Fonds 384 Gerald V. Carveth fonds


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1908-1980. — 10 cm. — 12 photographs.

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Gerald Victor Carveth was born in Leskard, Ontario on September 13, 1897. He was the son of Arthur William and Elizabeth Carveth. His father and two brothers, Cecil and Rupert, arrived in the Grande Prairie area in 1911. His father returned east the following year to bring Gerald, his mother, and his sister Rita to join them. The family homesteaded on NW, NE, SE 10-72-5-W6th. In September 1915, Gerald filed on his own homestead, SW 6-73-4-W6th.

Gerald Carveth and Gladys Clarkson were married on February 14, 1923. Gladys Clarkson was born November 17, 1897 at Williamsburg, New Brunswick to Martin and Elizabeth Clarkson. Her siblings were Albion (Slim), Jennie, James,and Douglas. In 1900 the Clarkson family moved to New Westminster, British Columbia, and later Chilliwack before moving to Grande Prairie in 1919 where they purchased SW 4-72-4-W6th. Before her marriage to Gerald, Gladys was employed as a teacher.

Gerald and Gladys Carveth bought the Arthur Carveth farm, where they lived for 31 years. Three children were born to the Carveths, Jim, Betty, and Edna.

Gerald was also involved in the life of the community. Interested in baseball, he played on senior teams in the area for 21 years, starting in 1914 with the Deep Creek Seniors. He also managed the boys’ Twilight Tigers and the Ladies’ Twilight Softball Team for several years. Gerald served as Chairman of the Board for Twilight School District No. 4417 from 1930 to 1933. He also participated in local UFA work, serving as both secretary and president. After retiring from farming in 1954, Gerald became secretary-treasurer of the Grande Prairie County Agricultural Society fair, Secretary-Treasurer of the Grande Prairie & District Old-Timers’ Association, director (later treasurer, then city and district chairman) of the Grande Prairie and District Branch Canadian Cancer Society, and a board member of the Pioneer Museum Society of Grande Prairie and District.

Gerald Carveth died on April 13, 1982 in Grande Prairie at the age of 84. Gladys died on July 14, 1995, also in Grande Prairie.

Custodial History

The records were donated to Grande Prairie Public Library with the Isabel Campbell collection. In 2008 the Library donated them to South Peace Regional Archives. Some of the photographs may or may not have originally belonged to Carveth.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of records relating to the personal life and interests of Gerald V. Carveth. The records contain scrapbooks of newspaper articles assembled by Carveth on a variety of topics including family, pioneers, local events, sports, general news, and cancer; copies of the first issue of the Tattler publication; twelve photographs taken around the Grande Prairie area or of events in which local residents participated; and a certificate of appreciation from the Grande Prairie and District Old Timers’ Association.

The fonds consists of four series: Scrapbooks, Collected publications, Photographs, and Certificates.


The title is based on the contents of the fonds.

Table of Contents

Series 384.01Scrapbooks
Series 384.02Collected publications
Series 384.03Photographs
Series 384.04Certificates


Series 384.01Scrapbooks. — ca. 1923-1980. — 9 cm.The series consists of six scrapbooks of newspaper clippings collected and assembled by Gerald V. Carveth. The clippings relate to his personal life and interests. The time periods covered by the scrapbooks overlap, so the arrangement of the articles appears to be roughly by topic, rather than chronologic. Several scrapbooks are incomplete, with extra articles clipped and labelled, but not yet pasted organized or pasted in. Four of the scrapbooks (labelled A to D) are indexed. The indexes are inserted in the front cover of each scrapbook. Scrapbook A (ca. 1923-1980) contains stories on topics such as family members and pioneers; scrapbook B (ca. 1956-1973), general news stories of interest; scrapbook C (ca. 1933-1974), the Old Timers’; and scrapbook D (ca. 1961-1974), history, politics, and general news. The other two scrapbooks are not labelled or indexed. One of these (ca. 1937-1980) appears to cover topics such as local events and sports while the other (ca. 1960-1973) is dedicated to cancer articles.See below for a listing of articles of local interest: 

