Fonds 630 Hodgson family fonds

Hodgson Family fonds. — [1880-2004]. — 22 cm of textual records. — 320 photographs. — 22 postcards. — 10 maps. — 2 blueprints.

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Biographical Sketch

The Hodgson family was one of the early families to travel from England to Prince Edward Island, Canada. Richard Hodgson was born in 1765 in Skipenbeck, North Riding of Yorkshire, England and arrived with his wife Mary and their children settling in Hope River and later Tryon, P.E.I. Their son John born in 1809 in E.R.Y., England married Catherine Bernard in 1834 in Charlottetown, P.E.I. Richard & Mary’s grandson Jabez Barnabus Shaw Hodgson was born 25 March 1841 in Tryon, P.E.I. and he married Mary Ellen Clark 26 September 1867 in S. Rustico, P.E.I. They had seven children, and one son, John Fulton Hodgson. The daughters were Lucilla, Catherine, Charlotte, Anna, Mary and Bertha. John Fulton was born 6 January 1873 in Hill’s River, P.E.I. and grew up working on his father’s farm located on Lot 28 of P.E.I. John married Edna Ethel Lea on the 8 of June 1904 in Tryon. Their son Fulton Lea was born September 3, 1905 and he was joined by a sister Myra Jesse on September 25, 1907. In 1909 John’s father Jabez died, and shortly after John sold the farm. Once the sale was complete John left P.E.I., joining his sisters Lucille, Charlotte and Anna but leaving behind his wife Edna and daughter Myra.

John, his mother Mary and his son Lea first settled near Kinistino, Saskatchewan on NE 27-45-23-W2 and in 1918 on SE 19-45-21-W2. In 1915 John’s marriage to Edna Lea ended in divorce. He later had an auction sale and then purchasing lot 8 in block 6 in the town of Kinistino and S 32-44-20-W2 in Taylorside, Saskatchewan. John and Lea spent some time in South Vancouver and John also bought some land in the Hythe, Alberta area SE 5-73-11-W6 and SE 18-73-11-W6. John married Gertrude Taylor in 1923 and their daughter Vera was born Feb. 5, 1929 in Taylorside, Saskatchewan. Shortly after Vera’s birth the family moved to their property in Hythe. John and Lea started a lumber mill operation on the banks of the Kaskatinaw (Cutbank) River. In 1934, an accident involving a shingling machine caused John to lose his foot, he passed away in 1937 and is buried in the Hythe Cemetery. After John’s death Gertrude and Vera relocated to Prince Albert where they ran a store. Gertrude passed away there in 1957.

John’s daughter Myra married Francis Eustace MacMillan and they lived in New Jersey, she passed away in 1978 in California, U.S.A.

Fulton ‘Lea’ Hodgson was born in P.E.I. and grew up in Kinistino, Saskatchewa and attended Poplar Grove School and South Mound School. Lea was an avid fisherman and a lover of hockey. He first started playing hockey in Kinistino and continued in Hythe. When he no longer played hockey he did all he could to support it. He was an integral part of the construction of the Hythe Arena obtaining the pattern for the rafters, helped log the trees, saw the lumber, build and raise the rafters with many of the Hythe community volunteers. Lea also had a hand in helping with the construction of the old Hythe Curling rink. Lea’s grandsons remember his love of hockey by sponsoring the Hythe Atom’s hockey tournament in his name.

Lea applied for a homestead in Hythe at SW 9-73-11-W6 but most of his time was spent at the mill. He married Sophia Theresa Gass in a double wedding with Sophia’s sister Barbara Gass who married Arnold Reid. Their wedding was held at Circlebank Hall. Sophia was the daughter of Ignatz and Katherine (Schmidt) Gass and was born in Fox Valley, Saskatchewan on March 3, 1916. The Gass family arrived in the Hythe area in 1929. Sophie and Lea spent their honeymoon at the Hodgson lumber mill where Sophie was the camp cook. They had six children, James ‘Jim’, Frances ‘Fern’, William ‘Bill’, Edna, Richard ‘Rick’ and Bernadette. The family moved off the farm and lived outside of Hythe on 9 acres of 13-73-11-W6. The property had an existing house and barn, so Lea and Sophia decided to convert the barn into the family home. The other house was given to Sophie’s mother Katherine to live in.

Sophie and Lea were very involved in the community, Sophie was an executive member of the Catholic Women’s League, and she often would donate her sewing and cooking for fundraising events hosted by the church. Sophie would often take her family down to St. Edmund’s church in Hythe before major holy days where they would clean and polish until things passed inspection. The Hodgson family served as altar boys, played the organ, and sang in the choir. Lea would help out with the general upkeep of the church, and on cold days get the furnace started so it was warm when the parishioners arrived. Sophie was also involved with the running of the Circlebank Hall, as an executive member she helped to organize fundraiser and community events that took place there.

Later Lea and Sophie relocated into a house in Hythe that Lea had built. This was located across from the old Legion hall and close to the Hythe arena. Sophie passed away June 12, 1981 and Lea nine years later on October 20, 1990. They are buried together in the Hythe Cemetery.

The Hodgson children were all raised in Hythe.

Jim Hodgson played hockey for Hythe and later for the Golden Bears in Edmonton. He married Betty Oakford who also grew up in Hythe.

Fern won the Governor General’s award in 1956, she later married Tony Klemenchuk.

