Fonds 546 Women of Unifarm Beaverlodge Local 107

Women of Unifarm Beaverlodge Local 107. — 1958-1980. — 19.5 cm of textual records. — 1 photographs.

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Agency History

The Women of Unifarm is an auxiliary organization to the United Farmers of Alberta. Originally called the Farm Women’s Union of Alberta it the name changed to the Women of Unifarm in 1970. The Beaverlodge Local #107 has an unknown start date but they were active in the community as early as 1955. Highlighted in the minutes is the generosity of the organization which gave to families that were “burned out” of their homes with money or blankets, community suppers were planned, local events were sponsored such as trophies for the 4-H clubs. The ladies attended monthly meetings that were held in member’s homes and there was an annual convention in Edmonton so efforts were made to have a delegate attend. The ladies sometimes worked with the men’s organization the United Farmers of Alberta as at one meeting the ladies made note that the men were absent on account of a hockey game in Hythe. The ladies often welcomed guest speakers at their meetings to give talks on a variety of subjects such as parenting, farming and homemaking.
Committee members listed in 1956 roll call are Ruth Albright Pat Carrell, Ellen Graff, Daisy Brown, Mary Sylvaniuk, Mary Nychka, Ruth Bristow, Kathy Harcourt, Doris Harris, Ruth Johnson, Mrs. Longson, Olive McNab, Alice McGuffin, L. Jewitt, E. Hotte, Mrs. Cleland, Mrs. Lowe, Mrs. McLean, Mrs. Farnquist, A. Hotte, Mrs. Hauger, Mrs. Baird, Mrs. Bauman, Annie Lowe and Isabella Dewar.

Custodial History

The records were preserved by Bettly Longson, secretary of the Women of Unifarm Beaverlodge Local 107. They were deposited in South Peace Regional Archives by her son, Dalton Longson, in 2011.

Scope and Content

The fonds consists of records pertaining to the Beaverlodge Local of the Women of Unifarm from 1958-1980. They include minutes, financial records, correspondence, material from conventions, and pamphlets produced by the Women of Unifarm.


Title based on the contents of the fonds.


Table of Contents

Series 546.01 Minutes
Series 546.02 Financial Records
Series 546.03 Correspondence
Series 546.04 Conventions
Series 546.05 Pamphlets
Series 546.01 Minutes. — 1955-1968. — 2.5 cm of textual records.
The series consists of two minute books and some loose leaf pages containing minutes of regular meetings, membership roll calls, and balance sheets for the club account and “tea money”.
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Series 546.02 Financial Records. — 1958-1968. — 3 cm of textual records.

The series consists of a green ledger book from 1958-1968, a list of secretary expenses and 1959 roll call, receipts from 1961-1967, a deposit book 1970-1976, and bank statements from 1971-1979.

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Series 546.03 Correspondence. — 1964-1980. — 10.5 cm of textual records.

The series consists mainly of newsletters, newsflashes and bulletins from the parent organization of Women of Unifarm including information on upcoming conferences. There are also a few Alberta Education Newsletters, an Edmonton Journal news clipping about FUA, information on the Goldeye Foundation, a list of sellers and buyers participating in a 4-H cattle sale from the Valhalla, Beaverlodge and Hythe clubs that took place on June 16, 1980 in the Hythe Arena, and two thank you cards, one with a photo enclosed of a young man sitting on a horse.

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Series 546.04 Conventions. — 1967-1980. — 3 cm of textual records.

The series consists of booklets from the 1977-1980 Women of Unifarm conference in Edmonton, notes taken from a conference in 1972, and a booklet from the annual convention and papers from a Communications Seminar.

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Series 546.05 Pamphlets. — 1969-1980. — 0.5 cm of textual records.

The series consists of pamphlets from the Unitarian Service Committee, and the Farm Union Youth Seminar, as well as helpful pamphlets on communications, the Canadian Grain System, Effective Meetings, Farm Service Rights, and Parliamentary Procedure.

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