnstonF ASee - Grande Prairie Lumber Co for business
JohnstoneR JMar26191812Vice-President Horse Breaders Assoc
K T OlsenSexsmithMay23191853Adv - Livery, Feed & Sale
K T OlsenSexsmithJune13191853Adv - Draying day or night
K T OlsenSexsmithJune20191853Adv
K T OlsenSexsmithJune27191853Adv - Livery, Feed & Sale
K T OlsenSexsmithJuly4191853Adv - Good hay & oats
K T OlsenSexsmithJuly11191852Adv - Bunkhouse
KeyesMrsJune20191813IODE canvas committee
Kitchener HallMar26191812Dance held
Kleskun LakeJuly18191815Hay land changes hands
KnetchelRMar12191814100 cultivated acres
KnightDickJuly18191813Renting Sexsmith UFA hall
KnightRSexsmithSee - Knight's Barns for business
KnightRMar26191813Large stock for Apr 1 acution
KnightRichardJune271918103Applying for licence for pool room
KnightRichardJuly18191883Pool room application approved
Knight's BarnsSexsmithFeb22191895Adv - Monthly autions
Knight's BarnsSexsmithMar12191855Adv
Knight's BarnsSexsmithMar191918105Adv
Knight's BarnsSexsmithMar26191855Adv - Sale notice
Knight's BarnsSexsmithApr2191811Adv - Sale notice
Knight's BarnsSexsmithApr2191853Sale date change
Knight's BarnsSexsmithApr2191855Adv
Knight's BarnsSexsmithApr9191895Adv
KoebelEApr2191843Family arrives from Ontario
KownatykiMikeMay30191812Home lost to fire
KranzBobJune20191812Visits in new Chevrolet
KranzRobertLake SaskatoonSee - Lake Saskatoon Mercantile Co
KynastonThosJune20191814Poundkeeper for Grande Prairie Municipality
Lake SaskatoonLake SaskatoonApr23191811Erecting "Go slow" sign
Lake SaskatoonLake SaskatoonApr23191811Purchases new pump for town well
Lake SaskatoonLake SaskatoonMay23191814Purchases gasoline pump for town well
Lake Saskatoon Agricultural SocietyLake SaskatoonMar12191811To hold fair with Beaverlodge Ag Society
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonFeb22191891,2Adv - School supplies
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonMar12191851,2Adv - Stationery
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonMar191918101,2Adv - Hot drinks
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonApr2191851,2Adv - Bread & fruit
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonApr9191891,2Adv - Hot drinks for winter
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonApr15191861,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonApr23191851,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonApr30191851,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonMay7191851,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonMay16191851,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonMay23191851,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonMay30191861,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonJune13191851,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonJune20191851,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonJune27191851,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonJuly4191851,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Drug CoLake SaskatoonJuly11191811,2Adv - School supplies
Lake Saskatoon HardwareLake SaskatoonMar26191811Girl wanted for housework
Lake Saskatoon HardwareLake SaskatoonApr9191841Adv - Girl wanted for housework
Lake Saskatoon HardwareLake SaskatoonApr231918102Adv
Lake Saskatoon Harness ShopLake SaskatoonFeb22191893Adv - J Langill proprietor
Lake Saskatoon Harness ShopLake SaskatoonMar12191853Adv - Repairing
Lake Saskatoon Harness ShopLake SaskatoonMar19191875Adv - Shoe repairing
Lake Saskatoon Harness ShopLake SaskatoonApr2191853Adv - Accessories in stock
Lake Saskatoon Harness ShopLake SaskatoonApr9191893Adv
Lake Saskatoon Harness ShopLake SaskatoonApr23191853Adv
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonFeb22191894,5Adv - Robert Kranz proprietor
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonMar12191854,5Adv - Edmonton City Dairy agents
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonMar191918104,5Adv - Peck's made-to-measure
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonMar26191854,5Adv - Suits $25-$35
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonApr2191854,5Adv - Cream cans available
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonApr9191894,5Adv - 38 cents/lb butterfat for cream
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonApr15191864,5Adv
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonApr23191854,5Adv
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonApr30191854,5Adv
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonMay7191854,5Adv
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonMay16191854,5Adv
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonMay23191854,5Adv
Lake Saskatoon Mercantile CoLake SaskatoonMay30191864,5Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonFeb22191851Adv - C W Campbell proprietor
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonMar12191871Adv - Tobacco
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonMar19191871Adv - Cigars, cigarettes, tobacco
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonMar26191871Adv - Candy & soft drinks
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonApr2191871Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonApr9191871Adv - Candy
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonApr15191871Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonApr23191871Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonApr30191871Adv - G W Campbell proprietor