Edna was Hythe’s Homecoming Queen in 1959. Edna spent her grade 11 year at St. Joseph’s High School in Grande Prairie where she played on the basketball team. The rest of Edna’s schooling was in Hythe where she was class president, acted in and organized plays and also played on the school basketball team. Edna married Allan Greber September 1, 1962 at St. Edmund’s Catholic Church in Hythe. Edna and Allan lived in Lymburn NE8-73-12-W6, and over the next ten years their four sons were born. Together they started a construction company called Big Valley Construction, which expanded and eventual was run out of a shop in Hythe. Edna later moved to Beaverlodge and then Grande Prairie where she owned a car wash called Fast Eddie’s. Edna passed away in Grande Prairie on May 17, 2012 and she is buried with her parents in the Hythe Cemetery.

Bill Hodgson also played hockey for Hythe and then later in Edmonton, he married Maureen Motter.

Rick Hodgson enjoys fishing as much as his dad did, spending as much time at One Island Lake as possible with his wife Frances Brochu.

Bernadette Hodgson is living in Grande Prairie.

Hodgson’s Saw Mill
Lea had a long-standing interest in forestry. Lea and his father John started a mill on the Cutbank River before 1933. They applied at the Forestry office in Grande Prairie for a timber birth and then purchased a second hand sawmill from Lester Hommy. Labor was provided by neighbors who often worked in exchange for timber for their farm sites. The first building at the mill site was a shelter over the mill and bunkhouses, tool sheds and other buildings were added. Hodgson’s Mill employed many people, loggers included Jim Holly, Aubrey Hawkesworth, Mike Weller and Carl Moller and Max Sudnik was in charge of hauling the lumber out on the rough roads. Lea’s mill supplied the lumber for the Hythe Curling Rink, delivery was free of charge. The lumber from the mill was also used in the conversion of the barn on Lea’s property to the family home, with Steve Olichny as the builder. Demand for lumber escalated during WWII and the Americans based in Dawson Creek bought up Lea’s stockpile. In 1944, Hodgson’s Mill was sold to James Elliott and James Gault, and Lea took over running the Frontier Lumber Yard in Hythe. Frontier Lumber later became Beaver Lumber and Lea worked there until his retirement. Lea was awarded a Community Achievement Award in 1980 from Beaver Lumber for devoting time and energy to community activities.

H.O.P. Lake
Lea heard about a secluded lake with sandy beaches, crystal water and easy fishing from a Native American man who would often stop and visit the Hodgson Mill. The lake was located six miles from the mill but Lea put off trying to find the lake until the early 1950’s. One day Lea and his son Jim set out to find it, and after searching most of the day they found it. They were impressed by the lake and the surrounding area and happy to discover that the fishing was just as their friend has advised. Upon return Lea told two friends Art Pearson and Bill Oakford about the Lake. The three of them decided a road was needed for access and they proceeded to build one. The lake also needed a name and with all the efforts made by these three men H.O.P. Lake was a good fit. Once the road was finished the men laid claim to certain lots around the lake, they applied to the British Columbia government to get it surveyed and later for leases on lots. They also encouraged Hythe families to get in on the initial lease buying, which many did and many summers were spent out at H.O.P. Lake by the residents of Hythe. The lake was officially named One Island Lake.

Information on the biographical sketch taken from: Kinistino Book, Pioneer Round-Up, Hythe Headliner, and the contents of the fonds.

Custodial History

The records were donated by Clayton Greber on behalf of the Greber and Hodgson family in September and October of 2013. The records were collected by Fulton Lea Hodgson and later passed on to his daughter Edna (Hodgson) Greber.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of records relating to the Hodgson family. The records are divided into nine series: Jabez B. Shaw & Mary Ellen Hodgson, John Fulton Hodgson, Fulton Lea & Sophia Hodgson, Hodgson Early Photographs, Hodgson Saw Mill, H.O.P. / One Island Lake, Edna Hodgson, Hodgson Family Photographs, and Hodgson Family tree.

The records have been arranged by the Archivists by content and chronology into the various series and files. Because the records came from so many individual sources, the overall original order of the records had been obscured. The Archivists imposed the order now shown by the records.

Table of Contents

Series 630.01Jabez and Mary Ellen Hodgson
Series 630.02John Fulton Hodgson
Series 630.03Fulton Lea & Sophia Hodgson
Series 630.04Early Hodgson Family Photographs
Series 630.05Hodgson’s Saw Mill
Series 630.06H.O.P. Lake / One Island Lake
Series 630.07Edna Hodgson
Series 630.08Hodgson Family Photographs
Series 630.09Hodgson Family Tree


Lea and John Hodgson, [ca. 1919]
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 11 cm
Lea standing beside his father in Kinistino, Saskatchewan.
Location: 0630.04.031a & b
McLelland Aviation Biplane, [ca. 1920]
1 photograph; b & w; 6.5 x 10.5 cm
Two people seated in a biplane. Written on the side of the plane is McLelland Aviation, the number on the tail is 1049.
Location: 0630.04.069 a & b

Series 630.01Jabez and Mary Ellen Hodgson. — [ca. 1880-1960]. — 1 cm of textual records. — 2 photographs.