Last NameFirst NameVolumePageYearBusiness/OrganizationNotes
AllenHughC71964 Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Allen – picture
AllenHughC121964 Annual banquet – Hugh Allen replies to toast
AllenHughC161967 Agricultural Hall of Fame
AllenHughC111967 Reminising
Allen C121964 Annual banquet -picture of Pool, Allen, Grant & Caldwell
AlwardLee WA221962 Obituary
Anderson C171967 Annual banquet -with picture Throness, Oliver & Mr. Anderson
BaconDickC271970 Bacon’s own tractor
BaconFarmA7  Formerly Carveth
BoydMrs. ElsieC61962 first woman president
BrownSydney ThomasC171968 Valleyview obit.
BryceAbernethyA171961 50 years ago Trail in bad shape
Caldwell C121964 Annual banquet -picture of Pool, Allen, Grant & Caldwell
CarrellRalphC291971 Beaverlodge 60th Sports
CarvethBettyA31  Fastball
CarvethCecil RA411972 Presents hockey Trophy to Cowanville
CarvethCecil RA401973 with plaque honoring Joseph E Atkinson
CarvethDonaldA31  Jasper Place baseball defeats Calgary
CarvethEdnaA11 District Nurse 
CarvethEdnaA31 District NurseT.B. Association appoints Nurse
CarvethEdnaA31 District NurseReport shows year of valuable service
CarvethElizabeth CornishA251962 Obituary she died in 94th year (Oct. 28, 1962)
CarvethGeraldA301965Old Timers AssocLife Membership
CarvethGeraldA30  Picture — Nut sale
CarvethGeraldA34 Cancer Societypicture with Mrs. Edith Gaunt, plans for Cancer drive
CarvethGeraldA34 Cancer SocietyCancer Society certificate of merit
CarvethGerald & GladysA221923 Chivari
CarvethRayA351971 Baseball team “Combines” beaten by Hardisty
CarvethRayA351971 “Combines” eliminate Moosejaw
CarvethRayA341971 playing baseball with “Combines”
Carveth A301923 Carveth-Clarkson wedding
ClarksonDonnaB191964 Mr. and Mrs. Smilar  nee Donna Clarkson
Clarkson A301923 Carveth-Clarkson wedding
CochraneRobertA101955 World Wheat King
ConleyMrs. PaulineC101968 obit; nee Anderson
CornishEdgarB17  Champion Hereford Bull
CroweAlberta GeorgeC181966 Goodwin obit
DixonFredC321971 Death (This was yesterday)
DunnBettyA321969 a Hillcrest quartette Bonspiel winner
DunnBillA311968 Irwin captures Juvenile title
DunnBillyA311967 Grandview wins Midget Baseball Championship
DunnGeraldA311965 Track Star
DunnMrs. Marjorie E.A321967 woman driver is one in 250
DunnNancyB25  Nancy Dunn developed Health Unit in B.C. Block
EatonCyrus E.B261965 Cyrus E. Eaton predicts world catastrophy in a month
EditGauntA34 Cancer Societypicture with Gerald Carveth, plans for Cancer drive
EvjenIngebrigtC191969 81, obit Valhalla
FergusonMrs. LeonC301970 95th birthday
FieldMrs. Alfred (Fanny)A31955 receives plaque from Old Timers Assoc
FildesJohn MannersC171968 obit Spirit River
FlintMr & Mrs VictorC131965 50th wedding anniversary
ForbesDr. AlexanderC321971 85 obit (This was yesterday)
FosterDickB131967 Dick Foster rides horse to Vancouver
FowlerMrs. LewisA2  guide dog
Grant C121964 Annual banquet -picture of Pool, Allen, Grant & Caldwell
GregoireGillesB361967 Quebec will leave nation in 1970
GulickMrs. DanC181967 Kleskun Lake obit
GunnArthurC21940 elected president
GunnArthur ErnestA251962 obituary
HarrisJoeC311970 leaves Twilight (This was yesterday)
HarrisPeterB391968 obituary
HendersonMaxwellB281968 Costly public comedy
HerringtonRuss A.C301971 obit, Spirit River
HigbeeDr. Annie CarvethA251962 98 Birthdate
HigbeeDr. Annie CarvethA251963 99 years of age
HigbeeDr. Annie CarvethA271963 99 years old
HigbeeDr. Annie CarvethA281964 honored on Centennial Birthdate
HigbeeDr. Annie CarvethA271964 100th birthday, born Oct 11, 1864
HigbeeDr. Annie CarvethA291965 Pioneer dies at 100
HigbeeDr. Annie CarvethA281965 obit 100 years, 6 months & 2 weeks
HigbeeDr. Annie CarvethA291965 obit