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonMay7191871Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonMay16191871Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonMay23191871,2Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonMay30191874Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonJune131918101Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonJune201918102Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonJune271918102Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonJuly41918102Adv
Lake Saskatoon Pool RoomLake SaskatoonJuly11191853Adv - Cigars, cigarettes, tobacco
LangillJSee - Lake Saskatoon Harness Shop for business
LarsonIvorMar121918103Tender for corduroy accepted
LastMissJune27191853Assists deputy registrar
LawrenceA GJuly111918103Buys brother's land
LawrenceA GBuffalo LakeJuly111918103Cattle for sale
LawrenceA GBuffalo LakeJuly18191883Adv - Mare for sale
LawrenceHarry EBuffalo LakeJuly111918103Sells land to brother
LeathamJosephJuly18191815School marks Grade V
LeathamTSee - Farmer's Barn for business
LeBlondJoeFeb22191813Helps unload implements
LeechmanMrGrande PrairieApr9191812In charge of Grande Prairie Post Office
LennanMrsApr15191813Entertains at hall opening
LerbekmoBMar26191873Northern Ski Club tournament
LethamTLake SaskatoonJune131918102Clairmont poundkeeper
LiveltonKMar26191873Northern Ski Club tournament
LloydEJuly18191815School marks Grade III
LloydEdgarJune13191813Buys Ernest Voyer's farm
LloydEdgarJune20191812To Calgary to report
LloydEdgarJuly4191813Returns - no date to leave
LloydGJuly18191815School marks Grade 2
LloydSJuly18191815School marks Grade VI
LloydW RSee - W R Lloyd for business
LloydW RApr9191863Received load of Massey-Harris machinery
LloydW RApr23191812Machinery selling fast
LloydW RApr30191812Purchases garden lot
LloydMrsMar26191843Hosting Red Cross tea
LloydMrsJune27191812Mother, Mrs Reid, visiting
LloydMrJuly11191813Move to Milling's house
LoudfootEMrsLake SaskatoonFeb22191812IODE Hon Vice-Regent
LoudfootWApr151918103Returns from agricultural school
LoughDanSexsmithApr2191814Record prices for second-hand machinery
LoughDanMay7191873Living in Grande Prairie
LoveC MTwin LakesFeb22191843Starts milk delivery - See C M Love
LovellS WLake SaskatoonApr30191811Offered $3500 for quarter section
LovellWMrsLake SaskatoonFeb22191812IODE Standard Bearer
LovellWApr30191812Returns from Spirit River
LoweJasLake SaskatoonJune131918102Adv - Lost gelding
LozeronJeanJuly11191814New Ford tractor
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonMar26191875Adv - Physician & Surgeon
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonApr2191875Adv - Office at Lake Saskatoon
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonApr9191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonApr15191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonApr23191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonApr30191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonMay7191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonMay16191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonMay23191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonMay30191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonJune13191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonJune20191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonJune27191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonJuly4191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonJuly11191875Adv
M L Macdonald, DrLake SaskatoonJuly18191855Adv - Physician & Surgeon
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieFeb22191855Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieMar12191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieMar19191875Adv - Campbell Block
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieMar26191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieApr9191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieApr15191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieApr23191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieApr30191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieMay7191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieMay16191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieMay23191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieMay30191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieJune13191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieJune20191855Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieJune27191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieJuly4191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieJuly11191875Adv
M W Eagar, LLBGrande PrairieJuly18191855Adv - Barrister, Solicitor, Notary Public
MacdonaldDrMar26191812Entertains at fair
MacdonaldDrMar26191812Entertains at fair
MacdonaldDrApr23191811To Pouce Coupe to examine draftees
MacdonaldMrsJune20191813IODE canvas committee
MackeyApr30191843Son born
MainH LMrsLake SaskatoonFeb22191812IODE 2nd Vice-Regent
MainH LSee - Revillon Freres Trading Company
MainH LLake SaskatoonApr2191813In Grande Prairie buying for Revillon Freres
MainH LMay7191811Furs in short supply
MainMrsMar26191843Hosting Red Cross tea
MainsMrsApr231918101Adv - Leghorns & eggs for sale
Mains-Hooper Hardware CoMay7191844,5Adv - Gardening supplies
Mains-Hooper Hardware CoMay16191844,5Adv - Spring needs
Mains-Hooper Hardware CoMay23191844,5Adv
Mains-Hooper Hardware CoMay30191844,5Adv - Rakes & hoes
Mains-Hooper Hardware CoJune13191812Gasoline pumping outfit tampered with
Mains-Hooper Hardware CoJune13191843,4Adv
Mains-Hooper Hardware CoJune20191843,4Adv
Mains-Hooper Hardware CoJune27191843,4Adv - Hardware merchant
Mains-Hooper Hardware CoJuly4191843,4Adv - Garden tools
Mains-Hooper Hardware CoJuly11191843,4Adv - Poultry netting
Mains-Hooper Hardware CoJuly18191843,4Adv - All kinds of spring needs