The series consists of a financial paper, a booklet and 2 photographs. The financial paper is a list of shareholders in Clift Mining Property, partners include Diefendorf, Hodgson, McKeen, Schneller, and Weeks. The paper states that the information was provided by Silas Hodgson to Jabez Hodgson and his wife (1892). The booklet is a collection of hymns, temperance songs and poems that were enjoyed or written by Mary Hodgson. The inside cover has Mary’s obituary and the back page the obituary of her husband Jabez Barnabas Shaw Hodgson. The booklet was created by Vera (Hodgson) Smith granddaughter of Mary Ellen (Clark) Hodgson. Title based on contents on the series.

SubSeries 630.01.01Jabez Barnabas Shaw Hodgson. — [ca. 1880]. — 1 photographs.

A portrait of Jabez Barnabas Shaw Hodgson.

Jabez Barnabas Shaw Hodgson, [ca. 1880]
1 photograph; sepia; 8 x 10 cm
A portrait of Jabez Barnabas Shaw Hodgson.
Location: 0630.01.01
Mary Ellen Hodgson, [ca. 1920]
1 photograph; b & w; 6.5 x 11 cm
Mary Ellen (Clark) Hodgson sitting in a chair knitting. At some point this photograph was cut out of the Hodgson photo album. (630.04.89)
Location: 0630.01.02a & b
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Series 630.02John Fulton Hodgson. — 1911-1939. — 4 cm of textual records.

The series consist of records from John Fulton Hodgson’s financial and personal life.

SubSeries 630.02.01John Fulton Hodgson’s Personal Records. — 1912-1937. — 1 cm of textual records.

The series consists of personal records of John Fulton Hodgson. The records are two letters written to John and his son Lea and a letter from his wife Edna Ethel (Lea) Hodgson and daughter Myra (1912,1914); news clipping mentioning the lumber mill accident that cut off John Hodgson’s foot (1934); letter written by John to his wife Gertrude February 18, 1937 from the Grande Prairie Hospital 3 days before his death; permit for transportation of corpse between Grande Prairie and Hythe; receipts for Dr.’s bills to the estate; tax receipt from Hythe for Lot 21 in the Hythe Cemetery; receipt from J.B. Oliver for John’s funeral; list of property and expenses due to John Hodgson’s estate; record of costs with E. Vermuisch (1937); letter to Gertrude Hodgson from Ruth Reynolds expressing her condolences (1937). Title based on contents of the series.

SubSeries 630.02.02John Fulton Hodgson’s Financial Records. — 1911-1939. — 3 cm of textual records.

The series consists of financial records of John Fulton Hodgson. The records consist of conditions of sale for Lot 28 in Nova Scotia, and a letter with information from the sale (1911) an agreement for sale of land Section 19 Township 45 Range 21 West of the 2nd meridian located near Kinistino that John purchased from the John Sproat estate (1918); sale of land (East ½ of Section 19 Township 45 Range 21 West of the 2nd meridian) to John Melville Arthur (1919); statement of auction of John Hodgson which lists the purchasers (1919); purchasing of a town lot in Kinistino (lot 8 block 6) ) from Norman Melville Clarke (1920); transfer of land from a property in Kinistino (19-T44-21-W2) for No. 205, 29th Ave East, South Vancouver, B.C. with Thomas Sanderson (1921); the purchase of all the stock from a grocery store located at 4605 Main Street Vancouver, B.C. from Ephraim Thomas Kerry (1921); receipt for purchase of a homestead SE 5-73-12-W6 in Hythe, Alberta (1922); payment information between John Hodgson and W.J. Plant (1917-1922); transfer of land SE 18-T73-12-W6 belonging to Carl Hess; receipt for taxes on properties SE 5-73-11-W6, NE & SE-18-73-11-W6 (1927); sale of SE 5-73-R11-W6 in Hythe to Harley Kring (1929); correspondence and receipts from the Soldiers Settlement Board for land in Taylorside, Saskatchewan NE 32-44-20-W2 (1928-1932); tripartite agreement between the Soldiers Settlement Board, George Lewis Taylor and John Hodgson (1930); correspondence from George Lewis Taylor (1935); receipt for taxes on NE 18-73-11-W6 (1930); discharge of mortgage on SE 18-T73-12-W6 (1930); a mortgage between William Middleditch and John Hodgson (1930); Canadian Wheat board receipts (1935, 1938-1939); tax sale notice for land in Vancouver, B.C. South ½ of Lot 5 block 10-13 (1937); mortgage due notice (1939). Title based on contents of the series.

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Series 630.03Fulton Lea & Sophia Hodgson. — [1930-2004]. — 4 cm of textual records. — 3 photographs. — 19 postcards.

The series consists of financial and personal records of Lea Hodgson and of his wife Sophia.

SubSeries 630.03.01Fulton Lea & Sophie Hodgson. — [1940-2004]. — 4 cm of textual records. — 2 blueprints.