HigbeeDr. Annie CarvethA11  surviving Surgeon 92 years
HigbeeDr. Annie CarvethA25  98 years of age
HolmesMrs. RobertC141965 90 years memories
IrwinSamuel JamesA261964 obit, 86 years. Mrs. Dave Maltais’ father
JohnsonRalphA461957baseballRalph Johnston & G. Carveth
JohnsonRalphA461957baseballRalph Johnston & G. Carveth
KnappMarjorieB181964 poem (third column) Children’s comparisons
KoefflerMrs. MaxB8  Mrs. Max Koeffler defends Swan design
LambertMarcelB231965 Marcel Lambert criticizes
LockJeanC331973 Mrs. Roberts, Throness, Warden and Jean Lock
LynnJohnB181963 Grande Prairie Eskimos touted by John Lynn
MacDonaldJohn A.B71964 Flashback on Canada
MacklinI.V.B24  News and Views Standing grain and mud
MacklinI.V.B24  News and Views  Weeds on road allowances
McGregorJamesA1  Heads Alberta Historical Society
McIsaacJoeB17  Judge
McQuarrieAllan H.A211961 shows daughter old trail
MoonNorman & GladysA231962 Golden Anniversary
Oliver C171967 Annual banquet -with picture Throness, Oliver & Mr. Anderson
PageJ. PercyB21960 Commercial Grads reunion
PageJ. PercyB31971 still in the bicycle saddle
PageJ. PercyB11973 obituary
PageJ. PercyB3  Golden Wedding anniversary
PattersonFlorenceA51955 Queen of Alberta
PearsonLester B.B331968 Confidence vote  A new ruling
PearsonLester B.B331968 in goal
PearsonLester B.B34  Pearson politics like Nationals and Russia
Pearson B231965 Pearson – the great fraud
Pool C121964 Annual banquet -picture of Pool, Allen, Grant & Caldwell
RaisonMr. & Mrs. Charles CA13  Golden Wedding Anniversary
RobertsMrs.C331973 Mrs. Roberts, Throness, Warden and Jean Lock
ScottJames T.A31960 Obituary
SheppardJuneB321969 The drug scene
SherkGordonA61957 heads Old Timers Assn
Sherk A331963 Maude, Lulu, Gordon & Marley
SmilarEdB191964 Mr. and Mrs. Smilar  nee Donna Clarkson
SomervilleJamesA21959 heads Old Timers Assn
SpryErnieB40  Honor retired manager
SpryJohn W.A10  Obituary
StojanJerryB91968 Story of a Model T Ford Truck
Stojan B61967 Stojan family builds old Model T Ford Truck
SwitzerHarvey A.A8  Grande Prairie Trail
TaftJ.B.A171960 50 years ago–Trail no tenderfoot job
ThorntonSir HenryA121954 at Sexsmith
ThronessMrs.C331973 Mrs. Roberts, Throness, Warden and Jean Lock
Throness C171967 Annual banquet -with picture Throness, Oliver & Mr. Anderson
Trudeau B37  Trudeau’s reputation diminished at London
Trudeau, LynchB371969 Trudeau and marriage
TurnerDavid EdsonA8  born on the Edson Trail, 1912
WallerClaraB121956 celebrates her 80th birthday
WallerClaraB11  “My favorite Grandmother”
WallerClaraB12  with daughters
WardenMrs.C331973 Mrs. Roberts, Throness, Warden and Jean Lock
WarrenJ.L.B221967 the many lives of
WoodKerryB181964 Zapus the jumping mouse
 WillB301969 Redrafting could be beneficial
  A171911Grande Prairie City(50 years ago) Lots $75.00 and up
  A221912Grande Prairie City(50 years ago) rush of settlers
  A451920baseballSexsmith wins Peace Championship
  C11933 Honor Roll of pioneers
  A191951County Fair ParadeStagecoach
  A121953BezansonBezanson Picnic, 1913
  A131953Edmontonflooded streets
  A121953Glen LeslieGlen Leslie Group 1913
  A41955St. Paul’s United Churchmarks 45th Anniversary
  A41955Calgary Seed FairWinners from North
  A61957 Museum plans
  A61957Sportsman’s Showover 700 persons
  A11960Old Timers’ PicnicPicnic Date
  A71960 Peace Country Settlers 50 years ago
  A71960 Pioneers of 1909 picture of group
  A101960 Trail to Grande Prairie (50 years ago) Medicine Lodge Trail opened
  A91960Fort Vermilionfarming and flour milling
  A151961Old Timers’ BanquetMrs. Elsie Boyd & Christine Monkman
  A151961Old Timers’ BanquetPicture Roberts, Hopkins, Carveth & Macdonald
  A161961Old Timers’ BanquetRecall Area’s early days