ManaryJ CFoam Lake SKMay23191814Buys Roy Robertson homestead
MashburnJMrsApr9191813Takes over Twin Lakes Hotel
MashburnJMay23191812Sells butcher shop
MashburnJohnMrsApr151918102Adv - Girl wanted for hotel
MashburnJohnApr30191812Painting building
MashburnJohnMrsMay161918102Adv - Help wanted for hotel
MashburnMrsMar12191814Returns from Texas
Masonic LodgeMay16191812To form & hope to build hall
Masonic LodgeMay30191843Possibly starting
McArthurJ DMay16191812In town Tuesday
McArthurJ DJune13191811In town
McAuslandSMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Brown Leghorns
McAuslandWarrenLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Receives school prize
McAuslandWarrenJuly11191812Promoted to Grade 2
McBethRevApr23191812Showing Grande Prairie scenes in Vancouver
McDonaldC AMar19191815Returns from East
McDonaldChrisGrande PrairieApr15191815Newly renovated office
McDonaldJ WRevApr2191811Letter
McDonaldLApr15191813Chairman for hall opening
McDonaldM LMrsLake SaskatoonFeb22191812IODE Secretary
McDonaldP JApr2191875Buys land from Mrs Allose
McDonaldP JKleskun HillMay16191853Sells out, moves to Saskatchewan
McDonaldP JJune20191814Resigns as Grande Prairie MD councillor
McDonald Land & Trading CompanyGrande PrairieFeb22191883Adv - Ford car prices
McDonald Land & Trading CompanyGrande PrairieMar121918103,5Adv - Cars FOB Ontario
McDonald Land & Trading CompanyGrande PrairieApr21918103,5Adv - Ford cars
McDonald Land & Trading CompanyGrande PrairieApr91918123,5Adv - more than 100,000 Fords in Canada
McDonald Land & Trading CompanyGrande PrairieApr151918105Adv - Ford one-ton $750
McDonald Land & Trading CompanyGrande PrairieApr231918103,5Adv
McDonald's HotelJune13191873,4Taking meat orders
McDonald's HotelJune27191873,4Taking orders for Wood & Lyne
McDougallCBuffalo LakeJune131918102Adv - Lost bay gelding
McElhineyA lSee - A I McElhiney for business
McFarlaneFredApr30191853Daughter born
McFarlaneJMar12191811,3President Lake Saskatoon/Beaverlodge Ag Soc
McFarlaneJMay23191812Gets good price for hogs
McFarlaneJamesMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Marquis Wheat
McFarlaneJamesMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Banner Oats
McFarlaneJamesMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Barley
McFarlaneJamesMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Red Potatoes
McFarlaneJamesMar26191812UFA Fair - winner White Potatoes
McFarlaneJamesMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Orphingtons
McFarlaneJamesMar26191812UFA Fair - winner Pigeons
McFarlaneJimMar26191811Big winner at fair
McKenzieMissJuly4191815Lecturing on nursing
McKinnonDanMay7191843Rents W Britton farm
McKinnonDanMay30191811Cattle trapped in granery
McKinnonDanJuly11191813Having breaking done
McLarenC CRevCalgaryMay23191843Holds services in Hermit Lake & Clairmont
McLaurenC CRevMay7191812To speak at Baptist church
McLeanA VMar12191811,3Sec-Treas Lake Saskatoon/Beaverlodge Ag Soc
McLeanR GBuffalo LakeApr9191812Returns from Montreal
McNeilBillyJune20191811To Calgary to report
McNeilWApr2191813Takes over Clairmont Auto Livery building
McNeilWmJuly4191813Returns - no date to leave
McQuittieMissMay7191811Marries Jens Hansen
Melvin A SpencerJune131918101Adv
Melvin A SpencerJune201918102Adv
Melvin A SpencerJune271918102Adv
Melvin A SpencerJuly41918103Adv - Terms on lots
Melvin A SpencerJuly11191871Adv
Melvin A SpencerJuly18191851Adv - Owner of Clairmont townsite
MercerAMar26191812Sec-Treas Horse Breeders Association
MercerF SDrEdmontonSee - F S Mercer, DDS for business
MercerTedJune20191812Hit by lightening, recovering
MergaardJMar26191873Northern Ski Club tournament
Methodist HallLake SaskatoonApr2191813Pathescope entertainment
Methodist HallApr23191811Moving picture showing
MolyneauxMMar26191813Addresses UFA convention
MolyneauxM WMar26191814GGG Co Live Stock Department
MonishakMissApr15191813Entertains at hall opening
Mons Fruit & Ice Cream Parlour (The)May16191853Adv
Mons Fruit & Ice Cream Parlour (The)May23191853Adv - Tobacco, Cigars, Cigarettes
Mons Fruit & Ice Cream Parlour (The)May30191862Adv - Homemade lemonade
Mons Fruit & Ice Cream Parlour (The)June13191853Adv - Latest periodicals
Mons Fruit & Ice Cream Parlour (The)June20191853Adv - Soft drinks on ice
Mons Fruit & Ice Cream Parlour (The)June27191853Adv - Cherries, Gooseberies
Mons Fruit & Ice Cream Parlour (The)July4191853Adv - Oranges & bananas
Mons Fruit & Ice Cream Parlour (The)July11191841,2Adv - Plums & peaches
Mons Harness Shop (The)Mar12191853Adv - Bert L Saunders
Mons Harness Shop (The)Mar191918103Adv - Repairs
Mons Harness Shop (The)Mar26191843Adv - Harness oils, Buggy combs
Mons Harness Shop (The)Apr2191873Adv
Mons Harness Shop (The)Apr9191873Adv - Harness washed & oiled
Mons Harness Shop (The)Apr15191873Adv
Mons Harness Shop (The)Apr23191853Adv - Ice cream, fruit
Mons Harness Shop (The)Apr30191853Adv - Bert Saunders owner
Mons Harness Shop (The)May7191853Adv - Magazines
MoodieTApr9191811Raising cattle near Smoky
MoodieTApr2191843Good prices at auction
MoodieT AMar26191812Stallion "Pratis Fashion" chosen for 1918
MoodieT AMar26191815Wants hogs to ship
MoodieT AMay16191811Hogs wanted
MoodieT AJune131918102Adv - 4-room cottage for sale
MoodieT AJune271918103Adv - Cottage for sale
MoodieT AJuly111918103Adv - Cottage to be moved
MoodieT AJuly18191811Adv - Highest market price for hogs
MoodieT AJuly18191883Adv - Cottage for sale
MoodieMissKleskun HillApr2191873Teaching at Five Mile Creek
MoodiesMar12191874Adv - See Clifford
Moodie's Wood-Sawing OutfitFeb22191854Adv - Now operating
MooreBobApr30191812Plowing town lots
MooreBobMrsJuly18191813Is very ill
MooreDavidJuly18191815School marks Grade V
MooreJimMar12191814100 cultivated acres