The series consists of personal records of Fulton Lea Hodgson. The records include a scribbler full of handwritten popular songs and hymns; hospital receipts (1940,1943); a news clipping of son Jim Hodgson’s scholarship win (1958); a letter written by Lea to his daughter Edna (1968); a history of the Hodgson family submitted by Lea to the Hythe Headliner newspaper (1976); photocopy of an article about the Hodgson family submitted by Lea (pg. 324) copied from the book “Kinistino The Story of Parkland Community in Central Saskatchewan”; photocopy of an article about the Arthur family (Lea’s cousins) taken from the above noted book (pg. 239-240); photocopy of an article about the Silvertip Campbell family from the above noted book (pg. 266-267); announcement of son Bill Hodgson working for Strand Oil and Gas; letters from Beaver Lumber announcing that Lea Hodgson was the recipient of the Community Achievement Award which in turn gave money to the Hythe Athletic Association (1980); Sophie Hodgson’s life membership certificate in the Order of the Royal Purple (1981); a news clipping from the Community Achievement Award presentation (1981); Sophie Hodgson’s funeral card and records; Lea Hodgson’s will (1981); information from the Lea Hodgson Memorial Hockey Tournament (2002, 2004); memories about Lea Hodgson’s love of hockey written by daughter Edna; building guide for building a home; blue prints for a circular grainery and cattle feeder. Title based on contents of the series.

Sophie Hodgson Royal Purple Certificate, 1981
Creator: Certificate
A life membership presented to Sophia Hodgson on the 13 March 1981.
Location: 0630.03.01.01
SubSeries 630.03.02Fulton Lea Hodgson Financial Records. — [1930-1981]. — 1 cm of textual records.

The series consists of the financial records of Lea Hodgson. The records are: a letter outlining the agreement for the sale of land from Van Volkingburgh to Lea (1939); tax arrears notice for 9 acres on SW 13-73-11 W6; statement of claim between Annie Van Volkingburgh and Lea Hodgson (1942); preliminary agreement for the construction of a highway running through SW 13-73-11-W6 (1947); receipts from the government for land, damages, and a burrow pit for the said highway (1956, 1959);and an insurance receipt (1958). Title based on contents of the series. 

SubSeries 630.03.03Correspondence. — [1930-1950]. — 1.5 cm of textual records.

The series consists of personal correspondence to Lea. The records consist of seven letters and nineteen postcards from various people mostly Fern Ozmun and Lea’s sister Myra. A couple of the letters/postcards are addressed to both Lea and his wife Sophie. There is also a collection of nine postcards that have not been used that depict Boston, New York, Vancouver and humorous ones from Slave Lake, Alberta.

Card from the McPherson Family, [ca.1948]
1 photograph; b & w; 5 x 7.5 cm
A Christmas card with a letter written on the back to Lea and Sophie. The photograph on the front is Dianne McPherson sitting on the ground.
Location: 0630.03.03.01
Card from Lyle and Ethel, [ca.1950]
1 photograph; b & w; 5 x 7.5 cm
A Christmas card with a letter written on the back to Lea and Sophie. The photograph on the front is Ethel with their two children.
Location: 0630.03.03.02
Card from Evelyn & Donald McKay, [ca.1950]
1 photograph; b & w; 5 x 5.5 cm
A Christmas card from Evelyn, Donald with a baby photo of Robin on the front.
Location: 0630.03.03.03
Card from Evelyn & Donald McKay, [ca.1955]
1 photograph; b & w; 6 x 8.5 cm
A Christmas card from Evelyn, Donald with children Robin and Lorraine.
Location: 0630.03.03.04
Card from Kay & Norm Radbourne, [ca.1955]
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 4.5 cm
A Christmas card from Kay, Norm & Dennis Radbourne. There is a baby picture of Dennis on the front of the card.
Location: 0630.03.03.05
Card from Alek, [ca.1955]
1 photograph; sepia; 5.5 x 7 cm
A Christmas card signed by Alek.
Location: 0630.03.03.06
Series 630.04Early Hodgson Family Photographs. — [ca.1900-1941]. — 187 photographs. — 3 postcards.

The series consists of photographs of the Hodgson family, friends and unidentified people. The photographs for the most part are of Lea as a young man in Kinistino, Saskatchewan. There is also a scrapbook that belonged to Lea which has 88 photographs in it.

Series 630.05Hodgson’s Saw Mill. — [1930-1944]. — 3 cm of textual records. — 17 photographs.

The series consists of records relating to the lumber mill and some receipts. The records consist of one receipt to Edd Healy from Ole Negard (1930); an account book for lumber sales, many names listed in the book are familiar Hythe surnames, tucked inside is the “History and Method of Constructing B.C, Log Scale” (1936-1940); lumber account book that lists lumber sold from home (S18-73-11-W6), lumber sold from the B.C. mill and lumber sold from Sudnik’s, receipts from W.R. Salmers store and receipts for lumber for the Hythe Curling Club and miscellaneous receipts (1936-1941); accounts book (1939); letter to the County requesting payment for money owed for Southwell school and barn (1959); cash book (1940) with a signature and some writing on the inside cover by Edna Lea (1899); sale of the sawmill and timber, sale No. X32570, in British Columbia to James A. Elliott and James D. Gault (1943); receipt from Elliott & Gault (1944); Beaver Lumber receipt (1982). Title based on contents of the series.