  A201961Old Timers’ PicnicPicture Robinson, McNaughton, Allen, Innes & Redmond
  A201961Old Timers’ PicnicPicture 7 Old Timers
  A181961Old Timers’ PicnicPicture 7 Wives of Old Timers
  A91961 Pioneer Scrolls
  A101961 Trail to Grande Prairie (50 years ago) 100 homestead outfits in Edmonton
  A61961 Trail to Grande Prairie (50 years ago) Medicine Lodge Trail bad
  A191961Dunveganpicture of buildings
  A141961Grande Prairie Districthistory
  A181961hockeyDecember 1913
  C51961 Annual banquet Recall area’s early days
  A241962Old Timers’ BanquetPicture Tuffill, Johnson, Allan, Paul & Caldwell
  B391962 Speedsters caught going 22 miles an hour (50 years ago)
  C61962 Annual banquet Old Timers hear efforts praised
  A331963Old Timers’ PicnicPicture Rupert, Rita & Gerald Carveth
  B181963 Grande Prairie Eskimos win Lacombe baseball tournament
  B311963Grande Prairie ConstructionGrande Prairie Construction
  C111963 Edson Trail Sign west of Edson
  B151964 Pipeline from the Peace – Swam hatch poor
  B241964 Pisa leaning tower
  B151964 June rains
  B151964 February weather like lamb
  B151964 Snow needed to survey wildlife
  B151964 Wheat and Chaff
  B151964 Late November heralds winter.
  B161964 Canada owned the state of New York
  B81964 Canadian-American strife -(Flashback on Canada)
  B161964 Canadian Flag (letter to editor)
  B81964 Deadman’s Valley
  B221964 Edmonton Public School Taxpayers
  B191964 Insurance Bureau corner
  B191964 Insurance dies with deceased
  B51964 Magnetic Pole moving northeast
  C81964 Annual banquet -Announcement
  C61964 Edson Trail difficulties (50 years ago)
  B361965 Plastic Contraceptive may solve Birth Boom
  B151965 Sun dawn “dogs”mean more cold
  B251965 Vancouver belonged to H.B.Co. 1849-1867
  B151965 June weather
  B171965 Atheists are irrational
  B151965 Babies birth decline
  B261965 Centennial project
  B151965C.P.AC.P.A. new schedule
  B251965 Cyanamide lets alcoholics drink safely
  B101965 Graduation, Grade 12 in 1922
  B191965 Indians
  B71965 North Winter claimed worst in 30 years
  C151965 Annual banquet – with group picture
  C161965 Annual banquet
  B281966 Pipeline from the Peace -New quarters for R.C.M.P.
  B311966 Dawson Creek Construction
  B201966 Indian discrimination
  C141966 Annual banquet
  C111966 Dunvegan picture
  B51967 Pipeline from the Peace -Monkman Pass
  B171967 Pipeline from the Peace -Pioneer Museum Building start.
  B301967 Rat in toilet bowl
  B301967 Rat exterminator kills toilet bowl
  B221967 Eskimo Polar Bear hunter with artificial legs
  C141967 Annual banquet
  C161967 Annual banquet
  C171967 Centennial Project Write history of old timers
  A441968baseballTriple Plays
  A451968Edmonton“Flyers” hockey team had sign in dressing room
  B311968 Oil in Alaska
  B211968 Sugar & Spice
  B41968 Alberta University from stubble field to Campus
  B321968 Alberta Resources Railway Bridge over Wapiti River (picture)
  B31968 First B.C. Indians to meet white man may be forgotten
  B361968 Birth rate dropped across the South Peace
  B141968 Burnt River on the rampage
  B391968 Compulsory Cat test wins few friends
  B291968 Dunvegan Bridge (1960) Engineering and Science
  B361968 Grande Prairie tax increase possible
  B391968 Single family house will have no market in 10 years
  B261968 Kirby Commission cost $250,000.
  B231968 Canadian Missionary backs Vietnam War
  C191968 Annual banquet -(Andress trip by Shirley Henderson
  B 1969 Rat extermination by sex bomb
  B411969 Spring Creek Mine site
  B381969 Alaska Highway Drivers have long hours at wheel
  B351969 Black Sox scandal recalled
  B311969 Chipmunk wise that spurns free nuts
  B351969 Grande Prairie Eskimos win senior baseball Alberta victory.  Halifax next