MooreJoeMar12191853Hauling logs for new barn
MooreJoeMar26191815Erecting new barn
MooreJoeApr30191811New barn
MooreJoe HBear LakeJuly11191814Barn dance to support Red Cross
MooreMargaretJuly18191815School marks Grade V
MooreRMar1219181470 cultivated acres
MooreRMar12191814Purchased Earl Anderson land
MooreR FMar26191812Director Horse Breeders Association
MooreRobertMrsMar12191814To host Red Cross tea
Morning View School DistrictMar19191813Adv - Teacher wanted
Municipal District of Grande PrairieJune20191814Meeting notes
NashT BMrsLake SaskatoonFeb22191812IODE - Echoes Secretary
NashT BLake SaskatoonSee - Empire Hotel for business
NashThomasLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Promoted to Grade V
NashThosLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Receives school prize
NashMrsJune20191813IODE - Canvas committee
NeirgarthH ARevJuly4191813To return at end of month
NeirgarthMrMay23191853Seventh Day Adventist minister in town
NelsonFredMar26191843Receives shipment from Compeer SK
NewsomC SRevMay23191815To preach at Clairmont hall
NewsomRevMay7191814Good service attendance
NeysMrsJune27191813Sons in Navy
Neys & SheedySexsmithFeb22191851,2Adv - Everybody's Store
Neys & SheedySexsmithMar12191871,2Adv - Spring boots & shoes
Neys & SheedySexsmithMar19191871,2Adv - Dresses & blouses
Neys & SheedySexsmithMar26191871,2Adv
Neys & SheedySexsmithApr2191871,2Adv
Neys & SheedySexsmithApr9191871,2Adv
Neys & SheedySexsmithApr15191871,2Adv
Neys & SheedySexsmithApr23191871,2Adv
Neys & SheedySexsmithApr30191871,2Adv
Neys & SheedySexsmithMay7191871,2Adv
Neys & SheedySexsmithMay16191871,2Adv - From boot to hat
Neys & SheedySexsmithMay23191871,2Adv
Neys & SheedySexsmithMay30191871,2Adv - Children's suits
Neys & SheedySexsmithJune13191871,2Adv - Fresh stock of groceries
Neys & SheedySexsmithJune27191873,4Adv - Clean stock of groceries
Neys & SheedySexsmithJuly41918104,5Adv
Neys & SheedySexsmithJuly111918104,5Adv - Everybody's Store
Neys & SheedySexsmithJuly18191884,5Adv - Buy from boot to hat
NiergarthH AJune13191815Challenges Mr Newsom to "discussion"
NiergarthMrMay30191813To preach Sunday
NixonDSee - D Nixon for business
NixonDApr9191863Son born
NixonMrRed WillowJune27191813In town
Northern Ski ClubFeb22191813To hold tournament
Northern Ski ClubMar26191873Tournament results
O'DellRMrsMay16191873Trying to locate Bryan Church
OliverJ BGrande PrairieSee - J B Oliver for business
O'ZeeCliffordApr2191853New auctioneer
O'ZeeMrApr15191813Auctioneer for new hall opening
PallowskiMrJune27191811Found murdered [Frank Parzychowski]
PardeeMrEdmontonMay30191813Motoring through
ParzychoskiMrsJuly18191813Arrives with son
PashovskiFrankMar26191813Returns from Montesano WA
PatonMrJune27191811Found murdered [Ignace]
PatrickAMar19191815Sells home to W G Smith
PatrickAApr2191843Resigns as school trustee
PatrickAJune27191813Adv - "Fish Brand" slickers
PatrickArtJune13191811Having warehouse finished
PatrickArtJuly11191813Duff home ready for him
PatrickDJuly18191815School marks Grade III
PatrickLillianJuly18191815School marks Grade IV
PatrickApr2191843Given surprise party
PatrickMrApr9191814Resigns as school trustee
PattersonFMay7191814Sells interest in Farmer's Store
PattersonFredApr23191812Rents A M Spencer house
PattersonFredGrande PrairieMay7191814Leaves for Calgary
PattersonFredMay30191813Returns for visit
PattersonFredJune27191813Motored to Garden Party
PattersonFredJuly11191853Reporting for service
Peace River Milling CoSexsmithFeb22191844,5Adv - Superior Standard Flour
Peace River Milling CoSexsmithMar12191844,5Adv
Peace River Milling CoSexsmithMar26191812Closes due to lack of wheat
Peace River Milling CoSexsmithApr15191814Will reopen soon
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonFeb22191891,2Adv - C L Underwood Manager
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonMar12191851,2Adv - Stetson hats
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonMar191918101,2Adv - Winter wear on sale
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonMar26191851,2Adv - Robin Hood Flour
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonApr2191851,2Adv - Potatoes have arrived
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonApr9191891,2Adv - Butter & eggs wanted
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonApr15191861,2Adv - Beef & pork wanted
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonApr23191851,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonApr30191851,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonMay7191851,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonMay16191851,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonMay23191851,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonMay30191861,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonJune13191851,2Adv - Country produce wanted
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonJune20191851,2Adv - Over stock sale
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonJune27191851,2Adv
Peace River Trading CoLake SaskatoonJuly4191851,2Adv - Ladies white underwear
PearcyWLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Saskatoon village school teacher
PearcyW SMrsLake SaskatoonFeb22191812IODE Regent
PearcyMrsJune20191813IODE canvas committee
PedlarMrsFeb22191853To Edmonton with daughter
PedlarMrsApr9191811Returned to Smoky
PedlarMrsApr15191813Returns from homestead
PeeblesSandyJune27191811Finds murdered men
PentlandMrLake SaskatoonApr30191811Banking business is brisk
PerieClareJune13191815On fishing trip
PerieFrankJune13191815On fishing trip
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieFeb22191842Adv - Next to Crummy Bros