Head-rig Sawmill, [ca.1930]
1 photograph; b & w; 9 x 14 cm
A picture of a head-rig sawmill that possibly the Hodgson’s were exploring to purchase for the mill. It is stamped on the back from Nichols Bros. 10103-95th, Edmonton, Alberta.
Location: 0630.05.01
Hodgson’s Sawmill on the Kiskatinaw River, [ca.1930]
1 photograph; b & w; 10 x 13 cm
A long wooden buidling at the Hodgson’s Sawmill operation on the Kiskatinaw River, also referred to as the Cutbank.
Location: 0630.05.02 a & b
Buildings At Hodgson’s Sawmill, [ca.1930]
1 photograph; b & w; 10 x 13 cm
Three wooden buildings at Hodgson’s Sawmill.
Location: 0630.05.03 a & b
Living Quarters At Hodgson’s Sawmill, [ca.1930]
1 negative; b & w; 6.5 x 11 cm
Two small living quarters at Hodgson’s Sawmill, one has a clothesline with items hanging out to dry.
Location: 0630.05.04
More Living Quarters Hodgson’s Sawmill, [ca.1930]
1 negative; b & w; 7 x 11.5 cm
Living quarters at Hodgson’s Sawmill.
Location: 0630.05.05
Sheds at Hodgson’s Sawmill, [ca.1930]
1 negative; b & w; 6.5 x 11 cm
A row of sheds at Hodgson’s Sawmill site.
Location: 0630.05.06
Stack of Logs, [ca.1930]
1 negative; b & w; 7 x 11 cm
A pile of logs that have been de-limbed and are ready for the sawmill.
Location: 0630.05.07
A Man Standing Behind a Team of Horses, [ca.1930]
1 negative; b & w; 7 x 11 cm
A man standing behind a team of horses at Hodgson’s Sawmill.
Location: 0630.05.08
Tractor Pulling Logs, [ca.1930]
1 photograph; b & w; 10 x 13 cm
A man driving a tractor pulling logs at Hodgson’s Sawmill. There is a second man sitting on the logs and various wooden buildings behind them.
Location: 0630.05.09
Sawmill Machine, [ca.1930]
1 negative; b & w; 7 x 11.5 cm
The Sawmill machine in action, the photo is blurry.
Location: 0630.05.10
A Man Standing By The Sawmill Machine, [ca.1930]
1 photograph; b & w; 10 x 13 cm
A man standing at one end of the sawmill while another man is pushing some wood in.
Location: 0630.05.11
Lea Hodgson Working at the Mill, [ca.1930]
1 negative; b & w; 7 x 11 cm
Lea Hodgson wearing goggles and pushing lumber into the mill.
Location: 0630.05.12
Building on Hodgson’s Sawmill Site, [ca.1935]
1 photograph; b & w; 6.5 x 8.5 cm
A wooden building possibly located on Hodgson’s sawmill site.
Location: 0630.05.13
Hodgson – Gaunt Hauling Truck, [ca.1935]
1 photograph; b & w; 10 x 13 cm
A man (possibly Tom Gass) standing beside a truck with three horses in the back, painted on the side is Hodgson-Gaunt Hythe.
Location: 0630.05.14 a & b
Sophie Hodgson and Sister Kay Hudec, [ca.1937]
1 photograph; b & w; 10 x 13 cm
Sophia and her sister Kay Hudec sitting on top of a large pile of planks at the Hodgson Sawmill on the Cutbank.
Location: 0630.05.15 a & b
Hodgson’s Mill Buildings, [ca.1950]
1 negative; b & w; 7 x 11 cm
A man standing beside some old sheds.
Location: 0630.05.16
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Series 630.06H.O.P. Lake / One Island Lake. — [ca. 1951-2002]. — 3 cm of textual records. — 3 photographs. — 10 maps.

The series consists of records about developing H.O.P. Lake which later was called One Island Lake. The records consist of communications between Lea and the Department of lands and Forests (1953-1964); list of applicants for leases at One Island Lake, W.J. Oakford, R.A. Pearson, J. Oakford, E. Steinbring, Jacob Gass, F.L. Hodgson, Dane Pannell, Sherman Yelland, Earl Smith, Oscar Stith, Olaf Severson, Henry Funk, Arne Larson, C.B. Woods, Ole Teigen (1955); Game and Fur Regulations booklet from the Fish and Game Commissioner (1955-56); news clippings of intention to apply to lease land from the Dawson Creek newspaper; correspondence about stocking the lake, developing a road, leases and surveying; news clipping titled “Hythe Men Find Hidden Lake” that tells the story of the H.O.P. Lake’s discovery and development (ca.1950); photographs; ten maps of areas around One Island lake.