  B301969 Estate taxes.  Laying down the law.
  B291969 Mineral oil harmful?
  B161969 Murder of 6 in 1918
  C181969 Annual banquet Old settlers recalled
  C11969 Edson Trail bridge crew picture
  C201969 Grande Prairie picture 1920 and article
  A341970Old Timers’ Associationofficers elected
  B311970 ex Parliament members annual cost $184,000
  B311970 Alberta M.L.A s and Quebec M.L.A.s
  A361971Old Timers’ BanquetPictures of 5. Ireland, Miller, Cook, Warden & Velve
  A371971Old Timers’ BanquetPictures: Carrell, Lossing, Lossing, Dixon, Carrell
  A381971Old Timers’ Banquetthank Herald Tribune for picture & article of 1936
  A351971Old Timers’ Banquetelect officers
  A351971Old Timers’ PicnicPlans
  A351971Old Timers’ Picnicwill be July 10, 1971
  C381971 Church marks 60th Anniversary
  A351972Old Timers’ Banquet 
  A371972Old Timers’ BanquetPicture Mrs. Patrick and Myrtle Kenney
  A381972Old Timers’ Banquetpicture and article, Jacob & Caroline Stegmeier
  A431972Old Timers’ PicnicAssociation after new members
  A431972Old Timers’ PicnicPicnic postponed
  A421972 Vimy night, picture
  A391973Old Timers’ BanquetPicture Roberts, Throness, Warden & Lock
  A411973Old Timers’ BanquetArticle
  A391973Old Timers’ Picnicperturbed at removal of Saskatoon Park buildings
  A381973Old Timers’ Picnicprotest
  A391973Old Timers’ Picnicpicnic date set
  C221973 Grande Prairie picture 1916
  C231973 Grande Prairie picture 1916
  C231973 Grande Prairie picture 1917
  C241973 Grande Prairie picture 1922
  C241973 Grande Prairie picture 1927
  C251974 Grande Prairie picture 1935
  A8 Old Timers’ BanquetRev. D.C. Frame, guest speaker
  A21  The Peace, How the River Got Its Name
  A14  Little Smoky, (Third Column) Ice went out
  A1  Breaking the bob with four horses
  A12  Bridge, covered, Hartland N.B.
  A17 ED & BC Railwaybeginning 1913 & 1914 Cardsharps, Bootleggers & Gamblers
  A13 Edmontonearly days
  A6 Land officeopening Grande Prairie, July 15, 1911
  B40  3 songs of the lazy farmer
  B39  2 songs of the lazy farmer
  B38  songs of the lazy farmer
  B34  2 songs of the lazy farmer
  B28  Song of the lazy farmer
  B27  3 songs of the lazy farmer
  B20  Airborne Ladies
  B40  Almighty Voice (third column) Joke that led to death
  B19  Almighty Voice recalled
  B27  Canada is changing.  Linguistic equality
  B21  Filling out forms
  B7  Motorists messages in verse.
  B20  Northern summer, Yellowknife
  C40  “Booze” recalls era of Old West police force cut more than 50%
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Series 384.02Collected publications. — 1921. — 0.5 cm.The series consists of a rough draft and a typed copy of the first issue (December 3, 1921) of a local publication, the “Tattler.” The “Tattler” was published by the Crystal Creek Altruist Club, which operated from about 1921 to 1925, and features humourous gossip and news about the club and its members. Gerald Carveth and his family and friends, including the Clarkson family, are mentioned in the paper. Carveth may have been one of the “Tattler” editors or merely a member of the club.
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Series 384.03Photographs. — [ca. 1908-1979]. — 12 photographs.The series consists of twelve photographs dating from ca. 1908 to 1979. The photographs include a portrait of Gerald Carveth in his later years, threshing crews in the early days, Lake Saskatoon around 1915, a 1930s Old Timers’ Picnic, aerial photographs of Beaverlodge and Grande Prairie in the 1950s, and group photographs from various conventions including Alberta Women’s Institutes, the Canadian Seed Growers Association, and the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts. Some of the photographs clearly relate to Gerald Carveth or are labelled as being part of the “Gerald V. Carveth collection”. Other photographs have a more tenuous connection to Carveth and his family but are included as part of this series because their exact provenance is unknown and they may have originally belonged to Carveth.