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieMar12191842Adv - Men's suits
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieMar19191842Adv - Made-to-measure
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieMar26191842Adv - Suits cleaned
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieApr2191842Adv - Suits repaired
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieApr9191862Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieApr15191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieApr231918102Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieMay7191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieMay16191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieMay23191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieMay30191842Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieJune131918101Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieJuly41918103Adv - Made-to-measure suits
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieJuly11191872Adv
Pioneer Tailor (The)Grande PrairieJuly18191852Adv - Men's suits
PitmanW LMay30191813New tactor arrives
PorteousMrsGrande PrairieFeb22191812Installs IODE officers
PostmanMrsLaGlaceJuly11191814Is very ill
Presbyterian ChurchMay30191863Rev C S Newsom
Presbyterian ChurchJune13191854Services in Baptist church
Presbyterian ChurchJune20191854Service schedule
Presbyterian ChurchJune27191854
Presbyterian ChurchJuly4191854Service at 8 pm fast time
Presbyterian ChurchJuly11191854Services alternate Sundays
PursellMrsLake SaskatoonSee - Royal Hotel for business
R BurrellMay7191842Adv - Painters & decorators
R Burrell & SonsApr221918102Adv - Painters
R Burrell & SonsMay16191842Adv - 30 years experience
R Burrell & SonsMay23191842Adv
R RankinFeb22191842Adv - Shoe & harness repairs
R RankinMar12191845Adv
R RankinMar19191842Adv - Give me a trial job
R RankinMar26191842Adv - Prompt service
R RankinApr2191842Adv - Reasonable charges
R RankinApr9191862Adv - Efficient work
RalstadLMar26191873Northern Ski Club tournament
RamsayDSee - Clairmont Shoeing Forge for business
RamsayJamesMar26191811Land for sale in Washington
RamsayJamesApr9191893Adv - Land in Washington for sale
RamsayMrBeaverlodgeJune27191811In town
RankinRSee - R Rankin for business
RankinRApr9191863Sells out, moves to Savona BC
RathGladysJuly18191815School marks Grade VII
RathJosephJuly18191815School marks Grade VII
Red CrossMar12191814Criticised for slow reporting
Red CrossMar19191815Statement
Red CrossMay16191813To receive proceeds from movie showing
Red CrossMay30191813Meeting notice
Red CrossJune20191811Meeting notice
Red CrossJuly18191883Statement to be published
Red WillowMay30191811Petitions for post office
ReidMrsJune27191812Visiting daughter, Mrs Lloyd
RenningerW RSee - W R Renninger for business
Revillon Freres Trading Co (The)Lake SaskatoonFeb22191894,5Adv - H L Main fur buyer
Revillon Freres Trading Co (The)Lake SaskatoonMar12191854,5Adv - Top price for raw furs
Revillon Freres Trading Co (The)Lake SaskatoonMar191918104,5Adv - Bring furs to Saskatoon Lake
Revillon Freres Trading Co (The)Lake SaskatoonMar26191854,5Adv - Buyer will call on you
Revillon Freres Trading Co (The)Lake SaskatoonApr2191854,5Adv - Office now open
Revillon Freres Trading Co (The)Lake SaskatoonApr9191894,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading Co (The)Lake SaskatoonApr15191864,5Adv
Revillon Freres Trading Co (The)Lake SaskatoonApr22191854,5Adv
ReynoldsW GMar12191815Arrives after rough trip
ReynoldsW MApr2191843Rents his Rabbit Hill farm
ReyoldsW EJuly18191813Visited Pine Creek
RobbMrScenic HeightsJune13191812Visiting
RobbinsE FRt RevJuly18191815To preach in area churches
RobertsonRoyMay23191814Buys Jim Ross farm
RobertsonRoyMay23191814Sells homestead to J C Manary
RobertsonMissMay30191863Marries Howard Harris
RolandLake SaskatoonMar12191815In charge of telegraph office
RolandMrJune27191814,5Entertains at Garden Party
RomainJLake SaskatoonJune20191815Must remove manure piles
Roman Catholic ChurchBuffalo LakesFeb22191813To hold service
Roman Catholic ChurchMay16191843Three churches combine for concert
Roman Catholic ChurchMay16191843Service now to be 11 am
Roman Catholic ChurchJune13191853To be concecrated by Bishop Grouard
RossJimMay23191814Sells farm to Roy Robertson
RossJimJuly11191813In town
Royal George HotelEdmontonMar19191874Adv
Royal George HotelEdmontonMay7191874Adv - Two blocks from train depot
Royal George HotelEdmontonMay23191874Adv
Royal George HotelEdmontonJune20191874Adv
Royal George HotelEdmontonJune27191874Adv - Running hot & cold water
Royal George HotelEdmontonJuly4191874Adv - 100 rooms
Royal George HotelJuly11191853Adv - Meals 50 cents
Royal Hotel (The)Lake SaskatoonFeb22191854,5Adv - Mrs Pursell proprietress
Royal Hotel (The)Lake SaskatoonMar12191845Adv - Girl wanted
Royal Hotel (The)Lake SaskatoonMar12191874,5Adv - Meal tickets
Royal Hotel (The)Lake SaskatoonMar19191844,5Adv - Permanent rates
Royal Hotel (The)Lake SaskatoonMar19191843Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Lake SaskatoonMar26191844,5Adv - Renovated throughout
Royal Hotel (The)Lake SaskatoonApr2191844,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Lake SaskatoonApr9191864,5Adv
Royal Hotel (The)Lake SaskatoonApr9191873Adv - Girl wanted for hotel
Royal Hotel (The)Lake SaskatoonApr15191844,5Adv - Meals at all hours
RunningerW KApr15191814Builds new Catholic church
RushtonEdApr9191811Exploring west of Pine Pass
RushtonEdJune27191813To Pouce Coupe
Russian JackJune27191811Found murdered [John Wuwand]
RyleyH TJuly18191813Visited Pine Creek
S R TuffleyFeb22191851Adv - Notary Public
S R TuffleyMar12191871Adv - Money to loan
S R TuffleyMar19191871Adv
S R TuffleyMar26191875Adv - Insurance agent