A Trip to One Island, [ca. 1994]
1 photograph; b& w; 8.5 x 12 cm
A tractor and a wagon as well there is a man adding brush to a burning pile, with another man looking on. The H.O.P. lake wagon is also in the photo. This could be part of the road-building that took place by the Hythe families to access One Island Lake.
Location: 0630.06.01
The Greber Cabin at One Island lake, [ca. 1994]
1 photograph; colour; 10.5 x 30 cm
A winter scene of the Greber & Rick Hodgson cabins at One Island Lake on Lea Hodgson’s original lot.
Location: 0630.06.02
Greber Children Playing at One Island Lake, [ca. 1994]
1 photograph; colour; 4 x 6 in.
Lea Hosdgson’s great grandchildren playing on the dock and in the water at One Island Lake, B.C. L-R Chris and Michael Greber, unknown, Carter and Caitlin Greber with Matthew Greber in the water.
Location: 0630.06.03
Hodgson Siblings at One Island lake, 2002
1 digital image; colour; 20.1 MB, 2156 x 3267 pixels TIFF
L-R Bernie, Fern, Jim, Bill and Rick Hodgson at One Island Lake for a reunion.
Location: 0630.06.13
Index to Map Sheets of the National Topographical Series for British Columbia and Alberta, 1953
1 Map; 36 x 25 in.
A well-used topographical map of Alberta and British Columbia. There is some lines drawn in pen on the map.
Location: 0630.06.04
Index 4 British Columbia Departmental Reference Maps, 1955
1 Map; 56 x 56 cm
1955 map of British Columbia showing water features, roads, railways, place-names, etc. and existing surveys and applications for land.
Location: 0630.06.05
Dawson Creek West of the Sixth Meridian British Columbia, 1951
1 Map; 74 x 65 cm
1951 map of the Dawson Creek area compiled by the Topographical survey in 1949 from air photographs taken in 1945 by the Royal Canadian Air Force.
Location: 0630.06.06
Index of Petroleum and Natural Gas Permit Location Maps, 1951
1 Map; 60 x 40 cm
Index of Petroleum and Natural Gas Permit Location Maps.
Location: 0630.06.07
Interim Forest Cover Series, 1957
1 Map; 100 x 70 cm
A well-used map showing the timber, water and swamp with penciled in notes of places of interest to Lea.
Location: 0630.06.08
Aeronautical Map of Dawson Creek and Prince George Area, 1982
1 Map; 75 x 65 cm
A map showing the area around Dawson Creek, B.C.
Location: 0630.06.09
Map Showing the Kiskatinaw River, [ca. 1955]
1 Map; 36 x 48 in.
A map that shows Kelly Lake and the Kaskatinaw River.
Location: 0630.06.10
Map Of Puggins Mountain, [ca. 1955]
1 Map; 36 x 48 in.
A map that shows Kiskatinaw River, Murray River and other locations in the area.
Location: 0630.06.11
Map of Area By Tumbler Ridge, [ca. 1955]
1 Map; 24 x 36 in.
A map of the area around Gwilliam Lake.
Location: 0630.06.12
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Series 630.07Edna Hodgson. — [ca. 1949-1970]. — 4 cm of textual records. — 36 photographs.

A scrapbook belonging to Edna Hodgson chronicling her early years.. Included in the scrapbook are photographs; news clippings; letters; report cards,  program from County of Grande Prairie High School including graduates names from Beaverlodge, Hythe, Saskatoon Lake and Sexsmith (1961); Grade 9 Hythe class photo with signatures on the back; 1959 Hythe High School graduation program; news clippings of weddings, graduations, events; and wedding invitations, four year books, three from Hythe (1958-1959], [1961], [1963], one year book from St. Joseph’s Catholic School in Grande Prairie [1961].

Alma Rude, [1958]
1 photograph; b & w; 8.5 x 14.5 cm
Alma Rude dressed up and holding a camera.
Location: 0630.07.01
Pat Milliken, [ca. 1950]
1 photograph; b & w; 9 x 6 cm
A group of kids sitting at a table drinking Coca Colas.
Location: 0630.07.02
Hythe High School Girls Basketball Team, 1958
1 photograph; b & w; 9 x 12 cm
Back Row L-R Karen Bordan, Gloria Sudnik, Regine Harpe, Coach Mrs. Dickson, Lil Wengynowski, Edna Hodgson, Janet Swanston, Jean Oakford, Ramona Brandseter, Helen Semenchuk, Eleanor Moodie, Karen Johnson, Capt. Betty Oakford, Sheila Severson.
Location: 0630.07.03
Karen Stith, 1958
1 photograph; b & w; 13 x 8 cm
Cheerleader Karen Stith in uniform.
Location: 0630.07.04
Edna Hodgson Carnival Queen, 1958
1 photograph; b & w; 18.5 x 12 cm
Edna Hodgson being crowned Carnival Queen with attendees Laverne Ray and Dorothy Jenson.
Location: 0630.07.05
Play Called “Butch”, 1959
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 8 cm
A performance of a play in Hythe with actresses Lorraine Reid played Mother, Ferne Coleman played Petunia, Roberta Swanston played Katherine and Edna Hodgson who played Butch & Annabelle in the play named “Butch”, March 20, 1959.
Location: 0630.07.06
Allan Greber & Edna Hodgson in “Butch” the Play, 1959
1 photograph; b & w; 7.5 x 8 cm
Another scene in the play with Allan Greber and Edna Hodgson on stage.
Location: 0630.07.07
Play Night “Butch”, 1959
1 photograph; b & w; 8.5 x 8.5 cm
Jean Oakford is in character on stage at the Hythe play.
Location: 0630.07.08
Hythe Play “Our Dream House”, 1959
1 photograph; b & w; 8.5 x 8.5 cm
Hekena Prytluck, Chris Livingstone and Jim Borden acting on the stage in Hythe.
Location: 0630.07.09
John Jay Hebert, 1962
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 10 cm
A baby photo of John Jay Hebert son of Pat and Paul Hebert.
Location: 0630.07.10
St. Joseph’s G.P. Basketball Team, 1960
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 8 cm
Grande Prairie St. Joseph’s basketball team 1959-1960. “Champs” Edna Hodgson is kneeling in the front the fourth girl from the left.
Location: 0630.07.11
Edna Hodgson Dressed Up, 1960
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 11.5
Edna Hodgson dressed up for a graduation.
Location: 0630.07.12
Graduating Class, 1960
1 photograph; colour; 9 x 12.5 cm
A class of students all dressed up.
Location: 0630.07.13
Girls Dressed Up in Costume, 1959
3 9 x 9 cm; b & w; 8 x 8 cm
A series of three pictures of two girls dressed up in various costumes.
Location: 0630.07.16-18
St. Joseph’s Academy Summer School, [ca. 1954]
1 photograph; b & w; 5 x 7 in.
A group of children who attended summer school assembled on the steps of the St. Joseph’s Academy in Grande Prairie. Also pictured are the nuns Sisters of the Holy Cross and priests who ran the summer school. Edna Hodgson is kneeling in the front on the far right. Photograph taken by Art Craft Studio, Grande Prairie
Location: 0630.07.19
Andrew Kaczkielo, 1959
6 photograph; b & w; 4 x 5 cm
Pictures of Andrew Kaczkielo by himself, kneeling by the water with a friend and another photograph with Edna Hodgson.
Location: 0630.07.28-.33
Allan Greber With Friends, 1959
1 photograph; colour; 9 x 9 cm
Allan Greber sitting with friends inside a home.
Location: 0630.07.34
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Series 630.08Hodgson Family Photographs. — [ca. 1920-1980]. — 170 photographs.