Portrait of Gerald V. Carveth, ca. 1976
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 10 in.
A portrait of Gerald V. Carveth looking at one of his scrapbooks.
Location: 0384.03.01
Lake Saskatoon, ca. 1915
1 photograph; b & w; 11 x 14 in.
The Lake Saskatoon settlement.
Location: 0384.03.02
Grande Prairie and District Old Timers’ Picnic, ca. 1936
1 photograph; b & w; 11 x 14 in.
Group photograph taken at the 1935 or 1936 Grande Prairie and District Old Timers’ Association picnic.
Location: 0384.03.03
42nd Annual Convention of the Association of Municipal Districts, 1950
1 photograph; b & w; 7.5 x 9.5 in.
Group photograph taken at the 42nd Annual Convention of the Association of Municipal Districts held at the Palliser Hotel in Calgary, Alberta, November 22-24, 1950.
Location: 0384.03.04
1953 Alberta Association of Municipal Districts Convention, 1953
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 19.5 in.
Group photograph taken at the convention of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts held at the Macdonald Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta, November 17-19, 1953.
Location: 0384.03.05
50th Annual Convention of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts, 1958
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 18 in.
Group photograph taken at the 50th Annual Convention of the Alberta Association of Municipal Districts held at the Macdonald Hotel in Edmonton, Alberta, November 18-21, 1958.
Location: 0384.03.06
Jubilee Convention – Alberta Women’s Institutes, 1959
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 17 in.
Group photograph taken at the Jubilee Convention of the Alberta Women’s Institutes held at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, May 26-29, 1959.
Location: 0384.03.07
1949 Annual Meeting of the Canadian Seed Growers Association, 1949
1 photograph; b & w; 8 x 19.5 in.
Group photograph taken at the Annual Meeting of the Canadian Seed Growers Association held at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, June 15-17, 1949.
Location: 0384.03.08
Beaverlodge, ca. 1951
1 photograph; b & w; 11 x 14 in.
Aerial photograph of the town of Beaverlodge.
Location: 0384.03.09
Grande Prairie, 1951
1 photograph; b & w; 11 x 14 in.
Aerial photograph of the town of Grande Prairie.
Location: 0384.03.10
Threshing crew, ca. 1920
1 photograph; b & w; 13.5 x 19.5 in.
Threshing crew and machine with steam engine and horses.
Location: 0384.03.11
Holden’s Outfit, 1908
1 photograph; b & w; 7.5 x 9.5 in.
Holden’s threshing outfit. Men posed beside horses and wagons, a steam engine, and threshing machine.
Location: 0384.03.12
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Series 384.04Certificates. — 0.1 cm.The series consists of a commemerative drawing/certificate presented to Gerald V. Carveth on the occasion of his retirement from the Grande Prairie and District Old Timers’ Association after 25 years of service as the Association’s secretary.
Old Timers’ Association Appreciation Certificate, ca. 1979
Creator: certificate
Commemerative drawing/certificate presented to Gerald V. Carveth on the occasion of his retirement from the Grande Prairie and District Old Timers’ Association. The message states “In Appreciation of 25 years Dedicated Service as Secretary.”
Location: 0384.04.01
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