S R TuffleyApr2191875Adv
S R TuffleyApr9191875Adv
S R TuffleyApr15191875Adv
S R TuffleyApr23191843Adv - Marriage licenses
S R TuffleyApr23191875Adv
S R TuffleyApr30191874Adv - Representing 20 insurance companies
S R TuffleyMay7191874Adv - Loans at 8%
S R TuffleyMay16191874Adv
S R TuffleyMay23191875Adv
S R TuffleyMay30191874Adv - Chattel mortgages
S R TuffleyMay301918103,5Adv - 160 acres for sale
S R TuffleyJune131918101Adv - Agent for Clairmont townsite
S R TuffleyJune131918103,5Adv - Have buyers for farmland
S R TuffleyJune20191842,4Adv - Has buyers
S R TuffleyJune201918101Adv
S R TuffleyJune27191871,3Adv
S R TuffleyJune271918101Adv - Insurance
S R TuffleyJuly4191871,3Adv - Need listings
S R TuffleyJuly41918101Adv
S R TuffleyJuly111918101Adv
S R TuffleyJuly18191881Adv - Mortgages, Insurance, Notary Public
Sakatoon Lake School DistrictMay30191815Ratepayers meeting
SandboeKMar26191873Northern Ski Club tournament
SandboeSMar26191873Winner ski tournament
SaulJJuly18191815School marks Grade 2
SaulMJuly18191815School marks Grade 2
SaulRuthJuly18191815School marks Grade V
SaulVJuly18191815School marks Grade III
SaulMrsMay23191812Adopts bear cub
SaundersB LMar26191871Adv - Stock & tools for sale
SaundersB LApr2191814Appointed village constable
SaundersB LSee - B L Saunders for business
SaundersB LMay7191813Payment of outstanding accounts
SaundersB LJuly111918103Animals for sale
SaundersB LJuly18191883Adv - Fresh cow for sale
SaundersBertMay7191811Suffers from gas poisoning
SaundersBertMay16191812Is very ill
SaundersBertMay16191873Adv - Independent fur buyer
SaundersBertMay30191813Buys Lot 5 Block 1
SaundersBertJune13191814Opens in Rankin's for shoe repair
SaundersBertJuly11191853To Edmonton for medical treatment
SaundersBertApr23191812Wants police chief uniform
SaundersBert LSee - Mons for businesses
SchafflerAJune13191814Visits Beaverlodge
ScottJamesMrsEdmontonApr2191873Visits son, J W Shortread
SexsmithJune13191845Adv - Tenders for roadwork
Sexsmith AWIFeb22191811To hold St Patrick dance
Sexsmith WIMar19191861Holds dance
SheedyMrSexsmithApr30191853Loses stallion
SheehanTMar12191814200 cultivated acres
SheehanT BMar12191815Adv - Marquis seed for sale
SheehanT BMar19191844Adv - Seed grain for sale
SheehanT BMar26191843Adv - Pigs & hens for sale
SheehanT BApr9191864Adv
SherkAMar26191812UFA Fair - Winner Timothy
SherkAMar26191812UFA Fair - Winner Barley
ShirkAMar26191812UFA Fair - Winner Abundance oats
ShogranR SMay23191812Cleveland tractor representative
ShortreadJ WKleskun HillApr2191873Mother, Mrs Scott, visits
Shortreed & RosserJuly11191813Breaking land for D McKinnon
SimsEdwardJuly18191815School marks Grade VI
SimsJApr2191814Buys E H Jaque draying goodwill
SimsJApr9191873Purchases new engine
SimsJJune271918103Poundkeeper holding two dogs
SimsJMar26191843Purchases Mashburn Barn
Sims & SaundersMay16191813Auction June 1st
Sims' Feed BarnMar26191873Adv - J Sims proprietor
Sims' Feed BarnApr21918101Adv
Sims' Feed BarnApr9191841Adv - Feed chopping available
Sims' Feed BarnApr15191875Adv - Best feed
Sims' Feed BarnApr151918101Adv - Large auction sale
Sims' Feed BarnApr23191875Adv - Most sanitary barn
Sims' Feed BarnApr30191875Adv
Sims' Feed BarnMay7191875Adv - Largest barn in town
Sims' Feed BarnMay16191875Adv - Feed chopping outfit
Sims' Feed BarnMay30191875Adv
Sims' Feed BarnJune20191875Adv
Sims' Feed BarnJune27191875Adv
Sims' Feed BarnJuly4191875Adv
Sims' Feed BarnJuly11191875Adv - J Sims proprietor
Sims' Feed BarnJuly18191855Adv - J Sims proprietor
SinclairTomApr2191814Sells three quarters to W G Smith
SmithAlbertMar26191812UFA Fair - Winner Plymouth Rocks
SmithAlbertLake SaskatoonJune13191813Busy with implement business
SmithArchieKleskun LakeFeb22191853Purchases stallion for $1700
SmithE AFeb22191844,5Adv - Auctioneer
SmithFredMar26191812UFA Fair - Winner Plymouth Rocks
SmithFredMrsJune27191814,5Entertains at Garden Party
SmithFredMrsJune27191814,5Accompanist at Garden Party
SmithGJuly18191815School marks Grade 2
SmithG MSee - G M Smith for business
SmithG MApr15191863Wife ill in Chilliwack BC
SmithG MMrsJuly18191814Wins diamond ring
SmithJMrsJune20191813IODE canvas committee
SmithJamesMar26191812UFA Fair - Winner Marquis wheat
SmithJamesMar26191812UFA Fair - Winner Banner oats
SmithVivaJuly18191815School marks Grade V
SmithW GMar19191815Arrives from Acme
SmithW GMar19191815Buys A Patrick house
SmithW GApr2191814Buys Tom Sinclair's land
SmithW JMrsJuly4191813Leaves for the East
Smith BrosLake SaskatoonMar12191845Adv - Horses for sale
Smith BrosMar19191843Adv
Smith BrosLake SaskatoonApr9191873Adv
Smith BrothersFeb22191841,2Adv - Lake Saskatoon & Clairmont
SniderJoeJune20191815Body found
SniderJoeJune27191811Found murdered
SniderMrJune27191811Found murdered [Stanley]
SoldiersApr15191812Meeting of returned soldiers
SomervilleJimJuly11191813Gets supplies for new tractor
SpencerM AMar12191814150 cultivated acres
SpencerM AMay23191812Brother wounded
SpencerM AMay23191812Pasture lands burn
SpencerMelvinMay71918102Owner of Clairmont townsite
SpencerMelvinMay71918102Adv - Lots for sale
SpencerMelvinMay161918102Adv - Townsite lots for sale
SpencerMelvin AJune131918101See - Melvin A Sprencer also
SpencerLt ColMedicine HatMay23191812Wounded in war
St Andrew's ChurchLake SaskatoonJune20191812WA hold Garden Party
StollGeoMar26191812UFA Fair - Winner Abundance oats
StollGeoMar26191812UFA Fair - Winner Red potatoes
SuekAlbertJuly18191815School marks Grade IV
SuekHelenJuly18191815School marks Grade IV
SuekL AApr2191813Takes over Clairmont Auto Livery building
SuekL AApr2191843Fills in as railroad pumpman
SuekL AJune27191813Motored to Garden Party
SutherlandJackLake SaskatoonMar26191815Building house addition