The series consists of photographs of the Hodgson family, friends and unidentified people. The photographs are of Lea in Alberta as well as his wife Sophia and their children, Hythe carnival, parades and friends from the area.

At The Pine, [ca.1922]
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 11.5 cm
Lea Hodgson driving a team of horses pulling a wagon over some rough county. Captioned “At the Pine.”
Location: 0630.08.001 a & b
Lea Hodgson’s Team of Horses, [ca.1922]
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 11.5 cm
Lea Hodgson’s team of horses working their way up a steep hill, there is a bend in the river in the background. Captioned “Peace River”.
Location: 0630.08.002 a & b
Lea Hodgson & His Team of Horses, [ca.1922]
1 digital; b & w; 1200 x 1800 pixels , 1.03 MB jpeg
Lea Hodgson driving his horses through heavy brush.
Location: 0630.08.003
Grayling Fish, 1923
1 photograph; b & w; 6.5 x 11 cm
A Grayling fish on a hook by Lea Hodgson caught near Hythe, Alberta. Captioned “Peace River Alta (Hythe 1923) near farm, good fishing, graylyn.”
Location: 0630.08.004 a & b
Lea Hodgson on Skates, [ca.1925]
1 photograph; b & w; 6.5 x 11 cm
A Young Lea Hodgson wearing a striped hockey sweater, socks and skates. He is on an outdoor lake with a fence and field behind him. Captioned “Skating Rink some glass Eh!”
Location: 0630.08.011
Lea Hodgson Paddling A Canoe, 1930
1 photograph; b & w; 6.5 x 11 cm
Lea Hodgson paddling a canoe, he wrote on the back “yours truly in a real Indian canoe made out of a poplar tree Indians used it for fishing. The place is the mouth of the Moberly River where I came out of the Moberly Lake. This lake is the prettiest I’ve ever seen in the West”.
Location: 0630.08.014 a & b
Jack Spangler Holding a Fish, 1930
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 11.5 cm
Lea Hodgson wrote on the back ” Moberly Lake/1930 My side kick (Jack Spangler) on the trip. We didn’t take razors with us as you well notice.Theres lots of different kinds of fish in the lake. We caught this one in less than 10 minutes. We didn’t try for more. We were the only crowd at this lake.”
Location: 0630.08.015 a & b
The Slave Lake Mission, [ca. 1950]
3 photographs; b & w; 7 x 11.5 cm
Three photographs of the Slave Lake Mission.
Location: 0630.08.095-.097
Gertrude Hodgson’s Family, [ca. 1955]
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 11.5 cm
Gertude Hodgson’s family. Captioned “This is our whole family taken fall 1955. L-R Colin & Vera Smith, Gertrude Hodgson, ? ”
Location: 0630.08.111
Gertrude Hodgson, [ca. 1952]
1 photograph; b & w; 7 x 11.5 cm
Gertrude Hodgson standing outside wearing a hat with a veil.
Location: 0630.08.112a & b
Lea Hodgson Working in his Garden, [ca. 1950]
1 digital image; b & w; 919 KB 1200 x 1800 pixels jpeg
Lea Hodgson planting his garden in his yard by Hythe. In the background are the Hythe grain elevators and the Hythe arena.
Location: 0630.08.113
Hythe Parade, [ca. 1955]
9 negatives; b & w; 6 x 6 cm
A series of photographs from the Hythe parade including Oakford’s Ltd. & Hythe Fire Department float.
Location: 0630.08.114 – .122
Hodgson, Hawkesworth & Gault Trip, [ca. 1945]
1 photograph; b & w; 10 x 13 cm
L-R Lea & Sophie Hodgson, Aubrey & Dessie Hawkesworth and Fern Gault at the bridge at Taylor Flats, B.C.
Location: 0630.08.162
Sharron Reid, Anna Hajak, Marlene Bliss & Claudette Landreville, Skaters, [ca. 1948]
2 digital images; b & w; various sizes
Four figure skaters ready for the Hythe Carnival, Sharron Reid, Anna Hajak, Marlene Bliss & Claudette Landreville.
Location: 0630.08.163a&b
Sharron Reid & Anna Hajak, [ca. 1948]
2 various formats ; b & w; various sizes
Sharron and Anna dressed in costumes for the Hythe Carnival.
Location: 0630.08.164a&b
Hythe Carnival, [ca. 1948]
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 13 cm
A formation of skaters in the Hythe Carnival.
Location: 0630.08.165
Hythe Figure Skaters, [ca. 1950]
1 positive image; colour; 3 x 3 cm
Four skaters in a row at the outdoor rink at the Hythe Carnival. The skaters are probably Ana Hajak, Sharron Reid, Marlene Bliss & Claudette Landreville.