SveninskyMrMay16191812Sells land to Mr Walters
T E WilliamsonSexsmithFeb22191853Adv - Groceries & Dry Goods
T E WilliamsonSexsmithMar12191873Adv - A M Tarrabain & Bros representative
T E WilliamsonSexsmithMar19191875Adv - Hardware
T E WilliamsonSexsmithMar26191874Adv - Hides & furs
T E WilliamsonSexsmithApr2191875Adv
T E WilliamsonSexsmithApr9191874Adv
T E WilliamsonSexsmithApr15191874Adv
T E WilliamsonSexsmithApr23191874Adv - Groceries & Dry Goods
TaylorA JLake SaskatoonSee - A J Taylor for business
TaylorA JLake SaskatoonApr2191813Expecting brother from Detroit
TaylorA JLake SaskatoonApr23191811Brother enlists
TaylorRichardApr23191811Enlists in Toronto
TelferWJuly18191815School marks Grade III
TesarJMar12191813Ships through Clairmont Farmers Elevator
TesarJoeJuly4191813Reports good crops
ThompsonR WMrsLake SaskatoonFeb22191812IODE Treasurer
ThompsonR WMrsMar26191812Entertains at fair
ThompsonR WMrsJuly18191814Entertains at fund raiser
ThompsonMrsJune27191814,5Entertains at Garden Party
ThronesBarneyNiobeJune131918102Adv - Found roan cow
ThronesBarneyNiobeJuly111918103Stray cow found
ThronesBarneyNiobeJuly18191883Roan cow found
TorrenceJamesJune13191813Leaving for Edmonton
TorrenceJasJuly4191813Leaving for Edmonton
TuffilHApr15191813Entertains at hall opening
TuffilHarryMay30191812Musician for UFA dance
TuffleHarryFeb22191813Helps unload implements
TuffleyS RSee - S R Tuffley for business
TuffleyS RApr15191843Takes over Clairmont Independent
TuffleyS RMay16191873Needs someone to break land
TuffleyS RMay16191873Owns Lake Saskatoon Journal & Clairmont Independent
TuffleyS RJune13191813New Clairmont School District Secretary-Treasurer
TuffleyS RJune131918102Want ad
TuffleyS RJune131918102Adv - Trade or sell land in North Dakota
TuffleyS RJuly18191883Adv - North Dakota land for sale
TurnerCMrsJuly18191814Entertains at fund raiser
TurnerFrankMay7191812,4Picture of his fox farm
TurnerMrsJune27191814,5Entertains at Garden Party
UFABuffalo LakesFeb22191813Shares for new hall sold
UFALake SaskatoonMar12191815Meeting notice
UFASexsmithMar12191873Dance to open new hall
UFASexsmithMar121918101,2Grand opening
UFAClairmont LakeMar121918104,5Adv - Dance
UFAMar26191811Hold seed & poultry fair & entertainment
UFAMar26191811Carload of machinery
UFAMar26191813200 farmers at convention
UFAMar26191813Notes on convention
UFAMar26191814Thank community for support
UFAMar26191814Meeting notice
UFAMar26191832Recruiting returned soldiers
UFASexsmithApr2191812Meeting notes
UFAApr2191812Shares for new hall
UFAKleskun HillApr2191875Meeting notes
UFASexsmithApr15191813New hall opens
UFASexsmithApr15191873Meetings now in evening
UFAMay71918102Hope to build hall in Clairmont
UFASexsmithMay23191811Meeting notes
UFABuffalo LakesMay30191812Hold dance
UFAJune20191812Annual membership drive
UFAJune27191813UFA Sunday June 30
UFAJune27191814Annual picnic July 1
UFALake SaskatoonJune27191871,2Sports Day July 1
UFASexsmithJuly4191811Meeting notes
UFABuffalo LakesJuly18191811To hold dance in new hall
UFASexsmithJuly18191814Hold picnic
UnderwoodC LLake SaskatoonSee - Peace River Trading Company
UnderwoodGilbertLake SaskatoonMar26191815Leaves for Athabasca Landing
UnderwoodRuthLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Promoted to Grade VI
Union Bank of CanadaApr9191873Closing due to staff shortage
Union Bank of CanadaMay23191812Reopening
United Grain GrowersMay23191811Mr Alwood to manage
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)Mar12191844,5Adv - Beaverlodge, Hythe, Valhalla
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)Mar19191844,5Adv - Operating day & night
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)Mar26191844,5Adv - Olaf Horte manager
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)Apr2191844,5Adv - Up-to-date planer
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)Apr9191864,5Adv - Dressed lumber Standard Size
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)Apr15191844,5Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)Apr23191844,5Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)Apr30191854,5Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)May7191854,5Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)May16191844,5Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)May23191854,5Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)May30191864,5Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)June13191851,2Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)June20191851,2Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)June27191851,2Adv
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)July4191851Adv - Beaverlodge, Hythe, Valhalla
Valhalla Lumber Co (The)July11191841,2Adv - Olaf Horte manager
Van HorneJ ELake SaskatoonManager Grande Prairie Lumber Co
VermillionApr23191814Business part of town burns
VoyerErnestJune13191812Sells horses to H Goodrich
VoyerErnestJune13191813Farm sold to Edgar Lloyd
VoyerErnestJuly4191874Cutting road to Pouce Coupe
VoyerErnieJune27191813Leaves for Pouce Coupe
VozJSee Grande Prairie City Flour Mill
VozJoeSee Grande Prairie City Flour Mill
W CoblentzFeb22191881,2Adv - Peck's Made-to-measure
W CoblentzMar121918101,2Adv - Columbia Graphonolas
W CoblentzMar19191861,2Adv - Cotton goods
W CoblentzMar26191851,3Adv - 10-day sale
W CoblentzMar261918101,2Adv - Crockery
W CoblentzApr21918101,2Adv
W CoblentzApr9191843,5Adv
W CoblentzApr151918103,5Adv - Mens clothing looks younger
W CoblentzApr231918103,5Adv
W CoblentzApr301918103,5Adv - Men's suits
W CoblentzMay71918103,5Adv
W CoblentzMay161918103,5Adv
W CoblentzMay231918103,5Adv - Corsets $1.95
W CoblentzMay301918103,5Adv
W CoblentzJune131918103,5Adv
W CoblentzJune201918104,5Adv - Young men's summer clothes
W CoblentzJune271918104,5Adv
W CoblentzJuly41918104,5Adv
W CoblentzJuly111918104,5Adv
W CoblentzJuly18191884,5Adv - Food Board License 8-16238
W G JohnsonFeb22191841,2Adv - Building Contractor
W G JohnsonMar12191841,2Adv - Buildings moved
W G JohnsonMar19191841,2Adv
W G JohnsonMar26191841,2Adv
W G JohnsonApr2191841,2Adv
W G JohnsonApr9191861,2Adv
W G JohnsonApr15191813Builds new Sexsmith UFA hall
W G JohnsonApr15191841,2Adv
W G JohnsonApr23191841,2Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonMar26191875Adv - Real estate
W H WattsLake SaskatoonApr2191874Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonApr9191875Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonApr15191875Adv - Loans
W H WattsLake SaskatoonApr23191845Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonApr30191875Adv - Real estate, insurance
W H WattsLake SaskatoonMay7191875Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonMay16191875Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonMay23191875Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonMay30191875Adv - Loans
W H WattsLake SaskatoonJune13191875Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonJune20191875Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonJune27191875Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonJuly4191875Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonJuly11191875Adv
W H WattsLake SaskatoonJuly18191855Adv - Loans, real estate, insurance
W R LloydFeb22191843Adv - General Blacksmith
W R LloydMar12191843Adv - Oliver, Cockshutt, John Deere, Massey-Harris
W R LloydMar19191874Adv - "Hero" fanning mills
W R LloydMar26191874Adv
W R LloydApr2191874Adv
W R LloydApr9191874Adv
W R LloydApr15191874Adv - First class equipment
W R LloydApr23191875Adv
W R LloydApr30191874Adv
W R LloydMay7191874Adv - Fanning mills
W R LloydMay16191874Adv - Skilled workmanship
W R LloydMay23191874Adv
W R LloydMay30191874Adv - John Deere shares
W R LloydJune13191874Adv - Massey-Harris shares
W R LloydJune20191842Adv - Binders arriving
W R LloydJune27191873Adv
W R LloydJuly18191882Adv - Binders arriving shortly
W R RenningerApr9191841Adv
W R RenningerApr15191842Adv - 20 years experience
W R RenningerApr231918102Adv
W R RenningerMay7191842Adv
W R RenningerMay16191842Adv
W R RenningerMay23191842Adv
W R RenningerMay30191842Adv
W RLJuly41918103Adv
W RLJuly111918102Adv
WagarAnsonMrsMar191918103Returns from Edmonton
WagnerJosephRevFeb22191813To hold service in Buffalo Lakes
WagnerRev FrApr15191814To hold mass in new Clairmont church
WagnerRev FrMay23191813To hold service at Kleskun Hill
Wainwright"Doc"Mar12191815Registrar for births, marriages & deaths
WainwrightG SSee - G S Wainwright for business
WallerCecilApr2191814Surprise visitors
WallerCecilKleskun HillJune13191813Visiting
WaltersM WApr15191813Entertains in new hall
WaltersMrMay16191812Purchased Svinensky's land
WaltersMrBenvilleMay30191813In town
WardEMar12191814100 cultivated acres
WardEdJune13191812In town
WardEdJuly11191813Reports good crops
WardEdJuly18191813In town
WardW FMar26191812Horse Breeders Association president
WashburnC FRevJune27191814,5Chairs Garden Party
WashburnChasRevApr30191811Sister wins car
WatsonMMissJuly18191814Entertains at fund raiser
WattsW HJune27191814,5Accompanist at Garden Party
WattsMajApr2191813Drills children at Lake Saskatoon school
WattsJune20191813IODE canvass committee
WebberOttoLake SaskatoonApr2191813Repairs town pump
WeickerJApr2191843Good prices at auction
WeickerJ AMar19191861,2Adv - Horses for sale
WellwoodLeslieApr15191813Arrive in Clairmont
WellwoodApr23191853Given surprise party
WellwoodMrsJuly4191813Returns from Calgary
WheelerSeagerMay16191814Develops Red Bob wheat
WhiteAlcovaJuly18191815School marks Grade IV
WhiteGFeb22191843Buys Douglas farm at Scenic Heights
WhiteGeorgeMay7191843School trustee
WhiteGeorgeJune13191811Gets pool room painted
WhiteGeorgeJuly4191813Motors to Benville
WhiteGeorgeJuly11191853Erects partition in pool room
WhiteGeorge CharlesJune13191873Receives permission for pool room
WhiteMJuly18191815School marks Grade III
WhittleAMrsLake SaskatoonFeb22191812IODE Hon Regent
WhittleALake SaskatoonSee - A Whittle for business
WhittleMrsApr15191815To Rochester NY for treatment
WilliamsBobBuffalo LakesFeb22191811Purchases stallion
WilliamsIsaacSexsmithApr30191811Broken leg, money raised
WilliamsTomScenic HeightsJuly4191813Visiting
WilliamsonIsaacMar19191815Benefit dance held
WilliamsonT ESee - T E Williamson for business
WisdomW GMar12191813Ships through Clairmont Farmers Elevator
Women's AuxillaryMay23191814To hold Lawn Social
Women's InstituteJuly4191814To hold ice cream social
Women's InstituteJuly4191815Formed
Wood & LyneGrande PrairieJune13191811Have fish & meat delivery
Wood & LyneGrande PrairieJune20191873,4Adv - Place orders at McDonald's Hotel
Wood & LyneGrande PrairieJuly111918101,2Adv - Fresh fish
Wood & LyneGrande PrairieJuly18191881,2Adv - Fresh meat & fish
WoodsWillieLake SaskatoonJuly11191812Promoted to grade 2
Young Peoples' SocietyFeb22191811To meet
Young Peoples' SocietyFeb22191853Make payment on Pathescope
YoungerWRevClairmont Baptist Church
YoungerMrsApr9191873Hosting Red Cross tea
Young Peoples' SocietyApr15191811Motion picture entertainment
YMCAApr30191843,5Canada wide appeal
YMCAMay7191814Value to soldiers
YoungerRevMay7191814Good service attendance
YMCAMay7191843,5Red Triangle Fund
YoungerRevMay16191812Bought 4 lots for gardens
YMCAMay16191843,5Adv - Campaign
YMCAMay30191843,5Adv - War Work Summary
YMCAJune20191813$373.50 raised by IODE
YMCAJuly11191815Editor critical of association
YoungerEleanorJuly18191815School marks Grade IV
ZimmerMrJune27191811Found murdered [Charles]