Location: 0630.08.166
Hythe Hockey Players, [ca. 1950]
1 positive image; colour; 3 x 3 cm
Hythe hockey players gathered around a young stick boy at the outdoor rink with some audience seated in the distance. The hockey players are identified as L-R George Adams, Bud Light, Jim Carmichael, Bobby Pearson, Eldon Shail and Jack Oakford.
Location: 0630.08.167
Taylor Flats Bridge, [ca. 1945]
5 photograph & digital images; b & w; 9 x 14 cm
A series of photographs taken at the Taylor Flats bridge.
Location: 0630.08.168-.171
A Ferry, [ca. 1945]
3 negatives; b & w; 7 x 12 cm
Three photographs of a ferry, two of the ferry at a distance and one with the ferry coming closer. The ferry is transporting a bulldozer.
Location: 0630.08.172-.174
Edna Hodgson, [ca. 1952]
1 negative; b & w; 6 x 6 cm
Edna Hodgson standing by a spruce tree in their yard in Hythe, behind her you can see the top of the Hythe grain elevator as well the Hythe arena
Location: 0630.08.178
Bill Hodgson Wearing His Hockey Uniform, [ca. 1952]
2 negatives; b & w; 6 x 6 cm
Bill Hodgson heading out to s hockey game in his hockey gear.
Location: 0630.08.179-.180
Fern, Lea and Edna Hodgson, [ca. 1956]
1 photograph; b & w; 9 x 14 cm
Fern Lea and Edna Hodgson standing outside to pose for a photo.
Location: 0630.08.181
Hythe School Picture, [ca. 1956]
1 photograph; b & w; 23.5 x 18 cm
A class of students at Hythe Junior High. Jim Hodgson is in the front row 2nd in from the right.
Location: 0630.08.182
Hythe School Picture, [ca. 1956]
1 photograph; b & w; 13.5 x 24 cm
All of Hythe school gathered outside for a group picture. Photo stamped: Art Craft, Grande Prairie, Alta.
Location: 0630.08.183
Summer Camp, [ca. 1956]
13 negative; b & w; 7 x 4 cm
Thirteen photographs of boys at a summer camp, this could be at Rio Grande. There is photos of tents, a nun and boys playing. There are alsdo photos of people swimming and some unidentified girls.
Location: 0630.08.186-.198
Service Award Dinner, [ca. 1956]
1 photograph; b & w; 24.5 x 20 cm
A large group pf people gathered for a photo in celebration of their years of service. Captioned- 10-15-20 Year Service Award Dinner – January 24, 1956 Seated L-R: R.S. Drever – Leduc. H.P. Schlitt – Camrose. Miss Gwen McEachern – Edmonton. W.G. Badgero – Lethbridge. H. A. Heald – Edmonton. C. E. Ayre – Edmonton. E. W. Stacey – Edmonton. F.J.H. Wilson – Grande Prairie. F. R. Berry – Hay Lakes. H.S. Holliday – Taber. Miss Mary Bilawchuk – Grande Prairie. T.M. Brewer – Kingman. Standing – L-R: Joe Quattrocchi – Edmonton. John Hrushka – Westlock. Gordon Mayhew – Bawlf. Nicolas Ehlinger – Grande Prairie. S.H. R. Willis – Bow Island. F.L. Hodgson – Hythe. O.M. Hansen – Grimshaw. R.H. Thompson – Spirit River. E.E. Querengesser – Edmonton. F.A. Parker – Barrhead. W.B. Latimer – Provost. Bernard Remple – Grande Prairie. Milton Bignell – Warner. Fred Fox – Peace River. Ross Ewing – Mannville.
Location: 0630.08.199
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Series 630.09Hodgson Family Tree. — [1920-1967]. — 2 cm of textual records. — 2 photographs.

The series consists of records relating to the Hodgson family history. The records include a letter from a Hodgson family member working on the Hodgson family tree [1968,1969], Hodgson Genealogical Chart Supplement [1967], copies of family records written by Mrs. Jabez Hodgson [1920]; copies made from a Hodgson family bible; pages from a Hodgson family tree report; a marriage record of Vera Hodgson to Laurence Smith [1953].

Hodgson Family Tree, [ca. 1967]
Hodgson Family Tree
Creator: Hodgson Family Tree
A genealogical chart showing descendants by family and generation of James Hodgson and Hannah Beatty, XVIII Generations.
Location: 0630.09.03
R. Hodgson, [ca. 1967]
1 photograph; b & w; 14 x 11 cm
R. Hodgson looking at the Hodgson family tree chart he created.
Location: 0630.09.01
Hodgson Family Tree Chart, [ca. 1967]
1 photograph; b & w; 19 x 12.5 cm
The Hodgson family tree with a stamp on the back Lt. Col R H Hodgson 1545 Richmond, St. N. London, Ont.
Location: 0630.09.02
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